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25 Best Places to Retire in Florida

Before making any decisions about where you want to live, do some research:

  • Get the scoop on the economy: Visit the site of the local Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Agency to get a sense of the local economy and industries. Most towns also have visitors bureau website that will give you a sense of the population, quality of life, and local attractions.
  • Check out the weather:Use the interactive climate data tool from the National Climatic Data Center to view climate data by zip code.
  • Determine the cost of living: The Council for Community and Economic Research uses data from its annual cost of living index to power a handy cost-of-living comparison calculator. It measures the cost of living in over one hundred urban areas.
  • Ensure that the area has a low crime rate: The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program can give you a helpful overview of crime in all but the smallest American cities and towns. You can also easily access local crime reports once you’ve narrowed your search.
  • Find health providers: Use the web to find the physicians and hospitals available in the area and guides to the best hospitals by location or specialty.
  • Retired military members: If you’re retired from one of the branches of service, some states do not tax your retirement pay. It would be beneficial to research this if it applies to you.

Where Should I Retire In Northern Cyprus


Iskele, on the eastern coast, is known for having the nicest and longest stretch of beach on the island, as well as its seafood specialties


Kyrenia is a small town on the northern coast of Northern Cyprus, sandwiched between the Kyrenia Mountains and the warm waters of the Med. Its home to seaside hotels, restaurants, and beach clubs but is most famous for its old harbor and castle.


Famagusta is a charming city of about 50,000 people, found on Northern Cypruss southeast coast. Its a walled city, surrounded by roughly rectangular ramparts built by the Venetians in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Can I Get Good Health Care In My New Country

Health care is one of the biggest concerns for many retirees, whether its the cost of health insurance or the reality of potentially needing to get surgery, pharmaceuticals or other life-saving, life-extending medical treatments.

Many other countries might offer lower costs on health care, but do your research to see where you can get the best care possible, so that your health needs do not suffer at a time of life when you might need health care the most.

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The Best States To Retire In 2022

According to Bankrates study, Florida is the best state for retirement in 2022, followed by Georgia, Michigan, Ohio and Missouri. Alaska, on the other hand, held last place in our ranking. The state was dragged down by back-of-the-pack scores in affordability and weather. Alaska did rank first in one subcategory its residents bear the nations lowest tax burden.

Why should retirees pick Florida? The Sunshine State has long been a haven for retirees. If you like a warm climate, Florida has the second-hottest average temperatures, right behind Hawaii. However, the high incidence of hurricanes and tornadoes hurts Floridas weather ranking.

The state topped our ranking of culture and diversity. If youre looking for retirement-age friends, youll have a good chance of finding them in this state where 21 percent of the population is age 65 and older. Thats the second-largest share of 65+ folks of any state, Census data shows. Meanwhile, for potential retirees seeking a cultural melting pot, Florida boasts solid racial diversity and a significant LGBTQ population.

Affordability was once a big selling point for Florida retirees, but that advantage is fading. The states cost of living has been rising, although the tax burden remains light. Florida ranks No. 18 in Bankrates affordability index.

The rest of the top five:

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

The Worlds Best Places to Retire in 2016

When you move to a new country, you are making a long-term commitment. While it may feel good to rush out and take an immersion class, according to my son, slow and steady wins the race.

He made me a simple promise when I started learning German.

Just do it for 30 minutes a day, he said. Spend 20 minutes learning new things and 10 minutes reviewing what you learned the previous day. Youll be amazed by how much progress you make over the next 12 months.

There are several problems with trying to cram a language into your brain all at once.

First, your brain needs repetition to remember things over the long term. Its not enough to study a language hard for two months. You need to see your new language as a long-term project.

Second, on a practical level, you are way more likely to quit if you bite off more than you can chew. 30 minutes a day, over several years, is more than enough time to become conversationally fluent in a language provided you also use what you are learning in the real world.

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Saint John New Brunswick

  • Average Monthly Cost of Living: $1,382 per month
  • Residential Property Taxes: 1.785%
  • Number of Local Doctors & Physicians: 664

Saint John, New Brunswick is a popular retirement destination for those looking for low-cost living in a quiet city. There isnt much of a party or nightlife scene, but there are plenty of good restaurants and a decent amount of small shops in downtown Saint John.

One of the best reasons to give Saint John a shot is that its full of friendly people. Theres a strong sense of community here, and people tend to help each other out. This makes it a good place for meeting new people and developing friendships.

Its a very historical city as well, so if you enjoy architecture and the feel of being in a small European city, Saint Johns architecture can be very attractive. Its also the only city located on the Bay of Fundy, which provides ample opportunity to do a bit of fishing or sit and enjoy nature.

Why Should I Retire To France

France is the good life defined. The food, the wine, the art, the shopping, the history This country boasts the most beautiful and romantic city on Earth plus the best of country living and dramatic Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. On top of all this, France is home to the worlds best health care, the worlds best infrastructure, top international schools, and a relaxed way of life And, in some parts of the country, the very good life can be very affordable, as well.

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Forbes Screened More Than 500 Locations In The Us For Everything From Climate Change Risk To Availability Of Doctors To Crime We Then Compared Those That Made The Cut For What They Offered In The Way Of Leisure Pursuitsfrom The Arts Learning And Fine Dining To Hiking Skiing Sailing And Golf

When they were ready to retire, Karen and David Griffiths sold their Spanish-style Los Angeles home and moved 700 miles north to a 134-year-old Eastlake Victorian in Ashland, Ore., with 11-foot ceilings, bay windows, a covered porch and views of the surrounding mountains. Karen, now 69, a neonatal intensive care nurse, and David, 70, an investment banker turned software CEO, turned screenwriter and producer, had long known they wanted to settle in a smaller, scenic locale. What drew them to Ashland was the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which stages nine months a year of productions ranging from the Tempest to modern musicals and is located just 300 yards from their home. Thanks to its famed theater complex, the town of 22,000 also punches above its weight when it comes to art galleries and fine dining a priority for the Griffiths. It was a good fit for us, says David.

As it turns out, Ashland and the two other finalists in the Griffiths search, Santa Fe, N.M., and Boulder, Colo., all earned spots on Forbes new list of the 25 Best Places To Enjoy Your Retirement. There are several compelling reasons to make a long distance move in retirement: to be closer to family, to cut costs, to enjoy better weather. Another good one is to pursue your avocational passions. After all, Americans 65 years and older spend an average of about seven hours a day on leisure and sports, compared to the five or fewer hours for those of prime working age.

Best Places For Retirement Taxes

Retire Well: Best Places To Retire | CNBC

As you probably know, taxes can be very complicated. And, relocating to avoid one kind of taxation may trigger higher costs for a different kind of tax. For example, some places are better for income taxes, but you pay more in sales taxes. Therefore you want to be vigilant when moving for tax purposes.

Best States for Taxes: Here are the best states for retirement taxes.

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What To Consider When Choosing A Place To Retire

According to Statistics Canada, the average retirement age in 2020 was 64.5. As long as you put a solid financial plan into place at an appropriate time, youve likely built up a fairly sizeable retirement nest egg. And, of course, with more savings comes a wider variety of options and flexibility in retirement.

As mentioned before, choosing to stay in your current home or town/city is a perfectly valid choice if it fits your needs and what you want out of retirement. Maybe your grandchildren are just a short car trip away or you live in a thriving, caring neighborhood. Having the option to move elsewhere for retirement doesnt necessarily mean you have to take it.

The important thing to remember: what you want out of where you choose to retire depends on the type of retirement you see for yourself.

Ready to embrace a change and start this next phase of your life somewhere new? There are key aspects every future retiree needs to consider when in the planning stages, including home prices/property taxes, local amenities, population size, access to medical care, and more. In some cases, these might affect your budgeting , so dont forget to look at a potential new town or city from all sides!

Lets take a look at each of these.


The 30 Best Places To Retire In The Us In 2022

Whats the best place to retire in the U.S. in 2022? The answer will probably depend on what you value, as well as what cost of living you are prepared to afford.

Michael Schultheiss

Key Takeaways

  • The best place for you to retire will probably depend on a few main factors.
  • We’ll review some of the top places to retire based on physical environment, cultural environment, cost of living, and tax-friendliness.

Whats the best place to retire in the U.S. in 2022? Your answer will probably depend on what you value, as well as what cost of living you are prepared to afford. As youre thinking about where to retire, its a good idea to consider your housing needs and how they might change. If youre an empty-nester, you may be able to downsize.

Youll probably also want to consider climate, as well as your own preferences for outdoor and indoor activities. Another thing to consider is cost of living and tax-friendliness for seniors. A place is tax-friendly for seniors if its tax burden is relatively light, and not tax friendly if the tax burden is heavy. As youll see, many of the tax-friendly cities on this list are in relatively low-tax states.

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Best Places To Retire In Canada : Enjoy Your Nest Egg

Retirement The golden years of a persons life. After a lifetime of hard work, responsibilities, and obeying a work schedule, you can finally hang up the hat and relax in your home.

More and more Canadians are choosing to retire in a different city in which they worked in, for a variety of different reasons.

If you have decided to relocate for your retirement, you might be looking for the best places to retire in Canada.

Even if you have your own list of preferences for your place of retirement, this list can help. Taking a practical approach towards choosing your retirement city can ensure a happy and financially healthy retirement.

What About The Language

10 Best Places to Retire Abroad  Marotta On Money

When retiring abroad, isnt it hard to learn the local language? This is one of the most common questions that I receive when I tell people about my decision to move to Switzerland.

My answer is always the same. While it is possible to live in most countries without speaking the local language, making an attempt to fit in will definitely make your life more pleasant. As for the difficulty of learning a new language after 60, it really depends on how you approach it. But one thing is for certain if I can do it, you can too!

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What Groups Could You Start

Dont wait for people to come to you. They wont. Instead, if you cant find any groups that focus on your passions, start one or two or three!

For example, one of my personal passions is train travel. So, a couple years ago, I decided to start a group on Meetup for people who loved to travel by train. Weve traveled to Austria, France and all over Switzerland. I cant overemphasize how much a part of my life this group has been.

Friends Family And Community

What is more important in life than relationships? Most of us have established close friendships in our existing communities and we do not want to lose those connections.

Sometimes though our families have moved away. And, this may be a strong motivator for those of us who actually do move in retirement. A AARP study found that 80 percent of adults 45 and older believe it is important to live near their children and grandchildren.

A Merril Lynch study found that nearly 30% of relocating seniors say that their reason for moving is to be closer to family.

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What Kind Of Lifestyle Do You Want In Retirement

There are so many things that I love about the Exotic Marigold Hotel movies. One of my favorites is watching how the various characters respond to being thrown into an entirely new culture. Some of the characters dive in and find themselves having a great time. Others are more cautious or even hostile to the local way of doing things. There is nothing wrong with any of the characters in the movie. They just see the world in different ways.

Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself as you look for a retirement destination that fits your lifestyle:

  • How adventurous am I? Will I hate it if the hot water stops working for a day or two?
  • Do I enjoy learning new languages and experiencing exotic cultures?
  • Are there specific activities that I love to take part in? Will they be available locally?
  • Which comforts can I survive without? Which ones are essential?
  • Am I patient? Can I put up with small inconveniences?
  • Do I want to live around locals, expats or a mix of both?

Doctor Per 100000 Population

The Sunshine State Is Best Place To Retire

As you age, proximity to medical facilities and professionals becomes just as important as proximity to friends and family. Thats especially true if you are already dealing with chronic medical conditions.

The concentration of doctors per capita is a less-than-ideal measure of how easily you will have access to medical care if you need it.

There are other factors to consider as well, like the crime rate in the neighbourhood you are moving into, proximity to malls, restaurants and farmers markets, and several other things.

Some of them are subjective, and some arent. In either case, if you are looking for the best places to retire in Canada on a budget, you have to do your research.

In this article, Ive tried to lighten a little load for you. Even if you disagree with the choices, this list might add something to your thought processes, like new variables you might have ignored or a different perspective.

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Assess The Cost Of Living

Given that the average pre-retiree can expect to spend 55% to 80% of their current income in retirement, a low cost of living and housing costs are critical to most individuals to help stretch their retirement income further. They’re also factors that will ensure that retirees come out whole, should financial circumstances change .

In these two respects, not all locations make for affordable retirement destinations. Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee are the states with the lowest cost of living, according to a study by Blacktower Financial Management. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Hawaii, California, New York, Massachusetts, and Oregon are the most expensive.

With respect to housing, West Virginia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Indiana offer the lowest average property prices. Hawaii, California, Massachusetts, and New York have the highest property prices.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Our homes hold so many memories and so many hopes for the future. Some of us originally bought our homes with dreams of special occasions with family. We have experienced so much in our homes and we may want to continue those traditions.

We dream of grandchildren around the fireplace or in the backyard.

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