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Aberlour Abunadh Alba Whisky

Top Ten Retirement Gift Ideas for Men


When Aberlour ABunadh, a non-chill filtered cask strength single malt made exclusively from first-fill sherry butts was introduced to the United States in the 1990s, it didnt take long for word of mouth to spread . Still, it has always been a whisky flying a bit under the radar. But now, representing a unique variation of ABunadh, the new ABunadh Alba offers a completely different taste profile. Although it remains at cask strength, it has been matured only in first fill American white oak barrels, resulting in vanilla-soaked notes of sweet apples and tart citrus, with none of the resiny thickness associated with ABunadh. . Destined exclusively for the United States, Alba will become a regular line extension of Aberlour.

Klubi Funny Scotch Whiskey Glass

This scotch crystal glass is designed in a modern way. It is made with durable and excellent quality materials, but what makes this eye-catching is its print that says, Im not drinking alone, Im social distancing.

It would make a great present, especially that its relatable these days. It will surely make the receiver laugh out loud.

Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Wood Watch

These handsome watches will blow his whiskey loving mind. Made from reclaimed wood from American Oak Bourbon Barrels he will swear he can still smell the hint of whiskey. Available in multiple colors and styles with leather or bracelet bands any whiskey lover would be thrilled to receive this amazing gift.

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A Sweet Way To Show Your Appreciation For Their Hard Work

Not sure what to get your coworker or employee whos retiring? You can never go wrong with a food gift basket. This delicious set has the perfect blend of sweet, salty, and savory with plenty of unique snacks and even a bottle of champagne. This amazing gift basket will definitely show your appreciation for their many years of hard work! As soon as they get this incredible retirement gift basket, theyll want to try everything inside. When theyre done, theyll have a lovely faux leather box to use for storing all kinds of things.

What Do You Get A Man For His Retirement

31+ Best Retirement Gifts To Send A Man Off In Style [2020 ...

Retirement gift ideas for men need to focus on their hobbies and interests. After all, they are going to have much more time to enjoy their interests now. Awards and plaques are great when it is from a manager or team member, but if you know them more intimately make sure you get a retirement gift for him that is unique to what he enjoys in life, and he will be forever grateful!

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A Creative & Custom Cocktail Gift Set

Part of enjoying retirement is going all-in on hobbies. Before, he had to limit his time because he had a work schedule to deal with, but now, hes got all the time in the world! Make him the cocktail connoisseur hes always wanted to be with this unique cocktail smoker kit. Instead of enjoying the same Whiskey Sours or Old Fashioneds for the rest of his days, now he can infuse them. Using the smoke, he can take things like cedar or thyme and infuse their smoke into his drink. Talk about a creative and fun retirement gift idea!

A Manly Retirement Gift

You want to give a really great retirement gift, but you dont want to make them feel old. However, if theyve got a sense of humor about being over 65, you should get them something a little more fun like this ammo can set. The design pokes fun at their age in a classy vintage-inspired style, and they will love every piece in the set. The two double old-fashioned glasses are great for a classic scotch on the rocks with a good friend or loved one. Theyll also love the cigar accessories, as you can never have too many lighters or cigar cutters. Best of all, the awesome ammo box was actually used in the military and has been repurposed to be a custom engraved storage container for anything your retiree wants from tools to keepsakes!

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A Helpful Book To Get Them Started On Their Own Bucket List

A lot of people who retire like to complete their bucket list, which is a list of things theyve always wanted to experience but never had the time until now. However, not everyone has a good idea of what they want to do after retirement! Help them out with this cool pre-made bucket list of 1000 things to do on every continent. From visiting the tropical Galapagos Islands to watching the Northern Lights, theres plenty of amazing things that they will want to do. This handy guide will help your retiree create their very own bucket list, or they might even try to do all 1000 things!

Give This Gift Your Best Shot

Globe Whiskey Decanter Set with Globe Glasses! Best gift for mens!

The ideal way for a scotch-lover to end the day at the range, celebrate a hunt, or even enjoy their love of guns, is with a set that puts their love right into their drink! These engraved scotch gifts also come with which are the perfect way for the person who loves scotch to chill their drink. Not only are they functional, but theyll feel like the coolest person in the room when they get to have the most unique way to have an ice-cold glass of scotch!

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Port Ellen/brora Casks Of Distinction $880000 To $15 Million

Why buy dad a mere bottle of whisky when you can buy him a whole barrel of impossibly rare single malt from distilleries that shuttered decades ago? Well, theres about a million and a half reasons why, which is what either of these casks are expected to retrieve when they go under the hammer on June 14th at Sothebys in London. Thats quite a stately sum for what will amount to around 145 bottles worth of juice per cask. But parent company Diageo has found a few novel ways to add value. For one, you can choose to keep the casks in their bonded warehouses for an additional five years beyond the purchase date. For two, they come with bespoke artwork from internationally acclaimed artists. The purchaser of the Port Ellen receives a sculpture from industrial designer Ini Archibong, while the Brora winner gets to go on a shoot in Scotland with photographer Trey Ratcliff. The images collected along the way will eventually adorn the bottles that come out of the barrel. So dad gets a memorable vacation to go along with his unforgettable scotch. You cant put a price tag on thatalthough Sothebys might disagree.

Haus Deluxe Cocktail Kit

Whether this gift is used at home or in an office, this luxury cocktail kit is a great way to send off your boss in style. Imagine how fun the retirement party can be once you open a few of these aperitif boxes up! The Deluxe Cocktail Kit includes six natural apéritifs and a cocktail book with over 20 simple, delicious recipes. Each 200ml bottle is perfectly sized for 2-3 drinks. Besides being an incredible employee appreciation, client appreciation, or retirement gift, this cocktail kit also is made with clean ingredients, zero artificial stuff, and minimal sugar.

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For The Retiree Who Is Really Into Whiskey

The most impressive retirement gift ideas for a whiskey lover is not just any old bottle of liquor, but this complete whiskey tasting glass set! Each glass has a different effect on the spirit and some are designed for specific types of whiskey. For example, the glass on the far left is a Canadian Glencairn, which is ideal for trying Canadian whisky. The whiskey-loving retiree will also have a classic old-fashioned glass for the namesake cocktail or a scotch on the rocks, an original Glencairn for tasting every note and detecting every aroma, a double old-fashioned glass thats best for cocktails and slow-sipping a larger amount of whiskey, and a snifter for brandy or cognac. Plus, theyll also get a set of whiskey stones to properly enjoy every full-flavored drop.

Highland Park Cask Strength Edition No 1

Personalised Retirement 12 Year Old Malt Whisky &  Gift Box

This single malt is the first of an expected series from the Orkney Islands brand. Highland Park Master Whisky Maker Gordon Motion selected and then married the casks for this batch which includes single malts of various ages. The casks featured in this batch are predominantly American oak sherry-seasoned casks. Batch No. 1 was released globally as of September 2020 and is bottled at 63.3% ABV.

The peat is moderate on the palate with a bit of spice and moss. Fruit surrounds the dram, primarily citrus and orchard fruits. Despite the proof, the dram has plenty to show without adding water. However if you do, youll bring out more spice on the nose and a little chocolate. The finish is bittersweet and tangy with a mix of fruit, moss and peat. Its a nice bang for your buck!

Flavor Profile: Fruity & Sweet

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Regal Sign For The Home Bar

Send off your retiree in style with a custom sign that will add a touch of luxury to their home. This regal sign will make them feel like a king or queen every time they see it. The beautiful gold touches are eye-catching and stylish, but not so much that the sign will clash with the decor. Whether their home bar is themed after an English pub or is simply classy, this unique sign will give it the finishing, personal touch they were missing.

Hot Sox Slack Crew Socks

Looking dapper for a special event takes a suit, a pair of slacks, shiny shoes, and cool-looking socks. Show your love for scotch by wearing these long black socks designed with brandy snifters and cigars.

They are made from a mixture of cotton, polyester, nylon, and spandex and utilize advanced knitting methods to achieve a comfortable and fashionable look.

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Zmart Funny Saying Socks

Word art is a good source of humor. At one glance, this pair of socks look perfectly standard – a gray background with black accents. But when you see the bottom, chances are, youll let out a laugh.

The stitching message is hilarious to show ones appreciation for scotch whiskey. The socks are made from 80% cotton, so they are comfy, stretchable, and soft, allowing your feet to breathe. They are also convenient, making them the best gift for scotch lovers.

Create Their Own Whiskey Label

Dad’s 70th Birthday Christmas Eve Surprise Corvette Gift

You might think that people who love whiskey would be overjoyed to receive a bottle of it as a gift, but you could do so much better. Unless its a really rare bottle, theyve likely tried it already and may not even like it! When it comes to whiskey lovers, even someone whos retiring and has a well-developed palate for certain types of it has always dreamt of their own whiskey label. You might not be able to give them a distillery as a retirement gift, but you can help them out with the label part. This complete decanter set is totally customizable to make their very own one-of-a-kind official whiskey label. Each piece is engraved with the design and it will look fantastic in their home bar. They will proudly display this amazing decanter set for all to see and admire in their home forever when theyre not using it to serve guests with the awesome glasses and decanter.

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Froolu Personalized Whiskey Glasses

Sure, you can pick a random set of scotch glasses to give to a friend, but personalized ones will make them feel more special. And you can do so with Froolu! All you have to do is send them a design of a logo or a persons name, and they will do the rest.

The whiskey glasses themselves have a good weight and a sturdy and thick base. Furthermore, the etchings are clear and sharp.

For The Man On The Move

While this flask gift set may be on the smaller side of retirement gift basket ideas for a man, there is no denying that he will get use out of it all the time. After all, a flask is incredibly versatile. When he is out enjoying his day, he can have a few nips while he is fishing in waders, during his time in the shop when he is sanding his handcrafted boat, or even use it for special occasions where a toast is needed!

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Personalized Retirement Games Bundle

If the first chapter of life wasnt all fun and games, the good news is that retirement can be. In fact, the Retirement Games Bundle ensures that it will be! These personalized printable PDF games include This or That?, Word Scramble with an answer key, Retirement Feud with an answer key, Who Knows The Retiree Best?, Has The Retiree Ever?, and Well Wishes For A Retiree. Simply and play at your next retirement party and let the fun and hilarity ensue!

Retirement Gift Box Set

Personalised Retirement 12 Year Old Malt Whisky &  Gold Gift Box

The Retirement Gift Box Set is like getting a spa in a box. The spa element of the gift box includes a tranquil lavender soy wax candle, lavender natural castile soap, peppermint-shea lip balm, relaxing rose petal bath bomb, uplifting orange bath bomb, an engraved wooden heart with a customized inspirational message, a heartfelt greeting card, and an optional add-on like a gold necklace or other items. Plus the jewelry portion of this luxury gift box comes with more than a dozen other incredible additions. DearAvaGifts ensures that everything featured in the box is of premium quality.

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Stogie And Whiskey Caddy

For the guy who loves to hold court and entertain his company. Him and his buddies can’t be weighted down with all hands filled, they need to regale each other with stories of wild nights and philosophical musings. This cigar and whiskey caddy is the perfect center piece for his nights hosting the guys. The Stogie Caddy includes 4 whiskey glasses with cigar rests and a removable magnetic center ashtray perfect for easy cleaning. This unique gift is one of our favorite whiskey gifts if your guy likes to enjoy a cigar while drinking his whiskey.

The Dude Movie Poster

This handmade 11×17-inch poster is printed on high quality card stock. The Dude Movie Poster features Jeff Bridges as his famous character from the instant cult classic The Big Lebowski. After a well-earned retirement begins, nothing will help the retiree make a smooth transition quite like laughing. Besides, this funny gift will remind them to stay as zen as The Dude.

After all, The Dude abides. Be sure to check through the sample pictures prior to purchasing. Another cool thing about this poster is that its actually a digital oil painting instead of a photo, so the recipient is getting a high quality work of art they can proudly hang in the living room.

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Bonus: Da Vinci Genius Journal

Da Vinci spent his life pursuing his interests whether that was in human anatomy, the advancement of flight, painting, or drawing and his interests were endless. Part of his genius was his curiosity. The Da Vinci Genius Journal encourages retirees to jot down goals, hopes, and dreams to pursue their passions for the rest of their lives, and to discover their own genius.

Stunning Lady Boss Retirement Gifts

She’s Wore a Yellow Ribbon | Retirement Day

1. A Beautiful Necklace With A Message Of Love

The ultimate retirement gift for a boss who likes to wear jewelry is a necklace, and what could be more suitable than a necklace with a heartfelt sentiment? The words happy retirement are etched on a sterling silver necklace that comes with this item. Its simple, beautiful, and certain to make your employer feel like a million bucks! When your boss wears it, your name will be on their mind.

2. A Jewellery Storage

As a retirement gift for a boss, a jewelry box is ideal because it can be used to hold their most prized possessions. The top cover of this jewelry box has poignant sentiments wishing your boss all the best in her new life, which makes it the perfect gift.

What can you do to make it even more memorable? The jewelry box should be filled with false items of jewelry for your boss to admire. When it comes to retirement gifts, a fake diamond can be an excellent choice.

3. A Gift Basket Full Of Spa Products

A deluxe spa gift basket is a wonderful retirement gift for the woman who is a leader and wants to enjoy spending time resting at the end of the day. This gift basket contains everything you need for a relaxing at-home spa treatment and will let your boss unwind after a long career. It is enriched with natural ingredients, including coconut oil, to keep your bosss skin supple, perfumed, and hydrated.

4. A Meaningful Canvas Prints

5. A Gorgeous Angel Figurine

6. A Basket For A Picnic

7. Retiring Floral Tribute

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Courage & Conviction American Single Malt Whisky

Greg Goodson

The phrase, Have the courage of your convictions originated in France but it was also a favorite saying of the late Dr. George G. Moore, who founded the Virginia Distillery Company that produces this craft spirit. Consequently, it became the name of Dr. Moores original whisky, which he purposely spelled without an e, as a tribute to the Scottish style of whisky making. Still family owned, individual bottlings taken from the trio of casks used in the creation of the flagship single malt whiskeybourbon, sherry and red wineare available, but we favor the original whisky, which is composed of spirits aged in 50 percent ex-bourbon casks, 25 percent sherry casks and 25 percent red wine casks. This double copper pot-distilled spirit is bursting with spicy notes of fruit, cocoa, caramel and butterscotch, with a smooth and creamy finish. Befitting its name, each bottle comes with a magnetically held Courage & Conviction medal that may be removed and carried as an inspirational pocket piece.

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