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Top 10 Places To Retire In Mexico For Cultural Explorers

10 Best Places to Retire in Mexico Comfortably

Mexico City Retire Cheap Report: This is one of the best places in Mexico for cultural experiences. The problem for me is that the diversity of cultural experiences is a bit spread out. So it isnt as charming from the walkability perspective. However, if you love Urban living and are willing to take an Uber a few times per week to experience everything this place has to offer, it would easily move into the top 5 for you. If you are considering retiring here, take a look at the neighborhood called Roma Norte. It reminds me of East Village in NYC but half price. Mexico City is at around 2000 meters above sea level, so it might be too cool for you in winter. But you can get cheap flights to the warm beach from Mexico City.

Puerto Vallarta Mexico Retire Cheap Report: Physically this is very beautiful. Plus, despite being at sea level, the Pacific breeze is sometimes able to keep the temperature reasonable during the summer. Culturally it is not as interesting as the colonial era cities mentioned in the top 5it is just too young to have the history. Plus, the economy is mainly tourism which is more of a party scene than most people will prefer for their everyday life. But if you are love being near the ocean, and you dont like the humidity of the Mexican Carribean, this would be an amazing choice for you.

Puebla Mexico Retire Cheap Reports: This is a large culturally rich city with one of the most beautiful colonial-era old towns in Mexico.

Temporary Mexico Retirement Visa

There is no age restriction on the Temporary Residence option.

  • Employment or pension income of USD$1,400 -USD2,500 per month. OR
  • Twelve months of bank statements showing a minimum balance of USD25,000 USD40,000 at the end of each month.
  • Also, you should budget an additional USD$600 USD$750 per dependent on top of the amounts above.

    Retiring In Playa Del Carmen

    The small beach town of Playa del Carmen is located on the stunning Mexican Riviera. With its laid-back, beachy vibe, it has the feel of a Caribbean vacation town, but its not as commercialized as the tourism-focused city of Cancun, which is an hour north.

    In Playa del Carmen, there are great restaurants and excellent shopping, just like in a larger city. The main attraction is La Quinta Avenida, a pedestrian walkway with beachfront stores that parallel the shoreline.

    Playa del Carmen is our top choice for retirees looking for resort-style living without the spring break lifestyle of Cancun.

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    Your Top 12 Options On The Best Places To Live In Mexico As An Expat

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    Ive been living in Mexico for the last 3 years and I honestly feel like right now, because of COVID, this is the best country to live in. For the last 3 years, Ive been moving around the country to get to know the best places to live in Mexico. In this post, I will share all my personal experiences and opinions of each place.

    Mexico is a very diverse country and honestly, whenever I am asked where is the best place I lived in Mexico, I cant really say because I usually loved all of them! I understand that if youve never been to Mexico, its really hard to have an insider look and decide while youre still back home in the US the options are just unlimited!

    As we are all unique individuals with different needs, I learned that I cant really speak for everyone but I do know the basic requirements that you are looking for in terms of living conditions, costs, safety, etc.

    A little bit about me I am a digital nomad so one of my first concerns is Internet connection whenever I am moving to a new place.

    In this post, I will share with you all of my tips and tricks on how to live in Mexico. You can also check my Mexico blogs to see any content that is relevant to you.

    If these are not enough, please feel free to reach out to me using the contact page. Ive helped a lot of foreigners move to Mexico and who knows, I might be able to help you too!

    What Is The Best Part Of Mexico To Live In

    Best Places to Retire in Mexico

    The best part of Mexico to live in depends on what youre looking for in your new home.

    Hopefully, you already have a list of must-haves going, but in case youre feeling stuck, here are a few questions to get the ball rolling:

    • Big city or small town?
    • Beach, mountains or desert?
    • Do you want to be a part of a large expat community?
    • Is your goal to immerse yourself in the culture?
    • Are you happy to live in a tourist destination?
    • Whats your monthly budget?

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    What Is The Safest Place To Live In Mexico

    I always say that safety is objective and personal but in this part, I have to say I feel safer living in small towns like Sayulita and San Pancho.

    When you live in small beach towns in Mexico, there are a lot of familiarities and everyone knows everyone. I personally felt safer this way but the problem was, I did not have any privacy.

    Everyone knows whats happening in your life and its so impossible to walk on the streets without anyone knowing you. I just missed the anonymity and privacy although I felt 100% safe in Sayulita.

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    As a woman, safety is one of my concerns when I moved to Mexico. But believe me, I feel way safer here than Europe!

    If you like big cities, I consider Puerto Vallarta as the safest city to live in in Mexico. Although its a little bit whiter than other big cities like Mexico City or Oaxaca, the layout of the city is super friendly and you can still have your privacy regardless of being involved in the expat community.

    If you choose Mexico City, its not 100% safe but if you are going to live in the Roma or Condesa areas, its definitely safe .

    Cabo San Lucas Mexico

    The resort city of Cabo San Lucas is known for its beaches and marine life. Though its one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico, it has also become a hot spot for retirees.

    Cabo is perfect for anyone looking to soak up the sun while enjoying a bustling nightlife. Its home to Cabo Wabo Cantina, which is owned by rock legend Sammy Hagar. Breweries most notably Baja Brewing Company have also become a hit in Cabo.

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    The Best Places To Live In Mexico Summary

    This list of the best places is not exhaustive and there are many more jewels to be discovered.

    Other up and coming destinations for residing are Huatulco, Mexico City, Sayulita, Todos Santos and Mazatlan. Cabo San Lucas is a very popular destination for those choosing to live in Baja California Sur.

    Research carefully and, if possible, take a few discovery trips to try different parts of Mexico. Doing so will allow you to compare and make a decent final decision as to where you would like to place your sombrero permanently in this paradise.

    You might find useful:

    Cost Of Living Comparison

    The Best Places to Retire in Mexico

    Still researching the right spot to live? Our Cost of Living Guides share extensive resources on all the major expat spots around the world. These guides include thorough breakdowns of the culture, quality of life, vibe, andimportantlybudget breakdowns so you can better plan which spot in the world best meets your needs.

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    Ensenada: An Attractive Port City

    Ensenada is an attractive city that has long been one of the areas major ports. Today Ensenada is also a top cruise ship destination and the site of numerous luxury housing developments.

    Fishing, surfing, swimming, scuba diving, and sunbathing are popular in Ensenada, as they are in most other ocean-side cities in Baja. In Ensenada theres also golf, tennis, many excellent restaurants, nightclubs, cafés, theater, and ballet. What the casual tourist may not know, however, is that Ensenada has several excellent research institutions and Mexicos highest concentration of scientists, leading many to call Ensenada the City of Science. The city is host to several important sporting events during the year, such as regattas and the Baja 1000, an off-track race for motorcycles and a variety of car classifications.

    In the winter, the citys bay is a great spot for watching gray whales. Although real estate and daily expenses are much less in Baja than in most parts of the U.S., residents here almost always have a car. Most air travelers either fly to San Diego and cross the border into Mexico or fly to the international airport at Tijuana.

    Whether or not you choose to settle in any of these picks, they are all worth a visit.

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    So the following ordering is based upon my dominant archetype which is Cultural Exploration. Here are the Best Places. These are ordered from most to least desirable. You can click each link below to read reports and watch videos about each place on Vagabond Buddha.

    Finally, I really love something about all of the cities. So it hurts me pointing out why some might be better than others according to some characteristics. So please forgive me if for discussing the differences in these cities when compared to each other. My intention is not to unnecessarily criticize any city but to save people time in deciding which ones to investigate based upon their personal differences in archetypes. Click the links at the bottom of this post if you would like to see the Top 10 places according to the other archetypes.

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    Getting From Here To There

    One of the perks of living in a one-street town is that you dont need a whole lot of transportation! That being said, I chose to live on the far end of the main street very close the community center where I volunteered . A mere 10 minutes doesnt seem like much, but in the scorching heat I was happy to have use of a bicycle from the family compound.

    And for leaving San Pancho, Puerto Vallarta is about 45 minutes away and costs just a few dollars each way on the busthis is the closest big city. Sayulita is a perfectly lovely small town and it was merely 20 minutes up the road. This ride costs $1 each way on the bus or a quick hitchhike ride.

    Sayulita was perfect to have nearby if I needed to vary up my food, explore a bit, or just get out of town for a few hours. There are many other beaches driveable, some ruins, old stuff to look at, etc if youre keen to explore. I worked a lot so my bike took me most anywhere I wanted to go.

    Health Insurance For Retirees In Mexico

    Best Places to Live in Mexico for your Dream Retirement ...

    For those of you considering retiring to Mexico, a quality health insurance plan is crucial. One plan that will cover individuals of all ages for life is the Cigna Global Health Insurance plan. The plan offers different levels of coverage and a modular plan design so you can pick different levels of coverage, Silver, Gold, or Platinum, with different deductibles and benefits to meet your needs and your budget.

    • Flexibility to tailor plans to suit your individual needs
    • Access to Cigna Globals network of trusted doctors
    • Convenience and confidence of 24/7/365 customer service

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    Merida Best Place To Live In Mexico For Historic Charm And Modern Amenities

    Where is it? Yucatan Peninsula, Yucatan state

    Population: 770,000

    Whos it for? Merida is for you if you want the best of both worlds: a quaint historic city with a cosmopolitan vibe.

    Meridas ancient roots came from Ichkaanziho, the Mayan city it was built on. Its rich history and indigenous influences are juxtaposed with a modern lifestyle that has attracted expats over the years.

    It is considered the cultural capital of the Yucatan peninsula. And many historians believe it is the oldest, continually occupied city in the Americas.

    Located only 30 minutes from the Yucatán Gulf coasts beaches in Progreso, its a bit of a hidden gem. Its not a small city, yet somehow, it retains its old-world Spanish feel.

    There are museums, universities, a symphony, and shady plazas against a backdrop of colorful colonial buildings. There is also an international airport.

    Plus, they have sopa de lima to die for, a Yucatan specialty.

    Merida is one of the safest cities in Mexico to retire to. It has low crime rates for property crimes as well as violent crimes, making it a great place to live for any American retiree.

    From The Safest Places To Live In Mexico To The Best Places To Retire In Mexico On A Budget Dont Miss This Roundup Of The Best Places To Live In Mexico As An Expat

    Youve decided you want to move to Mexico, but its a big country: where specifically do you want to live? In this post, well explore 11 of the best places to live in Mexico to help you make your decision.

    With so many destinations to choose from, there really is something for everyone in Mexico. But even before you dive into this list of best cities to live in Mexico, take a moment to think about what youre looking for in your new home abroad.

    Having a concrete list of must-haves will help narrow down your search.

    For example, when I was planning my move to Mexico, I knew I needed a stable and fast internet connection for work. That ruled out most small beach towns.

    Of the questions every expat should ask themselves before moving to another country, one of the most important is:

    • What sacrifices am I willing to make ?

    In order to have a successful move to Mexico, you need to figure out what you absolutely must have to be happy and what youre willing to compromise on in the spirit of adventure.

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    Considering A Move Visit First

    Once youve narrowed down some parameters of where you may want to relocate in Mexico coast or inland, city or town youll want to spend some time checking out your new potential home. Leffel suggests spending a couple weeks, if not a month, in your intended area to confirm its a good fit.

    Theres something called the margarita effect that may factor in if you decided to move to a spot in Mexico after one short trip there. Being on vacation in a tropical location definitely isnt the same as living there full time.

    Book a vacation rental in a neighborhood you might actually live in to see if you like the local markets, if you dont mind the walk to the beach, or if you can handle the loud live music on the town plaza that goes on well into the wee hours. Its all important!

    McFann says he started visiting Baja California in the 1970s and vacationed regularly in Puerto Vallarta for 30 years. After still more research, he settled in Puerto Escondido. Hard work, family values, and spirituality are all mainstays here, and I like being part of that.

    McFann also landed upon a new career after retiring early from jobs in printing and real estate in the U.S., re-inventing himself in Mexico as a beach bar owner and musician. These are things I always wanted to be in the States. Mexico has allowed me to be the person Ive always dreamed of. It has been the land of opportunity for me.

    Finding The Perfect Place To Retire In Mexico

    Top 10 Best Cheap Places To Live Or Retire In Mexico Comfortably

    When you make the decision to retire to Mexico, you must next think about your priorities as you consider a more specific retirement destination within the country. Fortunately, Mexico is such a diverse nation that you can have it all. You dont have to choose between water or mountains here, you can have them both at the same time. And because of geographic diversity, you can also choose the climate to enjoy during your Mexican retirement: from hot and dry in the north, to hot and humid in the south, to spring-like temperatures all year round in parts of the Colonial Highlands.

    You can also own the home of your dreams in Mexicofor much less than it would cost you most anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. The real estate market offers endless possibilities for your retirement in Mexico: You can buy land and build the house you always wanted to own, you can buy a colonial gem and have fun restoring it to its original splendor, or you can opt for a modern home in the city, or a villa in a gated community. You can retire on the Mexican beachfront, on a golf course, on a lakeshore, or in the mountains. You can also retire in a condo or in a house, in the city or in the country the possibilities are virtually limitless. In fact, you could even retire on a ranch with farm animals, if thats what your heart desires.

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    Playa Del Carmen Best Place To Retire In Mexico If You Love The Beach And Small Town Bohemian Vibes

    Where is it? Riviera Maya, Caribbean Coast in Quintana Roo state

    Population: 250,000

    Looking for a retirement property in Mexico? Playa del Carmen is for you if you want a laid back beach lifestyle with all the amenities youd find back home.

    Once a sleepy fishing village, the Playa del Carmen of 2021 is one of the fastest growing places to live in Mexico. Dont let the laid-back beach vibe fool you. Playa del Carmen is happening. Its a tourist hotspot which makes it one of the best places to live in Mexico for retirees.

    As with any booming destination, prices are on the rise. So its not one of the most affordable places in Mexico to retire. Still, it has all the amenities youd need for a comfortable lifestyle.

    Because it has been thriving for so long, youll find Starbucks and other American chain stores, which means its less cultural than some of the other places on this list. However, it doesnt take you long to get your fix of Mexican culture. Drive an hour south and check out Tulum, where there are impressive Mayan ruins and a recent influx of expats. If you are craving for a more urban vibe for the day, then just drive north 45 minutes to Cancun.

    Besides the beach, the region has incredible cenotes natural sinkholes resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock.

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