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An Inspired Retirement with Clubs and Activities at Erickson Senior Living-Managed Communities

At The Holiday Retirement, we care about the safety, happiness, and comfort of our residents. Our friendly and qualified staff will cater to your needs, ensure you have everything, and treat you with the dignity, love, and respect you deserve. We also conduct retirement home activities to keep you busy and active, ensuring your physical and cognitive well-being. In addition to this, we offer top-notch amenities and well-planned daily activities.

For more information about our independent living and retirement community, feel free to reach out to us by calling . You can also fill out our online contact form to book a tour of our facility or take a virtual tour to get a better idea. We will help you enjoy a happy, comfortable, and peaceful life after retirement.

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Activities For The Elderly In Lockdown And Isolation

This is one of many free activities.

The coronavirus pandemic is causing chaos worldwide and this is a hard time for so many. We need to hang in there – these crazy times will pass.

In the meantime, we need to adjust our activitiy planning in accordance with new rules and regulations. Many of us are now in complete lockdown situations. Here are some in-room activitiy ideas for residents to enjoy while in isolation.

Factors To Consider For Nursing Home Activities

When nursing home social directors consider different activities, several factors come into play specifically, the physical and cognitive limitations of the residents.

One of the hardest parts of choosing the right activities is matching them to each residents needs and abilities.

To better understand each residents capabilities, activity directors have to work closely with the facilitys nursing staff to get a better understanding of residents:

  • Limitations

  • Demeanor

  • And more

Aside from considering the residents personalities, its also important that activity directors think about the value the activities hold what will residents take away from the activities? Will they benefit the residents or leave them feeling uncomfortable?

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Activities For Elderly People In Care Homes

From my time running a care home, I learned that listening to other people’s ideas can really improve the systems you have in place.

Happy Pensioner


The days when nursing homes sat all their residents around the perimeter of a lounge with a TV on in the corner that they could neither see, hear nor were interested in, have thankfully been relegated to a bygone age.

These days, all homes, whether residential or nursing, are required to provide activities for their residents on a daily basis that are stimulating, engaging and person-centredensuring their minds and bodies are kept active, healthy and alert.

Regular activities that are centred around individual needs that include social interaction, as well as achievable tasks that can be completed alone, have been proven to help prevent depression, the onset or worsening of memory problems, the ceasing up of joints and muscles and pressure sores that come from long periods of inactivity.

Final Thoughts On Hobbies For Seniors

Services Provided to Residents of Care Homes

Everyone has their own specific physical limitations and the amount of time they have to spare on new hobbies. What may be great for one person could be too much work for another. Be mindful of your schedule and your abilities and be careful not to take on more than you can handle.

Start by adding one or two of the hobbies mentioned above to your routine and see how it makes you feel. You can always switch some activities around or add more, as long as you’re enjoying what youre doing and its not adding stress to your life.

Finally, if you’re looking for other ideas, check out our other posts:

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Benefits Of Ongoing Mental Stimulation

Consistently exercising the mind also brings several recognized benefits. First, regular mental stimulation plays a key role in maintaining cognitive abilities, such as solving a puzzle or analyzing a problem. Plus, mastering a new skill, delving into a hobby, or learning the basics of a foreign language often creates a real sense of accomplishment.

Staying mentally active also enables older adults to maintain valuable emotional connections to their families, friends, and neighbors. When someone is actively engaged with the world around them, theyre more likely to cultivate relationships with others. Collectively, all of these benefits help seniors to maintain better overall health for a longer period of time.

Residents in the communitys memory care and Alzheimers wing can also benefit from some types of mental stimulation. Trained therapists understand each residents needs, and apply carefully chosen techniques to encourage positive responses.

Why Are Activities Important In Nursing Homes

No matter what stage of life youre in, enjoyable activities are vital to maintaining and improving your quality of life. This is especially true for those living in nursing homes.

When searching for a nursing home for a loved one, you may not consider asking about the nursing home activities but its important you do.

Nursing home activities not only benefit residents psychologically, but they also contribute to the social, physical, and spiritual well-being of residents living in long-term care facilities.

Studies show that recreational activities in nursing homes help to

  • Reduce depression, agitation, and anxiety

  • Foster dignity and independence

  • Combat loneliness

  • Provide structure and a sense of normalcy

and are an integral part of more person-centered care throughout long-term care facilities like nursing homes. Nursing home activities can help remind residents of the hobbies they were once passionate about.

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Assisted Living Activity Calendar

Schedule fun activities that work well for your general population that allow you to celebrate unique observances, like hosting a Bubble Contest to blow bubbles on Bubble Gum Day, playing The Name Game on Get a Different Name Day, or even crafting Dog Collages on National Love Your Pet Day.

Specialized Activity Calendar

Read Or Listen To Books

Program aims to keep seniors out of nursing homes

When youre spending so much time indoors, why not immerse yourself in a good book? Reading is an underappreciated activity that not only stimulates your mind but can also give you a new perspective. Encourage seniors to read a book, or listen to an audiobook if they have difficulty with their vision.

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Outdoor Activities For Assisted Living:


It might sound basic but just going for a walk can be a pleasant way to spend some time. You could drive out somewhere so that the senior can get some fresh air and new scenery, so long as you make sure to keep them safe and not overdo it. Make sure to take some water and snacks!


Swimming is a fun activity for senior adults because the uplift in the water takes some of the strain from muscles and joints, and the act of swimming exercises the whole body. This doesnt necessarily mean diving headfirst into the deep end, but gentle aerobic exercise in shallow water can be very beneficial.


Retail therapy you have to love it. You could visit small, independent stores or a sprawling mall, and look for clothes, books, treats or art. Stop off for lunch somewhere and make a day of it, if you can. This can be a really fun activity for senior adults staying in assisted living.

21.Visiting a place of worship

While this is technically an indoor activity, senior citizens often find that visiting a religious place can be very soothing. Perhaps there is a particular church, mosque or synagogue that they havent been to in a while that they would like to visit, or maybe they would just like to show you around and share their faith with you. This can be a meaningful experience and help them to reconnect with their faith.

22.Sharing a picnic

23.Take a cultural day trip

24.Light exercise classes


More Experia

Adding More Energizing Activities

With assisted living residents creativity and adventurous spirit, they are likely to come up with another great activity idea ! Residents can harness their imaginations, and bring their ideas to frequent brainstorming sessions.

Taking it a step further, residents can share those ideas with assisted living facility leaders and activity professionals. If funds and staffing are available, the residents may even play a role in moving the activities forward.

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How To Make Evenings Fun For Senior Residents

Even though your activity staff leaves for the day, your residents can still have fun in the evenings at your senior living facility. Here are six tips to help your residents enjoy their evenings.

1. Add Documentary or Movie Nights

Schedule a weekly picture night in which you showcase a movie or documentary of interest. Advertise that popcorn and drinks will be served to get even more residents interested in stopping by. If your residents like a particular actor or genre, then use that as a theme, like a Cary Grant Night or a Western Movie Night. In addition, if you have an artistic volunteer, ask her to create movie-poster flyers that can be passed out at dinner to remind residents of the fun movie or documentary that will be premiered after the meal.

2. Plan Evening Table Games

During the day, play a few table games with residents to see which ones they like the best. Also, use this time to help residents learn how to play the games independently, without needing assistance from staff. Then, schedule those games for the evenings. In fact, consider tailoring each evening towards a different table game, like Dominos Tuesdays or Scrabble Wednesdays.

3. Recruit Evening Volunteers to Call Bingo

4. Use CDS and DVDs for Your Evening Activities

5. Schedule Evening Entertainers

6. Organize Music and Specialty Drink Nights

About Not Just Bingo:

Be A Citizen Scientist

Group And Community Activities For Elderly

This is a unique hobby that many people may not be aware of! Often, organizations need help with observing and analyzing peoples surroundingsand as long as you have access to a computer, you can engage in this fascinating hobby!

A citizen scientist is someone who participates in scientific research in collaboration with organizations to increase knowledge in some way. Through this practice, people can share information and contribute to various data monitoring and collection projects and programs. Scientists and researchers work with citizen scientists to help advance what we know about the world through data that can be gathered by citizens.

Citizen scientists come from various backgrounds and have a wide range of expertise, but modern technology has allowed this practice to be very accessible and valuable for todays research practices. Some examples of projects for citizen scientists include wildlife-monitoring, water level observation, bird and nest observation, air quality monitoring, and analyzing images of specific forests, etc.

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The Benefits Of Getting Outside

A main advantage of heading outdoors, even for a short period of time, is being able to soak up some sunlight. Sun exposure generates vitamin D, which is necessary for a healthy brain, bones, and muscles. Some doctors even prescribe sunlight as a source of vitamin D, which research has shown can improve cognitive function and mood. Older adults, especially those who are homebound or whose exposure to sunlight is limited, are at high risk for vitamin D insufficiency.

In addition to the physical benefits of natural sunlight and fresh air, being outside provides mental and emotional benefits. Getting out enables elders to socialize with new people, and many outdoor activities provide opportunities for interacting with children, nature, and animals. Such activities can give people an extra spring in their step and rejuvenate them, says Christina Chartrand, vice president of learning and development for Senior Helpers, a nationwide in-home care company.

How Assisted Living Communities May Offer Different Activities For Seniors

Assisted living communities and nursing homes sometimes get lumped into the same category when families begin thinking about senior living.

But assisted living facilities and nursing homes are not the same. Some of the top differences include:

  • Residents in nursing homes require more skilled, daily care than those who live in an assisted living community

  • The staff to patient ratio is often higher in nursing homes, and

  • Nursing homes generally are more of a clinical setting, less of an apartment setting

At Senior Services of America, our assisted living communities are similar to a renter/tenant agreement, with amenities, programs, and activities included as a bonus just for living in the facility.

While many assisted living facilities offer similar activities as nursing homes, assisted living facilities typically offer more activities for several reasons:

  • Seniors living in assisted living typically need less care from staff members.

  • Activities arent as highly regulated by federal agencies although many facilities do their best to meet these regulations.

  • Senior Services of America assisted living communities offer seniors activities every day of the week from church on Sundays to concerts on Fridays. We understand the importance of continuing to do activities that nurture personalities, independence and relationships no matter what stage of life you are in.

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    Find Joy Every Day With Fun Activities

    Every day of the week, Selfhelp offers residents something new to discover! A wide variety of cultural events, activities and entertainment are designed to spark the imagination and encourage social interaction. Whether its yoga, the book club, garden club or a play reading, theres something for everyone to enjoy at Selfhelp.

    Every day I look forward to the days activities! Dorothy, Resident

    The caliber of music concerts is of the highest quality! Howard, Family Member

    Enjoy Nature Through Gardening

    Ideas for Fun Activities for the Elderly in Our Retirement Homes

    For seniors who have a green thumb, you can get them to do their favorite hobbies outside now that its the spring season.

    Older adults who love to garden had been waiting for spring to come so they could start tending to their raised flower beds and potted herbs. Gardening has been a favorite outdoor activity for seniors due to various reasons, such as:

    • It is perfect for seniors with mobility problems.
    • It serves as a form of physical activity with all the pulling of weeds and planting seeds.
    • The whole activity has a therapeutic effect on the brain, thus reducing stress.
    • It gives a rewarding feeling and a sense of accomplishment after seeing your plants thrive.

    Furthermore, it offers seniors a chance to mingle with fellow residents while doing something they love. Being outside and surrounded by the greens of nature also significantly impacts their physical and mental well-being.

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    Common Goals Of Retirees

    Without the restrictions of full-time work, how do you envision spending your hours? In the Merrill Lynch survey of adults over age 50, 95 percent of respondents said they would rather focus on having more enjoyable experiences than on buying more stuff. And financial constraints had little impact on most retirees’ ability to enjoy life. In fact, more than 88 percent of retirees across all income levels said they had increased flexibility and freedom to do the things they wanted to do.

    Here’s what the Merrill Lynch survey respondents were looking to accomplish through their everyday activities:

    • Get or stay health: 83 percent
    • Relax: 72 percent
    • Connect with family: 58 percent
    • Have fun: 57 percent
    • Make or expand social connections: 56 percent
    • Learn: 47 percent
    • Give back: 41 percent

    Encourage Them To Participate

    Use these ideas as a springboard. You know your loved one best. What did they enjoy when they were younger? What is something they always wanted to try? Dont be afraid to ask what they miss doing or what theyd like to explore. Most elders don’t hear these kinds of questions very often. You may encounter some resistance, so just say with a smile that it would make you very happy to embark on an outing together. Have a couple suggestions prepared to choose from and head outside to enjoy the day and each others company.

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    Recreation And Leisure Activities

    Sometimes the best activities for seniors are those that are relaxing. Youve worked hard all of your life and now is a great time to relax.

    • Gardening Spending a few hours a day in the garden can be exactly what is right for many seniors.
    • Bus Tours Even smaller cities often offer these. Taking short trips to various cities is a great way to see the world.
    • Pets Many seniors find having pets provides a sense of companionship like nothing else.
    • Chat RoomsOnline forums and chat rooms are a good way to meet people from around the world right at home.
    • Cooking Now may be a good time to start taking a few cooking classes or, if youve cooked all of your life, why not try a few new recipes? Cookbooks and tutorials online help make this easy to do.
    • Cruises Seniors love cruises because they are so versatile and packed with everything you need. They can be quite affordable, too.
    • Dating Seniors are more than able to date. Meeting new people and experiencing new adventures with someone you love makes life worthwhile.
    • Fishing For seniors who love to spend their time out on the boat or sitting on the dock, fishing is fantastic. Some may wish to take on more challenging adventures through a charter.
    • Watching Movies It has never been easier to spend time watching movies. You can stream old and newer movies easily or take the time to check out whats happening in the theaters.

    What Are The Rules For Activity Programs

    Assisted Living vs. Nursing Home Care: How They Differ

    Activity programs in long-term care facilities are governed by federal regulations codified in the Code of Federal Regulations.

    The regulation covering activity programs in nursing homes says that the facility must provide, based on the comprehensive assessment and care plan and the preferences of each resident, an ongoing program to support residents in their choice of activities, both facility-sponsored group and individual activities and independent activities, designed to meet the interests of and support the physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being of each resident, encouraging both independence and interaction in the community.

    The intent is that the facility identifies each residents interests and needs and involves the resident in an ongoing program of activities that are designed to appeal to their interests.

    The program should also be designed to enhance each residents highest practicable level of physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being.

    Assisted living activities are not as highly regulated, but many facilities go by the standards that are set for nursing homes.

    The number of Americans ages 65 and older is about 52 million and is expected to nearly double by 2060.

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