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Find Bah Pcs Tla & Ets Military Housing Near Fort Benning

Find military housing by Fort Benning, apartments and homes for rent, and houses for sale with If you are a military member or family looking for housing by Fort Benning, located in Fort Benning, GA, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re PCSing, ETSing, or just need a new place to live, you’ll find the right living space during your time at Fort Benning with’s list of community rentals, on-base and off-base housing, roommate listings, and for-sale real estate listings. Register today to begin your search!

Sample of Currently Available Listings for Fort Benning

To view 35 more available housing options

Listing ID

Fort Benning Housing Office

As one of the busiest installations in the Army, high occupancy, and demand, wait times for on-post housing are up to six months. Current wait times can be found here.

Fort Benning provides on-post housing for 30% of its permanent personnel and residing on base is voluntary. All service members are eligible to apply for on-base housing. Those who wish to apply can do so upon arrival at Fort Benning by visiting:

The Villages at Benning Welcome Center601 Lumpkin StPhone: 1 880-6530Hours: Monday through Friday 0730-1600

Those who wish to live off-post can receive information about off-post housing from the Housing Service Office to assist in their needs. You can also visit for more information about Fort Benning housing.

Fort Benning Housing Services Office7221 Mullins St, Bldg 2619Fort Benning, GA 31905

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Welcome To Fort Gordon Family Homes

Located just west of Augusta and on-base at Fort Gordon, Fort Gordon Family Homes is a residential community offering a wide variety of rental homes to active duty Army families assigned to Fort Gordon. We also have select homes available to rent to military retirees, DOD civilian employees and the general public.Our move-in ready rental homes at Fort Gordon are available in two, three, four and five-bedroom floor plans located in walkable, pet-friendly neighborhoods featuring extensive amenities including playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts, and fitness center. Our residents enjoy a secure and comfortable community environment with the convenience of on-site management and maintenance, curbside trash and recycling pick-up, lawn care services and a calendar full of exciting resident activities and eventsall located just minutes from all of the shopping, dining and recreation that nearby Augusta and the surrounding area have to offer.If you are an active duty Army family looking for housing at Fort Gordon or a qualified military retiree, DOD civilian employee or member of the general public looking for a Augusta area rental home, call 772-7041 to speak with one of our leasing specialists and let us welcome you home to exceptional living at Fort Gordon Family Homes today!

Cost Of Living And Bah

The Villages of Benning Apartment Rentals

Fort Benning BAH matches the moderate cost of living in the area. You are near the city of Columbus and should have many options whether you want to buy or rent in the surrounding area. Fort Benning BAH ranges from $936 to $1,593 for enlisted. BAH at Fort Benning begins at $1,077 for O1 without dependents and goes up to $1,749 for O7 with dependents.

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Fort Benning Area Guide

This area guide originally appeared on PCSgrades.

Moving to Fort Benning in North Carolina? This area guide by PCSgrades gets you started on everything you need to know about the area.

Columbus, which sits right outside Fort Benning, is the second-largest city in Georgia. Theres so much to do and see in Columbus that you dont need to travel far for anything you might need like you might at other installations. There are several things you should know about Fort Benning and the surrounding area prior to your PCS. The first is that life is better at Benning. The Better at Benning campaign kicked off in 2016 in an effort to dispel some myths about the installation. Youve probably heard the rumors too: Fort Benning is miserabledont live in Columbustheres so much crimetheres nothing to do. Ladies and gentlemen, this is seriously bad intel. Anyone who has been stationed at Fort Benning in the last five years can confirm that Fort Benning and the surrounding area have come a looooong way since the 90s, which is undoubtedly how old these rumors are, if not older.

An Overview Of Military Housing

The U.S. Department of Defense prefers to utilize private sector housing. Service members who exercise this option receive a housing allowance to cover the cost.

To be eligible for military family housing, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have at least one military family member living in your household.
  • If single, you must live in barracks with a roommate.

But what about retirees who don’t have a currently serving military family member living with them?

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Can Retirees Live In Military Housing

If youve retired from the armed forces, you may be thinking about living in military housing. Fortunately, that option is open to you. However, finding a place thats suitable for both you and your family may be a bit more challenging than visiting the bases housing office and signing up.

For one thing, some military bases dont offer housing to retirees. In those that do, youll have to go through proper channels to be considered for tenancy.

Heres an overview of military housing requirementsalong with several alternative options if you are a retiree, just in case your plans for living on base dont pan out.

Special Report: Children Poisoned By Lead On Us Army Bases As Hazards Ignored

Saket Pranamam – Active Adult Housing

By Joshua Schneyer, Andrea Januta

25 Min Read

FORT BENNING, Georgia – Army Colonel J. Cale Brown put his life on the line in two tours of duty in Afghanistan, earning a pair of Bronze Stars for his service. In between those deployments, Brown received orders to report to Fort Benning, the sprawling Georgia base that proudly describes itself as the century-old home of the U.S. infantry.

He was pleased. His wife, Darlena, was pregnant with their second child, and the Browns owned a home in the area. Their 10-month-old son, John Cale Jr, was a precocious baby, babbling a dozen words and exploring solid foods.

Cales duties as a battalion commander required him to live on base. So instead of moving into their own house, in 2011 the Browns rented a place inside Fort Benning. The 80-year-old white stucco home had hosted generations of officers.

Like most family housing on U.S. bases today, the home wasnt owned and operated by the military. It was managed by Villages of Benning, a partnership between two private companies and the U.S. Army, whose website beckons families to enjoy the luxuries of on-post living.

The symptoms began suddenly. At 18 months, JC would awake screaming. He began refusing food, stopped responding to his name and lost most of his words.

He was disappearing into an isolated brain, Darlena recalls.

Im sad that my son lost his future, Darlena said. It was because of where we were that this happened.

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Danger On Rainbow Avenue

Fort Bennings Rainbow Avenue seems a perfect spot for families, the yards of its 1920s homes filled with toys, American flags fluttering from front porches.

Behind this idyll, children face poisoning risks.

Since 2015, state lead inspectors have visited at least three of the 33 houses on the street in response to calls from worried residents, state environmental records show. The homes all have high levels of lead, inspectors wrote in an internal memo last year.

In one Rainbow home, they found leaded dust at 93 times the EPAs hazard level.

In another, inspector William Spain of the state Environmental Protection Department visited a mother of three in 2016. He found paint chips throughout the home and later emailed colleagues: Her youngest will be 5 in July and did not appear normal.

The mother had grown concerned after the mysterious deaths of family pets. But she hesitated when the state offered additional help, pleading with Spain not to conduct lead testing in the home or to speak with neighbors.

Spain, who has since retired, said in an interview that Benning families expressed concern that notifying outsiders might anger commanders and harm careers.

Something became obvious to me as I worked there, he said. You and your family cannot make trouble for base command.

When Martins husband met Cale Brown, the colonel urged the family to act. The Martins bought testing swabs online. They lit up bright red, indicating exposed lead paint.


Stalked By Lead Going To Court

Even after the Browns moved to another Benning home, JC wasnt safe.

In 2013, he began special education preschool classes at Bennings Dexter Elementary School. Months later, Darlena received a frightening note on Defense Department letterhead: Drinking water taps in JCs classroom had tested high for lead.

One had 2,200 parts per billion lead 147 times an EPA safety threshold and higher than all but a few of the worst taps found during the recent water crisis in Flint, Michigan. It isnt clear how many students may have been exposed. Benning didnt require or recommend they get screened.

The Army said the contamination was limited to individual taps around the base and didnt affect the underlying water system. The tainted taps were shut, and parents who wanted testing for their children were given the option, the Army said.

In 2014, the Browns filed suit in Georgia federal court against Bennings housing contractors, alleging their negligence caused JCs poisoning and seeking compensation for his disability. The contractors denied any wrongdoing and contested the suit.

Cale deployed to Afghanistan the same year. There, he pushed for housing repairs at U.S. bases in a meeting that November with Katherine Hammack, the Armys top official in charge of military installations.

She seemed to favor bold action, Cale said: preventing small children from living in older base homes altogether. Cale said his follow-ups went unanswered.

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Living On Fort Benning

Fort Benning’s Housing Division is committed in providing service members and their Families with the quality housing they deserve and therefore is responsible for policy, prioritization, resourcing and oversight of housing programs and services supporting Soldiers and their Families on the installation.

Fort Benning participates in the Residential Communities Initiative program conducted by the Department of Army.

The Army has chosen a management and development partner from the private sector to manage Fort Benning’s family housing communities while also renovate and remediate existing housing.

There are approximately 4,001 family housing units in ten communities. 3,924 located on Fort Benning and 77 units located at Dahlonega, Georgia. Home type pictures and floor plans can be viewed at Villages of Benning floor plans and virtual tours .

Living on post has advantages and is currently in high demand. Due to high occupancy and ongoing renovations, Soldiers and Families arriving at Fort Benning should expect extended wait times of up to six months. To set expectations, door-to-door moves are highly unlikely. to see current wait times and post housing fast facts. For more information the Fort Benning Housing Division, call 545-3921.

Eligible service members wishing to apply for on base housing may do so upon arrival to Fort Benning by visiting:

A Lifestyle Of Friendly Luxuries

The Villages of Benning Apartment Rentals

The Villages of Benning is more than just military family housing its where community and comfort intersect. Our beautiful 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-bedroom homes span across 10 neighborhoods at both Fort Benning in Columbus, GA and Camp Merrill in Dahlonega, GA. With a variety of floor plans, our homes are thoughtfully designed to meet the individual needs and preferences of our valued service members. Community amenities provide the luxuries of off-post living while being conveniently located to on-post offerings, and our management team dedicates their days to making sure The Villages of Benning stays beautiful and residents are taken care of. Live at The Villages of Benning and discover what it means to enjoy every moment at home.

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The Villages Of Fort Benning

Fort Benning has approximately 4,001 family homes available for military families on a post in ten neighborhoods. There are 3,942 located on Fort Benning proper with another 77 located in Dahlonega, Georgia.

Note: Even though some villages may include all ranks, only certain units within that village may be available to certain ranks.

1. Custer Village

Ranks: E1-E5, E6-E8, E9, O1, O1E, O2-O3, O4, O5-O6, Single Soldier

Consisting of both renovated and new single-family homes and duplexes with fenced-in backyards. The neighborhood features a large pool, splash area, playgrounds, walking paths, soccer field and basketball court, and community center.

2. McGraw Village

Ranks: E6-E8

McGraw Village consists of single-family homes and duplexes all of which have two-car garages and fenced-in backyards. There are walking paths, a dog park, and a village center with a pool, splash area, and community room. Within walking distance of McBride Elementary School and the Child Development Center.

3. Patton Village

Ranks: E6-E8, O1E

Beautiful single-family homes and duplexes with two-car garages and fenced-in backyards. The neighborhood includes a village center with a community room, infinity pool, and splash area. Within walking distance to EA White Elementary School.

4. Upatoi Village

Ranks: E9, O4, O5-O6

This village consists of three to four-bedroom homes with two-car garages and fenced-in backyards. Includes playgrounds and riverwalk access.

5. East Main Post

6. Davis Hill

Fort Benning Ga Housing And Relocation Information

Housing InformationThe military provides two options for the use of your Basic Allowance For Housing The first option is living on post. Your second option is using your BAH to rent or buy a home off post.

  • The Housing Services Office 545-3921/7352. Contact the HSO as soon as you know you are moving. You will be provided with the latest information on local housing as well as referral services and relocation assistance. They offer counseling and guidance before entering into a lease agreement and help resolve tenant-landlord disputes.

Fort Benning On Post Housing

  • Single/Unaccompanied Soldiers E-1 thru E-5 contact theUH Manager 545-8324. Also Dual military stationed apart PCSing should make contact before signing a lease.

  • Ft. Benning on-post housing is privatized and operated by The Villages of Benning 685-3939 / 880-6530, which offers a wide variety of floor plans. Their community amenities include: game rooms, fitness centers, pools, splash parks, playgrounds and basketball courts.

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How To Apply In The Future

At this time The Villages of Benning is not accepting applications for Retirees, DoD, and Federal Employees due to PCS season. Please see the directions on how to apply in the future or click the Join the Contact List button to be placed on our Contact List. Once the process is open to Other Eligible Tenants, you will be notified via email.

Applying to live at The Villages of Benning is seamless. Please note that anyone over the age of 18 must complete their own application. When you are ready to apply:

  • Gather the following supporting documents:

  • Proof of income

  • Copy of your drivers license

  • Email your completed application and supporting documents to The Villages of Benning Leasing Team at .

  • Mail or drop off the $35 application fee to our leasing office at 601 Lumpkin St, Fort Benning, GA 31905. We accept personal or cashiers checks or money orders made out to The Villages of Benning.

  • We look forward to welcoming you home!

    Can Retired Veterans Get Military Housing

    Financial Education – The Basics of Saving

    For members of the U.S. military, housing assistance is one of the most significant benefits they can receive.

    Life on a base might not be for everyone. For servicemen and women who prefer it, though, this can offer a stable way of life surrounded by colleagues. When a base offers housing in remote stations, like the windswept missile bases of North Dakota, military housing provides the kind of stable community that civilian housing may not. In crowded regions like California, on the other hand, on-base housing can offer military personnel options that they otherwise couldnt afford.

    But eventually the years of service end. For military retirees, does the Pentagon offer any housing options?

    The answer is a qualified yes. Heres how it works.

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    Make Your Reservation Today

    Welcome to Fort Bennings premier vacation destination. Destin Army Recreation Area is a gated resort in the heart of Old Destin, near the Harbor Walk Village, just 220 miles south of Fort Benning, between Pensacola and Panama City. The resort spans 15 acres along the Choctawhatchee Bay, minutes from the Gulf of Mexico.

    We have 2- and 3-bedroom villas, 1-bedroom suites, hotels and studios, an RV site, and a full-service marina. Click here to view a map of the park.

    Click here to see photos of the resort and the surrounding area.

    The Destin Army Recreation Area is open year round to active duty and retired military personnel, their families and DoD civilians. To inquire about hotel, studio or villa availability, call 850-837-6423. Make an online RV site reservation here.

    Amenities and Activities for our Guests
    Beach Access
    • Destin Army Recreation Area
    • Summer hours are in effect. For questions about reservations or information about our facility, please call 850-837-6423. If your call is directed to voicemail, please leave a detailed message and a staff member will return your call as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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