Buying A Retirement Home In Another State


When Should You Buy A Home

Buying or renting a second home in retirement…what is the better option?

Heres an interesting thought: maybe you should rent for as long as you can.

Financially, its hard to buy a home because its a terrible investment. The money youre sinking into maintenance and property taxes could be compounding in a stock index fund at 5% above inflation, while your land is only gaining value at the rate of inflation and your home is constantly depreciating.

Even worse, the emotions of behavioral financial psychology will derail that cold-hearted logic every time. We humans want to own a place where we can feel the illusion of control: no whimsical landlords, no rent increases, and painting the walls any color we want. We still might move every 2-10 years, darn it, but we want to be in charge of that decision.

Heres the compromise: rent for as long as you can, and buy the home when you have the time to do it right. The downside is that youll make an extra move which you might have made anyway.

Renting and then making an extra move is still better than buying a home and moving two years later.

Finding The Best State For You To Retire

It’s easy to see that every state has its pros and cons when it comes to things like weather, scenery, cost of living, and so on.

However, finding the best state to retire in is going to be very personal.

Having as much free cash at the end of the month could be your reasoning to choose one state over another, while for someone else, it could be staying in a place with constant good weather.

Of course, no matter what state you decide to retire in, you should contact a real estate agent, so they can help you find your dream home.

How To Buy A Home After Retirement

Even if you’ve owned your current home for decades, you may remember some details about getting your first mortgage. As a retiree, you might notice some changes to the homebuying process that could bring about new challenges. Mortgage qualifications are tougher for second homes, which could mean you need a larger down payment and/or a higher credit score. Proving retirement income can be challenging as well. Before you apply for a mortgage, it’s important to assess your income and consider your options for making a down payment.

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Financing A Second Home If You’re Years Away From Retiring Can Be Tricky Business

So you’re thinking of buying a retirement home, but you’re still years away from retirement. Many of your friends already own a second house. But can you swing it?

We asked Barry Taylor, a certified financial planner with Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough, a wealth-management firm in San Francisco, to run some numbers. Of course, everyone’s financial situation is different, but the three common scenarios we chose for review provide guidelines for many preretirees mulling a second-home purchase.

THE BASICS: Buying a Vacation Home

Each scenario assumes that a couple, both 55, plan to retire in ten years. They have a $1 million portfolio growing at 8% a year. Several years ago, they refinanced their house for major renovations, so they still have a mortgage of $200,000 that they’ll pay off in 12 years. Their house is now worth $500,000.

The couple’s annual disposable income is $60,000 — after they pay income taxes, spend $35,000 on housing-related costs and make the maximum contributions each year to their 401 plans . They’re considering a retirement house that costs $350,000. Both the first and second houses will appreciate by 2% a year.

At the end of the ten years, the couple sells the first house for $610,000. After paying off the mortgage and sales-related charges, they will net $400,000, which they will use to pay off debt on the second house. The rest goes into the taxable account.

Tips On Homebuying Once Retired

Buying and Selling Stigmatized Property: An In

If you have chosen the location you wish to retire to, and youâre ready to start searching for potential homes, there are several important factors to keep in mind throughout your search.

Ian Atkins, analyst and staff writer for Fit Small Business, has eight years of experience in personal finance and small business lending. He encourages retirees to consider how accomplishing the tasks they need to do can influence their home search choices.

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying a home in retirement. But retirees need to make smart decisions about what type of property they purchase and how they pay for that property. A well-considered purchase of a new home could easily make retirement more affordable and more enjoyable. On the other hand, rushing in without considering the very predictable changes that will occur during retirement can lead to a great deal of stress, financial and otherwise, during retirement.We all hope to experience excellent health in retirement, but the truth is that our bodies will begin to show their age. Retirees should consider how changes in their health, energy and mobility will impact their housing choices.

  • How far are you willing to commute to receive the services you regularly use?
  • Will you need to hire people to help for basic upkeep and maintenance of your property and, if so, how readily available and affordable is that help?
  • Will you be able to deal with fixer-upper projects ?

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Create The Life You Want In Retirement

Whether your last day at work is a long way off or you are ready to start buying retirement property today, the expert advice is the same: start planning now. Take the time to think about both big-picture issues like location, and small details like your daily lifestyle. Considering all of these factors will help you come up with the best plan possible for your housing once you have retired. Contact a PennyMac Loan Officer today to begin your journey to a great retirement.

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Finding An Experienced Real Estate Agent

Once youâre approved for a mortgage, itâs crucial that you hire an experienced local real estate agent. As discussed earlier, there are specific features you need in a home if youâre buying after retirement.

Looking for homes that check all the boxes isnât easy. An expert local real estate agent can help you out here. They know what to look for and they know how to get it for a good price. Real estate agents will also help you with all the paperwork and negotiations involved.

One way to hire an experienced local real estate agent is by getting in touch with a Clever Partner Agent. They are full-service agents who work for a flat fee of $3000 or 1% if you buy a home for more than $350,000.

Clever only partners with the very best agents in any given area. This way, you can rest assured that the best in the business are representing you.

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Work With The Right Real Estate Agent For You When Buying A Home In Another State It’s Essential To Do Your Research

That can lead to frustration. If i buy a second home in florida, can i count florida as my residence for state tax purposes? There’s the beach, with the gulf of mexico on one side of the state and the atlantic ocean on the other. Search online listings of homes as well as for an experienced real estate agent who specializes in the local neighborhoods. When purchasing a retirement home, many older people think that they cannot be eligible for mortgages. With careful planning, this can be a very valuable and significant option. Technology is helpful, but nothing beats the work of friends, family, new neighbors, relocation specialists and a skilled real estate agent. All of these will be important to keep in mind as you begin your search. If you’re considering purchasing a second home, florida has a ton going for it. However, you can still get a mortgage rather easily after retirement. The more affordable your retirement home is, the less likely you are to find yourself hunting for another place to live when you are older. A simultaneous closing is very difficultif not impossibleto orchestrate if a buyer is selling an existing home to buy one in another state. For example, koss says, someone with $1 million in retirement assets would be allowed to include.

Most real estate companies say you should always buy in areas in which you are familiar, and you should visit the house before purchasing the property.

Buying A Condo Isn’t Like Buying A House

Should You Buy A Second Home – Some Things To Consider

As a condo owner, unlike being the owner of a single-family home, you’re part of a community where majority rules. That can lead to frustration. The condo board might use a portion of your monthly homeowners’ association dues to pay for amenities you don’t want. Other condo owners in your building might vote against improvements you favor.

“You co-share ownership with neighbors, and you can’t pretend you’re there on your own,” says Reba Haas, a Seattle real estate agent.

That’s why its so essential to review the condo buildings financial records, budget, bylaws and other documents before purchasing. Friendly warning: they can range from 125 to 200 pages. “Most people get bored after the first three pages,” says Haas. “That’s a mistake.”

Before purchasing a retirement condo, make sure you investigate these eight factors to ascertain whether its likely to be a retirement haven or an investment hell:

1. What information must the seller provide? Condo seller-disclosure laws differ by state. For example, Washington state requires the seller to provide the buyer with a resale certificate that includes a copy of the current reserve study, , bylaws, assessments and other documents.

You can look up your states disclosure laws here, but it’s a good idea to verify on your state legislature’s site.

In Marsh’s case, the board funded the reserve at just the minimum required by state law. “They didn’t know that would lead them to be upside down in the reserve fund,” he says.

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National Association Of Realtors View On Retirement Home

Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist at the National Association of Realtors , explains:

The pandemic was unexpected, working from home was unexpected, but nonetheless many companies realized that workers can be just as productive working from homeWe may begin to see a boost in people buying retirement homes before their retirement.

The 20th annual Transamerica Retirement Survey shows that 3 out of every 4 retirees own their own homes , and only 23% have hypothecary debt . Almost 4 out of 10 retirees have moved to a new home since retirement. They benefit by marketing their existing homes and using their equity to buy their new retirement homes in todays low-inventory market. Its a victory.

Potential Remodeling Costs In The Area

Even if your home isnt exactly a fixer-upper, you may want to invest in some renovations down the road. Its always a good idea to look into remodeling costs in your new city. Remodeling costs are different depending on location a lot of this has to do with material costs and the cost of home improvement labor from one region to the next, Bodrozic said. A good practice is to financially plan out all the items on any potential remodel, do some product shopping research, and get multiple bids from qualified contractors.

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Second Homes Can Be A Dicey Investment

Anyone who remembers the housing crisis knows that home values are not guaranteed. After the housing market peaked in 2006, values plummeted by 33 percent nationally, wiping out equity and forcing homeowners into foreclosure.

Many experts agree that residential real estate is not necessarily the best way to invest money, so for folks who want to build wealth buying another home might not be fertile ground.

Many people mistakenly believe that real estate is a good and safe investment, says Robert R. Johnson, professor of finance, Heider College of Business, Creighton University.They fall prey to stories of real estate values rising dramatically over long periods of time. What they dont realize is that from 1890 to 1990 the inflation-adjusted appreciation in U.S. housing was just about zero. That amazes people, but it shouldnt be so amazing because the cost of construction and labor has been going down.

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9 Tips for Selling a House in Poor Condition

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Can You Buy A Home In One State If You Live In Another State

It is definitely possible to buy a home in a different state but there are several points to keep in mind. The most important considerations are if the property is going to be your primary residence and your employment situation.

Buying a home in another state is easiest if you plan to live in the property and there are no significant interruptions or changes with your job. This usually means that you stay in your current job, transfer positions with your current employer or find a job with a new employer before your apply for the mortgage.

Having a job is important when you apply for a mortgage because lenders need to understand your income and type of employment to determine the loan you qualify for. Keep in mind that your job does not need to be located in the same state as the property you buy.

Additionally, if you plan to move into the property, you should qualify for a primary residence mortgage. Also, if you sell or move out of your current home, the lender only includes the housing expense — mortgage payment, property tax and homeowners insurance — for your new home in your debt-to-income ratio, which makes it easier to get approved for the loan.

We recommend that you contact multiple lenders in the table below to confirm their loan terms and qualification guidelines. Comparing lenders is also the best way to save money on your mortgage. Shopping lenders on FREEandCLEAR is always free and does not affect your credit.

  • Top Lenders

Tips For Your Financial Well

  • The purchase of a second home is not a small decision. Even one wrong move could be disastrous for your overall financial health. Financial advisors often have experience combining many aspects of someones finances, including homebuying, taxes, retirement planning and more. The SmartAsset financial advisor matching tool will pair you up with as many as three local advisors who can help you comfortably integrate a second home into your life.
  • Many Americans select their bank accounts and let them sit without exploring what else is out there. This can be especially detrimental for your savings. A prolonged pairing with a weak annual percentage yield could doom you to even lower-than-average returns. Take a look over our best savings accounts for this year to maximize your banking experience.

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Dont Get Lured By Your Dream Location

Have you painted yourself an idyllic picture of your retirement life? Maybe you see yourself lounging on the porch of a tropical beachside bungalow, or tending the gardens of a quaint little historic farmhouse in the countryside.

If you buy one of these dream homes without ever experiencing the lifestyle it provides, you may find a nightmare waiting for you instead.

I had a client who wanted to retire on a lot of on acreage out in the country where they could just relax by themselves. But buying that dream property didnt live up to their expectations, says Lewis.

My clients found that they didnt enjoy paying the massive water bill or spending one full day a week on a riding lawn mower. Plus, they didnt want to be tied to maintaining all that acreage when they could spend that time traveling.

What Needs To Be Done When Closing The Home Im Not Living In

Buying a Second Home in Florida // *Bonus Financial Model Demo*

Finally, how you prepare for leaving one home to go to the other will determine the success of your two-home lifestyle. There are many things to consider when closing one home and opening the other:

  • Bank with a national bank
  • Forwarding mail
  • Place timers on lights so the house doesnt look vacant
  • Let neighbors know youre leaving
  • Turn off the water main, especially if the home youre leaving is going to be vacant during freezing weather
  • Unplug major appliances
  • Hire a cleaning service to make sure youre not coming back to a big mess

Theres no question: getting away from the cold or the heat, depending on where you live, has many great benefits. Having two homes can mean spending your retirement where its most comfortable.

Planning ahead, calculating the risk and making wise decisions can help make owning two homes the best decision you can make.

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