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Top Five Gay Retirement Cities

Planning for retirement for LGBTQ community

When looking for the best states to retire, it is unfortunate to know that in this day and age some cities and states are still not gay-friendly. Lets take a look at the five best places for the LGBT community to retire.

  • Austin, Texas- this is one of the most liberal and diverse locations in the United States. The area has sweltering summers and mild winters. It is an excellent place to spend ones golden years especially for seniors who love music and look forward to receiving the best care in modern communities.
  • Phoenix, Arizona – another key city to think about is Phoenix. It boasts of numerous senior living communities including the ones that are LGBT friendly. Retirees are bound to enjoy the warm weather as they immerse themselves in a city with lots of culture, history, and entertainment.
  • Atlanta, Georgia – same-sex couples are likely to enjoy retiring in Atlanta. They can identify suitable retirement communities here without too much struggle. Moreover, the city is known for its strong cultural component, fantastic entertainment, history, and southern food.
  • Orlando, Florida – It is probably one of the cities that has a well-established gay community, so older members of the LGBT community will fit right in. The city is also famous for its world-class entertainment, and many agree that it is a hot spot for retirees.
  • Look Out For Red Flags

    Interviews are essential for a reason you get to know a community better than its website can represent them. When speaking with a representative from a retirement home, take note of their language. Do they talk inclusively and avoid implying prejudiced ideals? If so, your relative is probably in good hands.

    Make sure they are comfortable answering your questions. A representative who is avoidant or refuses to answer a question is likely hiding something or is uncomfortable having open discussions.

    Do The Personal Beliefs Of The Staff Affect Their Interactions

    Especially when touring a community with religious affiliations, you may need to ask about the beliefs of the staff members to make sure they dont clash with your sexuality.

    While most senior adult communities hire staff members who respect the residents regardless of lifestyle, there still may be people out there who disagree with alternative lifestyles and could mistreat LGBT seniors because of that.

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    How To Plan For A Fabulously Gay Retirement

    The best time to start saving and investing for retirement is always now. Too often, especially for LGBT people, were emotionally or physically ready to retire before were financially ready to retire.

    If youre in your 20s, 30s, 40s or even early 50s, you have time on your side. If youre older, its time to get serious.

    Below is a good start whether youre 20 or 65 years old.

    Check For Lgbt Certifications Or Training

    Retirement Communities Find Niche With Gay Seniors : NPR

    Find out if any of the assisted living communities youre interested in have received SAGECare training. This is a program for senior housing and care providers that centers on LGBT cultural competency and sensitivity.

    But even if the places where youre looking dont have this certification yet, that doesnt mean they arent open to LGBT lifestyles in their communities.

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    Questions To Ask To Find Lgbt Friendly Retirement Communities

    Any retirement community can be LGBT-friendly, says Acquaviva. Supportive, caring senior living options exist across the country. Depending on where you live, finding one could take some digging. Consider asking these nine additional questions while filling out our assisted living checklist.

  • Do you have an anti-discrimination policy? An anti-discrimination policy should be readily visible and include gender and sexual orientation, says Kopp-Richardson. Since sexual orientation is only considered a protected class in 20 states, and the District of Columbia, this isnt a given. Its a good sign if a community visibly posts its anti-discrimination policy and discusses it in brochures and on tours.
  • Are there LGBT community organizations or clubs? Many assisted living communities, especially in progressive areas, have resident-led social groups or safe spaces for LGBT seniors. Aging loved ones can express themselves freely and discuss concerns with like-minded individuals.
  • What are your employee benefits? There is a strong connection between employee benefit policies and affirming treatment of LGBT seniors, says Kopp-Richardson. If a community offers equal benefits, support for LGBT staff, and healthcare benefits positively impacting transgender employees, its more likely that the community will be affirming toward its residents.
  • The Resort On Carefree Boulevard

    Options for lesbian-only communities are few, but The Resort on Carefree Beach is one of them. The community in Fort Myers, FL, has 278 home and RV lots on 50 acres, many overlooking tropical freshwater lakes, and preserves.

    • The Supreme Court may have granted LGBTQ workers protection, but that doesnt mean the workplace is any less hostile if youre older.

      Saturday, August 29, 2020

    • Theres no question that the Affordable Care Act has greatly benefited older LGBTQ Americans. AARP is helping to protect it.

      Friday, August 21, 2020

    • At 65, the transgender comic is poised to take the world by storm.

      Thursday, August 13, 2020

    • Joseph Schneiers Trusty.Care was singled out by AARP Innovation Labs and EndWell as an outstanding startup.

      Thursday, August 6, 2020

    • After a lifetime of discrimination, LGBTQ elders can find their age leads to another kind of bias.

      Monday, July 27, 2020

    • LGBTQ seniors have a lot riding on this years Census.

      Sunday, July 19, 2020

    • Trans older adults face unique challenges, but fortunately, there are resources to help empower them to age with dignity.

      Saturday, July 11, 2020

    • Social isolation is a health risk for all seniors, especially older LGTBQ people. But there are resources to empower you to fight it.

      Tuesday, June 30, 2020

    • Edie Windsor and other gay and lesbian seniors made the case for marriage as a necessary safety net and a long-overdue recognition of love.

      Friday, June 26, 2020

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    Resort On Carefree Boulevard

    Location: Fort Meyers, FL

    The Resort on Carefree Boulevard is an all-female community geared towards lesbians. It is made up of both RV parking lots and houses for you to purchase. Although they will accept people as young as 40, the community is predominantly made up of older women. There are plenty of activities for everyone in the community to meet each other.

    Lgbtq Retirement Communities & Villages

    Finding a retirement home if youre LGBT

    One of the best ways to enjoy retirement is to buy a home or apartment in a retirement community or village. These locations are generally designed for those over the age of 55 . There are many outstanding options available here for seniors. For example, you can enjoy community amenities such as swimming pools, golf courses, clubhouses, and a variety of other onsite activities and features. It tends to be a friendly, upscale community where you can be yourself.

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    Calculate Your Net Worth

    The first step in preparing for retirement, your goal, is knowing where you are today. To do that, you must know exactly how much money minus debt you have today.

    The second step is estimating how much money, including housing, healthcare and other living expenses, youll need in retirement.

    First, total all your assets, including money saved for emergencies, money in individual retirement accounts , company-sponsored retirement accounts or 403) and Health Savings Account or HSA and any other money and investments you have anywhere else.

    Write your total assets down on a piece of paper.

    Second, total all your liabilities and other debts, including money you owe friends and family, car loans, mortgage, home equity lines of credit on which youve drawn and own, student loans and any other money you owe anyone, including Uncle Sam.

    Write your total debts or liabilities on the same piece of paper.

    Then, subtract your total debts and liabilities from your total assets. If this numbers negative or very low, meaning less than 25 times your projected annual expenses in retirement, you have some savings and investing to do before you can reasonably and comfortably retire by age 65.

    Gay Friendly Countries In Europe


    Host of the largest gay pride parade in Europe. Legalized same-sex marriage and adoption. According to International Living, Spain is an openly gay friendly country. One of Spains Canary Islands, Gran Canaria, is a popular LGBTQ travel destination. And the cites of Barcelona and Madrid both have active gay communities.

    Spain is a country with a lot of outdoor activities like surfing and whale watching. Interested in architecture? Take a tour of Barcelonas famous Basílica de la Sagrada Família. And yes, they still have bullfighting in Madrid and Andalusia.


    Italys history with gay rights is mixed. Same-sex relationships have been legalized in Italy since 1890. It was one of the first countries to give the right to change gender, however adoption rights have not been granted. Gay people are banned from serving in the Italian military. That shouldnt stop you from considering Italy though. In addition to pride parades, many cities have social services available to gay couples.

    Theres plenty to do in Italy. Food, art and architecture are all well known. But did you know that you can SCUBA dive and explore the sunken city of Baia? Or take a Vespa tour of Florence? And of course, there are plenty of ruins to tour. There are even many beautiful beaches to enjoy around the country.


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    Lgbt Senior Living Options

    LGBTQ older adults want to live in areas that can provide meet their needs and provide comfort. As of today, not all cities in the US are LGBT-friendly, so its important to find a place where LGBTQ retirees can live comfortably without discrimination.

    As the population of LGBTQ seniors continues to grow, more and more unique types of communities are created to accommodate their needs. For LGBTQ retirees who are looking for new living options, there is a wide range of choices for LGBT seniors to live freely without fear of discrimination. You can now find LGBT senior housing, gay senior living communities, gay nursing homes and much more.

    Triangle Square Apartments Los Angeles California

    Gay community faces unique retirement challenges

    Courtesy photo

    Residents of the Triangle Square Apartments in Hollywood are age 62-plus.

    In June, 2007, 104 units of housing debuted near the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Triangle Square Apartments was the first affordable housing building in the nation to focus on the LGBT community.

    “No one was sure it could be done or replicated again,” says Tripp Mills, deputy director of senior services at the Los Angeles LGBT Center, which partnered with developer McCormick Baron Salazar.

    The $21.5 million project was built with low-income tax credits, dedicated funds from a community redevelopment agency and $1.5 million in private funding. The average age for the Triangle residents is 75. Rent ranges from $241 to $967 a month with 32 percent using U.S. Housing and Urban Development vouchers. Most of the units are one-bedroom. The eight two-bedroom units are available for income-qualifying tenants with caregivers, couples or other family members. Thirty-five units are set aside for people who have HIV/AIDS, are homeless or at risk of being homeless.

    The Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Senior Services division provides recreational, community and health services to the building, including choir, Reiki and intergenerational programming. The community room is also the site of more than 70 monthly social, educational and enrichment programs and services, including a reduced-cost lunch program for residents and their guests.

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    Nations Largest Lgbtq Seniors Housing Center Opens In Houston

    HOUSTON The nations largest LGBTQ-affirming senior living center a 112-unit complex featuring a glowing entry tower of multicolored translucent panels has opened near the center of Houston.

    Germinated under the leadership of Annise Parker a Houstonian who served as the first openly gay mayor of a major U.S. city from 2010 until 2016 the new seniors community comes as the result of long labor. After seven years of fundraising, design collaborations, meetings with community stakeholders, and the construction process, the Law Harrington Senior Living Center has received its initial occupants.

    The senior living center, 2222 Cleburne, is located south of downtown, adjacent to Highway 288 in the Third Ward neighborhood.

    How many places in America do they have a place like this? says Dina Montalbo, 74, a new resident at the four-story seniors community. Oh my God, everything about this place is fantastic!

    As the finishing touches are completed at the seniors center, Montalbo will soon be followed by other new residents, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals and other senior citizens, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

    Mayor Parker: Montrose Land Prices Were Too High

    I am very proud of it. I toured it two weeks ago and its very beautiful, says former mayor Parker, a driving force in the development of the Law Harrington Senior Living Center.

    Namesakes: Early Day Activists

    The Pioneer Generation that Came Out

    A Beautiful Gated Gay And Lesbian Community Of Homes In New Mexico

    I wish you a wonderful year of new opportunities, adventures, hope, happiness and good health in 2022!

    For many of us, 2021 was only slightly less unsettling than 2020 for others, it has brought yet more unexpected challenges and hardships. While taking a moment to reflect on something positive and what I’m grateful for… it is the continued interest in and growth of our magical community despite the pandemic… or maybe because of it. Our lot sales have been very strong for the past eighteen months with many very interesting and wonderful folks joining our “flock”.

    It seems that more and more people are seeking a safe haven… a peaceful and beautiful place to live amongst people of like minds during these challenging times. Birds of a Feather is one of a very few gated LGBTQ communities in the country offering peaceful rural living. We are located just outside the Village of Pecos, New Mexico, tucked into the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, and surrounded by the Santa Fe National Forest but, only a short 30 minute drive to Santa Fe… one of the most popular cities in the country due to its legendary history and culture, art scene, beauty and award-winning cuisine.

    In 2021, I received approval from San Miguel County for four new one+ acre lots in Hawk’s Landing. These are the LAST lots being added to the community, so the final number of lots will be 44 .

    And, check out this article in LGBTQNation about LGBTQ senior communities in the US

    Maya Angelou

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    Calculate How Much Youll Be Able To Spend Each Year In Retirement

    Even today, but especially in retirement, youll want to be super-meticulous with knowing where every penny comes from and where every penny goes so you have enough money to last throughout retirement. Most experts recommend that you plan on spending between 70-80% of your current pay. So, if youre spending $50,000 a year, youll likely need between $35-40,000 a year.

    Gay And Lesbian Retirement Communities

    Do people in the LGBT community worry more about retirement?

    cara larose

    Today, homosexuals are widely accepted as members of society. Despite this, the fact remains that many of them live out their remaining years alone. To help these adults comfortably live in old age, there are many retirement communities specifically designed for adult homosexuals. The country is home to a lot of assisted living and retirement communities intended for gay and lesbian Americans.

    The first retirement community for gays and lesbians opened in Palmetto, Florida in 1997. Located between Sarasota and Petersburg, the community was called Palms of Manasota. It offered various amenities such as villas, assisted living homes, pools, clubhouses, and other recreation centers. The community continues to thrive today, encouraging the establishment of similar communities in other states around the country.

    Despite the societal acceptance gained by the third sex community, many of them experience mistreatment even in old age. As a result, some states in the US introduced several laws to protect them, as well as provide funding for exclusive assisted living centers. The personnel are provided with training and education so they can responsibly attend to the special needs of these people.

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    Best Gay Retirement Communities In Dc

    Located at 401 Anacostia Road, S.E., Marys House for Older Adults bills itself as a model for housing celebrating the whole person as they age for everyone. The 15-unit, LGBT-friendly facilitys goal is to meet the emotional, recreational, social and other similar needs of older adults through health and wellness programming, hydrotherapy coordination and social-based services.

    Looking For Gay Assisted Living Communities What You Need To Know

    If youre an LGBT senior, youve most likely been through some trauma in your past from feeling like you have to hide your sexuality to having people not accept your lifestyle.

    And while things have gotten better in these areas over the years, now that you are looking for an assisted living or retirement community, you dont want to have to take any steps backward.

    Fortunately, if you know the right questions to ask and things to look for, you can find a place that is just right for you.

    Keep reading to find out what you need to know about gay assisted living communities, plus some great resources that will help you on your journey.

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    Recommended Support Sites For Lgbt Seniors

    For LGBT seniors looking for support sites, here are some options you can check out to find senior living support for your loved one:

    • Alices Garage: Set-up in remembrance of Alice Anderson, a motor mechanic behind the all-female service in Kew. They address the inequalities LGBT seniors face related to ageism and the legacies of LGBTI phobic histories. It is one of the pioneers in providing support.
    • Older Persons Advocacy Network This is a network comprised of nine state organisations in Australia that deliver advocacy and LGBT friendly senior living support.
    • GRAI: They exist to provide a responsive and inclusive environment that advances quality life for older persons of diverse sexualities and gender identity.
    • Out and About: This is a community that offers support to sexual minority communities and their loved ones.
    • Living Positive Victoria: This community provides help to persons living with HIV in terms of their human rights and wellbeing.
    • Matrix Guild: This is a group formed by lesbian feminists to help lesbians who are forty years or older.
    • All the Queens Men Digital Dance Club: This is one of the most popular dance programmes aimed at connecting gay and lesbian people plus members from other sexual minorities online.

    Over the years, sexual minorities have suffered various forms of discrimination because of their sexual orientation. The problem seems to worsen after someone has retired.

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