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Fidelitys Target Date Funds

Fidelity Target Date Funds (PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS!)
  • Expense Ratio: 0.12% to 0.75%
  • Years Available: 2015 to 2065

Fidelity makes selecting the correct target date fund somewhat tricky.

Its Fidelity Freedom 2045 Fund, for example, charges 0.75% annually while returning 7.71% since its inception. Its Fidelity Freedom Index 2045 Fund charges 0.12% annually while returning 10.87%.

Naturally, Fidelity puts its Freedom Funds , which charge much higher fees, out front. However, in many cases, the cheaper Freedom Index Funds outperform their Freedom Fund counterparts.

How To Invest Your Ira: Your Time Until Retirement

How long you have until you need to tap your retirement funds what investors call your time horizon is a key guide to the level of returns that you can earn. In general, the longer your time horizon, the higher your potential returns. If you have just a few years until retirement, youll likely have to accept lower returns in order to ensure that you have your money when you need it.

Heres how you can think about your options depending on your time horizon:

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Are Target Date Funds Held To Or Through Retirement

Target date funds continue holding equities in a persons portfolio when entering retirement.

However, the allocation will depend on whether the investor has access to target date funds which transition through retirement or to retirement.

The former offers a greater allocation in equities because these funds understand the holder continues to seek capital appreciation through a higher stock allocation than fixed income investments.

The latter holds a more conservative allocation.

More specifically, target funds inherently manage an investors assets in relation to an intended retirement date.

With target date funds employing the to approach, this results in funds adopting higher allocations to fixed income investments at or toward the retirement date.

The investors portfolio allocation will remain static thereafter.

Whereas with through retirement target date funds, the retirement date helps guide investors through retirement with the goal of accumulating wealth long after the retirement date.

Funds which adopt this approach have higher stock allocations at the target date and follow with a decreasing allocation 10-30 years post retirement.

These fund approaches differ dramatically in terms of risk/return potential.

Make sure you understand the risk/reward trade-off made through these funds and how they invest in stocks and bonds over time.

The charts below illustrate the differences in allocations to stocks and bonds in both a to and through approach.

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Confirm The Roth Is Right For You

Tax benefits

Any potential earnings grow tax-free and may not be taxed when you withdraw money in retirement.1

Access to your money

You can withdraw your contributions at any time, for any reason, without taxes or penalties.


As long as you have earned income , you can contribute to a Roth IRA.

Best Roth Ira In 2022

Fidelity Freedom 2020 Fund (FFFDX)

Fidelity Roth IRA tops the list of best Roth IRAs in 2022 for several reasons. The account offers commission-free trading for stocks, ETFs, and more than 3,400 commission-free mutual funds.

In addition to offering the best trading platform with lots of information and research on investments, investors can access a tool suite of calculators and software to help in improving their investments and achieve their retirement goals. These tools include the Fidelity Spire app and Retirement Score Calculator.

When investing in Fidelity Roth IRA, mutual funds are obviously the best investment option to take. One of Fidelitys solid mutual funds is the Fidelity 500 Index Fund which has one of the lowest expense ratios of 0.010%.

Individual stocks are the second-best Roth IRA investment. However, its necessary that you go for those with high growth potential, even though they may not work out as you expect.

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How Target Date Funds Work

Financial services firms manage families of target date funds, with individual versions for each year, past and future. Investors choose a fund that targets their anticipated year of retirement, and they may continue holding it until long after the target year has passed.

With target date funds, the term glide path describes how a funds asset allocation changes over time. All of the funds on this list utilize a through glide path, where the managers continue to adjust the balance of stock and bond funds after the designated target year. For some funds, the asset allocation changes end about five to seven years after the target date. For others, the changes continue for several decades.

For each target date fund in our evaluation, we focused on the 2060 version, suitable for someone looking to retire in about 40 years. In addition, we also evaluated the 2020 version, and some earlier versions, for insight on how the fund familys portfolio evolves as you enter retirement.

The author held no positions in the securities discussed in the post at the original time of publication.

Fidelity Beating Vanguard’s Retail Business At Its Own Game

Fidelity hasn’t been shy in keeping up with Vanguard’s retail business when it comes to fees and investment minimums for its Freedom Index series. Exhibit 1 shows how the fees for the 2040 versions of the lowest-minimum-investment share classes of each series have trended over time, including the projected fees for the Vanguard series once it reaches its single-share-class state in 2022.

From 2012 through the September 2021, Fidelity was consistently cheaper, though never by more than a few basis points. Yet, following the merger, Vanguard will cost less for the first time in a decade.

History suggests Fidelity won’t stay idle. In June 2015, for example, both series launched institutional share classes priced at 0.10%. When Vanguard dropped its fees to 0.09% in 2017, Fidelity then chopped its levy to 0.08% in 2018.

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Consider Investing In Target Date Funds With A Axos Self

  • Available via desktop, Apple iOS and Android App on Google Play
  • Best For: Self-directed investors currently banking with Axos

Axos Self-Directed Trading offers commission-free investing options, including mutual funds. Among these choices are several target date funds from providers like Vanguard, Fidelity, T. Rowe Price and more.

The advantage of investing with Axos SDT is the free trading outside of these companies securities and in other assets as well.

Holding an investment account with Vanguard allows for free trades of Vanguard funds, but comes with commissions for other stocks and bonds you trade. The same is true of T. Rowe Price.

Many options exist like index funds on Robinhood, or on the best Robinhood alternatives which offer free stocks for opening accounts, but Axos SDT provides access to a broader universe of investment options.

And with all investments, investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses of a mutual fund or ETF carefully before investing.

About the Author

Riley Adams is a licensed CPA who works at Google as a Senior Financial Analyst overseeing advertising incentive programs for the companys largest advertising partners and agencies. Previously, he worked as a utility regulatory strategy analyst at Entergy Corporation for six years in New Orleans.


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Which Target Retirement Fund Fits Your Timeline

Fidelity Roth IRA: HOW TO INVEST

Use our table to find the fund that best fits you.

Fund name

*Vanguard Target Retirement Funds average expense ratio: 0.11%. Industry average expense ratio for comparable target-date funds: 0.49%. All averages are asset-weighted. Industry averages exclude Vanguard. Sources: Vanguard and Morningstar, Inc., as of December 31, 2021.

Investments in Target Retirement Funds are subject to the risks of their underlying funds. The year in the fund name refers to the approximate year when an investor in the fund would retire and leave the workforce. The fund will gradually shift its emphasis from more aggressive investments to more conservative ones based on its target date. An investment in a Target Retirement Fund is not guaranteed at any time, including on or after the target date.

These fund suggestions are based on an estimated retirement age of approximately 65. Should you choose to retire significantly earlier or later, you may want to consider a fund with an asset allocation more appropriate to your particular situation.

All investing is subject to risk, including the possible loss of the money you invest. Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. Investments in bonds are subject to interest rate, credit, and inflation risk.

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Vanguard Target Retirement 2060 Fund

  • Expense ratio: 0.08%
  • Assets under management : $14.9 billion
  • Five-year return : 10.88%
  • 10-year return : 10.27%

Target-date retirement funds are the ideal choices for investors who want a set-it-and-forget-it option for retirement investing. While we list the 2060 fund here, any of Vanguards target date funds is a solid choice.

With a target-date fund, you invest in one with the date closest to when you plan to retire. Typical advice for investors is to hold higher-risk, higher-reward investments while the investors are young, and to slowly transition into a more conservative portfolio as they age.

This fund gives investors exposure to domestic and international bonds at a low costjust 0.08%, equivalent to 80 cents for every $1,000 you invested. It has produced solid returns since it began in 2012, returning 10.64% annually, on average.

These funds do that for you automatically. At the time of publication, Vanguards Target Retirement 2060 fund has a roughly 89/10/1 split between stocks, bonds, and short-term reserves, reflecting the long time period until its investors plan to retire. The 2025 fund, by contrast, has a 55/43/1 split, which is much more conservative.

Are Target Date Mutual Funds A Good Fit For You

Investors who may benefit most by investing in target date funds are those looking for:

  • Simplicity. It’s normal to be confused about how to transition one’s asset allocation over time so that it is ready for retirement as the target date gets closer. Target date funds simplify the investment process so investors don’t have to do any research or other investment management. Some investors do not have the desire or the time to learn how to build a portfolio of mutual funds for retirement.
  • Diversification. Target date funds are often composed of a diverse selection of mutual funds, making one diversified portfolio in just one fund.
  • Automated investing. You’ll set an appropriate asset allocation for a stated retirement date and, over time, slowly reduce stocks and increase bonds. By doing this, the target date retirement fund does all of the asset allocation and investment selection for you.
  • A one-fund solution. Target date funds can be considered an all-in-one retirement planning solution. The most ideal candidate for target date retirement funds is the investor who has most or all of their retirement savings in one account, such as a 401 or IRA.

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Contribute To Fidelity Traditional Ira

First, log into Fidelity. Then click on Open an Account at the top.

Select Open a Traditional IRA. On the next page, confirm your personal information and hit confirm.

Agree to the electronic delivery and open the account. Easy peasy.

You should now see it on the left side of the screen with your other Fidelity accounts.

Next, youll need to fund that traditional IRA. Its easiest to just transfer it from your checking account.

Now you have $6,000 in your traditional IRA. Youll probably need to leave it in the traditional IRA one business day until you can see the $6,000 actually in the account. Now you just need to convert it to a Roth IRA.

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Is A Target Date Fund Right For You

Empower vs Fidelity [2021]

Like most questions in the realm of investing and financial planning the answer is, It depends.

For younger people entering the workforce the appropriate target date fund option in their employers 401 plan can be a great option. In most cases these newer members of the workforce have few, if any, investments outside of the 401 plan, and target date funds can offer a professionally managed, instantly diversified portfolio.

For those a bit farther along in their careers and certainly for those heading into retirement, it may be better to diversify into other investments. These would include investments outside of their 401 plan, such as taxable accounts, IRAs and other investment assets.

Two things to keep in mind when considering using target date funds:

  • Target date funds are designed to be the only investment one might use. Adding them to a mix of other investments might create an asset allocation that is not appropriate for you.
  • You are not limited to any specific target date. You are free to use any fund in the target date series that is most appropriate to your risk tolerance.

So You Want to Learn About Investing?

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Are Target Date Funds A Good Investment

According to a CNBC article, one man who held employer-sponsored retirement accounts from four previous employers and one from his most recent employer, saw his losses would have been significantly less had all the assets been invested in an equivalent target fund in his most-recent employers retirement fund.

His previous employers retirement accounts heavily invested in stock portfolios and resulted in far steeper losses than he would have under a comparable stock/bond allocation in his target fund.

Target date funds would have transitioned some of his funds from stocks to bonds and possibly resulted in smaller losses.

Looking at Morningstars data included in the article, we can see accounts held in funds closer to retirement performed less-poorly than those intended for later dates.

This is because those later-dated target funds held higher allocations in equities and thus experienced more adverse returns during the recession.

For investors who wish to automate their retirement savings in diversified, low-cost passive investments, target funds can be valuable financial instruments.

The funds automatically transition from heavier stock allocations to bond allocations as the employee ages, thereby taking less risk in their retirement portfolios.

If these types of investments interest you, consider opening an account with Axos Self-Directed Trading.

The service boasts over 10,000 mutual fund options and allows you to invest in a large number of target date funds.

Who Should Buy Target Date Funds

As you long as you purchase low fee target date funds, these are perfect investments for a novice investor. Early in your investing career, the most important thing to do is to get started.

Target date retirement funds let you set it and forget it while you focus on building up your investing accounts.

Advanced investors will complain that target date funds often contain unnecessary fees because they are essentially a meta fund where youll be responsible for paying the fees for all of the underlying mutual funds.

This may be true but there are many extremely low fee mutual funds .

Regardless, early in your investing career its better to focus on your savings rate than minimizing fees.

Paying _slightly_ higher fees for the first five years of your career is not going to prevent you from becoming wealthy. Waiting five years to begin investing is going to cause problems.

Once your account grows to large amount you can re-examine whether it makes sense to switch out of the Target Retirement Fund into your own asset allocation.

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What Are Target Date Funds Should I Invest In One

7 Min Read | Sep 27, 2021

Setting your money aside in mutual funds and letting them grow over the long term is one of the proven ways ordinary people can become everyday millionaires and live the retirement of their dreams.

Of course, youll want to invest in a mix of the best mutual fundsthose with a history of strong returns. That can seem like a tall order, especially when you begin to sort through the thousands of mutual funds available. If you search for a simple solution, you might hear someone mention target date fundsa one-size-fits-all option that lets you set up your investments and forget about them until retirement.

But can it really be that easy? We’re about to show you.

A Rollover Or Transfer Ira May Be Right For You If You Want

How to Choose Fidelity Index Funds || My Fidelity Roth IRA EXPOSED

Streamlined account management

Access your accountswhenever you need to, however you want. Whatever your preferences, you can securely manage and monitor your accountsalmost anytime, anywhere.

A centralized view of your investments

Whether youre saving for future education, saving for a major life event, or simply want to build your wealth over time, you can invest all your goals in one place.

Ongoing tax-deferred growth potential

Choose an option that allows you to continue to benefit from your savings tax-advantaged status and increase the growth potential of your wealth.

Additional select client benefits

As your assets with us increase, so will your benefits. All our clients enjoy a competitive list of benefits aligned to your investment tier.

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Popular Target Date Fund Choices

Target date funds do the work of investing for you by creating an age-appropriate asset allocation and ongoing management for a low fee. If you have a 401 plan, within your plan you may see target date funds offered by the companies below. All are solid choices you can feel confident with.

If you are choosing your own target date fund, visit the websites below and compare fees, the ease with which you can find information on their websites, and call their customer service line to see if you feel they provide a level of responsiveness that you will be happy with.

What Are Target Date Funds

Target date funds invest in assets which match the recommended risk preferences of investors with their intended retirement date.

Depending on the age at purchase, the mix of underlying assets can comprise various allocations toward stocks and bonds.

Please note all funds are not the same. Most follow a similar strategy:

  • pick the fund closest to your intended retirement date,
  • invest money across time,
  • have a fund manager adjust the mix of stock, debt, and cash to become more conservative over time
  • However, despite these simple steps, these funds can differ dramatically.

    This includes the investments held in each fund, various levels of fees associated with the fund and underlying investments, and even what happens with the investments from present to target date and beyond .

    In fact, some funds cease the transition to more conservative investments at the target date while others transition slower and continue shifting toward more fixed-income/cash allocations.

    The advantage of the latter would be more potential for growth into your retirement years.

    For target date funds to qualify as one of the best investments for young adults, Id only consider the latter since continued portfolio growth in our later years is important.

    I say this because as things currently stand, we might not have as many retirement resources as our parents and grandparents with Social Security and Medicare currently slated to run out of money before we retire.

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