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AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) Newark, CA June 2011

Age discrimination needs to be a bigger part of the workforce conversation

Amidst a strong economy before social distancing became part of the American lexicon employers painted a picture of having to scramble to lure applicants. Nearly 7 in 10 employers reported talent shortages, the worst level ever and a jump of 23 percent from the previous year. Thats more than three times higher than a decade ago.

While employers struggled to fill positions, ProPublica and the Urban Institute were busy analyzing research data from the Health and Retirement Study , a premier source of multidisciplinary data that researchers use to address important questions about the challenges and opportunities of aging. They discovered that employers are hesitant to hire or retain older workers, potentially limiting their ability to stick around and retire on their own terms. Those unfortunate enough to be laid off have trouble finding a new job and experience long-term unemployment .

Between the time older workers enter the study and leave paid employment, 56 percent are displaced before they choose to retire. Only 1 in 10 of these workers ever recovers financially, earning much less than they did before their careers were disrupted. Years afterward, theyre still making up for ground lost and find themselves with fewer job prospects .

So wheres the disconnect?

Age Discrimination

A primary culprit is the age-old problem of discrimination.

Aarp Services Inc And Aarp Financial Incorporated

AARP Services, Inc., founded in 1999, is a wholly owned taxable subsidiary of AARP that manages the range of products and services offered as benefits to members. Its offers include Medicare supplemental insurance member discounts on rental cars, cruises, vacation packages and lodging special offers on technology and gifts pharmacy services legal services and long-term care insurance. AARP Services founded AARP Financial Incorporated, a subsidiary that manages AARP-endorsed financial products including AARP Funds. In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission in June 2010, AARP Financial announced the discontinuation of AARP Funds. AARP Services develops new products, manages and markets products and services, and creates and maintains partnership and sponsorship relationships.

What Is The American Association Of Retired Persons

America Association of Retired Persons is Americas non-profit organization which provides various benefits to those Americans who are nearing or have reached retirement age.

AARP was founded in 1958 by Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, a retired educator. The organization currently has more than 40 million members.

Its main focus is to provide its members with various benefits using their nationwide experienced volunteers, and their local network chapters.

Their work mostly addresses things such as retail issues, economic security, employment, healthcare, independent living, and advocacy.

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Active For Healthcare Reform

The AARP is helping to speed the transfer of healthcare decisions by backing Obama’s disastrous takeover of the private sector health industry. The organization is everywhere trying to influence the vote in Obama’s favor. The AARP members forced into government-run, universal health plans will be given the absolute worst healthcare treatment because they cost the most. See page 85 Line 7- Specifications of Benefits Level 4 Plans. The bill is a deficient piece of legislation that will drive-up health costs and ration care to patients.

In their push for Obamacare, the AARP had been holding healthcare “listening sessions.” Due to overwhelming opposition by concerned members, AARP has cancelled future events. AARP employees couldn’t get the official Obama message across and told members to shut up and to keep quit.

Fox News did a poll with senior citizens and found 93% are satisfied with their current healthcare coverage. Stuart Barton, president of the American Seniors Association said, “The AARP speaks out of both sides of their mouth and tells their constituents or their members one thing and do another,” responding to the AARP claim of being a bi-partisan organization when it comes to the needs of the constituents.

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Searching For An Alternative To Aarp Here Are 6 Options

By Joseph Slife | 07/27/17 |

AARP, the nations largest organization for older Americans, traces its heritage to the late 1940s when a high-school principal set out to make sure retired teachers had adequate health insurance. About a decade later, the group she founded, the National Retired Teachers Association, expanded its membership and became the American Association of Retired Persons.

In the 1990s, that organization dropped its full title along with the requirement that its members be retired and became simply AARP, targeted to people ages 50 and up.

Today, AARP has an annual budget of nearly $1.5 billion, the bulk of which comes from royalties companies pay for the right to use the AARP name and logo when marketing products to older Americans. About one-fifth of the organizations budget comes from dues paid by 38 million members . With that kind of membership clout, AARP is one of the most powerful lobbying groups in the nation.

What does it lobby for? Among other things, AARP supported President Bill Clintons 1994 push for a large expansion of government involvement in healthcare. In 2005, the organization helped stop a Republican-led attempt to reconfigure Social Security benefits to put the SS program on a more solid financial footing. And in 2010, AARP riled many of its more conservative-minded members with its strong support of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act .

The American Association Of Retired Persons Essay

The American Association of Retired Persons is a non-profit organization that assists individuals aged 50 years and older in augmenting the quality of life by assisting them in achieving financial freedom and in maintaining health . The services of the AARP are available all around the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. It currently serves approximately 38 million members in terms of health care provision and insurance services. The AARP is committed to providing guidance, information, advocacy, and service to its members for them to feel a positive social change as they grow older. The AARP Foundation is an associated charity institution that offers protection, security, and empowerment to the elderly through the assistance of its volunteers, donors, and sponsors.

The AARP follows its health care model that aims to improve the quality and efficiency of health care assistance, to increase the accessibility to health care services for various populations, to increase the price and quality transparency, and to ascertain accountability for all services received. To achieve these goals, the AARP has linked with Aetna and United Healthcare, which improves both benefits and the marketing of the health insurance industry. The AARP is thus a strong organization, mainly due to the size of its membership, hence any linkage with other insurance companies can be maintained and even strengthened more.

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Criticism Of The Aarp

AARP is one of the strongest lobbying groups in America, and because of its efforts, it often receives attention for exerting its influence in Washington, D.C., and in state capitals. Its non-profit operations also receive millions of dollars per year in the form of federal grants. Some argue that its positions fall into the more liberal part of the political spectrum.

  • AARP. “2019 Annual Report,” Page 40. Accessed Feb. 11, 2021.

  • Opposition To Voter Id

    President Clinton’s Remarks to AARP (1994)

    We believe that Congress has approved a simple, uniform procedure to register to vote in federal elections and that requiring additional proof of citizenship is unnecessary and impedes the ability of voters to vote, especially voters who are older and/or disabled and may not have access to the required documents, -AARP, opposing a Kansas voter ID law

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    American Association Of Retired Persons


    Our editors will review what youve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.

    American Association of Retired Persons , nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works to address the needs and interests of middle-aged and elderly people in the United States. Its membership is open to all persons age 50 or older, whether working or retired. It is headquartered in Washington, D.C.

    The AARP was founded in 1958 by a retired teacher, Ethel Percy Andrus, with the goal of helping older Americans remain physically and intellectually active by serving others. In 1982 the AARP merged with the National Retired Teachers Association , an organization that Andrus had founded in 1947 to obtain pension and health insurance benefits for retired educators.

    One of the AARPs major functions is as a legislative advocate for the elderly at the federal and state levels, working to influence the passage of legislation that affects older citizens. The steadily rising proportion of elderly in the American population had given the AARP a membership of more than 30 million by the late 20th century. This large membership, coupled with the higher voting rates of elderly Americans, helped make the AARP one of the most powerful advocacy groups in American politics by the centurys end.

    Ties To The American Legislative Exchange Council

    AARP was a “Trustee’s Level” sponsor of ALEC’s 2016 annual meeting held July 27-29 in Indianapolis, Indiana, according to a program obtained by the Center for Media and Democracy. Attendees also each received “an AARP branded portable USB power pack” at registration. After “a torrent of protests from members and advocacy groups,” as described by the L.A. Times, AARP announced on August 5, 2016 that it would not renew its membership.

    The L.A. Times contacted AARP for a statement about its relationship to ALEC:

    On Monday , in response to our queries, AARP gave a bit more detail on its relationship with ALEC while reiterating, “AARPs engagement with ALEC is NOT an endorsement of the organizations policies either past or present.” It specifically disavowed support for ALEC model bills seeking a constitutional amendment for a balanced federal budget, which is a direct attack on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid the repeal of the Affordable Care Act nor the other model legislation posted on ALECs website. AARP has advocated in opposition of these proposals in the states and in Congress and will continue to do so.” ALEC hasnt responded to our request for comment.

    According to an August 2013 ALEC board document obtained by The Guardian, AARP had terminated its ALEC membership on April 16, 2013.

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    More Federal Spending And Bigger Government

    “AARP has been consistent in its efforts to promote more federal spending and bigger government. They were active promoters of the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act which became law and when seniors found out the outrageous bill they were paying for this new government bonanza, their protests became so strong that Congress took the unheard of action toward a seniors program: it repealed it the next year .””The AARP opposed a balanced budget constitutional amendment. They opposed efforts to slow down the rapid growth of Medicare, indifferent to the need of saving this program for seniors. They oppose reform of Social Security which would save the system and allow individuals to have individual retirement accounts. They consistently push for more spending on entitlement programs.”

    Aarp Publications And Broadcasts

    Keesler shows appreciation for retirees

    AARP The Magazine, with a circulation of approximately 37 million and the AARP Bulletin with 30 million as of 2016, are the two largest-circulation publications in the United States.AARP The Magazine , is a lifestyle magazine for people 50+. Established in 1958, the magazine is distributed bi-monthly to AARP members. Other publications include AARP Bulletin and The Journal. In 2018, the digital publication titled Sisters from AARP was launched, aimed at African American women.

    The organization also produces radio and television programs and has a book division.


    AARP en Español is the AARP’s Spanish-language multimedia platform. Offerings include a Spanish-language website, a Spanish-language channel, and informational resources.

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    What We Do Might Surprise You

    AARP is doing amazing things to make life better for today’s 50+ population and generations that follow. In the face of changing realities, AARP is a champion for social change. We help people navigate ageless realities financial well-being, health, how to contribute to society and local communities, and how to fully enjoy life.

    Jobs at AARP

    Explore the many different ways in which you can do something meaningful at AARP. What we do might surprise you.

    About Us

    Find out how AARP is making an impact on the issues that matter most to people 50+ and their families, and helping people live their best lives as they age.


    Explore your interests, put your education to work, and gain real world experiences. No matter your field of study or level of degree, AARP has internships suited to your talents that can prepare you for your career after graduation.

    Career Resources

    Curious about our hiring process or how to prepare for an interview? Want to learn more about our Code of Conduct? You can find answer to these questions and much more here.

    Expansion Of Membership Base

    The acronym A.A.R.P. originally stood for the American Association of Retired Persons, but in 1999 the organization officially changed its name to AARP, to reflect that its membership and focus were no longer exclusive to retirees. AARP changed its membership requirements to do away with all age restrictions, making it possible to gain full membership at any age to take advantage of AARP-negotiated discounts for travel, dining, entertainment, and shopping.

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    How Aarp Works

    AARP provides information, education, research, advocacy, and community services through a nationwide network of local chapters and experienced volunteers. It focuses its work on consumer issues, economic security, work, health, and independent living issues, and engages in legislative, judicial, and consumer advocacy in these areas.

    AARP is considered a powerful lobbying group as well as a successful business, selling life and health insurance, investment products, and other financial and non-financial services. It is also an independent publisher, offering Modern Maturity magazine and the monthly AARP Bulletin. AARP produced $1.70 billion in revenue in 2019, which came from a variety of endeavors, including advertising revenue from its publications, and from royalties for licensing its name and logo.

    However, membership fees represent the most significant source of revenue. It is registered as a 501 non-profit by the Internal Revenue Service , which means it is permitted to engage in lobbying. It also administers some 501 public charity operations while some of its other operations are for-profit.

    What Is Aarp

    AARP Commercial 1991

    The American Association of Retired Persons, commonly known by its acronym AARP, is America’s leading organization for people aged fifty and older, providing member benefits, marketing services, and lobbying on their behalf.

    Founded in 1958 by retired educator Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus as the American Association of Retired Persons, AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan association with a membership of more than 38 million.

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