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Where are the Best Places to Retire in Tennessee | Moving to Tennessee

If you know the area in Tennessee where you want to move, your next steps are to get your move organized and work with a real estate agent.

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The Benefits Of Living In Tennessee

Tennessee is a great place to retire. It has a moderate climate, plenty of activities and amenities, and a low cost of living. The following are some of the benefits of living in Tennessee:Tennessee is a great place to live for retirees. Its moderate climate is perfect for those who want to enjoy warm weather year-round, while its abundance of activities and amenities will keep retirees entertained. Additionally, the state has a low cost of living, making it affordable for retirees on a fixed income.

The Best Places To Retire In Tennessee

*Includes hospitals with 4- and 5-star ratings

What makes Johnson City such a great place to retire? Weâre not sure where to start! The city has the highest percentage of people over 60 years old in the state of Tennessee, so thereâs a vibrant retiree community in place, with a ton ofpotential for making new friends.

Johnson City also tops our list for recreation. The city is nestled in the mountains, with a plethora of lakes and rivers full of fish. Itâs most known for boating and disc golf, and it has the highest average rating for hiking spots in the entirestate.

But itâs not just a spot for the outdoorsy. The city also has the most museums, flea markets, bingo halls, movie theaters, art classes, and sports arenas per 100,000 residents. The bottom line â no matter how you like to spend your free time,Johnson City is a great place to do it.

Johnson City also has the most high-quality, in-network hospitals, per 100,000 residents, of any city in Tennessee.

If thereâs a downside to Johnson City, itâs that it has mediocre walkability because of its position in the mountains. However, public transit here is extremely affordable â only $25 for a monthly public transit pass.

Also, retirement homes here arenât rated very highly in Johnson City. That being said, the cityâs property values are the most affordable on this list.

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Ideal State For Music Lovers

While many may consider Tennessee and cities such as Nashville the home of country music, this state is rich in all kinds of music, from rock to folk to bluegrass.

If youre a fan of live music and festivals dedicated to some of the best music of all time from a variety of genres, youll be sure to fall in love with everything Tennessee has to offer.

Famously known as Music City, Nashville is rich in historic venues and yearly music festivals that music lovers will be sure to enjoy. Its not just major cities like Nashville Tennessees music scene exists all over the state, so youll be sure to be nearby something historic and exciting no matter where you are.

Tennessee is also home to plenty of historic museums dedicated to the music thats been made there. Theres so much to check out, from the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville to the Rock and Soul Museum in Memphis.

You can also enjoy an afternoon walking through the Johnny Cash museum and taking in the beautiful sights at Lorreta Lynns ranch whenever you please.

These are just some of the many options residents of Tennessee have available to them when you live in such a culturally and musically rich state. You cant get these kinds of experiences anywhere else, so if youre looking to dive deep into Tennessees rich musical history through yearly festivals, never-ending concerts, and historical museums, this is the perfect place for you.

Affordable Housing And Cost Of Living

12 Best Places to Retire in Tennessee

Overall, Tennessee has an affordable cost of living. The basic rules of supply and demand will apply here as well, and as more people enter the state, and very few leave, house prices are certainly expected to rise. That said, you can still get a lot of bang for your buck as the median household price is still affordable and new homes are being developed in popular cities such as Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, and Knoxville.

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Best Places For Outdoor Enthusiasts In Tennessee

Tennessee has one of the most breathtaking natural environments in the country. There’s so much natural beauty in the Volunteer State from lakes, rivers, mountains, rolling hillsides, and sunny farmland. But we also have a mild climate so that you can enjoy the environment year-round with four distinct seasons. The whole state is great for outdoor enthusiasts, but you should consider a few places.

Discover The Best Places To Retire In Tennessee For Your Family

You can make the most of your retirement in Tennessee. Yet there are plenty of states to consider if Tennessee isnt for you. In terms of cost of living and tax friendliness, consider Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and Arizona.

Your retirement is an important stage of life that should be enjoyed. Find the best place to retire in Tennessee that lives up to your expectations, while also meeting your financial needs.

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Best Places To Live & Retire In Tennessee

Ideal-Living offers a free comprehensive service that begins with helping you find your Ideal Lifestyle. Until you know how you want to live, you cant know where you want to live. We offer a wide array of tools to help you get answers to the questions that are keeping you from moving to your ideal destination. That includes finding the best place to retire in Tennessee.

There are plenty of hotspots in Tennessee, such as Nashville, Gatlinburg and Knoxville, as well as secluded locales that offer all the privacy you seek. Besides its natural beauty and great retirement communities, Tennessee is one of the most tax friendly states for retirees and seniors. The tax benefits of living in Tennessee include:

  • No state income tax
  • No tax on social security benefits
  • Property tax relief program for qualifying seniors
  • Prescription drugs are exempt from state sales tax

These Are The Best Places To Retire In Tennessee

Top 5 Best Places To Retire in Middle Tennessee

More Like This

The Retire Tennessee program helps current and prospective residents narrow down the best places to spend their second act.

While Tennessee is known as the birthplace of country music, a whiskey capital and the home of the stunning Great Smoky Mountains National Park, this great state has also been recognized as an up-and-coming destination for retirees.

The Volunteer State offers those looking to relocate and retire the ideal place to call home. For starters, living here may save you a few bucks. Currently, Tennessees cost of living is relatively low compared to other states, thanks to its lack of a state income tax. Theres also no tax on prescription medications here. In fact, according to the 2021 Cost of Living Index, Tennessee ranks in sixth place for the lowest cost of living in the nation.

Many retirees are also seeking a slower-paced lifestyle with milder weather and plenty of ways to fill their days. From music and world-renowned food to the more than 60 national and state parks that Tennessee boasts, whatever you are looking for in a place to retire, this state has it.

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A Diverse Place Thats Easy To Get Around

Jeff Nelson

Mr. Joseph of Jamaican and African Cuisine a small restaurant off Interstate 40 serves his signature dish, which includes Oxtail, steamed cabbage, yellow rice and plantains.

Charles Blalark had his pick of places to retire after 37 years as a street supervisor for the town of Elgin, Illinois. But he returned to the place where he grew up: Jackson, Tennessee. At the end of the day, its still got that hometown feeling, the 72-year-old says. And the cost of living is fantastic.

Its status as a majority-minority city is a big draw for retirees looking for a diverse place to live. Jackson also prides itself on being gridlock free drivers can zip through town in 15 to 20 minutes. Even with the relaxed pace, Jackson was among the first cities in Tennessee to get ultrafast internet with download speeds of 1 gigabit per second.

Jackson has abundant parks, greenways and walking trails. And retirees will find plenty of opportunities for golf, fishing and hiking. There are numerous fitness centers, including Lift, an 84,000-square-foot facility with a medical clinic, three indoor pools and a healthy café. Jackson offers free concerts at the Amp, an outdoor amphitheater next to the farmers market. And retirees can see musicals and plays at the performing arts center that locals call The Ned.

Sheila Burke

Jeff Nelson

On this beautiful fall afternoon, The Jackson Amphitheater known as The Amp, showcases local performers for the residents.


Peter Frank Edwards

The Retire Tennessee Program

The Retire Tennessee Program is a state government initiative designed to highlight the most ideal locations to retire in across the state. The program comprises 17 urban and rural communities that provide all of the amenities and resources to meet the state requirements of being recognized as a retirement destination. In addition, each community has also earned the American Association of Retirement Communities Seal of Approval. So just where exactly are the best cities across the state to retire?

Where to Live Now

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Pros And Cons Of Retiring In Tennessee

Tennessee is known for many things, from its country music roots to its delicious, world-famous food to the gorgeous, mountainous scenery it has to offer. You may have even considered spending your retirement years in Tennessee, and for good reason. But, before you pack your bags and hit the road, you should know all the pros and cons first.

There are both pros and cons to retiring in Tennessee. For one, Tennessee offers its residents a low cost of living, warm weather, and beautiful landscapes. However, its also important to be mindful of the high crime rates in some cities and the risk of tornadoes.

In this article, well be going in-depth into both the pros and cons of retiring in Tennessee. If youre interested to see what points made our list, keep on reading to find out.

Best Places To Live In Tennessee

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The Best Cities to Live in Tennessee

Wondering what the best places to live in Tennessee are? Well, below we have some pretty great options! Find out where you should move to in Tennessee!

Famous for its country music, low cost of living, southern comfort food, and beautiful natural landscape, moving to Tennessee could be the best decision of your life. Ranked as the second cheapest state to live in the United States, and the number one state to retire, Tennessee is a good state to live in. If you are thinking about moving to the Volunteer State, you are probably wondering what are the best places to live in Tennessee.

With more than 6.8 million people calling Tennessee home, there is no shortage of a city full of southern charm to fit your lifestyle. From the rolling hills to the Great Smoky Mountains, this picturesque scenery mixes with small towns and large urban areas to create this southeastern gem. By keeping safety, affordability, and beauty in mind, our team has compiled this list of the 9 Best Places to Live in Tennessee to help make your moving decision a little easier. Read on to learn more!

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Things To Know Before Moving To Chattanooga

Although the citys popularity has brought in many new residents. The area still offers a closer community feel about it. Yet with amenities offered by larger cities.

Some residents say it is the perfect combination of big and small. All of it is placed in a beautiful outdoorsy setting.

Next, we head due north.

To a lesser-known, yet still, a great city. Considered one of the best places to live in Tennessee for retirees

Best Counties To Retire To In Tennessee

Buyers and sellers of real estate alikewhen asked what are the three most essential considerations about a propertywill nearly always reply “location, location, location.” While this answer is sometimes tongue-in-cheek, it is often quite accurate, and this reply perhaps applies to retirees more than any other demographic. Settling down after a lifetime of working and perhaps raising a family calls for the perfect location: a spot where you can enjoy life with as few concerns as possible.

When seniors aged 65 years or older decide on where they want to live out their golden years, they consider very specific factors, such as the cost of living, government services, health care facilities, weather and overall climate, crime rate, outdoor recreational activities, eating establishments, cultural and entertainment opportunities, and more.

Stacker compiled a list of the best counties to retire in Tennessee using data from Niche. Niche ranks counties based on a variety of factors including cost of living, healthcare, recreation and weather. Read more about Niche’s methodology here.

Read on to discover the best counties to retire to in Tennessee.

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Most Affordable Places To Live In Tennessee

Your move to Tennessee should simplify your life. Part of that should involve getting more for your money when youre home shopping. You can find many affordable options in rural areas in Tennessee. So if you have ever dreamed of having that perfect piece of land or farm, nows the time to make that move. But there are also a few suburbs and neighborhoods in the Nashville area where you can get a great deal. Weve highlighted three below.

Hot And Intense Summers

Great Rural Towns in Tennessee to Retire or Buy a Home.

While we mentioned earlier that warm weather was a pro of living and retiring in Tennessee, some summers can become excessively hot, so this is another factor to be mindful of.

Knoxville is known to have reached temperatures up to 102°F some summers, so residents must take care of themselves in this extreme heat. While anyone can suffer from heatstroke, the elderly and young children are the most susceptible to heat-related illnesses.

When the Tennessee heat reaches levels such as these, it is important to drink lots of water and stay inside when you can to avoid falling ill.

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Looking To Retire In Tennessee

If you’re looking to retire in Tennessee, we’re here to help. At Felix Homes, we’ve helped countless clients find their retirement dream home. We understand everyone has their own unique goals and desires for their retirement years.

Some of our clients chose to live in an active retirement community amongst other seniors seeking a social atmosphere full of amenities. Whether they are relaxing in the clubhouse, enjoying a swim at a beautiful pool, or playing golf a few times a week, these communities make for a great place to live.

But many of our clients don’t want to adhere to the various restrictions or rules a 55+ community can put in place. We’ve helped clients find homes deep in the mountains, or right in the heart of a vibrant downtown area. From Chattanooga to Nashville, from a mountainside to a lakeshore, and everything in between, we have you covered.

Whether To Work Or Retire These Communities Deliver On The Qualities We Most Want In A Hometown

AARP, November 29, 2021

What many of us have concluded is that our criteria are changing. Amid months of social distancing, we learned that space matters. According to a University of Vermont survey, 59 percent said the pandemic taught them that nature is integral to their well-being. At the same time, our reliance on technology and the internet has surged, and so broadband access has become even more important to daily life. More generally, trends show we want larger and more flexible homes, calmer environments, a palpable sense of community, but also 21st-century infrastructure.

Best Places to Live

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Over the years, AARP The Magazine has regularly reported on great places to live on a modest income. But in our first assessment since the pandemic began, we knew we had to amend the criteria. AARPs Livable Communities team which provides support to local leaders to help make cities and towns best-suited for people of all ages and the AARP Public Policy Institute which publishes the popular Livability Index used by real estate agents and home shoppers nationwide worked with our editors to come up with 14 objective points of data by which to assess American communities in this new reality. From them, a set of communities emerged. It was full of surprises: a few big cities you might not expect to be retirement-friendly, and smaller towns that are hardly known outside their region.

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