Best Places To Retire In Washington State


Cultural Amenities In Nearby Seattle

Top 10 Reasons to Retire in Sequim WA

In addition to what Bainbridge has to offer , vibrant and fast-growing Seattle is just a 35-minute ferry ride away. The Emerald City offers everything from professional sports venues within an easy walking distance of the downtown ferry terminal to top-notch opera, ballet, and theater companies, symphonies, and museums of every description. If exceptional dining, microbrews, and wine are of interest, youll have plenty to explore. Im not even going to attempt and compress all the activities of this world-class city into a link or two.

Staying Healthy And Active

Island Fitness, the Bainbridge Athletic Club, CrossFit Outcome, Island Climbing Gym and Bainbridge Yoga House are the main private health and fitness facilities on the island. There is both a public and private golf course. The Bainbridge Island Metro Park and Recreation District offers a host of programs in their catalog, as does BARN . Click here to learn about volunteer opportunities. It is nearly impossible not to find your type of community on the island.

Is Washington Better Than Oregon

Oregon and Washington do not have sales or income taxes, as has been noted by others.Despite the fact that Washington has a sales tax, most groceries do not have to pay it.Although individuals who reside in Washington but do work in Oregon may not be subject to Oregon income tax, specific circumstances may apply to them.As I understand it, Washington wins out.

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Why Bainbridge Island Is The Best Place To Retire In Washington

Bainbridge Island, with its excellent schools, abundant parks, vibrant town centers and easy commute to Seattle, is one of the best places to raise kids in Washington state. What Baby Boomers have discovered is its potential as the best place to retire in Washington given the low taxes, high safety ratings, access to health care and abundant recreation and cultural amenities.

Vogue Magazine called Bainbridge The Nantucket of the Pacific Northwest. Forbes named Seattle the third best scenic place to retire in 2017. Money Magazine ranked the island #2 in its 2005 list of Best Places to Live. Business View Magazine just wrote a focus piece on the islands growth management plan as part of a series on American cities with best practices.

US News & World Report identified ten considerations for . Bainbridge Island fits these criteria very well as a best place to retire.

Why You Can Trust Bankrate

Top 5 Best Places to Retire in Washington

Founded in 1976, Bankrate has a long track record of helping people make smart financial choices. Weve maintained this reputation for over four decades by demystifying the financial decision-making process and giving people confidence in which actions to take next.

Bankrate follows a strict editorial policy, so you can trust that were putting your interests first. All of our content is authored by highly qualified professionals and edited by subject matter experts, who ensure everything we publish is objective, accurate and trustworthy.

Our reporters and editors focus on the points consumers care about most how to save for retirement, understanding the types of accounts, how to choose investments and more so you can feel confident when planning for your future.

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Nw Best Places To Retire Annual Round

This special edition of Northwest Prime Time features our 19th Annual Best Places to Retire issue. Read about the places in Washington State that have achieved national acclaim this past year as great places to live and to retire. Can you guess the Northwest towns and cities that made this years list of best places to retire?

Tri-Cities: Kiplinger, the well-known personal finance advisor publication, suggests the Tri-Cities area as their Washington State retirement destination. The low cost of living is particularly attractivewhether youre partial to exploring the great outdoors or focusing on wine country, you have plenty of options. Enjoy boating and fishing on the many area rivers, hiking or biking on the 23-mile Sacagawea Trail, and exploring the more than 200 wineries within a 50-mile radius. Photo: Stepframe Interactive Media, courtesy of Visit Tri-Cities.

Three of the heavy-hitters for the best places to retire rankingsForbes, Kiplinger and US NEWSpublish new findings every year. Each organization utilizes similar criteria when selecting their lists: cost of living including housing prices and taxes, access to quality healthcare, services and amenities targeting seniors, recreational and cultural opportunities, ease of travel, safety and economic factors, and climate. To attain their lists, organizations must analyze the amenities seniors want vs. cost of living.

  • Camas
  • The Top 10 Best Places To Retire In Washington

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    When you think about Washington state, retiring might not come to mind. However, there are plenty of options when it comes to the best places to retire in Washington including our very own Spokane!

    Todays retirees look beyond retirement homes, and toward how theyre going to spend their post-career freedom. Gone are the shackles of 9-5, board meetings, sales calls, or whatever took up their working days.

    Post-career, retirees can look forward to long hikes in the woods or mountains, enjoying a hot cup of coffee or tea with friends, and taking vacations at a relaxing pace. So, off to Boca? Orlando? Not quite so fast. Washington is home to communities perfect for retirement.

    Washington has become a favorite state to retire because of the absence of a state income tax, low property tax rates, nice climate, outdoor activities, and great coffee. In fact, recently listed Spokane, WA as a great place to retire because of those reasons and more!

    Heres a look at some of the best communities to enjoy retirement in the Emerald State.

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    Gig Harbor Ranked 2016s Best Place To Retire In Washington State

    After looking at several factors, recently ranked Gig Harbor as 2016s Best Place to Retire in Washington State.

    November 10, 2016

    Wondering where to retire? SmartAssets interactive retirement map can help you pick the best spot for your retirement. Zoom between states and the national map to see the best places to retire in each region, or look specifically at one of three factors driving our analysis: tax-friendliness, medical care and social life.

    A happy, healthy retirement depends a lot on location. To find the best places to retire, SmartAsset gathered data on three separate regional factors that affect the quality of life for retirees.

    First, we looked at state and local tax rates, considering two types of taxes: income and sales. We calculated effective rates based on a typical retiree, earning $35,000 annually , and spending their disposable income on taxable goods. Next, we determined the number of doctors offices, recreation centers and retirement centers per thousand residents in each area. Finally, we found the number of seniors in each area as a percentage of the total population.

    In our final analysis, we ranked each county and city on these three factors, and calculated an average ranking for each area, weighting the three factors equally. The areas with the lowest average ranking are the best places to retire.

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    The Best States To Retire Ranked

    The 10 Best Places To Live In Washington State

    To find the best places to retire, we took the priorities identified by our survey respondents and mapped them to data. In the end, we came up with a ranking that’s surprising, but driven by the desires of Americans in and near retirement age.

    Here’s how those rankings look on a map:

    If you’re interested in seeing the values behind the rankings, here’s every score that went into ranking every state:




    Data source: NOAA . Centers for Disease Control . *CDC daily sunlight data not available for Alaska and Hawaii.

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    What County In Washington Has The Lowest Cost Of Living

    The county in Washington with the lowest cost of living is Snohomish County. The average living wage in Snohomish County is $103,576 according to MIT data. Snohomish County has the lowest cost of living because it has relatively less expensive childcare and housing costs compared to Washington as a whole. Childcare costs $21,546 a year in Snohomish County for two children compared to the Washington average of $19,075. Housing costs, defined as a blend of the average rent and average mortgage payment, are $22,872 per year in Snohomish County compared to $17,877 on average in Washington.

    Best Coastal Towns In Washington

    Nature enthusiasts love the area, with state parks, the worlds longest beach, razor clam digging, and giant kite flying regularly available, Long Beach is a beautiful area to live. Theres plenty to do in the area, including visiting Cape Disappointment, walking the very long Long Beach boardwalk, taking a gander at the Cranberry and World Kite Museums, plus visiting local farmers markets!

    While there, be sure to visit The Chowder Stop, The Pickled Fish, and The Lost Roo all local favorites!

    Want to visit Long Beach, WA? Use our handy resource below to find hotel or VRBO options:

    With an excellent cost of living compared with Washington communities, Long Beach is a great choice to call home. While the area doesnt have a large population, it has an outstanding selection of medical centers, and is only a three hour drive from Seattle.

    Learn more about the history of Long Beach with the book below:

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    What Is Quality Of Life

    We asked 1,500 American adults around retirement age this question, and retail and dining came out at the top of the list, with 57% of respondents saying they’re important in quality of life.

    Outdoor activities and cultural activities were high priorities as well, with spiritual community , organized activities for retirees , and civic organizations being less of a priority.

    Ology: How We Determined The Most Affordable Places To Live In The Evergreen State For 2022

    Retire to Washington State: Best Place To Retire

    The two most important things to think about when it comes to being able to afford if you can live comes down to:

  • How much do money do I make?
  • How much do I have spend to live there?
  • You need to understand your costs in the context of how much money you make.

    For example, if the median household earns $100,000 and spends $40,000 on housing its actually cheaper to live there than a place with a median income of $50,000 and housing costs of $21,000. You might spend more on housing, but you have more money overall to play with.

    With that example in mind, we derived several statistics from the latest Census American Community Survey 2016-2020 around incomes and costs. They are:

    • Median Home Price / Median Income
    • Median Income / Median Rent
    • Median Home Price

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    What Does The Best Place For Retirement Really Mean

    Choosing where to retire is ultimately a personal or family decision, and while we’ve aspired to build an index that reflects what really matters to people when they retire, everyone has unique circumstances and priorities that can drive that decision.

    As a reflection of that, our rankings dramatically change when looking at individual factors. For example, the highest scoring states for weather are among the lowest scoring states overall. However, that may discount retirees that place pleasant summers, mild winters, and sunshine over cost and other factors.

    Choosing where to retire isn’t an easy task. But with preparation, research, some luck — and a great IRA — you’ll find a location that fits your priorities.

    Are Property Taxes High In Washington State

    If you are a homeowner in Washington, you should expect to pay property taxes on your home. The property tax rates are slightly lower than the national average, and you should expect to pay an average effective rate of 0.93%. This means for every $100,000 of your homeâs assessed value, you should expect to pay about $930.

    Washington State offers a property tax exemption program for seniors. To be eligible for this exemption, you must be age 61 or older and unable to work to an injury or disability. Also, your household income must be below your county’s income threshold, which can range from $45,000 to $67,411. If you qualify for the exemption, the state will freeze your home’s assessed value, and part of your home value will be exempt from property taxes up to $70,000.

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    Where To Retire In State

    • Bellevue
    • Percent of Senior Population: 148,164
    • Overall Population: 14.2%

    Bellevue is one of the biggest cities in Washington, though its size does not detract from its beauty. With the Cascade Mountain Range sitting behind and Washington Lake to its front, this metropolitan area is perfect for retirees looking to enjoy the best of both worlds.

    Bellevue has very mild climate conditions with highs in the mid-70s at the peak of summer and lows of mid-30s in the winter. Active retirees will love being able to enjoy the outdoors year-round.

    There are two colleges located within Bellevues city limits, Bellevue College and City College, adding a note of vibrancy to this urban area. One of the benefits of the nearby colleges is the enhanced arts in the area, such as:

    • Bellevue Arts and Crafts Fair
    • Bellevue Arts Museum
    • Biennial Sculpture Exhibition

    Also, retirees looking for a city with a well-developed transit service will like Bellevues light rail and bus systems. These services allow for easy travel between Bellevue and Seattle, as well as around the local Bellevue area. Bellevue also offers some of the best shopping in the area and has the largest shopping complexes in the region.

    Active retirees will enjoy taking advantage of the many local parks, like:

    • Mercer Slough Nature Park
    • WA State Park
    • Weowna Park Trails

    Reasons To Retire In Washington State

    8 Best Places To Live In Washington State

    Washington is one of the most underrated retirement destinations. The fact is that a retirement in the Pacific Northwest may be more like a dream come true for seniors who enjoy being outdoors, a mild climate, good coffee, and cheering on talented professional sports teams. The state offers thriving cities, charming small towns, and everything you need to make your retirement everything youve dreamed of.

    Explore why so many Washingtonians decide to stay in their home state for retirement and why the state is drawing seniors from across the country for their golden years.

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    Best Places To Retire In Washington

    NW Best Places to Retire Annual ‘Round-Up’

    May 31, 2021 at 12:00 a.m.

    The pandemic has upended most things, including considerations for moving in retirement. On the other hand, the red-hot real estate market had some retirees selling their long-time homes sooner than anticipated.

    But where to move?

    In years past, towns and cities in the Great Northwest often ranked high on the national Best Places to Retire lists. Sometimes two, three or more Northwest places made the top ten. But in recent years, high cost of living and other factors have knocked Washington State locations out of the running with the major ranking organizationswith a notable exception.

    Sunny Wenatchee Valley is a paradise for lovers of the outdoors. Forbes says Wenatchee is one of the nations top places to retire, calling it a scenic, sunny small city with good doctors, a low crime rate, low cost of living, performing arts centers and wineries, plus a revitalized downtown.

    One Washington city made Forbes top 25: Wenatchee. At the confluence of the Wenatchee and Columbia Rivers, Forbes describes Wenatcheethe Apple Capital of the Worldas having sports and recreational activities for any season. Relatively low real estate prices , high quality medical care, low crime rates and abundant sunshine make Wenatchee, according to Forbes, one of the best cities in the country for successful aging.

  • Camas
  • In Puget Sound You Have Options

    Gig Harbor has been Smart Asset’s top retirement pick several times over, thanks to its proximity to big city amenities, a wealth of recreation and community centers, and healthcare centers per capita. And did we mention the Puget Sound views? Gig Harbor certainly has them! This coastal town population of about 9,000 lies just across the Narrows bridge from Tacoma, and beach walks, boating, and fishing access are often just steps away.

    Just 12 miles across the bridge from Tacoma, Gig Harbor offers easy access to city amenities and healthcare, but keeps you firmly embedded in the small-town way of life. Outdoor recreation in Olympic National Park is also just a short drive away.

    Alternatively, nestled in the northwest corner of Puget Sound, Port Townsend boasts streets lined with colorful Victorian homes, a thriving arts community, and easy access to recreation in Olympic National Park. Home to about 10,000 people, Port Townsend is a popular destination for retirees. With a easy access to beaches, a charming and historic downtown, and easy access to healthcare and other amenities, it’s clear why this thriving peninsula community also made Smart Asset’s Best Places to Retire list.

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    The Best States To Retire In 2021

    According to Bankrates study, Georgia is the best state to retire, followed by Florida, Tennessee, Missouri and Wyoming. Maryland, on the other hand, held last place in our ranking. The state was dragged down by a lack of affordability and by mediocre scores on culture and weather.

    Why should retirees pull the moving van off Interstate 75 and unpack in Georgia? Affordability is one big selling point. The state combines a low cost of living and a light tax burden to rank No. 3 in affordability.

    Weather is another strong point. The state has an average annual temperature of 64 degrees, fifth-warmest in the nation. Earthquakes are rare, and tornado risk is about average. The one downside is hurricanes Georgias small coastline puts it at risk of tropical cyclones.

    Georgia places in the middle of the pack in our rankings of wellness and crime. The states only weak spot is in the culture category the Peach State has one of the nations lowest percentages of over-65 residents, and it ranks near the bottom in arts and entertainment establishments per capita, based on a Bankrate analysis of Census data.

    The rest of the top five:

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