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Temporary Annuity

The disability lawyers at Cantrell Green are among the few attorneys who understand and specialize in CalPERS disability benefits. If you are unsure if qualify for CalPERs disability and/or other disability retirement benefits, call our experienced lawyers today. We would be happy to help you determine your eligibility for disability retirement under the CalPERs system.

What Is An Enhanced Industrial Disability Retirement Benefit

Patrol members in Bargaining Unit 5 of the Department of California Highway Patrol, are the only CalPERS members currently eligible for an enhanced industrial disability retirement benefit.

You must have sustained a serious bodily injury as the result of a single event and must be unable to participate in substantial gainful employment.

Model Order A Cash Out

The Cash Out option is really a sub-option of the Model Order A, account segregation approach.

If the Non-Employee Spouse chooses to segregate, one possible payout option CalPERS will offer to the Non-Employee Spouse will be cashing out the mandatory service contributions made during the years assigned to the Non-Member Spouse.

Note that this would include mandatory contributions plus interest, but NOT any of the employer-side contributions to the benefits.

Choosing to cash out is almost always fiscally irresponsible and would be against the advice of any Certified Divorce Financial Analyst wroth their salt, absent extreme circumstances .

The value under a cash-out is far less than choosing a life annuity as a sub-option under the segregation approach.

You should absolutely consider discussing this with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst if you are considering this option.

If the Non-Member spouse chooses this approach, the Member Spouse can buy back the lost years of service, by re-depositing the amount of funds the Non-Member Spouse cashed out, making it as if the Member Spouse was never married to the Non-Member Spouse.

If the Member Spouse does not have the money to buy back the lost years of service, then the Member Spouse can work additional years to earn them back.

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Why Are They Important

IDL is a wage continuation program for some Government Workers. This can include people who work for the State of California, such as Government Agencies or Universities, as well as Teachers who work for Public School Districts. These employees must be members of the California Public Retirement System or the State Teachers Retirement System

IDL is paid in lieu of the regular Workers Compensation Total Temporary Disability Benefits .

How Is Someone Eligible


There are a number of requirements that are necessary for an Injured Worker to be eligible to receive IDL benefits.

First, the Injured Worker must be an active member of CALPERS or STRS. Second, the Adjusting Agency for their Workers Compensation Claim has found the disability as industrially caused. Third, the Industrially Injured Worker has chosen to receive IDL or did not respond to make a choice to elect or deny the benefit. Fourth, the Injured Worker has been unable to work as a result of injury or illness since the third calendar day of disability following the day of injury or illness, or the first day the injured employee leaves work as a result of an injury resulting from a criminal act of violence against the employee, orthe first day of hospitalization, orthe day following the injury if the employee is absent from work for more than 14 calendar days because of the injury.

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What Is The Processing Time For Each Calpers Model

Once the DRO is filed, judges typically take 3-6 weeks to sign the DRO. This means it takes about two months in a best-case scenario before submission to CalPERS.

After CalPERS receives the order, the time it takes to process the request will vary.

With Model A, it takes about 6-10 weeks for review and approval. Models B and C take much longer, depending on your situation.

CalPERS sets a targeted processing timeframe of 60 days to review a proposed or filed order after they receive it.

If you have submitted a retirement application, you will receive benefit payments within 60 days after CalPERS determines the order is acceptable, the application received date, or your retirement date, whichever is later.

In addition to receipt of a certified copy of the DRO, CalPERS requires a joinder be filed. You can access a free joinder generator here if you wish to prepare and file the joinder yourself.

Calpers Industrial Disability Retirement

Industrial Disability Retirement is available to most safety workers whose work related injury renders that employee substantially incapacitated, and prevents the employee from performing the usual duties of his or her position.

The primary advantage of IDR is that the first 50% of monthly gross earnings is non-taxable. If an employee sustains one or more work injuries so severe that the employee is unable to perform essential job functions, then IDR is a consideration.

CalPERS offers a worksheet on its website that enables an employee to compare what benefits would be available for Service Retirement, Disability Retirement, and Industrial Disability Retirement.

For example, an injured employee who has not yet reached retirement age would receive an IDR of 50% of the regular monthly salary. However, if that employee was eligible for service retirement, the IDR would be a minimum of 50% but if he or she was eligible for more than 50% , the employee would receive the higher percentage, and the first 50% would be non-taxable.

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How Much Are Idl Payments How Long Do They Last

The IDL benefits are the equivalent to the full amount of the Injured Workers salary for the first 22 days of the work-related injury or illness . Thereafter, IDL benefits will be equivalent to two-thirds of the Injured Workers salary, payable for the next eleven months of disability.

IDL payments are based on the actual number of workdays the Injured Worker is absent. An eligible employee may receive IDL payments for a period not to exceed 52 weeks within two years from the first day of disability. The 52-week eligibility period is equivalent to 365 calendar days.

Police And Firefighter Disability Retirement

CalPERS Funding Risk Mitigation Policy Updated Webinar | July 15, 2021

For local agency safety membersâgenerally city police officers and firefightersâan industrial disability retirement pension certified to CalPERS by the employer is a benefit that must be negotiated or litigated in addition to the workers’ compensation injury claim.

For county employees, such as deputy sheriffs and personnel covered for a service-connected disability retirement pension, an application must be submitted to the county retirement board and litigated if denied.

In many cases, a properly prepared retirement application and evidence package can result in certification of the pension benefit at the administrative level, thus avoiding prolonged litigation and expenses. However, a retirement application may be denied by the employer for other reasons, including personnel actions and political pressures. Attorneys from the law firm of Gordon, Edelstein, Krepack, Grant, Felton & Goldstein, LLP have the experience and knowledge to resolve or litigate these cases through all stages of the process to reverse or avoid a denial and recover the pension benefit.

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Disability & Industrial Disability Retirement

If you have a disabling injury or illness that prevents you from performing your usual job duties with your current employer, you may be eligible for disability or industrial disability retirement. If your disability or industrial disability retirement is approved, you’ll receive a monthly retirement payment for the rest of your life or until you recover from your injury or illness.

An injury or illness that doesn’t need to be job related A job-related illness or injury
Age Requirement None
Vesting Requirement

Generally, you must have at least five years of service credit to be eligible. members must have 10 years.

Some exceptions apply to the service requirement. Contact us to see if you qualify.


If you’re a patrol member in Bargaining Unit 5 of the Department of California Highway Patrol, you may be eligible for an enhanced industrial disability retirement benefit. You must have sustained a serious bodily injury as the result of a single event and must be unable to participate in substantial gainful employment.

Do I Need A Dro If I Have Been Able To Keep My Calpers Intact As A Sole Owner After A Divorce

If you negotiate a settlement with your spouse that enables you to retain complete and sole ownership of your CalPERS account following a divorce, then you probably do not need a DRO.

But you must make absolutely sure that the divorce decree definitively spells out that your spouses community property interest no longer exists as it relates to your CalPERS benefit.

This may not be possible if the PERS member has already retired and is collecting their monthly benefit.

CalPERS must see the entire court order. The copy must be complete and filed orders should contain a legible filed stamp and the judges signature.

Additionally, you might need to file a dismissal of your previously filed joinder to release all community holds. You can dismiss your joinder utilizing judicial council form CIV-110, which you can find using a simple google search.

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After You Submit Your Application

We’ll send you an acknowledgment letter after we receive your retirement application. We may also contact you if we have questions or need additional information.

Approximately two weeks before your first retirement warrant, weâll mail you a First Payment Acknowledgment Letter that provides important information about your service retirement, including the date and amount of your first retirement check.

You may sign up to receive your retirement checks through direct deposit at the same time you submit your retirement application. To set up direct deposit online, log in to myCalPERS. Go to the Retirement tab and select Payment Options. Alternatively, you can complete and mail the Direct Deposit Authorization to:

CalPERS Benefit Services Division

Calpers Special Power Of Attorney


A CalPERS Special Power of Attorney allows you to designate a representative or agent, known as your attorney-in-fact, to conduct your retirement affairs. Having a Special Power of Attorney on file with CalPERS ensures that your designated attorney-in-fact will be able to perform important duties concerning your CalPERS business, such as address changes federal or state tax withholding elections lost or stolen retirement checks endorsing checks beneficiary designations or retirement benefit elections, should you become unable to act on your own behalf.Further information and the required form are available on the CalPERS website review the publication CalPERS Special Power of Attorney. Read it over very carefully before completing. To be valid the form must be fully completed and must be acknowledged before a notary public or signed by two witnesses. The person agreeing to act as attorney-in-fact must also sign the form. Any previous designations will be revoked by completing a new form.In the event you have any questions concerning the effects of the appointment of an attorney-in-fact you are strongly urged to seek legal advice.

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How Long Will It Take For My Calpers Disability Retirement To Be Approved

The length of time it takes to obtain approval typically depends largely upon how long it takes CalPERS to get all of the necessary employment and medical documentation . Delays are usually the result of the employee and/or one of his or her medical providers failing to supply the required records and forms in a timely manner.

Often the best way to ensure the fastest processing time for a CalPERs disability retirement claim is to hire an experienced lawyer who can ensure that all forms and documentation are properly submitted in a timely fashion.

Calpers Disability Retirement Timelines

It is important to note the strict timelines and filing requirements connected to a disability retirement application. Many applications are denied due to incomplete or untimely submission. If you are an injured worker covered for a disability retirement benefit, it is important to immediately consult with an attorney to protect your legal interests. GEK attorneys have decades of expertise helping injured safety members in Southern California with their public safety retirement needs. We are here to help. If you would like to speak with a GEK attorney about your legal options, please call 213-739-7000.

The following are additional resources and publications that you may find helpful.

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How Is A Calpers Pension Divided In A California Divorce

There are three different ways a CalPERS pension plan can be divided.

These three different ways are referenced in the CalPERS community property booklet as:

  • Model Order A
  • Model Order B
  • Model Order C
  • The domestic relations orders that are prepared by QDRO preparers or QDRO attorneys must follow one of these approaches to be approved by CalPERS.

    The decision to pick Model Order A or Model Order B division methods belongs exclusively to the Non-Member/Non-Employee spouse ).

    Also, if the Member is already retired, there are no options to choose from and the already retired Model Order C format must be used.

    How Long Until I Start Getting My Calpers Disability Retirement Benefits

    Your Retirement Estimate and Payment Options

    After CalPERS receives your disability retirement application, they will send you an acknowledgment letter. Once they have received all of the required documentation and forms, they begin the review process to see whether the information is considered current and complete, and if a determination can be made. In many cases, CalPERS will request additional documentation and/or an independent medical examination.

    Generally, disability or industrial disability retirement applications take three months or longer, after CalPERS has received all the requested information. Every time CalPERS decides they require additional information, the determination process is delayed.

    Hiring a skilled and experienced CalPERS retirement disability attorney can help ensure that all of the necessary information and documentation is submitted, which can help expedite the application process considerably.

    Once a CalPERS disability retirement application is approved, the employee is considered officially retired and they will begin receiving their monthly benefit payment from CalPERS within four to six weeks.

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    Utilize Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits

    If you are unable to return to work after one year, do not despair. If your employer has no modified work, and you continue to be disabled, Temporary Disability benefits are payable for up to one year in addition to 4850 pay. That means that first responders are entitled to up to two years of pay for any industrial injury.

    TD is payable at the lower, statutory rate of two-thirds of your average salary, up to a maximum weekly rate depending on your date of injury . Some Memorandum of Understanding allow you to supplement TD with sick leave or other accrued time. And, if you have a disability policy, you can often use that to increase your weekly rate.

    Is Disability Retirement Subject To Community Property Division In California Divorce

    In California, all types of retirement benefits are considered community property, including disability and industrial disability retirement.

    However, the community interest in a disability benefit is generally limited to what would have been the members non-disability service retirement, not what is actually being paid as disability.

    Any enhancements to the pension entitlement that are derived from the disability are considered the Members separate property.

    Such enhancements might include the tax savings from a non-taxable payment increases to the base payment that would have otherwise been lower for a non-disability retirement payments made prior to the earliest date a member spouse would have otherwise been eligible to commence drawing from CalPERS, until the member spouse reaches their earliest retirement age.

    It is important to note that even if the Parties agree that a Non-Member spouse should receive a portion of a tax-free benefit payment from CalPERS due from a disability, the IRS will not allow it.

    Under Fernandez v. C.I.R. 138 T.C. no. 20 disability benefits paid to nonmember spouse under a DRO are taxable to the Nonmember Spouse even if tax-free to Member.

    Therefore, to the maximum extent possible, Non-Member Spouse should be awarded his/her share of the benefits from the taxable portion of Members benefit

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    Who Can Qualify For Industrial Disability Retirement


    State safety officers, peace officers, firefighter, patrol officers, local safety officers and certain State or local miscellaneous member whose employer contracts for industrial disability retirement benefits are typically eligible to receive this type of job-related disability retirement.

    Additionally, a State industrial CalPERs member may qualify for industrial disability retirement if the disability is the result of a direct violent attack by an inmate or parolee of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, the Youth Authority, or a forensic facility of the Department of Mental Health.

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