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Best Retirement Cities For Physically Active Residents

5 BEST Cities To Retire In Around Denver Colorado!

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Are you planning to spend your golden years sleeping most of the time? Well, we strongly believe that it might not be a good idea and that’s why you need to look for the best retirement city for physically active residents.

Even though nearly 50 million United States residents are currently aged 65 years or older, this figure is expected to rise to about 80 million by 2050. Well, this is at least according to the U.S. Census Bureau. If you’re in this age bracket, you’re most likely looking for a safe and healthy community retirement. In most cases, you’re probably looking for the best retirement city for physically active residents as it can enhance the quality of your life in your golden years. As such, knowing the cities and counties that are most suitable for retirees looking to remain active in their golden years can be of great help to many senior citizens.

Many retirees are unaware that all the things they’ve always been waiting to do in their retirement won’t necessarily make them happy. As a retiring senior citizen, the most important thing is to remain healthy and this requires you to remain physically active. That being said, it’s of great importance to consider the best retirement cities for the physically active. You certainly want a place where you can exercise your body, mind, and soul while also staying healthy. Well, such places are spread throughout the United States.

Village At Deaton Creek

The Village at Deaton Creek, in Hoschton, GA, is another Del Webb retirement property. This gated community features a 35,000 square-foot clubhouse that is the heart of all community activity. It’s where you can take fitness classes, work on arts and crafts, play a game of pool, or browse the library. Residents can play a game of softball or tennis, swim in the resort-style pool, or hike miles of outdoor trailsand there’s a special playground area reserved just for grandkids. Residents can also take organized day trips to downtown Atlanta. The more than 1,100 homes range in price from the high-$200,000s to the mid-$600,000s.

You Love The Outdoors: Portland Maine

You love outdoor activities, from hiking, skiing, andswimming to fishing and camping, but you dont want to live too far from thecomforts of civilization. Portland, Maine, has all the benefits that come withliving in a states largest citylike charming neighborhoods, a thrivingrestaurant scene, and an array of seasonal festivalsas well as numerous stateparks, cruises, and other opportunities to get out into the wild.

Cyclists can choose between scenic trails along the coast orin the woods near the city or an urban environmentPortland has been called oneof the most bikeable cities. If golf, fishing, or paddle-boarding is more yourstyle, theres plenty of access to these activities, too. And when youve seenenough local moose and whales, you can travel to the more extreme wildernessareas in the states sparsely-populated north.

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The Most Popular Physical Activities For Retirees

You’re probably wondering about the type of physical activities that you can perform in your retirement, especially if you’re not so passionate about a particular activity. With that in mind, here are a few of the most popular physical activities for retirees. We’ll categorize them in terms of physical exercises and volunteering.

Costa Rica Open For Us Citizens

These Are The 10 Best Cities For Enjoying An Active ...

On the narrow, volcanic isthmus of land between the continents of North and South America, there exists a country so rich in natural beauty, the adjective is actually in its name. Rich Coast or Costa Rica attracts millions of visitors and foreign residents throughout the year with its tropical climate lower cost of living friendly locals affordable medical care vast real estate options and, of course, its natural beauty.

Earning the nickname Switzerland of Central America this peace-loving democracy shines in a region often plagued by political and civil unrest. Costa Rica abolished their army in 1948 and pledged that budget to education and healthcare. Resulting in a well-educated population and medical access for all citizens and legal residents.

This republic is internationally known for its safety, neutrality, and commitment to the environmentwith roughly a quarter of its land protected as national parks and wildlife refuges. The current democratic government, under Carlos Alvarado Quesada, is considered progressive and LGBTQ equal rights are mandatedofficially legalizing same-sex marriage in May 2020. A rare policy to find in Latin America.

Pura Vida is a common Costa Rican phrase. Although it translates to pure life, this definition merely scratches the surface of a phrase deeply woven into Costa Rican culture, and used to convey anything from hello and goodbye, to great news, cheers! and countless declarations in between.

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Municipalities Are Catching On

Smart city planners and marketers are learning the value in attracting families AND retirees. By providing free and easy to access activities for all age ranges they are attracting people to their community and building a sustainable economy.

When we went to Johnson City, Tennessee, they had put a lot of effort into revamping their community to attract retirees. There were rails to trails programs and plenty to do for seniors with more plans underway. The collaboration between the mayor and small business owners was impressive. They were building bike parks, organizing festivals, concerts and farmers markets.

When municipalities are focused on growth in this way, not only do they help build a retirement friendly community but they are also supporting the small businesses in downtown Johnson City. You can read more about this up and coming retirement community in my article, Discover Johnson City.

Why Should I Retire In Ecuador

Ecuador has long been a draw for expats and retirees, thanks mostly to its affordable cost of living and pleasant climate. Its a small country about the size of Nevada that packs a punch. For such a small country, it offers a wide variety of things to see and do, from visiting the big city, exploring colonial centers, hiking in the mountains, and hitting the beaches.

The big advantage that Ecuador offers over the States is the chance to live better for less. If budget concern is a primary motivating factor as you consider your retirement, Ecuador should be on your radar.

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Communities Worth Living In

AARP is committed to being a resource to both community leaders and their residents in creating homes and neighborhoods that let older Americans live their best lives. Among our programs are:

Staff and volunteers work with elected officials and local organizations to advocate and create age-friendly communities.

Also of Interest

Featured AARP Member Benefits

Top 10 Cities To Retire In Arizona

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Percentage of the Population Over 65: 10.8%

Median Home Value: $100,100

Most Recent Annual Number of Violent Crimes: 78

Most Recent Annual Number of Property Crimes: 325

Number of Hospitals Within One Mile of the City: 1

Retirees looking to live large, while living affordably, will love retiring to Eloy. This gem of a town in the Casa Grande Mountains lets you enjoy Arizonas striking natural beauty, and shockingly low humidity in a peaceful and private community.

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Youre A Ski Bum: Centennial Wyoming

If you love invigorating mountain air and spending your dayson the slopes, consider Wyoming. Its less expensive and less crowded thanother mountain states, such as Colorado and Utah. Wyoming is alsoconsidered one of the two tax-friendliest mountain states there areno taxes on income, pension, or Social Security, meaning those retiree taxes will be savings in yourpocket.

The tiny town of Centennial, Wyoming, about one hour outsideof Cheyenne, sits nestled in the Snowy range, not far from the Snowy RangeSki Area. Meet new friends by joining the Snow Range Ski Club and celebrate thesnow and your favorite winter sports at the family-friendly Snow Festival.

Other events throughout the year include:

  • An age 60 or older Ski Clinic
  • Ski Every Run Day
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    I love New Mexico but do not know if it would be good for a single woman. I would like to get involved helping somehow and/or be involved in meditation. You can feel the Infinite there. What kind of help do the Indians welcomeif they do.Since I am a single senior, I also think being in places like South Florida where you are right in the middle of people, shopping and the ocean would be good and important. I lived in Miami years ago however, now they have those snakes and I am not a fan of that.

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  • Nice places mention.. I live in NY & Im tired of the winters! I love freshwater fishing in the warm weather. Would like to find a place where I could winter & fish. Any suggestion would be helpful

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  • You Love Antiquing: Hazel Kentucky

    Despite a population of less than 500, this old railroadtown is home to hundreds of antique dealers located at 12 independentantique shops, covering 40,000 square feet, most along one main strip for easywalkability. Following the remodeling and reopening of the Hazel AntiqueMall in 2014, the town has seen a resurgence in antique tourism. The mallhosts 50 vendors hailing from four different states.

    In addition to year-round antiquing, every year the smalltown celebrates its history with Hazel Day,featuring live music, a pancake breakfast, and a classic car show. Theres alsoa scavenger hunt through the various shops in town, almost all of which offerspecial sales for the day.

    In addition to Hazel Day, the town hosts manyother antique-centered events, including the Rusty Relic Sidewalk Sale andthe Christmas Open House. In fact, with six events scheduled throughout theyear, there are always newwell, oldantiques to discover in Hazel. The annual 400-MileSale includes Hazel, as well as nearby localities, on its route. If yourelooking for something old in somewhere new, Hazel might be a good fit for you.

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    Mexico Open For Us Citizens

    Mexico has been a retirement haven for residents of its North American neighbors to the north for 50, 60 years. More than 1 million Americans and a half-million Canadians call the country home today, living there either full-time or part of the year . This makes Mexico one of the most popularif not the most popularexpat destinations in the world.

    That makes your transition to a new life in Mexico all that much easier. This large expat community is very welcoming to newcomers, and there is no shortage of activities, clubs, events, happy hours, and more to take part in. you can easily meet new people and make friends. Plus, because of its proximity and trade and cultural ties to the United States, youll find that much of what you find on store shelves, on restaurant plates, on TV, and elsewhere is familiar to you. And you have modern conveniences like a well-maintained highway network, cellphone service, highspeed internet, including fiber optic, cable and satellite TV, and any other amenity you might want.

    Yet, at the same time, the distinct culture of Mexico is still very much alive. With its traditions, celebrations, and holidays very much in evidence throughout the year. The Mexican people have a real zest for life, with plenty of singing and dancing in the streets, welcoming attitudes towards new neighbors, and a live and let live attitude.

    Those who move to Mexico are drawn by a multitude of other benefits too.

    The 10 Best Places To Retire In Arizona In 2021

    Best Retirement Cities for Active Seniors

    Arizona is a haven for retirees. People love its year-round pleasant weather, including almost nonexistent humidity, iconic Southwestern scenery, and safe cities. There are also plenty of affordable cities in Arizona. The state has something for everyone, no matter how you want to spend your retirement.

    If you think Arizona sounds like a great destination for your dream retirement, youre absolutely right! The state offers a wide range of choices for retirees, with thriving cities and beautiful scenery. NewHomeSource has compiled a list of the top five cities to retire in Arizona.

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    Youre A Wine Drinker: Greenport New York

    You want to spend your weekends sipping quality wines atbeautiful vineyards and generally enjoying the scenery typical of awine-producing region. But you dont want to live in a rural area, or spendhours traveling to visit just a few wineries. Consider the village ofGreenport, located in the town of Southold on Long Islands East End.Greenports maritime history and walkable streets make it popular withtourists, but even in the off-season, this small village has a more bustlingfeel than some of the areas quieter spots.

    In addition to enjoying the amenities of Greenport itself,with its range of independent restaurants and shops, as well as gorgeousbeaches and quirky museums, local residents are just minutes away from dozensof the acclaimed wineries of the North Fork, which has been called one ofAmericas best wine regions.

    Best Places For Military Retirement

    When you have served in the US military or you are a spouse of a veteran, you are part of a distinct community. Whether or not you lived on base or were stationed overseas, chances are you congregated, lived, or worked alongside other members of the military. If you or your spouse were a distinguished service member, then you may have the opportunity to live in a designated military retirement community. But what if you did not move up in the ranks but still want to live among other veterans as a senior?

    You are in luck. has released a listing of the top 10 best places for military retirees, which includes:

  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Omaha, Nebraska
  • Manchester, New Hampshire
  • Reasons why these cities were selected range from offering an affordable cost of living and local base amenities to having Veterans Administration healthcare services nearby. Several of the cities are recommended because they have a large number of defense contract awards. What this indicates is that these cities offer more military skill jobs that can benefit military retirees interested in continuing their employment. These skills are very specific and often require high levels of security checks that military service members can provide. Another reason why these cities were noted is based on a low sales tax or no state tax for military retirement pay.

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    You Love A Slower Pace: Jamestown Rhode Island

    Youve spent years in a fast-paced and stressfulenvironment, and now you just want to relax. Jamestown, located on ConanicutIsland between Newport and mainland Rhode Island, leaves you with no choice butto chill out. This picturesque town is ideal for anyone who loves beaches,boats , and water views .

    It also has farms and farmers markets a smattering oflocal shops and eateries, all best enjoyed at a leisurely pace and Beavertailand Fort Wetherill State Parks, with hiking trails and scenic views. Many othercoastal towns have pretty views and access to the water, but this one isspecial both for its island location and the way its managed to preserve thebest aspects of its past while taking advantage of its proximity to largercities.

    Here, on a mile-wide oblong of land in the middle ofNarragansett Bay, you can look up at the striking Newport Bridge and suddenlyrealize youre not very far from the bustle of civilizationit only feels likeyou are.

    Where Should I Retire In Vietnam

    Top 3 Best Retirement Communities in Tucson, Arizona | Tucson Real Estate


    Hanoi is Asias most up-and-coming metropolis. Its a mishmash of cultural and historical influences, with French-colonial architecture sidled up next to Chinese-designed buildings, modern skyscrapers looming over ancient pagodas. Nicknamed The Capital of Thousand Years of Civilization, Hanoi is remarkable in that its one of the most ancient capital cities in the world.

    Much of Hanois history centers around its Old Quarter, one of citys most charming neighborhoods. Its full of French-colonial buildings interspersed with Buddhist pagodas, museums, parks, and monuments shops touting knock-off goods and sidewalk food stalls serving hot noodles men puffing cigarettes on street corners and old ladies pushing bikes loaded with vegetables for sale The activity never stops on this citys bustling streets Hanois eight million people are always in motion.

    Da Lat

    Da Lat, a cool-weather destination in Vietnams Central Highlands, offers a decidedly different pace of life. This is the resort town that the French carved out of mountain back when the country was a French colony. Like all hill stations around the world, it served colonists as an escape from the sweat, grime, and tropical malady of the lowlands.

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    Best Cities To Retire In The Usa Based On Your Personality

    One of the most glorious aspects of preparing for retirement is the flexibility to choose where youll live based on your preferences, interests, and hobbies. Theres no longer a need to settle in a location in order to have access to the best careers or schools. For perhaps the first time in your life, you can ask: Where do I want to live? The Hartford makes it easy with our list of the 50 best cities to retire in.

    Youve worked hard and now its time to have some fun. Finding the perfect town to retire to isnt just about finding a place known for your favorite pastime. Its about finding a place where youre free to be you. Choose to spend your retirement years in a location that has what matters most to youwhatever that may be, wherever it may be.

    Here are some of the best retirement cities, that might help give you some inspiration for finding a unique place to live.

    If You Enjoy The Resort Lifestyle: Scottsdale Arizona

    The community receives high rankings for Quality of Lifeand Health Care. The city is financially friendly to retirees as it doesnttax Social Security checks and there are numerous retirement communities in thearea.

    Scottsdale is home to a variety of activities to participatein. The city has nearly six dozen golf courses for you to enjoy. And if youneed to relax, Scottsdale has the most spas per capita than any other place inthe U.S.

    If youre interested in art, you have many art galleries to visit, including the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art or look at Scottsdale Public Art. The area senior centers, such as the Granite Reef and Via Linda Senior Centers, also offer an opportunity to participate in art classes and workshops.

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