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Where Should I Retire In France

12 Best Countries to Retire Comfortably with Low Cost of Living


With hundreds of museums and galleries, one of the liveliest cafe cultures and some of the most revered cuisine in the world, space to lounge in parks and on riversides plus a superb and affordable public transportation system and other modern amenities, including top-notch health care, Paris seems to have it all.

American romantics have idolized this city for 100 years and more. Hemingway, Stein, and so many others did their part to immortalize Paris, to put it on the map for Americans, so that even those whod never been out of their hometown knew something of this exotic city. The history, the art, the food, the fashion, the wine, the architecture, the language, the romance the je ne sais quoi.

Youd be hard pressed to find more history, culture, and character per square meter anywhere else in the world Paris is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, but all that luxe comes at a cost. France would never feature on a list of the worlds bargain destinations still, outside Paris, this country can be much more affordable than you might imagine


In the true south of France is a bustling market town of about 2,000 people, popular with locals who come from all around the region to taste the locally grown produce and artisan goodsa truly French experience. Saint-Chinian offers a friendly village feeling that embodies this part of France. Everyone knows everyone, and if they dont, they make it a point to get to know you before too long

Canadas Best Places To Retire

In addition to the practical aspects of choosing a retirement place, you may have several other personal preferences. If more than a few locations seem appealing to you, it is best to visit these places and experience them first-hand. It is not just about shortlisting your favorite place, but also about determining the most suitable neighbourhood within that town or city. Remember, crime rates in certain areas are higher than the rest, hence, you cannot rely on nationwide or provincial statistics alone. Researching specific neighborhoods, contacting the local police, or speaking to the local real estate agents will give you a far more accurate picture on the ideal place to retire.

In a recent Macleans Report, some of the best communities to retire in Canada by region are:

  • Atlantic Canada: Halifax
  • Alberta: Calgary
  • BC.: Langford

If you already reside in metropolitan centres, such as Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, or the Greater Toronto Area , a cross-country move may not make much sense. This is especially true if you are looking for a marginal change of pace, along with better recreation facilities, and a quality lifestyle. Consider trading your high-value urban residence in favour of these attractive, less expensive communities that consistently feature among the best places to retire in Canada.

The Cheapest Countries Where You Can Retire Well

After working hard and saving diligently for retirement, you may find that your nest egg wont take you far in the U.S. But dont fret. You may be able to stretch your dollar further outside the country. And it wont mean retiring in a collapsing country. To assist you in figuring out where you should consider retiring, we compiled a list of the best countries where you can retire cheaply and peacefully. We can also help you find a financial advisor who can guide you to the right destination on the right budget.

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Best Cities To Retire In Spain

Before you move to Spain, you need to decide which city is the best for you. Spain is the best place to retire abroad, and there are many great cities. Some of them have beaches, and mountains and others have countrysides or vibrant city centers. The best Spanish cities for retirees are:

  • Barcelona
  • Valencia

Cheapest Places To Live In Canada

Where To Retire In Panama

There are a lot of variables that may go into deciding what the cheapest cities to live in Canada are. The cost and considerations might also be different for individuals and families.

For this list, we have decided upon two comprehensive variables: Monthly cost of living for a single individual and monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment. These two variables encompass the total cost of living for a particular place. The data is gathered from Numbeo and Wikipedia.

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Why Should I Retire In Ecuador

Ecuador has long been a draw for expats and retirees, thanks mostly to its affordable cost of living and pleasant climate. Its a small country about the size of Nevada that packs a punch. For such a small country, it offers a wide variety of things to see and do, from visiting the big city, exploring colonial centers, hiking in the mountains, and hitting the beaches.

The big advantage that Ecuador offers over the States is the chance to live better for less. If budget concern is a primary motivating factor as you consider your retirement, Ecuador should be on your radar.

Where Should I Retire In Greece


Corfu is our current top choice for retirement in Greece. Its a tiny, sickle-shaped island just off of Greeces northwest coast, renowned for its stunning natural environment, friendly locals and wholesome way of life, delicious cuisine, interesting history and culture, and low cost of living. What clinches the deal for most people about Corfu is its glorious ocean vistas

The island boasts 217 kms of coastline and a mountainous terrain that has eroded in some areas to create dramatic land formations: wind-sculpted cliffs, stalactite-laden caves, craggy bluffs that drop down into the sea Its one of the greenest of the Greek isles, its hillsides studded with cypress and pine trees And, its home to 57 beachessome sandy, some with pebbly shores, but all graced with the piercing blue waters of the Ionian Sea.

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Costa Rica Open For Us Citizens

On the narrow, volcanic isthmus of land between the continents of North and South America, there exists a country so rich in natural beauty, the adjective is actually in its name. Rich Coast or Costa Rica attracts millions of visitors and foreign residents throughout the year with its tropical climate lower cost of living friendly locals affordable medical care vast real estate options and, of course, its natural beauty.

Earning the nickname Switzerland of Central America this peace-loving democracy shines in a region often plagued by political and civil unrest. Costa Rica abolished their army in 1948 and pledged that budget to education and healthcare. Resulting in a well-educated population and medical access for all citizens and legal residents.

This republic is internationally known for its safety, neutrality, and commitment to the environmentwith roughly a quarter of its land protected as national parks and wildlife refuges. The current democratic government, under Carlos Alvarado Quesada, is considered progressive and LGBTQ equal rights are mandatedofficially legalizing same-sex marriage in May 2020. A rare policy to find in Latin America.

Pura Vida is a common Costa Rican phrase. Although it translates to pure life, this definition merely scratches the surface of a phrase deeply woven into Costa Rican culture, and used to convey anything from hello and goodbye, to great news, cheers! and countless declarations in between.

Top 5 Aspects To Look For In A Place To Retire In Canada

10 Best Places to Buy Property and Retire in United States | Cheapest

There are a number of factors that go into determining the best place to retire in Canada. While every criteria may not be relevant to each individual, here are the broad aspects that most people consider:

  • Climate: While parts of Canada may offer milder winters, they may also see more rain throughout the year, or higher levels of humidity that are not suitable for older Canadians with certain chronic ailments. Whether it is a personal preference, or a health-related consideration, climate or weather conditions tend to rank among the key factors that help determine your choice of a retirement destination.
  • Cost of living and taxes: The cost of food, transportation, housing, and other living expenses can make or break your retirement dream. Whether it is buying versus renting a home, using public transport versus driving, frequent eating out versus cooking at home, or hiring professional services versus D-I-Y projects, will you be able to afford your preferred options? Are there any tax breaks for Canadians 55+? Are property taxes in the area reasonable?
  • Healthcare services: Does this location feature quality healthcare, nursing facilities and assisted living options, if required in your later years? Will you be able to afford prescription drugs, or other out-of-pocket medical expenses that are not covered under the provincial health insurance benefits?
  • Will you have easy access to grocery stores, malls, and other retail services?
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    What Is The Annual Global Retirement Index

    The Retirement Index is the most comprehensive and in-depth survey of its kind. Its the best way we know of to sift through the wealth of opportunity the world offers, bring some order, and help you pinpoint the best destination for you.

    Our index is informed by hundreds of opinions and real-life experiencesinformationcompiled by our trusted sources in the best retirement destinations across the globe. We think of it as a tool for you, our reader. A way for you to quickly compare and contrast your best options and begin to narrow down your choices.

    We have our people out there pounding the pavement in attractive overseas communities we know you should consider. Theyre reporting back to us with insights, and information about whats really going on. Theyre not beholden to relocation service providers or real estate agents or tourism boards or economic development organizations. They work for you.

    In no way is our Global Retirement Index meant to be a scientific output. Its designed to be a useful tool for people, constructed out of real-world, on-the-ground information interpreted through a lens of well-informed experience and opinion.

    Our sources are living in the places where theyre gathering their intelligence. And we trust their judgment. If they say the healthcare is good, or that a meal for two in a nice restaurant costs $20, then we believe them.

    Beyond datait offers, more importantly, information, opinions, perspective, and guidance.

    Where Should I Retire In Ecuador


    Our top pick for retirement in Ecuador is Cuenca, a beautiful colonial city full of cobblestone streets, historic Spanish architecture, and grand colonial churches. Its located in Ecuador, a fascinating and geographically diverse country that uses the U.S. dollar as its currency. The cost of living is low, and the cost of properties is near rock-bottom in Latin America. Plus, its a regional center for health care, which is high quality, honest, and inexpensive

    These are a few nutshell reasons why Cuenca is one of the worlds best places to retire, and indeed, this corner of Ecuador has experienced a popularity and population boom over the past 20-odd years. Thousands of expats from all over the worldthe States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and beyondhave made their way here to take advantage of what Cuenca has to offer

    The kicker for mostthe reason they fall for this all-around charming cityis the moderate weather. Like many former Inca capitals, Cuenca is located in a central valley at a high altitude: 2,560 meters above sea level. While this means thinner air and potential problems for people with respiratory issues, it also means spring-like weather year-round. The average daily mean is 59°F , varying little throughout the year For most, its just about perfect.

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    Charlotte Area 55+ Communities

    Builders have recognized Charlottes popularity and matched it with over 130 age-restricted and active lifestyle communities, including those in South Carolina. Many of them are larger developments built by big-name builders, but there are plenty of more tight-knit options available.

    Best Places To Retire On The East Coast

    Want to retire to a beautiful tropical location that ...

    Whether you’re on the brink of retiring or fantasizing about your bucket list, Stacker rounded up East Coast contenders as you contemplate your retirement dreams. With both Northern winter climates and Southern sunny states, beautiful beaches, natural splendor, and a mix of affordable and upscale lifestyle options, the East Coast offers something for everyone.

    Using Niche’s 2020 Best Places to Retire as a guideline, Stacker developed a list of what’s important to people thinking about retiring. Variables include weather, safety, housing expenses, and access to places like eateries, golf courses, recreation facilities, and health care. Listed here are numbers for the general population along with a look at percentages of people ages 55 to 64 and 65 and over, along with median household income, median household value, and median rent.

    Take a tour of the 50 best places to retire on the East Coast, whether you are looking to spend your golden years with your toes in the sand, swinging a golf club, or enjoying the bounty of natural beauty in this region of America.

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    Biltmore Forest North Carolina

    – Population: 1,473 – Median household income: $180,781- Median home value: $910,400 – Median rent: $1,083

    Tucked into the Blue Ridge Mountains, Biltmore Forest is less than 3 square miles in size, offering a quaint respite from the hustle and bustle of nearby Asheville. When price is not a factor in the buying decision, beautiful real estate and an affluent community awaits retirees here.

    – Population: 3,388 – Median household income: $69,279- Median home value: $330,100 – Median rent: $1,284

    For those who enjoy the energy and accommodations of a university town, Pantops is just 4 miles from the University of Virginia. For easy travel, local bus routes can transport residents to nearby Charlottesville and its commuter airport that connects to larger airports.

    – Population: 10,557 – Median household income: $97,055- Median home value: $380,700 – Median rent: $1,366

    The quiet town of Timonium is about 20 minutes away from Baltimore. The quaint suburb is close to Towson, which has abundant shopping centers, entertainment options, and eateries.

    Best Cities To Retire On A Budget Of $1500 A Month

    Finding space in your budget to save and invest isn’t easy for everyone. In fact, a recent GOBankingRates survey found that 40% of Americans have less than $300 in savings. As such, plenty of Americans are facing a retirement where their only source of funds is a monthly check from the Social Security Administration.

    Find Out: States Where Your Retirement Will Cost Less Than $45,000 a Year

    Still, living on a fixed income doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a satisfying retirement. In the right place, you might discover that you can stretch your budget further and spend your golden years enjoying yourself. To help you find such a place, a GOBankingRates study identified American cities where you can realistically retire on a budget of $1,500 a month.

    The study took the cost-of-living index from Sperling’s Best Places and applied it to customer expenditure data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to find the average cost of living in the given city. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in each city was also sourced from ApartmentList. Locations that fell below a certain livability score on AreaVibes or had a below-average portion of the population above 65 were eliminated, and only the places offering the best combination of bills under $1,500 and strong livability for seniors were left.

    • Total monthly expenditures: $1,385.63

    • Livability score: 67

    Jami Farkas contributed to the reporting for this article.

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    Surfside Beach South Carolina

    – Population: 4,385 – Median household income: $55,099- Median home value: $266,600 – Median rent: $1,040

    Surfside Beach, around 10 miles south of Myrtle Beach , is all about family and fun. Along with seven parks and pristine beaches, there’s a wealth of places to enjoy fresh seafood and outdoor activities. The town council signed a proclamation making Surfside Beach the first autism-friendly travel destination.

    – Population: 3,739 – Median household income: $52,917- Median home value: $252,600 – Median rent: $980

    One of coastal North Carolinas oldest communities, Southport is part of the Brunswick Islands, and ideal for anyone who enjoys nautical life. Theres no shortage of bucolic cottages, wooden boardwalks, and nature trails to explore in Southport.

    How Much Social Security Can You Expect

    Best Cities to Retire on a Budget of $1,000 a Month

    The Social Security Administration reported in 2017 that nearly nine out of ten U.S. citizens aged 65 and older received Social Security benefits or were expected to receive them.

    How much you receive in Social Security payments will depend on a number of factors. They include your lifetime earnings and when you begin taking payments. The average Social Security payment to retired workers at the end of 2020 was $1,544.15 per month.

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    Where Should I Retire In Hungary


    Budapest is a fully modern city with all the conveniences of the 21st century, but what makes it specialthe reason its considered Europes loveliest capitalhas nothing to do with its present and everything to do with its past. Budapest is a historical marvel, a breath-taking bazaar of architectural styles that span about eight centuries

    The variety of buildings, as you walk from one square to the next, is eye candy to any history lover. On one corner, you could be convinced youre in London, with curated window displays inside big-scale, glass-fronted shops. At the next, youre in Paris, as you stroll along a grand, tree-lined boulevard flanked by Haussmann-style apartment blocks

    Living in Budapest is like living in an open-air museum, with each starkly different building style serving as a reminder of the various phases of history this city has passed through. Its an eclectic combination thats akin to Rome in its randomness. You never know what you might discover around the next corner or from which century it might date.

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