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What Does Assisted Living In Boca Raton Fl Mean To You And Your Loved One

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Having your loved one in Boca Raton, FL under the care of a residential community that is licensed by the Agency for Health Care Administration, Bureau of Long Term Care Services, means having the peace of mind in knowing that they will be in a safe environment. offer one of the following licenses in their residential communities, a extended congregate care license, which offers extended nursing services and assistance with activities a limited mental health license which serves low income and ill residents under a contract with home health agencies and a limited nursing service license, which allows particular nursing services to be preformed under certain state regulations. These residences offer personal care services, room & board and some home health services for your elderly, disabled or ill family member.

What Kind Of Assisted Living Costs Are Tax Deductible

Long run care services that are supplied at assisted living centers are tax deductible for individuals under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. To benefit from these write offs occupants must be ready to itemize the deductions. Unreimbursed medical costs must surpass 7.5% of a taxpayers adjusted gross income. Sometimes, housing costs may be 100% deductible on top of personalized care programs being deductible as well.

Is Assisted Living Costs Covered By Medicaid Or Medicare

Certain expenses related to assisted living can be covered by Medicaid benefits. Unfortunately, housing expenses in an assisted living center are not covered by Medicaid. Care services offered at the community are going to be taken care of but if you are seeking financial aid for the housing fees, Medicaid is not going to help. Many states have programs and waivers meant to help reduce assisted living housing fees.

The expenses related to relocating to and residing in an assisted living facility are not covered by Medicare Health Insurance. Medicare insurance coverage extends to temporary, prescribed care or medicine by a doctor. If moving to an assisted living community is not your choice and being suggested by your doctor, Medicare can cover some of the costs for a certain length of time. Medicaid and other state managed programs can financially support people trying to find support.

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Boca Raton Retirement Community Myths

Looking forward to retirement, arent you? And why not, considering all the hard work youve put in over the years isnt it time to kick back and take it easy? No more work responsibilities! Time to do whatever you like! That is, after you decide where youre going to live.

You may very well be thinking of following what so many have done before and retiring to Boca Raton, Florida, and were here to tell you thats a great idea. Of course, you may have heard a myth or two about Boca retirement life, and we want you to have all the information before making a decision as important as where you want to spend your retirement years.

So, lets dive into the retirement myths and realities of living in Boca Raton.

Tropical And Luxurious In Boca Raton Fl

St. Andrews Estates 6045 S Verde Trail Boca Raton FL 33433

At Edgewater at Boca Pointe in Boca Raton, you’ll find the carefree Florida retirement lifestyle of your dreams. Our 30-acre campus features multiple sparkling lakes, soaring palm trees and proximity to many of the areas most sought after country clubs, golf courses and shopping areas. Residents often comment how hard it is to find a campus as lush and natural as Edgewater’s right in the middle of Boca Raton! Recent renovations have brought forth modern social spaces to meet the needs of tomorrow’s retirees. The community provides residents with a full complement of resort-like retirement amenities and services including two temperature-controlled swimming pools, a putting green, fishing lakes, and walking trails among many others. We encourage you to come visit us at Edgewater at Boca Pointe. What you find might surprise you! We know youll love our Boca Raton retirement community.

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Why Retire In Boca Raton

  • Amazing Weather: Ready to leave behind the cold and snowy winters? Boca Raton has got great weather year-round! No more shoveling snow or dealing with plummeting temperatures.

  • Tax-friendly: Boca Raton is located in Palm Beach County, which is one of the most tax-friendly counties in Florida.

  • Theme Parks: Orlando is within driving distance to The Happiest Place on Earth. That means you can easily take a day trip to Disney World with or without the grandkids!

  • Plenty of Flights: Because Florida is such a popular tourist destination, it means that there are plenty of options for flights in and out of the Sunshine state. Great for when family comes to visit.

Myth: Good Luck Finding Quality Medical Care In Boca

Have you heard this retirement myth before? Boca is full of medical quacks looking to take advantage of retirees? It couldnt be more wrong, and its incredibly insensitive to the caring and committed healthcare professionals who have devoted their lives to helping others.

Boca is swarming with first-class medical facilities. More than 2,000 doctors call it home! And it even boasts the headquarters for Cancer Treatments Centers of America. Plus, as a resident of St. Andrews Estates, your entrance fee and monthly fee entitle you to top-rated healthcare right on campus. Even if at some point you need to move to assisted living or skilled nursing care, its already covered.

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What Types Of Care Services Are Generally Standard In An Assisted Living Center

Once you take residence in an assisted living facility, there are particular care services and programs that one can expect will be provided. Each assisted living community is unique and state laws might require some states to provide services not supplied in others. In many assisted living facilities you can expect:

  • Assistance with Daily Life Activities
  • Meal Preparation and Dining Services
  • Medication Management
  • Medical and Health Related Services

Peace Of Mind And Joy Of Living At St Andrews Estates In Boca Raton Fl

Boca Raton Florida Senior 55 Plus Active Adult Community New Construction Home Pulte Home-Westgate

Discover one of two premier Boca Raton retirement communities with one distinctive advantage – Acts Life Care®. Our centrally-located sprawling campus of St. Andrews Estates is a tropical haven tucked amid the area’s best shopping, dining and entertainment venues. Residents often describe St. Andrews Estates as Boca Raton’s Oasis, with its lush grounds, water features and beautiful views. At St. Andrews Estates, you will find a lifestyle geared for those who choose to spend their retirement years exploring and enjoying life. The community provides a resort-like atmosphere and is just six miles from the Atlantic beaches and close to Boca’s main attractions.

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Acts Network Of Retirement Communities

Are you currently living in one of our Acts communities throughout the United States but would like to visit Boca Raton? Well youre in luck! Because Acts residents can enjoy the amenities of all 26 of our campuses throughout the country. Its just another one of the fantastic benefits of living at Acts.

Acts has a commitment to excellence by continually evaluating its processes through external and internal processes. Acts’ financial performance is regularly reviewed by Fitch ratings, the organization maintains an ethics trust accreditation, and regularly completes resident surveys.

Myth: Boca Is Too Loud

Looks like Pinocchios back telling fibs again. Somehow people think that because of its proximity to Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Boca Raton is another party town. As if meringue music blares all night and fireworks blast from dusk till dawn. Its time for a reality check: Boca wouldnt be the retirement haven it is if retirees were annoyed by living there.

Leisure and relaxation opportunities abound. Think Bocas world-famous beaches and stellar fishing spots. Think museums and other recreational activities. Think golf! And while youre thinking all those things, dont forget all the on-site amenities at St. Andrews, such as pools, walking trails, a beauty salon, and so much more.

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Edgewater Pointe Estates Pricing

Dont let supposedly complicated retirement community pricing cause you to miss out on living your golden years to their fullest. Acts Retirement-Life Communities make pricing simple. We provide several financial options at our Edgewater Pointe Estates retirement community to fit your individual lifestyle and tastes. Additionally, a percentage of your entrance fee may be tax-deductible. Talk to a financial professional about the tax benefits of moving into a retirement community.

Do Assisted Living Facilities Get Guidelines That Must Be Fulfilled In Florida

Boca Lago

Every state demands all assisted living communities to submit an application and acquire a license so that they can offer care and housing programs for aging adults. Assisted living facilities are not allowed to open their doors to individuals until an inspection has been executed and a license has been given. In addition to licensure, some communities may seek out accreditation once they are open and accreditors can observe the assisted living community at work. While preparing to relocate into an assisted living facility it is important to learn about the licenses, certifications, and accreditations the community retains.

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Myth: Boca Raton Is Too Expensive

This is one retirement myth that pops up all the time, and we understand why. You need to keep an eye on your cost of living to ensure your savings last as long as possible. And with Boca being so popular, you wouldnt be out of line in thinking that its popularity has ballooned its cost of living to the upper echelons of luxury expense. But that simply isnt true, and heres why.

Florida as a whole remains an affordable place to live, and Boca isnt much higher. Sperlings Best Places rates the cost of living as an overall score of 121. To put that in context, New York City is 187 and San Francisco is a whopping 269.

Whats more, when you move into a Continuing Care Retirement Community such as St. Andrews Estates, the community itself offers much of everything you need, for the included costs. Were talking fine dining, non-stop activities and events, free classes to feed your hobbies, excursions, pools and fitness centers, and so much more. This is why Boca Raton retirement living isnt just enviable its achievable!

The Facts About Assisted Living In Boca Raton Fl

In the 1990s assisted living started as an alternative for elder care. These communities are for seniors who cannot live independently. Assisted living communities provide long term care and services and promote independent lifestyles for seniors. These communities also provide assistance with daily life activities. Other states may use similar terms to describe assisted living which include adult day care, residential care facilities and congregate care.

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Points Of Interest And Local Landmarks For Boca Raton Retirees

What is it that makes Boca Raton one of the most popular retirement destinations in the United States? Whether it be the world class outdoor activities or the world class golf courses, theres something for everyone who enjoys the sun. But dont just take our word for it see our interactive map below to learn about activities and landmarks near our two Boca Raton retirement communities:

Benefits Of Retiring In Boca Raton

Boca Raton senior community reacts to new CDC guidelines, reunites with family

We all know that Boca Raton is incredibly popular as a vacation spot and as a retirement destination. But what is it that sets Boca Raton apart? Furthermore, what sets Acts continuing care retirement communities in Boca apart from other senior homes? Well for one, Acts offers Type A Life Care contract. That means you get to enjoy easy-going senior living in the retirement home of your dreams. And Boca Raton has so many great benefits for retirees:

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Myth: Youre Packed In Like Sardines In Boca Raton

Another common myth is that literally every retiree on the planet has moved to Boca, so youre going to be jammed into giant apartment complexes with barely any space to breathe.


St. Andrews Estates is actually renowned for its oasis-like atmosphere, starkly different from the shopping mall-type environments found elsewhere in the area. Luscious grounds, inspiring views, and plenty of room to enjoy your freedom and openness. You can treat yourself to a spacious cottage or villa, or opt for an apartment, but whichever you choose, youll never come close to feeling like youve been packed in.

St Andrews Estates Pricing

Acts Retirement-Life Communities understands that retirement community pricing can get complicated. Thats why we simplified pricing at our St. Andrews Estates retirement community, providing financial options for your individual tastes and style. And there may be several tax benefits that come with moving into a retirement community .

Choose a pricing plan that works best for you, and start living that worry-free Acts lifestyle!

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Myth: Florida Weather Is Gross

When it comes to the weather, we know what youre thinking. Sweaty, muggy, oppressively hot, humid. Gross. Right? Well, were not going to lie summer in Florida can be rough sometimes, and we do need to address hurricane season. But heres the good news: St. Andrews is built with protection in mind, ready to protect you from the harshest storms. Plus, unlike some other regions of the United States, Boca Raton actually offers some of the most stable weather youll find anywhere. Lots of sunshine and with low temperatures that barely dip below 60 on even the chilliest days of the year, Boca is great for anyone who cant stand the cold. The snowbirds come to roost in Boca Raton every winter for a reason, after all! If you want to be wearing shorts and sunglasses while everyone else in the country is shoveling out from six feet of snow, Boca is the best.

Boca Raton Fl Assisted Living Communities

St. Andrews Estates 6045 S Verde Trail Boca Raton FL 33433

There are 43 assisted living communities in Boca Raton that may be a correct fit for you and your family. See below or click to view a list of the assisted living facilities in Boca Raton. There are many housing sizes available in assisted living communities. These residences offer small residential communities with home-like settings to large, grand communities all offering the same specialized care services for your loved one.

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