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What Is Special About Raleigh

The 10 Best Places To Live In North Carolina – Job, Retire, Family & Education

Raleigh is the fast growing NC capital named to several “10 Best” lists. Not all retirees will appreciate the notice from the Wall St. Journal – Raleigh was named one of the top 10 cities emerging as the hottest, hippest destinations for educated workers in their 20s when the U.S. economy gets moving again. The Journal cited low cost of living, expanding Ft. Bragg, and highly educated population. There are 8,100 acres of parks, multiple community centers, 112 tennis courts, 8 acquatic centers, and many bike trails and lanes.

Should I Retire To North Carolina Cost Of Living

On average, housing costs in North Carolina can range between $170,000 in rural areas and up to anywhere around $300,000 or more for a medium sized property. Most residents of North Carolina own homes that typically are three bedrooms, single-family household. As of the last survey by NeighborhoodScout, a 7.5% appreciation value has been recorded from 2017 to 2018. This means that the prices of properties in this state are in an upward trend.

Renting can be another option for you if you want a trial period in this state. A 2019 apartment listing data showed that a typical two-bedroom apartment would cost a little over $900 per month. This is $200 less than the average $1,100 per month rate in big states in the US. Your rental fee will vary from city to city, for example, the median cost of a two bedroom unit in Charlotte costs $1,130 per month while in Fayetteville a similar two bedroom unit for only $769 per month.

A website made a calculated study of the transportation cost of living in North Carolina, and it showed that gas costs about $2.71 per gallon which is a little less than what the national average of $2.90 is. Major cities have bus systems that will cost you $88 per one month pass for the usual routes. You can upgrade your bus pass to a monthly express one for a fee of $121 per month and also into an express plus one for a monthly fee of $176.

The Food In Raleigh Is Top

It was a difficult job, eating at so many great restaurants, but someone had to do it … I went ahead and tried all of the best restaurants in Raleigh, and here is a list of the 17 Irresistible Restaurants you have to try! Be careful when reading, your mouth may start to water!

One of the South’s top 10 tastiest towns as ranked by Southern Living Magazine, foodies have a special place in their heart for the cuisine in Raleigh. If you are relocating to Raleigh you’ll want to be sure you head downtown for a night at Bida Manda or The Fiction Kitchen , they will hit taste buds you didn’t even know you had!

With over 1,200 Restaurants in the Raleigh area, you will always find something new to try. What separates Raleigh from a lot of the restaurants from other places around the world is the service, it’s more than just fine dining, it’s an experience you’ll have to try for yourself! Searching for food outside of Downtown Raleigh? Maybe in the Cary or Apex area? Check out the 17 best Raleigh area restaurants here.

Raleigh is a great place for food, and if you’re spending your time in Downtown Raleigh here are some of the best restaurants Downtown.

While the food in Raleigh is some of the best in the country, the craft beer scene just might be the best in the nation!

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The People You Meet In Raleigh

Part of what makes the community so great in Raleigh are the people who call the city home. Living in Raleigh you will encounter some of the nicest, most welcoming people in the world. The happiness of the people who live in Raleigh is a product of everything Raleigh has to offer including the number one place for jobs, awesome weather, and affordability, unlike most other cities. Apex, NC, a suburb of Raleigh, was most recently ranked as the #1 Best Place to Live in the United States by Money Magazine.

If you’re moving to Raleigh from the northern states you’re sure to notice right away just how welcoming the people in Raleigh are. After I made the move from Boston I realized right away that the personality of the city is contagious. You’ll find yourself a happier person because you’re surrounded by people who are happy. If you have a dog, there are dog parks everywhere in Raleigh!

Retire Like A Vanderbilt Without Spending Like One

The Best Lowest
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Back in 1895, the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains, a comfortable climate and relatively low land prices inspired the Vanderbilts to buy up 125,000 acres of North Carolina wilderness near Asheville and build the Biltmore House, the largest estate in the U.S. The same factors that attracted this wealthy family continue to make the Asheville area popular among retirees and second-home buyers today.

But the Tar Heel State offers a little bit of everything, geographically and culturally. Retirees who prefer to live by the sea can find 300 miles of barrier island beaches, two national seashores and idyllic villages in the states eastern region.

North Carolina also has some great college towns, including Chapel Hill, home to the University of North Carolina Davidson, home to Davidson College and Durham, home to Duke University. And dynamic city dwelling can be found in fast-growing Charlotte, which has been undergoing a restaurant renaissance, and the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill-Cary vicinity, dubbed the Research Triangle due to its high density of high tech companies.

The Blue Ridge Mountains have been luring retirees to North Carolina ever since Anderson Coopers ancestors schlepped south in the 1890s.

North Carolinas hot, humid summers can be a downside, but temperatures do trend cooler in the higher elevations of the western, Appalachian part of the state.

Front-porch living in New Bern.

New Bern

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North Carolinas Triangle Cities

When it comes to North Carolinas Triangle cities, its hard to choose just one Durham, Raleigh and Chapel Hill have a lot to offer retirees. Each city takes full advantage of the beautiful rolling hills of the Carolinas: Walking trails, bike paths, and hiking opportunities are everywhere.

Nature lovers enjoy living near the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the beach is just a day trip away. The Triangle still offers a low cost of living, its foodie scene is thriving, and the cities are adding new cultural amenities and events every day. Continue your learning with world-class educational opportunities at Dukes Durham campus or the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill sports lovers will revel in their spirited rivalry. Youll never lack for music, theater and festival choices in the Triangle, and transit is simple, since anyone 65 and older can take a Triangle Transit bus for free. The Raleigh-Durham airport makes travel convenient and quick.

Should I Retire To North Carolina

If youre asking yourself should I Retire to North Carolina? Retirement is a crucial stage in life that all of us should prepare for. However, setting it up can be a daunting task. We realized that not all retirees would want to move into exotic countries far away from the States. North Carolina or the Tar Heel State as many refer it to, offers a haven for retirees who want to stay close to their roots while still enjoying outdoor activities, art, culture, and natural beauty.

North Carolina is ranked fifth on the Smart Asset survey of best states to retire to. Among the top five also are the states of Florida, Arizona, Nevada, and South Carolina. The review is based on an official U.S. Census Bureau to exactly determine the number of people who are 60 years old and above. Last 2016, the data showed that there were 15,600 more retirees that moved into the state. The data also showed that the city of Raleigh in North Carolina received 2,015 senior settlers in the same year.

The survey showed that the common factors that tied up these states together are the lower cost of living and year-round warm weather.

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Raleigh North Carolina: Turn Your Retirement Into A Year

North Carolina offers a comfortable climate, without the harsh winters that many retirees seek to escape. The states capital, Raleigh, presents an attractive destination when youre ready to take it a little easier, whether you are retired or just heading that way.

Raleigh is located in the region known as the Research Triangleincorporating, Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, and the highly acclaimed universities that are located here . Now referred to as just The Triangle, it boasts an unlimited variety of ways to spend your leisure time during retirementculture, history, education, recreation, entertainment, and so much more.

Lets look a bit closer at the reasons you should retire in Raleigh.

#1. Were not the only ones who rate us best. rated Raleigh as #6 among the Best Places to Retire in North Carolina. Time Magazine ranked Raleigh as one of the five great small cities for retirement, citing various reasons. From 2000 to 2010 the citys population of 55- to 64-year- olds shot up by 97%, according to the Brookings Institution. Its not hard to see the draw: Raleigh provides a big-city feel with a low cost of living mild, four-season weather and, thanks to all those medical schools, world-class health care.

The Wall Street Journal placed Raleigh as #10 on the 2017 list of Americas 50 Best Cities to Live. Forbes rated the city as the second on its list of Most Educated Cities in America.

Well Help You Find Your Dream Home In North Carolina

10 Best Places to Live in North Carolina 2021 Job, Retire, Family & Education | North Carolina, USA

Looking for a North Carolina Realtor who can help you find your dream home in one of the 10 best cities to live in North Carolina? Weve got you covered! UpNest is here to save you time and money, and get you the best Realtor. Choose from top agents who will expertly guide you through the entire buying process and address any of your questions or concerns.

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What Are Living Expenses Like In Raleigh

Inside the city your tax is about 1.5% to 1.25%. The county areas are more like .08%. Property taxes have decreased in recent years. My clients that come from California are shocked at how low the taxes are, here. Gas is about $1.80 for a gallon of gas.

Gas is about $1.80 for a gallon of gas. A gallon of milk is about $2.79 and a dozen eggs is maybe $2.30.

Crafting Great Beer Is An Art In Raleigh

With 366 beers on tap at the Raleigh Beer Garden, Raleigh, NC just passed Munich, Germany with the largest beer garden in the world! Let me repeat that. The city of Raleigh has the largest beer garden in the world. It’s more than just a city with a few great breweries, Raleigh is home to some of the best craft beer in the world. With local breweries like Raleigh Brewing Co., Trophy, Crank Arm, Big Boss, Lonerider, and many others.

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Raleigh Is The Best Place For Jobs

If you’re moving to Raleigh you will have a much easier time finding a job than you will anywhere else. Glassdoor ranked the city of Raleigh, NC as the #1 Best City for Jobs in 2015!

The Raleigh airport, also known as Raleigh Durham International Airport has seen some major renovations in recent years as well as new airlines bringing new flight paths in and out of the Raleigh area.

With more than 24,000 job openings there is sure to be one for you, and the median base salary to median home value is some of the best in the country! Additionally, Raleigh has a job satisfaction rating of 3.3 Raleigh, NC is on the top end when it comes to being happy in the workplace.

The Research Triangle Park is a huge part of what makes Raleigh such a great place for jobs. A lot of executives will move to Raleigh to begin working in RTP with so many larger businesses that have their office headquarters there. Outside of RTP, you will find companies like MetLife who just moved to Cary, NC, and set up their technology office with six-figure salaries. Go to Downtown Raleigh and you will see other companies like RedHat and Citrix who have set their headquarters there.

So far Apex has been ranked the best place to live and Raleigh is ranked the best city for jobs. So what else will you love about moving to Raleigh?

Final Thoughts On Relocating To Raleigh:

Raleigh North Carolina Area Retirement Communities

There are so many things to do in Raleigh, there really is something for everyone!

As someone who moved to Raleigh myself, I wanted to share some of my experiences since moving here. Moving from Boston to Raleigh is something that was a big shift for me, going from a large city to one that is still building its identity is a lot of fun. The Triangle area offers a lot of great options for buyers coming from more expensive places. We also have helped people who are moving to Charlotte.

Using our website and our advanced, hyper-local search features you have the ability to really narrow down your search whether it’s searching by Zip Code in Raleigh or by the school district. Additionally, we have some great resources that we don’t always share online which we will share with you if you would like to work with us on purchasing a home! Please feel free to reach out to us directly here.

Learn why Raleigh is a great place for college students to live in this blog post by Meredith College.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading the 15 Reasons to move to Raleigh! If so, share it with friends!

Considering a move to Raleigh? Our team of top local Real Estate Agents love to help folks make the move to Raleigh – contact us to help with your relocation OR with any questions you may have!

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Weather In Raleigh Is A Reason To Move

The weather in Raleigh, in my opinion, is perfect and a great reason to relocate. We celebrate all four seasons and we are only a couple of hours from the Mountains if you enjoy skiing or snowboarding. Here is a great image to give you an idea of what to expect from month-to-month weather trends for Raleigh.

Here Are The 10 Best Suburbs To Live Around Raleigh For :

  • Creedmoor
  • What’s the best suburb of Raleigh? Apex ranks as the best suburb of Raleigh for 2021 based on the most recent Census and FBI data. If you happen to be a resident of Apex, you’re probably not too surprised to find it on the top our list.

    We’ll tell you what makes each of these 10 Raleigh ‘burbs better than the rest–but first, a bit about our methodology.

    Note: This result may differ from our state wide data as we did not include commute times and crime for this analysis to allow for a larger selection of suburbs.

    Feel free to check out some more reading about North Carolina:

    Then we used the newest American Community Survey data for 2015-2019 to research each suburb.

    FYI: We defined a suburb as being within 30 miles of Raleigh.

    Additionally, we limited the analysis to places that have over 2,000 people. This left us with a grand total of 27 suburbs to evaluate around Raleigh.

    We ranked each place with scores from 1 to 27 in each category, where 1 was the “best.

    Next, we averaged the rankings for each place to create a quality of life index.

    And finally, we crowned the city with the best quality of life index the “Best Suburb near Raleigh.” We’re lookin’ at you, Apex. .

    Read on below to learn more about what it’s like to live in the best of the best. Or skip to the end to see the list of all the suburbs ranked from best to worst.

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    Best Places To Retire In North Carolina

    For many people, retirement is the reward after decades of working and raising a family. After all that anticipation, deciding where to spend that precious time can be a tough decision, so Stacker looked to data and rankings from Niche to compile a list of the best places to retire in North Carolina. Niche ranks places to retire based on a variety of factors including cost of living, health care, recreation, and weather.

    Many retirees seek out easy access to indoor and outdoor recreation, from walking trails and water access to museums and theaters. Many desirable retirement destinations also have good proximity to major cities, ripe with arts, culture, and health care resources. But those choice locations carry the key drawback of a high cost of living, often due to pricey housing costs, that will not suit retirees often on fixed incomes. Low crime rates make a difference, as well.

    Keep reading to discover the best places to retire in North Carolina.

    #25. Valley Hill- Median home value: $261,700 – Median rent: $907 – Median household income: $66,659

    – Median home value: $322,600 – Median rent: $1,219 – Median household income: $78,646

    – Median home value: $255,900 – Median rent: $1,072 – Median household income: $72,821

    – Median home value: $88,700 – Median rent: $591 – Median household income: $39,681

    – Median home value: $327,900 – Median rent: $1,310 – Median household income: $65,968

    – Median home value: $270,800 – Median rent: $826 – Median household income: $73,598

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