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The Committee Of Unsecured Creditors

Dallas Senior Apartments Edgemere Retirement

In bankruptcy cases, there is a committee that represents the interests of creditors with unsecured claims. In Edgemeres case, the committee is mostly made up of former residents families who are owed millions in entrance fee refunds. They have to get in line behind bondholders to get paid and may not recoup their full losses. Edgemere has said it intends to honor entrance fee refunds.

Built To Be Best In Class

Edgemere opened its doors in 2001, and immediately set a new standard for luxury senior living retirement communities in North Texas. It was the first Life Care community to land in Dallas and, for almost a generation now, its offered residents an unparalleled set of benefits.

Edgemeres drive to deliver a top-tier experience is reflective of our vision for excellence in senior living. Its a vision shared across all 15 members of the Lifespace Communities® family. Together, our missions remain focused on one thing celebrating the lives of seniors in everything we do. This simple notion has led Lifespace and its multistate system of senior living communities to experience decades of success and financial stability and, even more importantly, earn the trust of thousands of team members, residents and their families.

Additionally, Edgemeres status as a 501 not-for-profit organization means all revenues are reinvested into the community. This not only fuels the development of better services, amenities and opportunities for our residents, but also ensures that in the event of a financial hardship thats no fault of your own, you wont be asked to leave the community.

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The Benefits Of Balance Exercises For Older Adults

Did you know that studies have shown that older adults who engage in balance exercises for just six weeks were able to improve their balance and gain more self-assurance?

Here, well discuss why balance is so essential to our well-beingespecially for older adultsand share a few simple balance exercises that can help you improve it.

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Meet The Experts Behind Edgemeres Excellence

John Falldine

Executive Director

Having previously held various leadership roles at Edgemere, John returned to the Edgemere team as Executive Director in July 2021. John has a true passion for working with seniors. What he likes most about working in senior living is seeing team members, residents, and family members interacting, building relationships, and making a difference in each others lives.

John received his Bachelor of Science in Communication and Journalism from Oklahoma State University and his Masters degree in Business Administration from Saint Leo University in Tampa, FL. He and his wife, Jade, are parents to 3 sons and 1 daughter. They have a five-year-old Shih Tzu dog named Madden who absolutely runs the house.

Bobbi Jo Crocker


Originally From Green Bay, WI, Bobbi Jo received her Bachelors degree in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin. While attending college, Bobbi Jo discovered her passion for serving others which led to the senior population, where she has served for 13 years. Bobbi Jo moved to Texas in 2015 where she received her license in Nursing Home Administration.

Chris Silasavage

Director of Sales

Chris has been happily married for 25 years to his wife Hope and they have 3 children, Jake 23, Elizabeth 18, and Grace 16. He has two Labradors, Lilly 14, and Shaggy 7 . Chriss favorite past times are watching and playing soccer, camping, hiking, and being in nature.

Rex Smith

Human Resources Director

Balance Exercises For Older Adults


To maintain or improve ones balance, the American Heart Association recommends that older adults balance training three or more days a week. However, be sure to speak to your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.

These three simple balance exercises are a good way to get started on your way to improved balance.

Exercise One: Sit-to-Stand

The sit-to-stand exercise can help you build length strength and improve your overall core body mechanics, all of which are important for improving balance and preventing falls. Perform this exercise for 10 repetitions, twice a day.

  • Begin by sitting on a sturdy chair. You should be able to sit comfortably with your feet flat on the ground. Ensure you have a sturdy support surface in front of you for assistance if needed.
  • Scoot forward to position your buttocks at the front of the seat.
  • Lean your chest forward over your toes, shifting your weight forward. Slowly rise to a standing position.
  • Ease back down to a seated position and repeat.
  • Balance Exercise Two: Stand on One Foot

    The ability to stand on one foot for at least 10 seconds can be an indicator of overall health. The goal of this balance exercise, also from Johns Hopkins, is to slowly improve your balance so you can eventually stand on one foot for at least 10 seconds.

    For this exercise, it will be useful to have a support person with you or a sturdy surface nearby to catch yourself if your balance wavers.

  • Repeat this for five repetitions per foot.
  • Continue for 20 steps.
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    How Much Does Retirement Cost

    The American Association of Retired Persons suggests evaluating four primary factors when planning for life in retirement:

  • How much will you spend?
  • How much will you earn on savings?
  • How long will you live?
  • How much can you withdraw from savings each year?
  • The Cost of Aging in Place

    An important follow-up to the question of how much you will spend is where you choose to live in retirement. If your desire is to remain in your family home because it is paid off, you might not have a monthly mortgage payment, but you might need to factor in the cost of home health care and monthly long-term care insurance payments.

    Depending on the age at which you secure LTC coverage, the monthly premium for an individual could range from $200 to $500 according to data from AARP. If additional support is required in the home and according to the federal government, 7 out of 10 seniors will require long-term care in their lifetimes youre looking at an average of $4,576 a month.

    Other considerations include lifestyle preferences like social clubs, memberships, travel and dining expenses.

    The Cost of a Retirement Community

    The Benefits of Living at Edgemere

    About The Plaza Health Services At Edgemere

    The Plaza Health Services at Edgemere is a 72 unit nursing care facility located near the North Dallas area of Dallas, Texas. The neighboring area is densely populated, with around 22,000 individuals residing in the zip code of 75225. With an average household income of $134,159, it is a mostly affluent area. It is located close to churches, retail shopping, medical facilities, and other local amenities. They’re located just 1.42 miles from North Central Surgical Center. There are multiple churches within four miles, including St Michael All Angels Church, Temple Emanu-El, Park Cities Baptist Church, and Northway Christian Church. There are also many pharmacies within one mile of the community.

    The Plaza Health Services at Edgemere can provide several senior housing options, including memory care, assisted living, nursing home care, and independent living. They can provide care for residents who are at any stage of memory loss and who require close assistance and care for their own safety. Also, they can provide for residents who require help with daily chores but who want to retain some degree of independence. In addition, they can service residents who require a high degree of attention and frequent medical care. Lastly, they can support residents who desire to live around other people their age in a social setting but who are otherwise healthy and independent.

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    Assess Your Fall Risk Factors

    As you develop a balance exercise strategy, knowing your current abilities and areas you need to improve can be helpful. At Edgemere we offer all residents access to VSTBalance and VirtuSense. These are automated fall-risk assessment tools which use artificial intelligence with machine vision to objectively recognize fall risk indicators by evaluating balance, gait and function.

    The assessment only takes a few minutes, after which it generates a report that assists residents in pinpointing early deficits in balance, gait and function that can be improved upon with skilled treatment. Then, treatment plans with engaging biofeedback activities can be created to help with fall reduction and improving mobility.

    This type of fall risk assessment and the creation of unique balance exercise plan has been shown to:

    • Minimize post-acute care falls by 73%
    • Improve resident mobility by 85%

    Those who dont have access to a fall risk assessment program should speak to a healthcare professional about alternatives for identifying risk factors.

    Online Safety For Seniors

    Edgemere – Health Care For Life

    The internet offers a wealth of opportunities to learn new information, entertain yourself or stay connected with friends and family. However, while youre enjoying everything the online world has to offer, safety should always be a top priority. With that in mind, heres what you need to know about internet safety, as well as some simple online safety tips for seniors.

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    Edgemere Dallas Assisted Living

    By Teletalk Desk – 22 September 2022

    edgemere dallas assisted living. Are you looking for edgemere dallas assisted living? Get the details of edgemere dallas assisted living. Health sites of edgemere dallas assisted living.

    Table Of Content:

    Searching for senior living in Dallas? We offer independent living and health services like assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and rehab.

    About The Facility The Plaza At Edgemere

    Edgemere is a 16-acre community offering independent living, assisted living, memory support, rehabilitation, and skilled nursing. After opening in 2001, Edgemere set a new standard for luxury senior living in North Texas. The senior communitys mission is to celebrate the lives of seniors in everything they do. Edgemere is known throughout Dallas for its beautiful Mediterranean style, elegant residences, and fine dining. With a lively social life and unsurpassed service to residents and families, Edgemere is ready to serve seniors.

    At Edgemere, seniors will find an independent, active, and engaged lifestyle. Dallas offers plenty of opportunities for its senior residents and families to enjoy. Enjoy Dallas’ unique Texan feel by visiting local restaurants, shopping centers, or local specialty events like a rodeo. Edgemere is close to medical facilities, grocery stores, and pharmacies, making errands and continued medical care easy.

    Residents at Edgemere will have the options of one-, two-, or three-bedroom apartments that have balconies or patios. Seniors will find plenty of amenities on site with a performing art center, fully equipped gym, salon, spa, and more all ready to be utilized by residents.

    Staff at Edgemere goes above and beyond to meet the needs of residents. With concierge service…

    Read More

    To conduct a complete investigation, seniors and their families should:

    Please enter a valid email address.

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    The Plaza At Edgemere

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    The community is very clean and the staff is very friendly and helpful. The community is focused on activities and keeping residents active and engaged I would recommend this community to others based on my experience… Read more

    Information About Retirement Communities In Dallas


    Seniors considering moving to Dallas retirement communities will find themselves in the heart of North Texas, at the center of where the three forks of the Trinity river meet. The Dallas historical society tells the tale of how the city began as a simple trading post with Native Americans in 1839 and became a permanent community in the early 1840s, because of its central location. According to the Dallas Texas Economic Development website the thriving city now has a population of around two million people with a cost of living that is approximately 92-percent of the national average. Here, seniors will find a diverse culture to live, volunteer and play in during their retirement years.

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    Are Seniors Safe Online

    Of course seniors can use the internet safely! However, for a variety of reasons, seniors are often targeted by scammers because of their perceived financial status, technical knowhow and even their perceived demeanor.

    Here are some of the common reasons seniors are targeted by scammers:

    Reason #1: Access to Money

    Thieves often target seniors online because they believe that older adults have larger savings accounts. Additionally, seniors are more likely to have additional assets like retirement accounts, property and other sources of wealth. Criminals see this as an opportunity to profit quickly.

    Additional benefits like Medicare and Social Security make seniors a prime target for scammers, too. Medicare loses approximately $60 billion each year due to fraud.

    Reason #2: Perceived Lack of Technological Knowledge

    Despite the myth that seniors are technologically illiterate, the perceived lack of understanding can make seniors a target for scammers. However, even the most tech-savvy internet userseven those who arent seniorscan fall victim to more sophisticated scam techniques. This highlights the need for all internet users to stay informed, but applies even more so to older adults.

    Reason #3: Personality and Demeanor

    Explore Lifestyle Options At Edgemere

    Edgemere is a sophisticated senior living community in Dallas, Texas that is unlike any other. At Edgemere, we enable our residents to live the best years of their lives here with an emphasis on providing everything they desire for developing their mental, physical and spiritual wellness. We offer both independent living and assisted living levels of care for our residents, including a Life Care option that allows independent living residents to move seamlessly between these care levels as their needs change.

    When you tour our community, youll see firsthand how our bespoke amenities and services are carefully crafted to meet our residents unique needs and interests while encouraging further growth. Learn more and schedule a tour today to see for yourself what life here is really like.

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    Planning For Retirement In Dallas Texas

    For many older adults, the prospect of life in retirement without a steady paycheck can seem daunting, even if youve been saving for your golden years for decades. Thats probably why the question every retiree asks at least once is, how much do I need to retire? The actual dollar amount will vary from person to person based on things like the regional cost of living and lifestyle preferences. Where you want to live and your long-term care preferences are two of the biggest factors to consider. Weve outlined what some of those options look like below.

    When it comes to retirement planning, our best advice is to start envisioning what you want life to look like and talk over your options with loved ones and a financial advisor to get your plan in place.

    Embrace The Power Of Senior Living

    Highland Springs Retirement Community Vibrant Senior Living in Dallas

    As a discerning decision-maker, youre bound to compare retirement communities in Dallas. Please do. See the difference Edgemere living makes. Beyond the beautiful 16-acre gated grounds, in a neighborhood thats second to none, youll find a world of opportunity for living the lifestyle you value right outside your door.

    At Edgemere, the choice will always be yours. Do as you please with those who please you most. Knowing that every detail and daily experience is created and cultivated for the wealth of purposeful living youve yet to explore. Knowing youre confident in the assurance of lifetime care, right here, at this distinctly desirable address. If that sounds like what youre looking for, this is the place. Edgemere where exceptional comes standard.

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    Measuring Up To The Many Dimensions Of Your Life

    Edgemere is the place for independent living in Dallas. Offering a lifestyle thats active, engaged and energized, like you. Here youll find fellow seniors still on the move people who arent finished enriching their already accomplished lives. Theyve made a name for themselves in remarkable fashion, and now made their way to a community where their well-crafted lives continue to flourish.

    Ready to learn more about Edgemere Dallas?

    The Importance Of Balance For Older Adults

    Balance naturally begins to decline as we age, but its a key component of our health. Consider all of the movements you perform each day. Walking, going upstairs, shopping and running errands all require our body to perform a complex balancing act. As this critical skill declines, we must take action to preserve it.

    Lack of balance can impact both our mobility and our overall quality of life. The CDC reports that approximately 36 million older adults fall each year, with as many as 32,000 of those falls resulting in death. However, taking steps to improve your balance can significantly decrease your risk of injury or death from falling.

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    Us Bankruptcy Judge Michelle Larson

    Michelle Larson became a federal bankruptcy judge in Texas northern district in July 2020. She graduated from Loyola University School of Law in 1996 and was valedictorian of the 1992 Nicholls State University graduating class. She previously practiced law at New York-based Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP, as well as two Dallas firms, Andrews Kurth Kenyon LLP and Carrington Coleman.

    Edgemere Files For Bankruptcy Sues Landlord


    The senior living community Edgemere filed for bankruptcy last week, citing the impacts of the pandemic and the February 2021 winter storm, and accused its landlord, InterCity Investments, of trying to take back the property for a windfall profit.

    The community with more than 400 residents consisting of 304 independent-living units, 113 assisted living units, and 87 nursing beds in the 8500 block of Thackery Street said in a statement that its negotiating a restructuring plan with its financial stakeholders and that it plans to continue operating during the proceedings.

    Edgemere said in a court filing it plans to honor entrance fee refund obligations to former and current residents, but some told the Dallas Morning News that theyre not satisfied.

    This filing pretty much confirms for me that we wont get the money back, William Thomas, whos awaiting a refund from when a relative moved out, told the Dallas Morning News.

    The bankruptcy filing estimates Edgemere to have between 1,000 and 5,000 creditors, and its assets and liabilities are both estimated to be between $100 million and $500 million, according to the bankruptcy filing.

    Aside from declining occupancy, Edgemere cited issues like labor costs and competition from other continuing care retirement communities in the area. There are 11 other senior living communities within a 10-mile radius of Edgemere, InterCity investments said in a court filing.

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