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Barra De Navidad Or Melaque

Retire in Baja California at the beach $85,000 condo and $325,000 resort living.

I spent a summer living in Barra de Navidad and I really enjoyed it.

Im only 33, so it was a little too slow-paced for a full-time move. But I understand why a lot of people think that this is one of the best places to retire in Mexico.

Barra de Navidad and Melaque are two small and sleepy beach towns that are located at the southern edge of the state of Jalisco. Its about 30-minutes north of Manzanillo, which is also the nearest airport.

The nice thing about Barra de Navidad and Melaque is that they offer a great small-town vibe while being close enough to a bigger city to be able to get affordable groceries and excellent healthcare.

Ive personally had excellent medical attention in nearby Manzanillo. Its actually a very popular place for medical tourism in Mexico. The doctors are excellent, speak English, and charge a lot less than other cities around Mexico.

Barra and Melaque are incredibly popular with expats, especially Canadians. You can check out .

Its hard not to fall in love with the little beachside town of Barra de Navidad.

Recreation Culture & Entertainment

Tennessee’s active adult communities live near areas that are rich in history and are filled with culture, recreation and social opportunities. The largest city is Memphis, but the best-known city is Nashville, the music capital of the south and the home of Elvis Presley s Graceland. Many Civil War battles were fought in Tennessee, the most of any state, including the famed Battle of Murfreesboro. After the war, a Tennessee Democrat became Abraham Lincoln s Vice President: Andrew Johnson. The Civil War battlefield of Shiloh is preserved and open to the public for exploration.

For music lovers, the three cities of Nashville, Memphis and Bristol provide venues to hear country music, soul, blues or rock and roll. Bristol is known as the birthplace of country music and the home of the Carter family and Tennessee Ernie Ford. Nashville is known for the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame, and is nicknamed Music City, USA . Memphis is the birthplace of the blues, rock and roll, and it’s the home of B.B. King. Gospel Music also abounds in Tennessee s Bible Belt. Active Adults have plenty of entertainment options around the entire state.

Lake Chapala Thriving & Popular Retirement Community And Lakeside Living

In Jalisco state, you will find Mexicos largest freshwater lake and the old-world, charming town of Chapala. It has cobbled streets, colourful gardens and lush green mountains, which thrive in its pleasant year-round spring-like climate.

Most expats rent or buy homes in Chula Vista, Ajijic, Riberas del Pilar among others, but each neighbourhood has its individualistic style. In neighbouring Ajijic, there are some gated communities also.

It is home to American and Canadian snowbirds escaping the northern cold winters and so has one of the largest expat communities in the whole of Mexico.

A new state of the art hospital has been built recently, and as a major retirement hub, the town has now assisted living homes.

Lake Chapala is ideal for those who like boating, village living and scenic walking routes for keeping fit and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

A lot of Mexicans have second homes there, and there is a good mix of American, English, and South Americans too.

Chapala is a small town with basic amenities, golf courses, and markets. It tends to attract older populations of retired expats. It has a vibrant yet peaceful environment that is the perfect balance between activity and relaxation.

If you want a bit more liveliness, it is only half an hour away from one of Mexicos largest cities, Guadalajara. Here youll find high-end shopping centres with the likes of Gucci and Louis Vuitton, first-rate hospitals and healthcare, and large home stores such as Home Depot.

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Unparalleled Setting Unparalleled Lifestyle

When you visit Shell Point Retirement Community, it certainly looks like a vacation destination. But take a closer look, and youll see Shell Point is an award-winning lifecare & active retirement resort located in one of the most naturally beautiful parts of Florida.

Shell Point’s 700 acres include distinctive neighborhoods, a wide array of home styles, resort amenities, and convenient services all situated in a tropical setting along the Caloosahatchee River in Fort Myers, Florida.

The area around Shell Point is home to tropical wildlife, which makes life exciting for our over 55 nature lovers. Immediately to the west are the Gulf of Mexico and the famed barrier islands of Sanibel and Captiva, internationally known for their white sand beaches, turquoise waters and the abundance of exotic shells that wash up on their shores.

Need Some Help Moving To And Retiring In Mexico

Beachfront Assisted Living Community in Puerto Vallarta for Retirement ...

Want more information about retiring in Mexico and all of the practical logistics? After reading this post, youll know the best places to retire, but then what do you do?

If you are ready to make the move to retire in Mexico, you may want to consider getting more help through companies that specialize in Mexico relocations such as the Mexico Relocation Guide.

The owner, Mariana, has spent tons of time researching all you need to know about moving to and retiring in Mexico.

She offers all of that information on her website which includes a free living in Mexico guide for expats, expat interviews, and a guide covering the basics of living in Mexico like healthcare costs, cost of living, how to find a great rental property, and details for getting your Mexico residency. Get access to that guide here on her website.

Mexico is the sort of place that pulls people in. You visit once and you know it wont be the last time.

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Puerto Vallarta Bursting With Natural Charm

Puerto Vallarta is a charming town with a city feel. Its beautiful backdrop of the Sierra Madre mountains facing the Pacific Ocean makes it a sight to behold. PV was originally a quiet fishing village in the 1960s but has expanded rapidly over time.

Local food specialities include grilled red snapper marinated with roast peppers, garlic, and spices .

There are also cultural ties, such as the actors Anjelica and Danny Huston, who live in remote Las Caletas beach and founded the Puerto Vallarta Film Festival. Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger filmed the jungle scenes for Predator in Mismaloya.

The outskirts of town are modern with lots of shopping malls and housing developments, such as the Nuevo Vallarta residential and resort complex.

Rich expats and celebrities have been known to grace the location for decades, and aside from retirees, there is a younger demographic also wishing to set up a home in PV.

The town is accessible by road and the main airport has local and international flights to the US and Europe.

PV is affordable and modern. There are plenty of properties for sale and to rent both in the town and the outskirts.

The local real estate market stretches from Mismaloya, south of Puerto Vallarta, to Punta Mita on the northwest shore.

Many expats live in the state of Nayarit, north of the Ameca River. Bucerias, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle and Punta Mita are popular choices in Nayarit.

Want to know more? Read our Living In Puerto Vallarta guide.

Reasons Why Fountain Crest Is The Perfect Retirement Community In Lehigh Acres Florida

For retirees, there are many different options when choosing different communities to be a part of. In the case of senior apartments for rent Lehigh Acres, choosing to relocate to Florida is due in large part to the prevalence of exceptional retirement communities. One of the retirement communities thats head and shoulders above the rest is Lehigh Acres, an all-inclusive, senior community known as Fountain Crest. Fountain Crest offers the best of the Florida lifestyle that seniors love, and when choosing senior living in Lehigh Acres, one is hard pressed to find an option that comes close to offering what Fountain Crest does.

There are several factors that many retirees consider when they decide to leave the cold north for the warmth of Florida. Lehigh Acres is one of many places in Florida thats built to give retirees the conveniences they need and otherwise dont have in conventional locations. Senior living in Lehigh Acres, especially at Fountain Crest, showcases the best of Florida. From the flora and the fauna to the care displayed by an attentive staff, there are many reasons to leave the cold north for the warmth of the Sunshine State.

Lehigh Acres retirement apartments at Fountain Crest are located just outside of Fort Myers. This particular city is great for people who are baseball fans and love spring training especially if you are a fan of the Minnesota Twins or Boston Red Sox. These teams play very close to Lehigh Acres.

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Does It Make Sense To Retire At An All

But, are all-inclusive resorts really just for vacation? If its really that great of a deal, why not just retire at one?

This thought crossed my mind, recently, when I was pricing out travel to Mexico. Most of the all-inclusive resorts we were considering were only around $120 per night for double occupancy. Thats only $3,600 per month, folks!

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Considering the fact that nursing home care for one person now costs more than $6,500 per month on average in the United States, living my golden years at an all-inclusive resort sounds like a steal. But, would it really work? I think so. Heres why:

Why Retire In Mexico

Living By The Beach For $420/Month In Mexico | Unlocked

Mexico retirement is not a new concept. For several decades now, Mexico has been consistently in the top ten best places to retire abroad. It is especially attractive for US and Canadian citizens due to its proximity to home. But there are many more benefits of retiring in Mexico.

Recent changes in the Mexican immigration laws aimed at simplifying and speeding up residency applications have further added to the appeal.

Mexico is known for its great climate, fantastic food, and lower living costs. The costs of retiring in Mexico are far less than in the US, Canada, or Europe. Its little wonder then, that retiring to Mexico is as popular today as it has been for the past 30 years or so.

Despite what some media outlets broadcast, Mexico is a safe place to live. In fact, many expats report feeling safer in their adopted towns in Mexico than they did in their home nation.

Mexico offers great medical facilities in the larger towns and cities at affordable prices far lower than comparable treatment in the US.

I found this great podcast by The Expat Money ShowTravis Luther and Why Americans are leaving the USA

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Get Your Free Mexico Report Here:

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This special guide covers real estate, retirement and more in Mexico and is yours free when you sign up for our postcards below.

Troncones A Tropical Retreat

Troncones is located around twenty miles northwest of Zihuatanejo, in Guerrero state and nestled between the Sierra Madre mountains. It is about 40 minutes from the Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo international airport.

The place is known for surfing breaks at Troncones Point, seafood, beachfront accommodations, family-friendly activities, and tranquil and relaxing vibes where you can enjoy a humid tropical climate year-round.

This area has an allure for expats seeking an uncrowded tropical paradise with nature and beaches abound with the mountainous backdrop and relaxed way of life.

Troncones sits on ejido or farming land and the population has grown due to tourism and the influx of North Americans making their homes here. This destination is an opposing contrast to Ixtapa which has a lot of high-rise hotels and development.

Visually the beaches are pristine, with secluded coves dotted here and there. Eco-architects have embraced the environment and are building new developments with this focus in mind.

Strict ecological regulations limit building and land use, homes on the beach are earth-toned to blend in with the surrounding nature and there are no high-rise condominium buildings, as is the case in other locations in Mexico.

For a larger place to visit there is the bustling city of Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa with large shopping malls which are around half an hour away

Three miles of clean uncrowded beaches and clear waters all at your disposal. What not to like?

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San Miguel De Allende A Hub For Expat Artists

Situated 4 hours northwest of Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende is a magnet for artistic personalities.

The colonial centre of town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, meaning that buildings retain their original historical structure. The town is known for its Spanish architecture and colonial charm, which highlights the areas comparatively recent heritage.

There are a variety of international and local cuisines and opportunities to meet other expats.

The temperate climate is typical of the high Sierra Mountain range the air is crisp and clean throughout the year. During the coldest months it can drop below freezing.

The state capital, Guanajuato, is an hour away. Its known for its markets and craft markets particularly the mercados sprinkled throughout the city. Youll also find the Tuesday outdoor farmers market and bazaars called a tianguis on the outskirts of town.

There are several hot springs such as La Gruta that are for a hot soak.

Allende attracts many authors and artists it hosts the largest writers conference in Latin America The San Miguel Writers Conference.

Expats tend to live in the historical Centro or Colonia Independencia neighbourhood where they can mix with the locals.

Another popular area is Balcones, which is situated at the top of a steep hill. Regardless of which you pick, all command breath-taking views.

Whats The Next Step To Make Your Mexico Retirement Become A Reality

Is it possible to retire at a resort?

We hope you have enjoyed our mini-tour and have a better idea of where to start looking for your Mexico retirement.

The next step you can take is to make a list of the things you are looking for in your perfect Mexico retirement destination and carry out further research on some of the places we mentioned to see if any of them meet your needs.

Dont forget, we can help by putting you in touch with trusted real estate and immigration professionals when you are ready.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article: Top 5 Places for Mexico Retirement. If you have any questions, please contactour office HERE.

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The Monthly Cost Of An All

The monthly cost of an all-inclusive resort will vary by resort and location. The biggest, fanciest resorts that specifically target foreign travelers will cost the most. However, smaller resorts with slightly fewer amenities and mostly local guests still deliver the benefits of an all-inclusive resort without the larger price tag. In Mexico, there are resorts you can stay at for under $4,000 a month including meals, drinks, entertainment, housekeeping and more.

Where Are The Best Places To Retire In Mexico In 2022

While many resort towns appear in the list below, Mexico has a lot more to offer. Colonial living is becoming a staple of Mexican culture, along with a backdrop of beautiful mountains and lakes. If you have an interest in Mexico retirement options, its important to consider certain factors. These include:

  • Affordability
  • Weather and quality of life
  • Recreation and entertainment benefits
  • Access to quality health care.

Your needs will differ from the next person. Yet the factors above apply to all retirees when deciding on the best places to retire in Mexico. The following list includes everything from beachfront cities to festive towns in the mountains.

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Average Cost To Retire In Mexico

A retired couple can expect to retire comfortably in Mexico with an average income of about $2,500 a month, or $30,000 a year, according to These figures include the cost of a house, a maid service, utilities, groceries, entertainment, health insurance and more.

A few factors play into your cost of living for retirement in Mexico. The biggest is location: Mexico is a large country with big cities, small towns, resort areas and everything in between, and your exact costs will largely depend on where you live. It also depends on the lifestyle you plan to lead. Whether you want to retire early, late or on time will also affect your expenses timeline. You will also want to keep an eye on the exchange rates from USD into pesos. Not everything in Mexico is marked as pesos, with many merchants accepting USD, especially in tourist areas. Plus, shopping and living like a local, like buying from street vendors, can save you even more money.

What Sets Us Apart

What Not To Do At All-inclusive Resorts In Cancun Mexico

We believe that our philosophies and approach towards independent and assisted living set us apart from most if not all other facilities you will encounter. Here are some points to back up that assertion.

Total Assistance We understand that the caregiver role is incredibly heartbreaking, challenging and depleting in so many regards. Likewise, it can be emotionally overwhelming. That is why we offer a broad spectrum of support to the caregiver and the family as well as the resident.

Flexibility and Continuity We truly understand that there is no universal solution, nor will things remain the same forever. With that in mind, our offering is extremely flexible. We offer services to those living independently in our villas or hotel, we offer long-term independent living in our hotel for those not wanting the complexity and cost of a villa, but still wanting greater independence than in Cielito Lindo, we offer independent and assisted Living within Cielito Lindo with any variety of support and care services desired, and we offer Memory Care and Hospice. Individuals can have the lifestyle they want and the support and care they need, as those needs arise.

Warmth, Beauty and Charm True, we have an ideal climate here in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. But what is even more important is the aesthetic beauty and warmth of our facilities, the architecture, the gardens, the suites, and the lovely surrounding facilities.

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