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What Age Is Considered Early For Retirement

ð´Should I Take Social Security Benefits at age 62 and Retire Early and Enjoy my Retirement Years?

Defining an “early retirement” might seem subjective, but there are a few specific ages that government agencies use to give financial planners guidelines. One common definition of an early retirement age is any earlier than 65that’s when Medicare benefits kick in.

It isn’t just the lack of Medicare benefits that early retirees have to plan for. Here are some of the milestone ages for retirees, along with some ways for early retirees to work around them.

Reason #: Retire Early If You Want To Stay Healthier Longer

Theres no doubt that working and being active can help you stay healthy much longer than sitting with your feet up. But not all work is good for you sometimes its detrimental to your health.

Retiring at 62 from a backbreaking job or one with a disproportionately high level of stress can help you retain, or regain, your good health and keep it longer.

Just be sure to have a plan for being mentally, socially and physically active. Jobs are good for keeping you engaged, but not the only way.

You’ll Be Penalized If You Work

Before you reach full retirement age, any money you earn from a job can affect your Social Security benefits. In 2021, for example, Social Security will deduct $1 from your benefits for each $2 you earn above $18,960. You will get the money back later after you reach full retirement age, but in the meantime, you’ll have that much less to spend.

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Health Care Is Expensive

Medicare, the federal program that provides health coverage for more than 61 million older Americans, doesn’t start until age 65. Until then, you’ll need an alternative and it won’t come cheap.

“Private health insurance before Medicare kicks in costs an arm and a leg, says Brian Schmehil, director of wealth management for the Mather Group in Chicago. Current law says your insurance costs can’t be more than 8.3 percent of your household income. For a person with a household income of $50,000, for example, a mid-level silver plan would be $346 a month, or $4,150 per year.

No One Else Is Relying On Your Benefits

Is it Better to Take Social Security at 62 or Wait [Do the ...

In the event of your death, a surviving spouse, minor or disabled child can receive money from the Social Security Administration based on the amount of your benefits. For example, a surviving spouse can receive between 71.5% and 100% of your benefit amount, depending on the surviving spouses age. A disabled child can receive 75% of your benefits each month even after youre gone.

If no one else can qualify for benefits based on your record, you might want to retire early because no one is depending on that money. If everything else falls into place and you meet the minimum Social Security retirement age, consider collecting your benefits early and enjoying life.

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What To Consider When Retiring At 62

If youre set on retiring at age 62, there are a few important questions to ask yourself first. Here are some of the most important things to weigh in the balance:

  • How much money youll need to cover your monthly expenses
  • How much income you can expect from a 401, individual retirement account, pension, taxable investments and cash savings
  • What kind of lifestyle youd like to have in retirement
  • Whether youll continue working on a part-time basis or start a side hustle or business
  • How youll pay for medical expenses until you become eligible for Medicare
  • Your overall health and anticipated life expectancy
  • What you have for long-term care and life insurance coverage
  • Whether youre interested in leaving a financial legacy for children, other loved ones or a charity

The goal is to get a sense of how financially prepared you are to retire at age 62 and whether your plan is achievable, based on how much youll have saved and what you expect to need.

Age : Wait And Accumulate Delayed Retirement Credits

At 70, you will get the maximum amount of benefits that you can get from Social Security. It does not make sense to delay your Social Security retirement age past 70 because your benefit amount will not increase. Waiting until 70 to begin your Social Security if you are married and are the higher earner results in a higher survivor benefit for your spouse.

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Retirement Can Be Tough On Couples

“Retirement is a major life transition, and you have to be patient with yourself and your spouse, says Patti Black, a certified financial planner in Birmingham, Alabama. Most retired couples do not look like those pictured in ads and commercials. You’ll have to decide how work around the house will change. Will you really share cooking, cleaning and yard work? And do you honestly want to be together 24-7, particularly if you downsize to a smaller home?

These decisions can have serious consequences for a marriage. Gray divorce, or divorce after age 50, has doubled since 1990 while declining across all other age groups, Black warns. And it is most often the wife who asks for divorce after age 50.”

John Waggoner covers all things financial for AARP, from budgeting and taxes to retirement planning and Social Security. Previously he was a reporter forKiplinger’s Personal FinanceandUSA Todayand has written books on investing and the 2008 financial crisis. Waggoner’sUSA Todayinvesting column ran in dozens of newspapers for 25 years.

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What Happens If You Claim After Your Fra

ð´Can I Apply For Social Security Retirement Benefits In Advance of Age 62

If you wait until your age 70 to start claiming benefits, then youll get an extra 8% per yearor, in total, 132% of your primary insurance amount for the rest of your life. Claiming after you turn 70 doesnt increase your benefits further, so theres no reason to wait longer than that.

The longer you can afford to wait after age 62 , the larger your monthly benefit will be. Nevertheless, delaying benefits doesnt necessarily mean that youll come out ahead overall. Other factors should be considered, including your expected longevity and whether you plan to file for spousal benefits. You should also consider the tax, investment opportunity, and health coverage implications.

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Time Is One Of The Most Valuable Assets At Your Disposal Unfortunately Many People Spend 40 Hours A Week For 40 Or 50 Years Trading Their Time For This Thing We Call Money

The great news is that there’s a corollary to that fact: If people are willing to give you money for your time, you can spend money to buy your time back.

That’s what we call retirement.

It’s my opinion that everyone should pursue the opportunity to retire as early as possible. Having the financial security to choose what you do with your time is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself, your loved ones, and the causes you’re passionate about.

Here are three reasons to retire as early as you can.

You Expect Your Investments To Grow Faster Than The Increased Benefit

If youre the next Warren Buffet, its possible you could do better taking Social Security early and investing the money than you could by waiting to take a larger benefit later. When weighing the best decision, consider the inflation rate, the rate your benefits increase and how much you can expect to earn in your portfolio. Given that benefits increase by 8 percent per year for each year you wait after full retirement age, however, its hard to outperform that rate of increase in the market. These safe investments do have high returns.

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Normal Retirement: Ages 66 To 70

For many, the upper 60s is the golden mean of retirement timingyou’re old enough to have built up a nice financial reserve and young enough to enjoy your job-free years. The fact that you’ll get your full Social Security payment at age 66-67 can make a huge difference, especially if you’re relatively healthy and likely to have an average, or longer-than-average, retirement.

Waiting also gives you a few extra years to shore up your tax-advantaged investment accounts. Investors who are at least 50 years of age can make a catch-up contribution to their 401 or IRA. For 2021 and 2022, those 50 or older can contribute $7,000 to a traditional IRA or Roth IRA. If you use a 401 to save for retirement, you can defer up to $26,000 of your salary in 2021 once you reach the age of 50.

Also, waiting until you hit 65 means that you are eligible for Medicare, which is typically a fraction of the cost of individual insurance plans for older adults.

Normal retirement age, or the age at which you receive full Social Security benefits, gradually increases to 67 for anyone born in 1960 or after.

Oops You Change Your Mind

When to take Social Security at age 62

Imagine retiring at 37 after 15 years of work after undergrad. You spend the next 3 years traveling the world, living a leisure lifestyle and experiencing new things.

At age 40, you realize the reason why travel and play is so fun is because of work! You have the urge to get back into the game, but whos going to risk hiring a 40 year old with a 3 year employment gap?

The employer will suspect you are rusty, and that you may just bolt after a year. As a result, the employer simply chooses to hire someone with no gap in their employment, or someone else from another firm.

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You Sacrifice The Power Of Compounding Interest

Time is your friend when you are saving for retirement, but not when you are spending. If you sock away $250 a month $3,000 a year from age 25 to age 55, you’ll have about $237,000 when you retire, assuming you make no withdrawals and earn an average 6 percent annually on your investments. Seemingly not a bad return on your $90,000 in contributions.

But let’s say you work 10 more years and retire at 65. In that scenario, you’ll have about $464,000, nearly double. Why? The extra decade’s worth of contributions helps, but that only adds up to $30,000. The real growth comes from another 10 years worth of interest earned not only on all the principal you contributed but also the interest earned on the interest that has compounded for four decades.

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How To Retire At 65

Most people realistically expect to retire at 65. Medicare benefits begin at 65, and after that age there are no penalties for early withdrawals from retirement accounts.

Just as with all stages of retirement, you’ll have some big decisions to make. Consider your health plan: If you are enrolled in Medicare, will it cover all your needs? You might want to think about potential long-term care expenses and how to handle future cognitive declines. Look into different types of supplemental healthcare policies.

Be advised that the full retirement age for your Social Security benefits is 66 or later, not 65. For most people, this means that even if you retire at 65, you’ll be better off waiting a year or so before beginning your Social Security benefits.

At all ages of retirement, you’ll need a “decumulation” plan for how you will withdraw from different accounts, in what order, and by how much. Reassess often.

Spousal Benefits Can Enable Insurance For An Early Retirement

Can You Take Social Security at 62 and Still Work Retirement Question

An option that you may have if you are married is to use your spouses health insurance plan, Purkat explains.

I see in many cases, one spouse may be retiring early, but the other is still working full-time, Says Purkat. This is a great situation because if you can cover the years before you turn 62 with your spouses insurance, it can save you a lot of money.

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Spouses Who Dont Qualify For Their Own Social Security

Spouses who didnt work at a paid job or didnt earn enough credits to qualify for Social Security on their own are eligible to receive benefits starting at age 62 based on their spouses record. As with claiming benefits on your own record, your spousal benefit will be reduced if you take it before reaching your FRA. The highest spousal benefit that you can receive is half of the benefit that your spouse is entitled to at their FRA.

While spouses get a lower benefit if they claim before reaching their own FRA, they will not get a larger spousal benefit by waiting to claim after their FRAsay, at age 70. However, a nonworking or lower-earning spouse may get a larger spousal benefit if the working spouse has some late-career, high-earning years that boost their benefits.

Reason #: Retire Early If Youve Really Thought It Through

Early retirement isnt something to enter into lightly. You might have your finances in order, but you also need a solid understanding of how your life will change. For example, it can be more stressful than you imagine, spending every hour of every day with your spouse, especially if youve only spent a few hours together daily in the past.

For someone who is accustomed to going to work Monday through Friday, the sudden change of having no schedule and everything that accompanies it can be difficult to deal with. If this is you, perhaps you might want to try a sabbatical instead of an early retirement.

However, if youve already done your homework and are just waiting for 62 to arrive, then theres nothing holding you back.

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You May Find It Difficult To Start Your Own Family

Unless you retire with a tremendous amount of money, having a child and raising a child may be too expensive an endeavor to undertake as early retirees. In big cities like New York City and San Francisco, you might have to spend around $1 million to raise your child from birth through college.

Even if your household has a $5 million net worth, its not easy to sustain an early retirement lifestyle with two kids in a big city like Los Angeles. Interest rates are close to all-time lows, which means the relative income generated by your retirement investments are also likely at all-time lows.

Finally, your focus on saving and investing enough money to retire early might make it more difficult for you to have kids if you wait too long. I know so many couples who were so focused on keeping expenses down in order to retire early, that by the time they started trying after 35, it was too late. They had to go through IUI, IVF, and all sorts of expensive and arduous procedures, many to no luck.

Use Obamacare For Early Retirement

University of California

Whether you love the program or hate it, for a few years, Obamacare did make early retirement health insurance costs much more affordable.

One of the ideas behind Obamacare was that everyone could get insurance preexisting conditions were not a factor. This was especially useful for people in their 50s and 60s most of whom have had or are facing some kind of health issue.

While you can still get coverage if you have a preexisting condition, Obamacare insurance has gotten a lot more expensive and the future of the program is in flux.

Many insurers have significantly raised premiums, in part because the Trump administration decided to stop payments to insurers that cover the discounts they are required to give to some low-income customers to cover out-of-pocket costs.

Nonetheless, if you are retiring early, it is still worth it to explore your Obamacare health coverage options on

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You May Lose Your Own Self

Unless youre out there helping the poor, fighting racism, or trying to make a positive difference in peoples lives, you might start getting depressed you are contributing very little to society. You need purpose in retirement, otherwise, its hard to stay retired.

Others may stop respecting you because you arent doing anything productive either. Traveling the world and writing about how great your life is, is a very unproductive endeavor.

A great many rich early retiree friends from the first dotcom bubble in 2000 have mentioned they wish they didnt get rich so quickly. Instead, they wish they worked a little harder for their money.

During the first year of early retirement, I was bored out of my mind. I would wake up automatically at 6 am every morning and just twiddle my thumbs until my wife woke up at 8 am or later. It was when I committed to writing on Financial Samurai every day where I found my purpose in early retirement.

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