Best Places To Retire In Southern California


Culture In Grass Valley

Where to retire in Southern California – Sun City Palm Desert, California

Not only does Grass Valley offer access to a small, historic town with plenty of natural beauty, it is close to the ski slopes of Lake Tahoe. During the summer, the downtown district hosts farmers markets, festivals and street fairs. The local chamber of commerce and downtown business association initiate many community events, such as a Harvest Festival, Cornish Christmas and an art and wine walk.

Retire In North San Diego County

The best places to retire in coastal cities in North County San Diego include:

  • Del Mar
  • To generalize the coastal North San Diego housing market, Oceanside is the cheapest place to retire with Del Mar being the most expensive.

    Please click here to take a look at this report to research the current housing trends in San Diego County.

    The best places to retire in inland cities in North County San Diego include:

  • Bonsall
  • In our next segments, we will explore the locations of major cities and towns of North County San Diego that many retirees call their home.

    Cost Of Living Insacramento

    If you are looking for a 1 bedroom, expect to pay near around $2300 per month which is pretty typical for the downtown/midtown area for nice apartments. You will get a cheaper option on the outskirts of Sacramento, Suburbs, or surrounding areas where you can easily find 1 bedroom for $12001500.

    • Rent and Utilities: $1500

    Pros and Cons of Living in Sacramento

    Sacramento has one of the highest rates of employment in California The summers are exceptionally hot
    Cultural experiences are plentiful and lots of opportunities for weekend getaways The city is becoming overcrowded

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    Most Affordable Places To Live In California: Sacramento

    Surprising to see that the capital of the Golden State is indeed one of the best affordable place to live in California. Located in the center of the state and in between the San Francisco Bay Area and the Sierra Nevada and Lake Tahoe, Sacramento has a fantastic quality of life and is still affordable. Significantly, there you can find lots of free things to do in Sacramento.

    Sacramento Downtown

    Why It is Cheap

    Good jobs, affordable property values, and outdoor lifestyles make the city a wonderful place for families, multi-generational families, and even solo professionals enjoying the lifestyle in this city. You can check out CalCareers and Indeed to find the best suitable jobs for you.

    Good paying jobs with state and local government, hi-tech companies, biotech, and a diversified economic base affords a good employment base and opportunities to afford a very comfortable lifestyle in the city and that makes it one of the cheapest places to live in Northern California.

    Nearby Sightseeing

    One of the definite advantages of living midway in the state is the access to mountains in the Sierra and outdoor adventures and also an easy drive to the Bay Area for urban culture, historic sites, and other big city exploration. Sacramento itself has lots of interests and attractions being the capital city of the state.

    What If I Dont Have A Roth Annuity Or Non

    Here Are The 8 Best Cities In Southern California To Retire In

    If youre nearing retirement, you might not have these options for your income planning.

    Dont fret.

    You can roll over a 401 or transfer an IRA to an annuity, just like the other two retirement plans. However, you will be taxed on the entire income amount versus none or a portion of your income from the Roth or Nonqualified annuity.

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    Explore Humangoods Southern California Senior Living Communities

    Get the best of everything Southern California has to offer plus new friendships that will help you feel right at home. These communities are:

    • Plymouth Village – The only Life Plan Community in the town of Redlands, Plymouth Village is nestled at the foot of the San Bernardino Mountains. Enjoy a small-town atmosphere among our unique neighborhood of single-story family homes.
    • Redwood Terrace – Tucked in San Diegos North County, this community features friendly, down-to-earth neighbors and amenities including a wellness center with an indoor pool.
    • Regents Point – Ideal for both nature lovers and urbanities, this beautiful and diverse community is centrally located within easy walking distance of the University of California, Irvine as well as Irvines 300-acre Mason Park.
    • Royal Oaks – Nestled along the tranquil foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, Royal Oaks offers easy access to the urban conveniences of the Pasadena area.
    • Valle Verde – Featuring classic California style, Valle Verde is Santa Barbaras premier senior living community. Enjoy 60 acres of lush and landscaped grounds in addition to easy access to amenities to help you reach your wellness goals.
    • Westminster Gardens – Residents of this bustling community enjoy mountain views and easy access to everything the Pasadena area has to offer. Westminster Gardens also features a unique neighborhood of single-story family homes, giving it a small-town atmosphere.

    Activities Total Points: 1000

    • Number of Attractions: Full Weight Note: Attractions include, for instance, zoos, museums and theaters.
    • Senior Centers per Capita: Full Weight
    • Fitness & Recreational Sports Centers per Capita*: Full Weight
    • Golf Courses & Country Clubs per Capita*: Full Weight
    • Fishing Facilities per Capita*: Full Weight
    • Museums per Capita*: Full Weight
    • Theaters per Capita*: Full Weight
    • Art Galleries per Capita*: Full Weight
    • Music Venues per Capita*: Full Weight
    • Availability of Adult Volunteer Activities: Full Weight
    • Ideal Weather: Full Weight

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    What To Look For: Best Places To Retire In California

    People have different retirement living needs and interests. At Investment U, we take this to heart. We put together a list of cities that cover financial and personal preferences. For example, the features we take into consideration include

    • Cost of living and tax exemptions
    • Culture and entertainment value
    • Medical care facilities and healthcare
    • Recreational activities
    • Crime rates and general information

    California isnt the most tax-friendly state. However, many families move to California in retirement. Learn more below about the best places to retire in California that provide the biggest breaks and amenities to retirees.

    Transportation In Rio Vista

    Why Carlsbad is the Best Living in Southern California (North)

    Seniors can be active outdoors year round due to a pleasant, moderate climate of warm summers and cool winters. The Delta Breeze transportation system provides rides around town and between other cities in the county. Though shopping, medical care and entertainment options are limited in Rio Vista, the city is close to more bustling areas Oakland and Sacramento are less than an hour’s drive in either direction, both of which have large airports. A drive of 15- to 20-minutes will get you to a larger city with more services.

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    Cost Of Living In Long Beach

    Long Beach is one of the cheapest and safest places to live in California. You can live on a monthly budget of $2,400 per month. Please remember, everyones budget is different depending on their lifestyle.

    • Rent and Utilities: $1600

    Pros and Cons of Living in Long Beach

    Perfect location, you can get anywhere quickly OC and LA Limited parking and homeless people.
    Public transportation system is extensive and affordable The crime rate is not that high, but theres definitely some gang crime

    Recommended By: Cee Lewis

    Transportation In Palm Springs

    Getting around town and in and out of Palm Springs is easy, with an international airport located close to downtown, a local bus service, access to Amtrak and Greyhound. San Diego is just two hours’ drive. Palm Springs is surrounded by smaller desert communities, the San Bernardino Mountains, Salton Sea, Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead.

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    We Are Specialists On Where To Retire In San Diego

    Rest assured that youre not the 1st person to be worried, stressed or confused about making such a huge transition and financial transaction.

    Our real estate team and partners highlight every aspect of this major life event. Theyll walk you through each step and help you manage the decision making process convering every possible detail along the way.

    The partner agents you work with has the experience to counsel clients age 55+ through major financial and lifestyle transitions in relocating, purchasing a home, or selling the family home.

    Theyre locals, who know the areas the streets the neighborhoods. Experts with a warm and friendly touch, who truly listen and take the time to get to know you. They know what theyre talking about and have built a reputation on service and trust.

    No matter what stage youre at in the process, theyll help you handcraft your dream retirement lifestyle. Theyve guided retirees just like you through all the nuances of choosing and customizing a retirement future.

    Hear from retirees and other satisfied homeowners whove chosen Dreamwell Homes.

    See for yourself! Click here to see your potential San Diego retirement life.

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    For more information and a free consultation please contact the Dreamwell Homes team directly. You may or simply call 760-798-9024.

    Read our article on why retire to San Diego.

    Where Are The Cheapest Places To Live In California By The Beach

    Here Are The 8 Best Cities In Southern California To Retire In

    Ventura in Los Angeles an affordable California beach town to live in if you want to be somewhere with beautiful views and charming weather. Some other inexpensive coastal cities to live in California are Long Beach, San Pedro, and Eureka. If you can apply your bargaining skill efficiently, finding a cheap place in California near the beach is not a big deal.

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    Most Affordable & Best Places To Retire In California

    Why is California a popular retirement destination?

    Well, California is a popular retirement destination because everyone wants to reside in a place thats economy is financially stable. California exempts retired people and military retirees from personal income tax which is the main reason every retiree wants to reside here. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to living in California but the stunning beaches and few affordable places make it one of the best retirement hubs for senior citizens.

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    What Are The Pros And Cons Of Retiring In California


    • From the epic national park, and incredible nature to mountains, beaches, and hiking trails, California has everything.
    • The temperature in summer is around 80 degrees to 85 degrees F, whereas in winter it is 65 degrees to 68 degrees F.
    • California is the hub of tech companies and the film industry. California is home to Google, Facebook, Netflix, Tesla and many more such big companies.


    • The fire danger in California is real, and we all know past news.
    • The overall cost of living is much higher compared to America. However, the fastest-growing cities in Californiaare hoping for newcomers.
    • Driving from point A to Point B in California is a nightmare, everyone owns a car and the traffic jam is tremendously annoying.

    Final Words

    So, is California a good state to retire? Of course, it is. If California was always your dream then please make sure you reside in any of these top places to retire in California. Here you can have a life that you always dreamt of. Its time to give wings to your dreams and reside in any of these affordable retirement homes in California. You deserve it!

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    Chico Offers Affordable Living In California

    This college town north of Sacramento has easy access to the Sierras and plentiful outdoor activities. Chico is a relatively safe oasis with an affordable cost of living. The senior population in Chico is on the rise, with those 50 years and older making up more than one-quarter of the total population of about 90,000.

    Best Cities To Retire In Southern California

    Where to retire in Southern California Sun City Palm Desert, California

    Retiring after years and years of working is the best feeling. You finally get to enjoy all the time of the day. You dont have to worry about work and the things you have to get done for work. There is no more going to and back home from work every day. No more being stuck in traffic after a long day. When you retire, you get to relax and do whatever you want with your time. But living in a big city after retiring isnt very relaxing most of the time. For example, if you live in Los Angeles, enjoying retirement isnt possible when you are always surrounded by the things that you were surrounded by when you were working. This is why a lot of people decide to move to a different city or even state after retirement. And even though California is a very expensive state and retirees are known for not having a lot of money, California is still a very popular retirement destination. What we mean by this is that a lot of people move to California after they retire, more specifically Southern California. And there are plenty of reasons why this is so. And if you want to retire in Southern California yourself, we have suggestions on which cities you should consider moving to in this part of the state.

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    Find The Best Places To Retire In California Today

    The list above may not include many of the cities you may have expected, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco or San Diego. However, the cities from our list can provide a better quality of life in retirement with easy access to bigger markets. If California isnt the best option for you, visit our lists for the best places to retire in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Arizona and even Mexico.

    The best places to retire in California can suit your specific needs and provide the utmost comfort and security. Begin the search for your forever home in the Golden State today.

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    Grass Valley Is One Of The Best Northern California Towns

    If stunning mountains and lakes is what you’re looking for in retirement, Grass Valley fits the bill in the Sierra Nevada foothills northwest of Lake Tahoe. This Gold Rush-era town of about 12,000 people has an outdoorsy vibe, and a quaint historic downtown with art galleries casual and fine dining and local entertainment.

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    Palm Springs Has Some Of The Best Retirement Communities In Southern California

    What did Frank Sinatra and his pals know best? If ever there was an oasis to enjoy retirement in the desert, Palm Springs is it. This resort town of 48,000 is affordable and sunny. Chock full of golf courses, Palm Springs has become a magnet for retirees. With its dry climate, picturesque landscape, art and culture, Palm Springs is listed as one of 12 Best Places to Retire in the U.S.

    What Are The Best Retirement Communities In California

    Here Are The 8 Best Cities In Southern California To Retire In
    • Esplanade at Turkey Creek: In Lincoln, California Esplanade is a community of more than 850 family homes with amenities of a pool, clubhouse, walking trails, fitness centers, game room, spa, multipurpose rooms, and more. The 1408 2985 sq. ft home, ranges between $568,990 $988,000.
    • Four Seasons at Westshore: Outside of Sacramento sits Four Seasons where the home size varies from 1769-2206 sq ft, ranging between $ 549,900- $749,900. This place featured 31 acres of park and 26 acres of Lake with promenades and fountains.
    • Sun City Roseville: Sun City Roseville community has a Timber Creek Recreation Lodge on-site where each house ranges from 900 to well over 2600 square feet. The price of the home ranges from $ 615,000-$879,000.

    Best Places to Retire in California

    Do you consider relocating to California with access to the ocean and good cultural life in your old age? Perhaps Californias sheer size makes it possible for you. The Golden State has dreamed of retirement for decades. So, if you have the question on your mind where to retire in California then lets dive into the blog.

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