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Arkansas Teaching Salaries And Benefits

As you consider your career and future retirement, it’s important to take into account how you’ll position yourself to live a healthy, prosperous life. In the state of Arkansas, however, these considerations weigh less heavily in the minds of teachers.

Thanks to an expansive support system that provides Arkansas educators with numerous benefits, teachers are better prepared to tackle issues that arise with health and retirement. By offering teachers a number of options regarding the directions of their health care and retirement, the state of Arkansas ensures their workforce remains strong.

Learn more about becoming a teacher. Contact schools offering teacher education/certification programs in Arkansas.

Teacher Salaries in Arkansas by Education

As teachers further their educations and gain experience in the field, they receive pay increases that reflect their dedication and hard work. Salaries vary between school districts, but the following are some examples of the salaries you can expect in Arkansas:


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Trustees For Teachers Pensions Drop Target Return Rate To 725%

Form 6A Download Printable PDF or Fill Online Change of ...

The trustees for the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System last week reduced its target rate of return from 7.5% to 7.25% a year.

Executive Director Clint Rhoden said the reduction is not expected to trigger another round of cost cutting or increased contribution rates for employers and employees.

The possibility of future benefit adjustments can never be ruled out, but I do not expect any will be needed in the near future, he said in a written statement.

The increase in the systems liabilities as a result of reducing the target rate of return is mostly offset by the 31% investment return experienced June 30, 2021, Rhoden said.

The systems investments were valued at $21.3 billion as of Nov, 15, Rhoden said.

The Teacher Retirement System is state governments largest such agency, with more than 100,000 working and retired members.

During its meeting Nov. 15, the board adopted all assumption changes recommended by the systems actuary, Gabriel, Roeder, Smith & Co., from the actuarys latest five-year experience study, Rhoden said. The system continues to assume wage inflation of 2.75% a year and price inflation of 2.5% a year.

Based on a target rate of return of 7.25% and wage inflation of 2.75%, Gabriel, Roeder, Smith & Co. estimated the systems actuarial accrued liabilities at $24 billion and an actuarial value of assets at $19.3 billion to reach a funded ratio of 80.6% as of July 1, 2021.

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Teacher Plan Investments Jump In Value

Buoyed by soaring stock markets, the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System’s investments gained $4.5 billion in value last fiscal year, the system’s investment consultant reported on Monday.

The system’s investment return was 31.9% in fiscal 2021, which ended June 30, to rank among the top 5% of the nation’s large public pension systems, P.J. Kelly of Chicago-based Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting told the system’s board of trustees.

The investment return for fiscal 2021 is a record for the system, exceeding the previous record of 22.6% in fiscal 2011, system Executive Director Clint Rhoden said. The system’s investments are now valued at roughly $21 billion, he said.

The record return comes on the heels of those investments dropping by $921 million in value, to $16.6 billion, in fiscal 2020.

The fiscal 2021 gain prompted the system’s trustees to approve the payment of a 6% interest rate on the accounts of the system’s regular deferred retirement plan participants in fiscal 2022, which started July 1, and a 7.5% interest rate on the accounts of the post 10-year deterred retirement plan participants.

In a busy day with investments on Monday, the trustees voted to redeem and redeploy some investments as well as approve new ones, authorizing more than $500 million in investments aimed at further diversifying the system’s portfolio.

In fiscal 2022, the employer rate is 14.75% of payroll and the employee rate is 6.75%.


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Arkansas Teacher Retirement Direct Deposit

TRS New Member Presentation

It is never too late or redundant to start learning something new since there will be some occasions that you can use the things you learn to help you. Using the latest Arkansas Teacher Retirement Direct Deposit to absorb useful skills & knowledge that can help you promote in your future career path.

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What Does Vesting Mean

Vesting means that you are given ownership of the money within your retirement account. The money can not be forfeited for any reason. This money is yours and will follow you if you change jobs within the University of Arkansas System or leave the UA System entirely.

All of a participant’s contributions are vested immediately. Contributions by the University for all non-classified employees are immediately vested. For all other employees , all plan contributions made by the University are vested once one of the following Vesting Requirements is met:

You are vested once you meet one of these criteria:

  • Immediate vesting – if you are currently or become a non-classified employee
  • The end of six consecutive months during which you contributed at least 5% of your regular salary
  • Three years of consecutive UA service, if you contribute less than five percent of your salary
  • Attainment of the age of 65

Pre-Tax: If you decide to go with the pre-tax plan your contribution will be deducted from your salary before your state and federal taxes are calculated. What this means is your taxes are based on what you make after you make your retirement contribution. This allows you to defer taxes on monies contributed to your retirement plan.

After Tax: Your retirement plan contribution will be made after the applicable taxes have been taken out of your salary.

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Arkansas Teachers Sets 2022 Real Assets Pacing At $575m

Arkansas Teacher Retirement System expects to make $575m worth of real assets investments next year, according to the pension funds meeting document.

In 2022, the pension fund expects to invest $250m each into core and value-add/opportunistic real estate and has a plan to place $75m into infrastructure.

The real estate investment plan during the period includes increasing the pension funds allocation to property types such as apartments and industrial and to reduce allocation to COVID-19 impacted property types such as retail and office.

As part of the plan for non-core real estate investment include increasing the pension funds exposure to blind pooled funds.

ARTS disclosed in the meeting document that it has approved a $50m commitment to Landmark Real Estate Partners IX, a US value-add and opportunistic fund seeking to raise $3.5bn to make secondary investments in various types of real estate and real estate related entities.

To read the digital edition of the latest IPE Real Assets magazine click here.

The Ua 403 Defined Contribution Plan

ATRS deal flow pipeline, investments benefit Arkansas ...

The UA 403/457 plan is a defined contribution and does not pay a specific benefit when you retire. Your retirement benefit is dependent on the earnings or losses of your investments. You contribute a percentage of your pay, and the university will make a matching contribution. At retirement or separation of service from the university, you can withdraw this money in lump sum amounts or over time, subject to plan limitations. Before you have retired, you may begin to withdraw this money at age 59½.

Offering retirement options for regular 403, Roth 403 and 457 plans, the university’s defined contribution plan gives you the option of investing with TIAA and/or Fidelity Investments. You can choose to invest with one or both companies and transfer accumulations from one company to another, subject to restrictions.

Contributions to the UA Retirement Plan

The university contributes an amount equal to 5% of your regular salary when you contribute 5% or less. The university will match any contributions you make over 5% up to a maximum employer contribution of 10%. At no time can the combined employee and employer contributions exceed the limitations established by the Internal Revenue Code.

You may contribute to your 403 plan in one of two ways:

Employee Voluntary 402 Contribution Limits for 2022

$41,000 $56,000

Vesting in the University Plan

Make changes in Workday or complete the Salary Deferral Agreement to:

Change Beneficiaries

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Insurance Benefits For Eligible Retirees

An Eligible Employee who retires while covered under the University’s health and life insurance plan and has age and continuous years of service with the University of Arkansas System equal to a total of 70 and has completed 10 or more years of continuous coverage under these plans may be eligible for Retirement Insurance Benefits.

If you meet the above listed eligibility requirements you are entitled to:

  • $10,000 Retiree Life Insurance Policy and
  • Continuation on the University’s Health Insurance.

If you are over age 65, your University medical insurance coverage will supplement Medicare. The same plan provisions you currently have with the University’s medical insurance will continue with supplement coverage.

Retirees are responsible for 100% of the cost of insurance.

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Personalized OverviewHere you can track future income, performance and portfolio metrics, as well as make tweaks here and there to stay the course. All tailored just for you.

Retirement Planning ToolsYou can see an accurate projection of where your future income stands now, as well as discover a few small changes today can make all the difference later.

Change ContributionWe make it easy for you to make a positive change to your financial future. You can quickly see how changing your contribution affects your paycheck and your year-end balance. Changing your contribution over time is also only a few taps away.

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Access To Affordable Health Insurance

Arkansas Teacher Residency Model Presentation – October 14, 2021

Teachers in Arkansas have access to the ARBenefits program, which provides a number of different health insurance plans for teachers to choose from. There are three major plans provided to teachers with varying qualities. Teachers pick from the following plans:

ARBenefits GoldContains the maximum amount of benefits with the lowest co-pays, co-insurance, and a $0 deductible, but also has the highest monthly premium cost for the member. The network for this plan is through Health Advantage.

ARBenefits SilverFeatures a $750 deductible with a lower monthly premium. This plan is a blending of the Gold and Bronze plans, offering a budget conscious but still substantial plan to teachers. The network for this plan is through Qualchoice.

ARBenefits BronzeThe most affordable health insurance plan with the lowest premium, but features a deductible of $1500. Plan has no co-pays, but prescriptions and medical services apply to the deductible. The network for this plan is through Health Advantage.

For example, consider a relatively common medical service, such as delivering a newborn baby. If you went to the hospital for delivery under the ARBenfits Gold Plan, approximately $5,782 of the total $7,540 cost would be covered through the plan. With this plan, the patient would only pay $1,750. However, under the Bronze plan, the plan would pay $4,840 of the cost, leaving you to cover the remaining $2,450.

Under each ARBenefits program, the following health care practices are covered:

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Arkansas Teacher Retirement System: Public Pension In United States North America

Arkansas Teacher Retirement System is a Public Pension located in Little Rock, AR United States, North America. Current Assets for Arkansas Teacher Retirement System is $16,792,590,856 and SWFI has 5 periods of historical assets, , 167 transactions, 9 Opportunities/RFPs, 6 personal contacts available for CSV Export.

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See How Time And Contribution Changes Can Make A Difference

Important: This calculator is provided for illustration purposes only. It does not reflect the return of any specific investment and is not a guarantee of a specific rate of return. The results listed are hypothetical, do not represent actual results and are no guarantee of future results.

Assumptions in the calculation include:

Annual rate of return during accumulation = 7%

Annual rate of return during retirement = 4%

Annual rate of inflation during all years = 3%

Annual contributions set to 15% of salary for initial calculation, or 0 if current age is at or above retirement age

Life expectancy = 87 or current age plus 10, whichever is greater

Contributions made once per year at the end of the year

Retirement income distributions taken once per year at the beginning of the year and divided by 12 to display as monthly income

Retirement income will be $0/month if you enter a retirement age that is at or above the assumed life expectancy

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