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Best Retirement Calculator Excel for Retirement Planning | Easy Spreadsheet to get your number fast!


I love that they make financial plans for you and actively are helping you to grow your wealth as a result. Its a lot different compared to other financial advisory firms that once they have your money, dont really seem to care about you.


As a single woman with a gaggle of children who used to absolve herself of all financial responsibility I cant express the feeling of joy that comes from feeling of creating and embracing my own wealth and financial security. Grateful guys, thank you.


What I loved the most was seeing the big picture of my financial life. It was eye-opening how insurance and investing can work together to position me and my family for a better financial future.


Out of all the financial companies, you were the only one who took the time to give me all the mortgage information I needed.

Stick To Your Income Plan

For your retirement income to be effective, there is a need to back it up with an investing strategy that will ensure growth opportunities for your assets. This will assist in keeping your retirement income in pace with inflation. Fidelity insists on limiting your withdrawals from the retirement savings account to 5% within your first year of retirement and then adjust this number higher for increased inflation in the coming years.

What Is The 70% Rule For Retirement

The 70% rule is a calculation that estimates how long it will take for investments or sums of money to double a specified return rate. The time it takes for your investment to double is calculated by dividing the growth rate from 70. For example, divide 70 by 5 if the rate of growth of your mutual fund is 5%.

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What This All Means

What all this means is that if you want to get serious about reaching financial independence and/or retiring early if you choose to do so, you need to be aware of where you currently stand and what needs to be done in order for you to get there . I joke all the time about how I WANT financial freedom and that Ill reach it one day, but the truth of the matter is I never sat down to actually play with the numbers until today. And boy what a shock that was.

Ive always considered $400k banked to be a major milestone, but in the grand scheme of independence its anything but. At least with our current expense ratio and wanting to retire sooner than later. As you can see from either spreadsheet well reach $1 Million in investments in 9 years as-is, but unless we get our expenses in check well continue having to work quite a bit longer until we dont need to anymore. You already know Ill still be blogging or doing something online regardless of our money, but the fact remains its a necessity and not an *option* until reaching FI!

So the pursuit to get there is growing larger in my heart than ever. And hopefully these are things you start considering as well. Were all in different stages of our financial journey, but having a better grasp of what the future does hold, and CAN hold, is a really important one to pay attention to. Hopefully these spreadsheets help you put things in better perspective.

And the modified by Jeremy version here: early retirement spreadsheet v2

How Does Project Profitability Work

9 Make Free Retirement Financial Planner In Excel

Project Profitability allows you to track your Projects performance to see how profitable they are. Project Profitability also helps you better manage team members and see how time and expenses are being tracked to help you make better business decisions.

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Does This Sound Like You

You just retired, or maybe youre about to retire. Youre feeling pretty anxious about your retirement finances. Once you retire you cant earn it again after all! And who wants to go back to work as a door greeter at WalMart?

Youre probably thinking:

  • Will I outlive my money? Or leave too much behind…
  • Will I enjoy my dream retirement? Or be to scared of overspending…

You know the basics of retirement planning. You need more assets and income than expenses and liabilities. But its not that simple to pull together all of your expected retirement expenses.

  • What if I forget an expense?
  • What expenses are more discretionary and can be reduced if necessary?
  • Or better yet, what expenses are 100% required?

Planning your retirement finances is essential to enjoying the retirement youve always dreamed of . . . I call it retiring rich and fearless!

The retirement planning process is highly complex, and defining your future expenses with precision is a critical part of it.

Ive been a financial planner for nearly 3 decades, and the most common mistake Ive seen is underestimating your retirement budget. In fact, thats why I created the Retirement Budget Spreadsheet Template.

Wouldnt you be ecstatic if you had a simple, free tool to help you work through the retirement budgeting process? The very same tool I use in my retirement planning process with clients?

Canadian Retirement Planning Checklist

There are many tasks to do to prepare for retirement, and theyre in addition to your regular day-to-day work and personal activities. So, take the guesswork out of planning by downloading our ultimate retirement planning bundle for education workers. In it, youll find our retirement planning checklist with the tasks to do and links to the government pages and other info to help you throughout the process. You can add your own tasks to it and assign dates.

Not sure what dates to assign? Check out our month-by-month task list article to help.

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Useful Retirement Planning Spreadsheet Templates

Making a plan for your retirement can help you stay on track and say goodbye to your job earlier. But, making that plan can be a huge undertaking. Luckily, you can use Google Sheets to make a retirement planning spreadsheet. Read on to learn how to make one, or download one of our three handy templates.

Retirement Planning Spreadsheet For Google Sheets

Ultimate Retirement Calculator – Free Excel Template

The flexible and easy-to-use Retirement Planner spreadsheet estimates the value of your savings and investments into the future. Experiment with growth rate scenarios and project outcomes in real-time.

Note: Because its powered by Tiller, this is the only automated spreadsheet template on the list it automatically pulls in your daily spending, balances, and transactions to show exactly where you stand each day.

Learn more about the Retirement Planner Spreadsheet

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What Are The Four Basic Steps Of Retirement Planning

The four basic steps of retirement planning are:

  • Learn all the basics of how to save and what to invest in, such as a savings bond.
  • Avoid making mistakes like getting too emotional or not making a retirement plan.
  • Focus on how much you should save, when you should start saving, and when is the right time for you to retire.
  • Make sure you are up-to-date with your retirement plan. If you face a financial setback, adjust your retirement plan accordingly.
  • Assumptions Required To Estimate How Much Money You Need To Retire

    All retirement calculators require the same basic inputs to work their magic your retirement age, life expectancy, inflation, investment return, portfolio size, and expected retirement expenses. These are the required assumptions, and every calculator must have these inputs. No exceptions allowed because the math requires these inputs.

    The fundamental problem is many of these required assumptions are tantamount to forecasting the future, which is impossible. Unless you have a crystal ball or can read goat entrails, then the future is unknowable. It cannot be predicted with sufficient reliability to bet your financial future on.

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    The industry standard approach for dealing with these unknowable assumptions is to apply historical average estimates. The implication is the past is indicative of the future. For example, the historical average inflation rate in the United States has approximated 3% so most experts recommend using 3% for your future inflation projection.

    Similarly, consider the life expectancy assumption. Nobody can know when they are going to die. The whole idea is ridiculous.

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    Free Templates & Worksheets

    A retirement budget worksheet is divided into a number of sub-sections so as to record the types of earnings and spending. The templates are designed by professionals and are easy to use. You enter your todayâs age of retirement, and then the sheets calculate the years you have to plan for your retirement automatically. The templates save you time in drawing worksheets that could be tiring and difficult.

    How To Plan A Retirement Budget

    Free Retirement Planning Spreadsheet regarding Retirement Planning ...

    The fear of running out of money is a major concern among many retirees. The reason for this is because a lot of people do not know how to exploit their social security benefits to pay their bills. These people are worried about how much they will use in their individual retirement account hence the need for a retirement budget.

    A survey conducted in America showed that most workers estimated that they would require 400,000-500,000 U.S. Dollars to cater for their retirement expenses while the truth is that the expenses will exceed 1,000,000 U.S. Dollars.

    A pre-planned budget will show how much you are earning and how much you are spending. The retirement budget will assist you in making adjustments to fill in the gaps. This budget will also assist you in preparing a nasty surprise, such as a home or a car and even an unexpected medical bill. When you have a retirement budget, you avoid the stress of the unknown.

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    Why Excel Based Calculators

    Because our downloadable calculators are Excel based, there are no limitations to the level of detail and accuracy we can offer. Online financial calculators however, are limited by load time, and other web code constraints. As a result, their answers are often inaccurate and misleading ultimately lulling users into a false sense of security.

    How Do I Calculate The Taxes On My Invoices

    Calculation errors are a common problem when invoicing in Word, Excel or other home-grown invoicing and accounting solutions. FreshBooks removes the worry of making errors, as all calculations are done for you, including the taxes.

    Take the guesswork out of invoicing with FreshBooks.Check out how to keep your expenses effortlessly organized with FreshBooks, or learn more about us

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    I Built A Spreadsheet To Calculate What It Would Take To Retire Early And It Was A Shock

    After being inspired by Jeremys early retirement story, I decided to sit down and calculate once and for all how long it would take for us to retire early as well.

    As any good nerd would do in these times, I headed straight to Google for some early retirement spreadsheets to help plot my scheming.

    I came across a few good places that shared close to what I was looking for , as well as this fun calculator at, but I couldnt find anything that was nice and simple where I could plug in a few numbers and get my snapshot without having my head explode..

    So I decided to make one of my own.

    It took me a little extra effort and sharpening of Excel skills to put together, but I was happy to jump in and fully immerse myself in what early retirement looks like number-wise. And when youre building stuff from scratch, you get to cater things to your own liking! Which to me meant simplicity and getting that overall *snapshot* of what the deal is here. I wanted to see exactly how far away FI is, and be able to easily play with the numbers to see how it affects the future.

    This is what I came up with.

    Free Easy And Unbiased Planning

    Best Retirement Calculator – Simple Excel Spreadsheet

    Almost no one knows what to do on a monthly basis to maintain their lifestyle. Most people will experience a significant lifestyle decline when they put their kids through school, when they retire, or because of something unexpected.

    Thats where we come in. Without changing your current budget, our financial plans recommend the absolute best way to grow and protect your wealth. Did we mentionits free?

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    Get Started With An Easy Retirement Template

    You can build your own retirement planner, but its faster and easier to get started with a free template. So here are seven of the best free retirement spreadsheet templates.

    These spreadsheets can even help you find the best age to retire. For example, you might want to plan for early retirement, or a hybrid scenario where you keep working part-time or otherwise choose to delay your social security benefits.

    What Rate Of Return Should You Use For Retirement Planning

    Your expected rate of return should be based on your portfolio. If your portfolio consists of index funds, then you can look at historical annualized returns to get a sense of what you can expect. If you have a fixed-income portfolio, then that’s even easier because you know exactly what you’re expected to receive from those investments.

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    Free Retirement Calculator Spreadsheet

    This Retirement Calculator Spreadsheet will let you understand “how much do I need to retire”. It is in fact a very useful superannuation calculator to find out how much money you will have when you retire and how long your retirement savings can last.

    There are many retirement calculators available online. However, you will find most of the retirement calculators on the market are not user-friendly because they only offer some very basic calculations.

    In order to help you to understand how much money you will have until retirement and how long your retirement savings will last, this free Retirement Calculator Spreadsheet is built by incorporating the following variables:

    Current superannuation retirement savings $ Your age now Your expected retirement age Your current gross annual salary $ Your employer’s superannuation contribution % Your extra superannuation contribution % Expected annual salary increase rate % Expected superannuation rate of return before retirement % Expected superannuation rate of return after retirement % Annual superannuation management fees % Annual superannuation extra administration fees $ Annual insurance premium $ Expected annual inflation rate % Monthly cash needed at retirement .

    Here is a screen shot that will give you a better idea that what you need to do and how this free Retirement Calculator Spreadsheet can help you.

    Why Have You Set The Default Life Expectancy Of The Calculator To 95 Years

    Free Retirement Planning Spreadsheet regarding Excel Spreadsheet For ...

    For starters, people are living longer. Even though the average life expectancy in Canada is 82 years, many people live past this. It’s better to have more money tucked away for retirement than to run out of savings. Extra savings can always be passed down to your beneficiaries. You can change the default life expectancy if you think you’ll live a longer or shorter life.

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    Planning Your Retirement Quickly And Easily

    When planning for retirement, one has to do two essential calculations:

  • Figure out what level of income you want to have when you retire.
  • Figure out how to save so that you reach that level of income in the 401k plan.
  • Most finance-savvy people will probably have a ballpark figure for how much money they will need to live on, even without any fancy calculations.

    There is no right answer, what you come up with is down to your lifestyle, where you live, and how much you need to service that lifestyle.

    If you need $100,000 per year to live then the amount of money you need to invest for a great retirement is far greater than if you need $50,000 per year to live.

    If you only need $20,000 per year then you will not need to put away quite so much money now.

    Just remember when working out how much you think you will need that you’ll have to pay all your living arrangements from this income, scenarios, and economies change, and that you will be taxed.

    At least put in some padding for some fluctuation of inflation rates, because this money will be put to use several decades from now and there is no opportunity to go back in time to correct your estimates!

    Retirement Financial Planner For Microsoft Excel

    Set your retirement goals and determine how much savings you need with this accessible retirement financial planner template.

    Enter your age, salary, savings, and investment return information, as well as desired retirement age and income, and the retirement planning template will calculate and chart the required earnings and savings each year to achieve your goals.

    Learn More |

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