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Portugal Open For Us Citizens

Tour of A Secret Garden In The Village of Ajijic, Mexico

Its no wonder that Portugal has topped the charts for the best places to retire through the years. This tiny country in the southwest corner of Europe has something for everyone. Vibrant cities full of Old World charm, miles of golden sandy beaches, green, rolling hills, some of the best healthcare in the world, low cost of living, and safety.

But for me, the best part about living in Portugal is the people. The Portuguese people are warm, friendly and greet everyone with double-cheeked kisses. Since English is taught in the schools, many Portuguese speak some English, which makes retiring here a little easier.

Last year my husband Clyde took our car into a service center for an oil change. To pass the time he went next door to a family-run café for a cup of coffee. The lady of the house was in the next room preparing to serve lunch to her family and insisted that Clyde join them. Since he had already eaten, he declined but had to smile about her generous offer.

If you are looking to retire in a city full of Old World charm, check out Lisbon. The city comes alive with colorful tiles, museums, palaces, nightlife, and a tram system that navigates the steep, cobbled roads. Take a deep breath and inhale the sweetness of the pastries that are all around. Sample an original custard tart in the famous bakery of Belem that has been baking these delectable treats since 1837.

Factors To Consider For Gardeners In Retirement

In compiling this list, we looked at three main factors:


It is important to consider the environmental aspects of the location youre looking at. Things like the growing zone, fertility of soil and growing seasons are all things to keep in mind.


Does the place youre considering for retirement have a lot of gardeners or farmers already? Places that do will make it easier to find supplies for building your own garden.


Is your target location a good place to retire in general? Factors that go into making a good retirement location are things like access to healthcare, cost of living, size of senior population and friendliness.

North River Shores Florida

– Population: 3,874 – Median household income: $58,250- Median home value: $229,800 – Median rent: $1,223

The small town of North River Shores boasts great weather and amazing value. In Martin County, it’s a great place for outdoor enthusiasts and is a desirable place to retire for its year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches, and a variety of community events.

– Population: 5,022 – Median household income: $75,552- Median home value: $232,900 – Median rent: $1,196

Whiskey Creek, in South Fort Myers, is a deed-restricted community, which means certain restrictions come with purchasing a home. Lush landscapes and lakes grace the neighborhood, which is home to golf, entertainment, retail shops, and restaurants. For outdoor enthusiasts, the boating and nature walks can’t be beat.

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Best Places To Retire In South Carolina

Often referred to as a retirement destination, its easy to understand why visitors look for the best places to retire in South Carolina. Apart from a comfortably warm climate, South Carolina offers recreational activities that enrich both the body and the mind for those looking to enjoy their retirement years. So, what are the 12 best places to retire in South Carolina?

Georgetown and Beaufort are among the most charming coastal towns in South Carolina. For oceanfront views, the Isle of Palms is an ideal choice. Charleston is another option for metropolitan areas, while Columbia or Summerville could give you a city-and-country experience.

Heres a glance of the 12 best places to retire in South Carolina:

  • Bluffton
  • Lexington
  • Summerville
  • In choosing the best place to retire in South Carolina, its more than just about the weather or points of interest to explore. Key factors like cost of living and healthcare are crucial when checking out the best cities to retire in South Carolina.

    This article covers these elements and more, gearing you to a more informed decision as you review the best places to retire in South Carolina.

    The 10 Best Places To Retire In Maine In 2021

    The Best Places to Retire for Gardeners

    Maine is known for its seafood, lighthouses along its rocky coastlines, and beautiful scenery. If youre ready to call the Pine Tree State your home for your golden years, look no further. First-time homebuyer programs, plenty of entertainment, and closing cost assistance all make Maine an excellent place for retirees here are the top 10 cities.

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    Consider Your Pots Carefully

    A lot of people think pots are always easier. Though they can be in some situations, they also take a lot of maintenance, needing more watering and feeding. A small number is generally fine to look after, any more than that you might want to look at other options if you want to save time.

    If mobility is an issue then raised planting beds can be a great way of keeping your gardening going. They come in all shapes and sizes, some can get wheelchairs underneath, and its a great way to stay involved in gardening.

    Explore Humangoods Central California Senior Living Community

    Live life among new friends while you enjoy everything that the central California area has to offer in our communities:

    • Rosewood – Bakersfields only nonprofit Life Plan Community, Rosewood features thoughtfully designed wellness programs and has earned a reputation for being a trusted resource for area seniors.
    • Terraces at San Joaquin Gardens – Nestled in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, this community is Fresnos original nonprofit Life Plan Community. Our updated Mediterranean-inspired campus is beautiful, and neighbors are welcoming.

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    The Best Place To Retire

    Kathleen, I moved to Panama 12 years ago because I like gardening and wanted to live in a place where tropical gardening is possible year-round without worrying about frost. Florida is in the sub-tropics, meaning Hawaii is the only true tropical place to garden in the United States. Hawaii is way too expensive for me, so I moved to Panama.

    In the highlands of Chiriqui we have very rich black volcanic soil, and it is cool enough here to grow many temperate plants, yet it is frost-free.

    Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies in the United States, especially among retirees, so I think you should mention gardening as a reason to move to Panama. If you move to a foreign country with an interesting hobby, it helps to keep you from becoming bored and dis-satisfied with your choice. Here in Panama, between Melos and Noveys, we have a very complete selection of gardening supplies available.

    In addition to gardening, birding is very popular in Panama, as there is an unusually large number of species of birds living here. Birding and gardening sort of go hand in hand

    Robert G., Panama

    Lifestyle In Casco Viejo

    Best Places To Retire Colorado Springs

    In Casco Viejo you have many options for entertainment. This is a neighborhood with restaurants, clubs, bars, cafés, museums, indigenous vendors, and rooftop bars offering happy hours in the afternoons, and beautiful views of the city during the night.

    Just around the corner from Casco Viejo is the Amador Causeway, a 6-kilometer stretch of road that reaches out into the Pacific and leads to Naos, Perico, and Flamenco islands. The Amador Causeway is a great place for recreational activities. Youll almost always find people here walking, jogging, renting pushbikes, roller blading, and so on.

    From Casco you can easily access the Cinta Costera III, where you can find a skate park as well as an outdoor food court called Sabores del Chorrillo.

    Casco Viejo is a very popular attraction for foreigners. You could get by with little to no Spanish. Every bar, restaurant, shop, museum, and theater will have English-speaking staff. Still, knowing some Spanish is always a good idea.

    Casco-based expats live in the areas of the neighborhood that have been restored, but there are still many pockets of dilapidation here, too. Youd also live alongside Cascos lifelong residents, many of whom live in poverty conditions.

    Within Casco itself, you wont need anything but your own two feet to get around. The neighborhood is compact and walking from one side to the other takes under 15 minutes.

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    Get The Right Tools For You

    They are always adapting tools to suit the needs of people at different stages of life. You can get tools with extendable handles so that you will need to stretch and bend over less. They still perform the same action and can make all the difference between the gardening process being manageable or not.

    City And Country Experience

    9. Columbia

    As South Carolinas capital, expect to experience city amenities alongside countryside open spaces and lakes in Columbia. Snap photos of the countryside with a digital camera . With a 42x optical zoom and 3 inches LCD screen, youre sure to capture each captivating scenery.

    Nearly 130k people also enjoy about 4% lower than the national average cost of living. It is a perfect retirement destination if youre looking to retire in South Carolina for a city experience without its high-cost twin.

    As the second largest population in South Carolina, you get more than just experience mixed cultures. You also get to mingle with young people at the University of South Carolina or locals and tourists at the Sesquicentennial State Park and Lake Murray.

    10. Greenville

    If youre looking for places to retire in South Carolina, check out Greenville. It may be a small town, but its neighborhood has been revitalized with new condominiums, assimilating a vibrant city life.

    As a constant recipient of the National Trust for Historic Preservations Great American Main Street, it shows how Greenville balances tradition and modern life.

    If youre a pre-retiree, consider continuing your education at choice colleges like Furman University or indulge in the towns art sanctuary like Greenville County Museum of Art.

    11. Lexington

    12. Summerville

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    Best Places To Retire On The East Coast

    Whether you’re on the brink of retiring or fantasizing about your bucket list, Stacker rounded up East Coast contenders as you contemplate your retirement dreams. With both Northern winter climates and Southern sunny states, beautiful beaches, natural splendor, and a mix of affordable and upscale lifestyle options, the East Coast offers something for everyone.

    Using Niche’s 2020 Best Places to Retire as a guideline, Stacker developed a list of what’s important to people thinking about retiring. Variables include weather, safety, housing expenses, and access to places like eateries, golf courses, recreation facilities, and health care. Listed here are numbers for the general population along with a look at percentages of people ages 55 to 64 and 65 and over, along with median household income, median household value, and median rent.

    Take a tour of the 50 best places to retire on the East Coast, whether you are looking to spend your golden years with your toes in the sand, swinging a golf club, or enjoying the bounty of natural beauty in this region of America.

    The 10 Best Places To Retire In The Us In 2022

    vegetable garden Monmouth County Presents #Home Gardening ...

    Retirement looks different for everyone. Maybe your dream is lounging by the beach or boating over crystal blue waters. Or maybe it’s exploring the great outdoors or taking in museums, live music and theater.

    Perhaps you don’t plan to “retire” at all, but instead start a new business after your main career ends. No matter what your vision looks like, theres a place to bring it to life, and our 2021 Best Places to Retire list can help you home in on that location.

    We looked at nearly 100 different metrics to determine the top 10 most desirable places to retire in the U.S. Home prices, weather and access to health care factored in, as did local amenities and facilities. The result is a wide-ranging list of towns that spans all the way from New Hampshire to Texas to Idaho.

    We focused on places whose COVID-19 vaccination rates were close to or higher than their state average. And while some of the activities listed below may be modified due to the on-going pandemic, these locations also have abundant outdoor resources.

    Need help finding the perfect spot to put down roots and enjoy this exciting life stage? Dig in and enjoy.

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    Wave Goodbye To Weeds

    A simple trick to cut down on weeds, once youve replaced some plants with shrubs, is to put a thick layer of around 4-6 inches of compost or any organic matter on your planting beds and leave it. Youll feed the borders, smother the weeds and the worms will dig it all in for you. It will save you masses of time!

    Top 10 Best Places To Retire Includes Lots Of Florida Locales

    U.S. News & World Reports annual ranking of best places to retire shows the continuing allure of the Sunshine State.

    Despite hurricanes and climate change, Florida dominates the top spots of best places to retire, according to a 2021-2022 ranking by U.S. News & World Report.

    Its annual Best Places to Retire list is one of the most well-known and longest-running rankings on retirement locations. For the 2021-2022 ranking, the publication looked at the 150 largest metropolitan areas in the United States.

    Among the rankings top 10 places to retire, eight are in Florida , one is in Pennsylvania and one in Michigan. Of the bottom 10 places to retire, eight were in California, with Bakersfield at 149. The worst place to retire of the 150 areas considered is San Juan, Puerto Rico, the ranking says.

    The overall score of each area is based on a weighted average of six indexes that respondents ranked in order of importance to them. Based on responses from 3,087 people 45 and older polled in August 2021, the publication assigned weights to the indexes: happiness , housing affordability , healthcare quality , retiree taxes , desirability , and job market .

    However, how each index was constructed includes other measures. For example, the happiness index for any particular area is based on crime rates, air quality and a measure of well-being. The job market index considered the areas unemployment rate and average salaries.

    Here is the rankings top 10:

    1. Sarasota, FL
    2. Naples, FL

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    Isle Of Palms South Carolina

    – Population: 4,360 – Median household income: $122,228- Median home value: $852,700 – Median rent: $1,994

    This laid-back barrier island community is close to Charleston, South Carolina, and offers a plethora of outdoor activities including golf, tennis, fishing, and dog walking. Clean beaches and lovely homes are the hallmarks of this affluent community.

    – Population: 8,852 – Median household income: $181,667- Median home value: $842,000 – Median rent: $2,846

    Dubbed Gateway to Orange County, Woodbury is a community brimming with natural beauty and lots of shopping. The Schunnemunk Mountain and Woodbury Creek that weave through the valley create an ideal backdrop. It is the home of Woodbury Premium Outlets, which features over 220 upscale shops.

    Pine Knoll Shores North Carolina

    25 Best Places to Retire in Florida (2021 Edition)

    – Population: 1,343 – Median household income: $75,313- Median home value: $387,600 – Median rent: $1,214

    Pine Knoll Shores is best known for its pristine beaches and natural beauty. Those who enjoy kayaking, hiking, and exploring nature will adore this coastal town. Favorite things to do include a visit to the aquarium and Theodore Roosevelt Natural Area.

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    Right Plant Right Place

    Its a well-known saying but there really is a right plant for every location. Really read the label on the plant before buying and if youre not sure ask your local garden centre for advice. It will save you wasting your money and if you get it flowering properly its a great feeling. Theres a plant for every area, you just need to find it.

    Increasing Vitamin D And Immune Function

    Seniors are at high risk for vitamin D Deficiency. Also known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is not common in many foods, and it is very important to help combat osteoporosis, muscle weakness, hip fractures, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis and poor general health. Sunlight is the most important source of vitamin D. Researchers suggest that it takes up to 30 minutes of sun exposure twice a week to produce a sufficient amount of vitamin D. Retirement communities with gardening chores aid in giving seniors a reason to spend time outdoors.

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    Panama Open For Us Citizens

    Panama has ranked at the top of ILs retirement index many times for many reasons. Even after all these years, the country consistently delivers when it comes to overall value. This is particularly true for anyone looking to stay in the Western Hemisphere. Panama offers ocean views, warm weather, and big-city amenities in a hurricane-free environment. Think about ithow many places in the region offer so much while also making it easy and affordable to live there?

    Thanks to Panamas strategic position outside the hurricane belt we enjoy very mild weather, with lots of sunshine throughout the year. Even during the May through November rainy season we have mostly sunny mornings, with an hour or two of rain in the afternoon. Daily highs in the city and beaches are usually around 88 F, with lows around 78 F. In mountain towns like Boquete and El Valle, temperatures are 10 to 15 degrees cooler. Theres truly something for everyone here.

    Its easy to travel in-country, too. We have reliable inter-city buses and domestic flights to multiple destinations. The capital, Panama City, is home to Central Americas only light-rail or metro system. The infrastructure here is top-notch across the board. Panama is one of few countries in the region that boasts well-paved roads, potable tap water, and top-notch Internet and cellphone connections.

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