50 Best Places To Retire


Worst Places To Retire With No Savings

Top 50 cheapest places to retire in the US

It likely comes as no surprise that most of the worst places to retire with no savings arent very affordable. Almost all of these cities exceed 100 on the price parity index, which means that the relative buying power is lower than the national average. And, the average home price in many of these cities is well above $300,000.

While some of the worst places to retire with no savings are comparable to the best places in terms of living costs, these cities didnt rank among the top due to their high crime rates or other factors, such as Social Security income being taxed.

Other Considerations When Planning To Retire

The right climate for your taste isnt simply about being comfortable or providing you with more activities you may enjoy. As you age, you become more susceptible to weather-related health problems. Read up on hot weather and cold weather risks and safety for seniors from the National Institute on Aging when researching places to retire.
Retirement Travel Plans
Make a bucket list of trips you want to take and consider a location with easy access to the transportation youll take. This may mean living close to a major airport to reduce the chance of connecting flights and make it easier for others to visit. Or if you prefer frequent cruises, consider a place within an easy driving distance of a cruise ship terminal.
Arts and Culture
You can find a vibrant arts and culture scene in every region of the United States, according to the National Center for Arts Research at Southern Methodist University. The center publishes an annual Arts Vibrancy Index that ranks more than 900 communities in every American county. The best areas include metros as large as New York and micropolitan communities as small as Brookings, South Dakota.As you narrow down your list of locations where you want to retire, youll be better able to research locales in your search area that offer the qualities that cater to your interests whether they involve outdoor activities or arts and culture or travel opportunities.

Poland: Old World Charm

Poland doesnt exactly have a calm political environment or history, but that doesnt mean it wouldnt make a great choice for retirees looking to wind down in a European country with Old World charm. The eastern European country is cheaper than many of its western counterparts, and expats will have their choice of dense, castle-filled cities or quiet, idyllic villages. The food is delicious, the history is abundant, and the countrys public transportation will take you anywhere you want to go, so you likely wont need a car.

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The 20 Best Countries To Retire Summary

So there we have it, our top 20 countries for international retirement. The practical and verified information weve included should hopefully help you narrow down some choices for your perfect retirement destination abroad.

Of course, nothing beats travelling to these countries and experiencing them first-hand. In the meantime, though, reach out if you have any questions about any of the entries on this list. As you can see, we have a large and dedicated community of expat readers, so we can happily connect you with the right people for more information.

La Fortuna Costa Rica

50 Best Places to Retire on the West Coast

Just 3 hours northwest of the capital San Jose is La Fortuna. With its lush rainforest and amazing views of the active Arenal Volcano, La Fortuna offers its residents a peaceful quaint town with quiet views of nature surrounding it. In addition to the wildlife, like Toucans and Sloths, the area also has about a dozen hot springs. In addition to the wildlife, like Toucans and Sloths, the area also has about a dozen hot springs.

La Fortuna is known for its cooler climate and a large expat community. While its not the cheapest destination on this list, it is still quite affordable. A single person can expect to spend anywhere between $1,100 to $1,900 USD per month. At $1,900, you can expect to be living in a spacious 2 bedroom Western-style house. Convenience is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of living in Costa Rica. Both its easy visas and proximity to Texas make it a great choice for U.S. Citizens. Its only a 4-hour flight to Texas, so you can continue to utilize your Medicare more easily.

US News notes La Fortuna as a top location in Costa Rica for retirees, and they recommend the area based on its beautiful volcano views and nature surroundings read more

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South Korea: A Cosmopolitan Retirement

Seoul, South Korea, is home to over 10 million people, making it one of the largest capital cities in the world. As a result, Seoul is not a particularly cheap place to live, and retirees who want to be comfortable should plan to spend between $2,000 and $4,000 a month, but it does provide plenty to do. Outside city limits, plenty of retirees enjoy visiting the countrys natural hot springs, exploring eastern medicine, and forest bathing.

Affordability Total Points: 40

  • Note: This metric is based on WalletHubs “States with the Highest & Lowest Tax Rates” ranking.
  • Retired Taxpayer-Friendliness: Full Weight Note: This metric measures taxation on retirement income, property and purchases, as well as special tax breaks for seniors.
  • Tax-Friendliness on Estate or Inheritance Tax: Full Weight
  • Annual Cost of In-Home Services: Full Weight
  • Annual Cost of Adult Day Health Care: Full Weight

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Why Should I Retire To Northern Cyprus

This halfway-across-the-world island destination offers year-round sunshine, pristine beaches, and clear-blue waters everything you could want in a great escape.

English is widely spoken, and its easy to do business here. The expat community is large and welcoming, the culture rich, the crime rates low

The kicker, though, is the unbelievably low-priced property investment opportunities to be had. New apartments in modern complexes with amenities cost about US$70,000.

North River Shores Florida

Where to Retire Best States For Retirement

– Population: 3,874 – Median household income: $58,250- Owners: 84%- Renters: 16%

North River Shores sits on the banks of the North Fork St. Lucie River in Martin County. Among the attractions for residents are four waterfront neighborhood parks and a private boat ramp, all readily accessible in this low-population town.

– Population: 1,129 – Median household income: $131,071- Owners: 89%- Renters: 11%

This community created its Design Review Board to preserve, protect and enhance the ecologically and historically unique environment and aesthetic charm of the village. Residents are just minutes from Detroit and 30 miles from the Brighton Howell area, which has 123 miles of trails and 20 golf courses.

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You Love Culture: New Haven Connecticut

You want a home where you can experience diverse cultures inthe form of food, art, music, theater, or simply meeting people from all backgroundsand walks of life. FiveThirtyEight calculated that New Haven is the U.S.metropolitan area that comes closest to representing the country as a whole indemographic measures, such as age, educational attainment, and race and ethnicity.Now thats a diversequality of life!

But you dont need to know the stats to recognize that NewHaven has a diverse and cultured population. The citys tourism guide boaststhat local restaurants offer cuisines from Ethiopia, Asia, Austria, France,Greece, Mexico, Japan, Cuba, and more.

Every summer, New Haven hosts the International Festival ofArt and Ideas, where fans of the performing arts or topical panel discussionscan find food for thought. And the local government strives, through effortssuch as the Cultural Affairs Commission, to support and expand awareness of thearts and cultural expressions across the city.

As a bonus, the Elm City is just a few hours drive or rideaway from New York, Boston, and other cities and towns where creative andcurious people gather.

What Is A Walkable City

In general, a walkable city encourages people to walk by providing visible and safe pedestrian pathseasy access to shopping, dining, and entertainment areas and an abundance of public green space.

Walkable cities encourage residents to live a holistic lifestyle by walking to get the goods and services they require.

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Malaysia: ‘paradise On A Budget’

Close to the equator, Malaysia is hot and humid for a large chunk of the year, which certainly isnt for everyone. But those who dont mind the weather can spend their golden years in a country thats been described as paradise on a budget. With plenty of unexplored wilderness in the highlands, gorgeous coastal communities, and bustling city life, theres a huge variety within the bounds of the country, and expats from all over the world have chosen to make Malaysia their home. American expats can apply for a Malaysia My 2nd Home Program, a 10-year, multiple-entry visa that affords them tax breaks, making settling down in the already cheap country an extra attractive option.

Where Should I Retire In France

In Pictures: The 50 Best Places to Retire in the U.S.


With hundreds of museums and galleries, one of the liveliest cafe cultures and some of the most revered cuisine in the world, space to lounge in parks and on riversides plus a superb and affordable public transportation system and other modern amenities, including top-notch health care, Paris has it all.

Youd be hard pressed to find more history, culture, and character per square meter anywhere else Paris is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, but all that luxe comes at a cost. France would never feature on a list of the worlds bargain destinations still, outside Paris, this country can be much more affordable than you might imagine

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Youre A History Buff: San Francisco California

San Francisco ranks in Travel and Leisures top 20 list of Americas Best Cities for History Buffs andin similar lists from U.S. News & World Report and USAToday. Although cities like Boston and Philadelphia also made the lists,San Francisco is unique in its year-round comfortable climate, stunning vistas,small-town charm, and cultural diversity. In addition, it boasts some of thebest hospitals, healthcare facilities and healthiest living in the countryand no state tax onyour Social Security benefits,all of which make it one of the best cities to retire in the USA.

Opportunities to feed your inner history buff are nearlyendless in The Golden City:

  • Fort Point, the national historic site at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge. Constructed during the Gold Rush, it is the only structure west of the Mississippi River built in the militarys Third System style, and has been called one of the most perfect models of masonry in America.
  • Alcatraz Island.
  • Cable Car Museum.
  • Mission Dolores. Completed in 1776, it is the oldest standing building in San Francisco and features the only cemetery remaining within the citys limits, where several notable Californians rest.
  • Become a regular at Old Ship Saloon, debatably the oldest bar in the city, built on the site where The Arkansas ran aground during the Gold Rush. The wreck was dragged ashore and converted into a bar, but later buried. The saloon sits atop the buried wreckage.

Where To Retire In Tampa:

Valencia Del Sols convenient Tampa location makes it easy to enjoy having fun in the sun along Floridas Gulf Coast. Offering a robust and extraordinary 55+ lifestyle, Valencia del Sol caters to residents looking to socialize and stay physically active. Active adults will enjoy the 25,000 square foot Clubhouse offering an array of resort-style amenities including a fitness center, grand social hall, a relaxing pool and spa, tennis and pickleball courts as well as a restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. A full-time, on-site lifestyle director will be dedicated to organizing a wide variety of fun events, clubs and opportunities for making new friends all year-round. This amazing new community features a stunning selection of twin villas and single-family homes that provide the ultimate in 55+ living at an incredible value.

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What Do People Value In Retirement

Quality of life, cost of housing, healthcare quality and cost, crime, and public health are the most important factors Americans consider when deciding where to retire.

Resistance to climate change, the political environment, diversity and equality, proximity to an airport, and public transit are the least important factors.

Average importance of retirement factors

Quality of life

Public transit

Data source: The Motley Fool survey of 1,500 Americans age 55 and over, conducted December 2, 2021.

If You Like Politics: Des Moines Iowa

10 Best Places to Buy Property and Retire in United States | Cheapest

Iowa is traditionally the home of the first presidentialcaucus. Every four years, candidates for the U.S. presidency come to DesMoines, the capital city, making it one of the ideal places to live toparticipate in the political world. Its a good place for you to be active oreven volunteer in the world of politics.

In addition to the political activities, Des Moines alsohosts festivals throughout the year for the community to partake in. The DesMoines Art Festival features more than 200 artists and a film festival. For thebeer and wine lovers, theres Des Moines Beer Week and Winefest Des Moines.

Des Moines also has affordable housing.The median home priceis $147,300, which is significantly lower than the $274,500 median home pricein the U.S. The cost of living in Des Moines is also lower, which means you canenjoy city living at an affordable cost.

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North Cyprus The Most Affordable Island Destination In The Mediterranean

Understandably, most of the benefits of Cyprus also apply to North Cyprus. The biggest difference is that it falls under the Turkish administration, which has a notable impact on immigration rules.

A massive advantage of living in North Cyprus is that theres no tax on retirement income.

As such, it makes for an attractive choice, especially if you are a citizen of one of those countries that dont need a visa to visit South Cyprus . Doing so means you can enjoy all the benefits of South Cyprus while residing in the country with a much lower cost of living.

Life in North Cyprus is very affordable. Property is also cheap.

You can find a 3-bed house in great condition with a swimming pool close to Girne for around $150,000. A 2-bed apartment in a good location starts from $67,000.

You can rent a 2-bed apartment in the centre of Kyrenia for as little as $410 a month.

An international health insurance policy will set you back around $928 for a couple, which is a few hundred dollars cheaper than South Cyprus.

However, you will find that local private insurance is really cheap, while medical services are well-developed and the hospitals are good.


  • No tax on retirement income.
  • The same sunshine as in the Republic of Cyprus.
  • Beautiful coastline and beaches, plus South Cyprus shopping and infrastructure available as Brits, USA citizens, Canadian etc can cross the border without a special visa.

Youre A Ski Bum: Centennial Wyoming

If you love invigorating mountain air and spending your dayson the slopes, consider Wyoming. Its less expensive and less crowded thanother mountain states, such as Colorado and Utah. Wyoming is alsoconsidered one of the two tax-friendliest mountain states there areno taxes on income, pension, or Social Security, meaning those retiree taxes will be savings in yourpocket.

The tiny town of Centennial, Wyoming, about one hour outsideof Cheyenne, sits nestled in the Snowy range, not far from the Snowy RangeSki Area. Meet new friends by joining the Snow Range Ski Club and celebrate thesnow and your favorite winter sports at the family-friendly Snow Festival.

Other events throughout the year include:

  • An age 60 or older Ski Clinic
  • Ski Every Run Day
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    Youre A Hiker: Colorado Springs Colorado

    Nestled at the foot of Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs is anavid hikers dream. Various trail systems in the area offer easy to difficulthikes, all of which feature spectacular views. Enjoy exploring 105 miles ofurban trails and 160 miles of park trails.

    You can spend time on the 15 miles of scenictrails at Garden of the Gods, where you can volunteer as a nature walkguide or help withtrail maintenance.

    For the experienced hiker, Manitou Incline maybecome a regular favorite. Dont let the short, one-mile length fool you. Thetrail features a 2,000-foot altitude gain! For a less intense and very scenichike, tackle the two trails at Seven Falls, so breathtaking it claims a spoton National Geographics list of top international waterfalls.Another option is Red Rock Canyon, where the six trails range from one tothree miles.

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