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7 Remote Jobs For Retired Teachers Consider An Online Business Earn Extra Income From Home

Our programs wouldnt be possible without our visiting international teachers who share their culture and experience. Were always looking for more!

Past and current ambassadors can refer a fellow teacher to our program and earn cash rewards if that teacher is accepted.

To find out more, including the terms and conditions, visit our teacher referral page.

Get information on costs and fees related to the process, including:

  • Estimated monthly pay
  • Cost of living in the USA
  • Salary and benefits

You can also speak to a member of our team using the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

There are opportunities to teach:

  • World languages

Retirement Jobs For Teachers

As a teacher, you have various skills and qualities that make you a good candidate for a lot of jobs in retirement. Your experience and the wide-ranging abilities youve gained of the years are valuable to a lot of different jobs out there. And also come to your advantage compared to other retirees who are looking for employment in retirement.

You need to know what you want, what you like, and how to market your talents to find the best retirement job for you. Let me help you out by listing a couple of qualities, skills, and talents you undoubtedly have as a retired teacher:

  • communication skills
  • ability to solve conflicts

So now you know what kind of qualities and skills you have. Youll probably have a ton more, but lets find out what kind of great careers you as a teacher can pursue in retirement.

Turn A Hobby Or Skill Into A Teaching Opportunity

Youve probably acquired a lot of skills and maybe mastered some hobbies that other people could benefit from. When you retire, you could turn that knowledge into a money-making business.

If you play piano, knit, crochet, sew, work with wood, bake, make beaded jewelry, or any number of other things, there are people who want to learn what you know.

You can hold classes or workshops, or take on individual clients, and help more people learn your art or craft.

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Types Of Public Speaking You Can Do

If you decide to choose this as your next profession, there are different ways you can be a public speaker.

One way is to be a presenter for different groups.

You can choose to work with nonprofit organizations spreading messages that help to enlighten people.

Theres work as a presenter for corporations that have important engagements and conferences.

You can work as a person who does seminars or group trainings for businesses or organizations.

There are numerous ways that you can go about becoming a public speaker.

You can also choose to build a business where you focus on one type of speaking engagement.

You can build clients through networking and make a career out of public speaking.

If you like to travel, then you could potentially incorporate that into your speaking engagements as well.

The best part about being a public speaker is that you dont have to do it for as long during one day.

As a teacher, you spend an entire day standing and speaking to other people.

Whether they are children or adults, you can do that for hours without any problem.

Speaking engagements as a public speaker will be much cheaper!

As long as you are able to use the skills youve gained as a teacher, you can be a public speaker.

Park Ranger Or Park Aide

8 Part Time Jobs For Retired Teachers

If youre looking for totally different working experience in retirement and love being outdoors? You can work as a park ranger or park aide at National Parks or State Parks. Each year the National Park Service and state park agencies take on rangers and park aide for the summer, and you can be one of them.

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery while welcoming and informing guests into campsites, parks, beaches, or historical sites. Your job can be collecting camp fees, cleaning facilities, area beautification, or explaining park rules to visitors.

There are also other job opportunities within National Parks at hotels, restaurants or gift shops as well.

Where to apply: Check out your nearby states park department or look for jobs on and search National Park Service. Or check out Government Jobs for jobs as a Park Aide.

Salary: on average $14 per hour

Skills: Park rangers and park aide must be US citizens and have a valid US drivers license.

Retirement job for a teacher: Park Ranger

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Less Stressful Jobs For Retired Teachers Faqs

Teachers who want to stay in education but leave the classroom can explore school guidance counselors, school administrators, instructional coordinator, educational consultants, libarian or college or university academic advisor career pathway.

With a teaching degree and acquired skills and talents you may become a marketer, technical writer, human resources management, grant-writer, editor, interpreter or translator, governement agencies and a volunteer for after-school and youth organizations.

Basically, teachers are known for their desire to always be busy. They practically hate being idle, so a less stressful job but taskings like blogging, curriculum developer, online tutor or an entrepreneur is best for a retired teacher.

Retire On Your Own Terms

The best part-time jobs for retirees are the ones that naturally excite you .

Your career doesnt have to be over when its time to retire. Yet its a great time to leave the stress, extra responsibility, and rigid schedule behind.

There are many ways to make money and stay engaged outside of a traditional 9-5 role.

Whether you want a job that can be done from home or one where you get out into the world, we hope our list of retirement job ideas inspire you to live an amazing retired life.

P.S. Read up on how to find a job after retirement and the rules of working after retirement to maximize your earnings.

Which part-time jobs are most exciting to you and what new ideas did you come up with that arent on our list?

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Do You Need The Income Or Other Benefits

While there are many reasons to work beyond money, you may want to know if you need supplemental retirement income.

The best way to find out? Creating and maintaining a comprehensive retirement plan. The NewRetirement Planner makes it easy to see the impact of part-time work on your lifetime financial outlook.

Need Easy Extra $350+/month For Free

Jobs for retired teachers – You set your hours!
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The average teachers salary in the United States in 2017 was $45,701.

Most teachers spend extra hours in the classroom outside of actual teaching hours prepping their rooms, doing paperwork, scoring tests, creating lesson plans, etc.

What is supposed to be a 35-40 hour workweek can easily turn into 50 hours or more when youre a teacher.

Aside from that, teachers have more stress than ever, thanks to assessments that grade their performance, behavioral problems, and the responsibility to keep kids safe.

Its a lot!

Its no wonder that many teachers seek other methods of making money outside their jobs that are flexible but provide some side income to keep them afloat.

I know some teachers who have side businesses in direct sales, while others work nights or weekends waitressing just to make ends meet.

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Bonus: Create Your Own Courses

If you want to better control the lessons you give to students, creating your own courses online may be the best option for you.

Places like Udemy facilitate the creation of a course on the subject you want to teach and then sell it to people around the world who want to learn. You set your prices and can even pay extra for Edemy to offer you the course, which makes it an excellent source of passive income.

Want more? Check out our list of the best tutoring and teaching companies to work online!

Sell Your Teaching Materials Online

You have years of teaching experience and developed a ton of teaching materials, methods, lessons over the years and thats probably dusting away right now. Is it? Well, dust it off because you can earn money by selling your teaching recourses, classroom materials, lesson plans, activities, and even classroom decor online.

Where to apply: Check out Edutopia and Teachers pay Teachers to register and get for more information.

Salary: You can make a couple of hundred dollars a month or more, depending on what you have to offer.

Skills: Knowledge of how you can sell your teaching materials in the best way.

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Final Thoughts On The Top Jobs For Retired Teachers And Professors

As you leave teaching, you have plenty of options when it comes to a second career. You could work as an administrator, offer counseling, or work as a sub from time to time.

However, you could also use the skills you developed during teaching in other types of careers. For instance, you may want to try technical writing or public speaking. Some retired teachers even start their own businesses or blogs.

Overall, there are many ways that you can use your teaching skills in other professions. Make sure to check our above list for ideas! You might find something that catches your attention.

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English As A Second Language

47 Jobs for Former Teachers That Can Give You a Fresh Start

This program helps newcomers to the USA improve their English. It enables them to achieve academic success and become confident problem-solvers with a strong sense of belonging and connection to the world. As an ESL teacher, you will have students with varying degrees of fluency in English.

ESL is for all grades K-12 . This position requires teachers with a higher level of English proficiency. Qualified applicants usually teach English in their home countries.

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Accountant Bookkeeper Or Admin Support

Accounting and bookkeeping are great job options for those with a knack for math and business expertise.

And they come with their own set of unique perks. Accountants actually live longer than other professions. Its actually because of the low stress and high autonomy of the job. Plus, high-challenge activities keep your brain younger for longer and increase brain plasticity.

Even though you can become a bookkeeper without any certifications, we recommend getting certified by an institution like the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.

Another option is to help businesses with admin support. Admin tasks can vary across the board, so theres bound to be something that piques your interest whether its the work environment, the mission of the organization, or the actual admin task, such as:

Being an accountant, bookkeeper, or administrative manager is about more than just numbers. Its also about problem-solving, communication, and organization.

Which is another compelling perk to exercise your brain and boost your neuroplasticity.

Given that theres a predicted shortage of bookkeepers and the fact that 4.4 million new businesses were created in the U.S. during the first pandemic year , nows the perfect time to start these types of business support jobs.

The Best Jobs For Retired Teachers

Maybe youre looking for a bit of post-retirement income to let you live a more lavish lifestyle.

Or, maybe youre just looking for a job or side gig to keep you busy now that youre retired.

Whatever the case, lets dive into some of the best jobs for ex teachers you can use to keep the money coming in!

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+ Perfect Jobs For Retired Teachers

Are you a retired teacher looking for a new job or side hustle?

Maybe you need to make some extra cash to pay your bills or you just want to upgrade your lifestyle. As a retired teacher, you have the benefit of being able to work a full-time or part-time job to grow your income. Luckily, there are plenty of careers that are searching for your existing skills.

But before you take a job, youll probably want to know how stressful it might be, the pay, and anything else thats relevant to you.

In this post, Ill explore the best jobs for retired teachers, how much money you can expect to make, and much more. Lets get started!

Tutoring Test Prep And More

Part-Time Jobs for Retirees

The nitty-gritty: For those of you who always wished you had more time to give personal attention to individual students, accepting tutoring assignments is a dream that comes true. The most common method is by setting up test prep review sessions at the student’s home or a local library. Public and private schools often pass along tutor referrals to parents, so let the guidance counselors at schools know you’re available and your credentials. You can also post on community bulletin boards, or even create your own website to market your business. You might opt for online test prep tutoring jobs, arranged through a tutoring website such as, Kaplan and, for instance, is set up so you work with the student inside a secure online classroom. You teach by instant messaging, drawing problems on an interactive whiteboard, and sending essays and papers back and forth via email attachments. While test prep is popular, there’s a perennial need for private tutoring in a range of subjects to boost student grades and help adult learners. The subjects in demand are the core curriculum: world history, physics, science, math and English. Foreign language specialties also offer opportunities.

Median pay range: $10.27 to $24.21, but landing rates as high as $65 an hour isn’t unusual.

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Become A Tutor Or A Substitute Teacher

If you love kids and helping others learn, there are always opportunities to tutor or teach. Being around kids is a great way to stay busy and stay youthful. You can sign up on an online tutoring platform, or you can look for local tutoring jobs on a job board. There are always kids out there needing feedback on an essay or help with algebra. You can make strong connections with kids and manage your own workload, so its a win-win.

If you want to go even further, you can step into the classroom as a substitute teacher. Different states and school districts have different requirements regarding who can teach. For many, all you may need is to get a substitute teacher certificate or to have a Bachelors degree.

Offer Consulting Or Freelance Work In Your Industry

After years working in an industry, youre probably filled with valuable knowledge and lots of experience to go with it. But just because you retire, that doesnt mean you have to stop working in your industry altogether.

As a new retiree, your combination of talent and fundamental understanding of the job can help teach new people entering the industry. Start a consulting business and you could still work doing what you love, but with part-time hours. And if theres work that could be done from home, dont discount the possibility of freelancing.

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What Retired Teachers Do

A retired teachers job does not always entail sitting in an office.

With the advancement of technology, retired teachers are more likely to telecommute into their employment and spend more time at home.

This gives them a way to teach kids outside of the classroom or professionals in the business who want to improve their skills in a certain area.

Insights From An Ambassador Teacher

The Top 5 Part Time Jobs for Retirees Looking for Work

Kathryn Hodskinson is an Ambassador Teacher from England who taught third grade at Holt Elementary Language Academy in Durham, N.C. She recently completed her second tour as an Ambassador Teacher with Participate Learning.

We have many more videos on our YouTube channel. Watch them to hear from more Ambassador Teachers and schools about their experiences.

If youre ready to start your application, check out the application requirements.

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Of The Best Jobs For Retired Teachers

Are you wondering what the best jobs for retired teachers are?

Are you wondering what the best jobs for retired teachers are?

Finding something else that sparks that passion and suits their lifestyle can be challenging for teachers that have chosen to retire from education.

While jobs for teachers are plentiful in many places, there are also many excellent second careers for teachers some of which you may not even have considered. If youre looking for alternative or part-time jobs for teachers, this list of the 40 best jobs for retired teachers might be the starting point you need.

Retired Part Jobs In Ontario


  • Port Hope, ON$15 an hourDay shift +5
    Responsive employer
  • Are you recently retired or looking for that part-time position that will fit with your busy schedule.
  • H& R Block is seeking applicants for Tax Season 2023.
  • $79,720$124,228 a yearPermanent
  • Ability to travel across the province – This position must be able to travel independently to attend site’s locations and meet with deployed Facilities
  • Estimated at $33.6K$42.5K a yearPart-time +1
  • As an independent contractor the carriers are tasked with delivering newspapers to individual houses.
  • You are responsible for picking up and loading the days
  • Toronto, ONFull-time
  • As a QA Engineer, you are part of a 20+ person Quality Assurance group, working day-to-day with 1 or 2 other QA members on a product team of approximately 10
  • Toronto, ONFull-time
  • Take part in peer code reviews of automated tests to ensure robust, readable, and maintainable implementations while meeting test coverage requirements.
  • Filter and clean data as part of each development initiative.
  • In this role, the qualified candidate is expected to drive actionable insights.
  • Remote in Ottawa, ON
  • As a member of the CWEP team you will work within our Cyber, Government & Public Services practice to provide quality Business Development and Account
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