Gift Ideas For Retiring Colleague


One: Consider Your Relationship

A Two-Page Bragbook for a retiring colleague (group gift idea!)

Before picking out a great retirement gift, its important to consider your relationship with the retiree. How long have you known her? What kind of relationship do you have? Is she a coworker, a friend, or a family member?

If youre shopping for a coworker youve known for a year, youd likely want to get her something classy and fun maybe related to her interests , but generic is okay, too. If youre shopping for your best girlfriend, on the other hand, you definitely need to find something personal and thoughtful.

Retirement gifts are all about context. Spend some time thinking about what kind of relationship you have with the retiree, and it will help you narrow your search for a meaningful item that will help to usher in her next chapter in life.

Try A Little Friendly Advice

Does your coworker or boss take life a little too seriously? Maybe this unusual gift will give them a different perspective. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck will open their minds to an alternative method of thinking and dealing with life. For fun gifts, it certainly offers some pretty great advice. You may just give them a boost.

What Retirement Gift Should I Get For A Coworker

Watching someone youve worked with day in and day out retire can be bittersweet. Depending on your relationship with her, you might feel a mixture of jealousy, sadness, and happiness and all of that is okay!

Take some time to reflect on how long youve known your coworker and how her retirement fits into her larger work history. Is she retiring from a 40-year career? Or just transitioning from full-time to part-time work? Any type of retirement is worthy of a celebration. But larger milestones mean a larger retirement gift. Here are a few ideas:

  • Clothing or personal items. Good retirement gifts for coworkers can often be casual, like a gift card to a new clothing store shes obsessed with. Or you can get a little more personal with work-related memorabilia such as a personalized paperweight, coffee mug, or tote bag. If youve been in her house, think about what home decor would really shine in her living room.
  • An office-wide party. Our favorite retirement present for a coworker is a collaborative gift . Talk to your other coworkers and see if everyone will pitch in for a special send-off, like a brunch or luncheon together. Include a signed card, flowers, balloons, and champagne. Theres no better way to make the new retiree feel appreciated than with a retirement party.

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Special Keepsakes For Retirement

A keepsake is an ideal way of wishing someone a happy retirement in a form that can be cherished and displayed forever. Our Retirement Keepsake is a subtly designed memento which features a pretty daisy design, the words ‘happy retirement’ in a beautiful cursive inscription and a personalised message of your choice. Our Personalised Retirement Candles feature a beautiful prefixed message that can be lovingly personalised with the recipient’s name and their company name. Our beautiful Engraved Crystal Heart Paperweight is guaranteed to be a gift your retiree will love shaped like a diamond and featuring a stunningly faceted surface that catches and reflects the light beautifully, this timeless keepsake is artfully engraved in an elegant cursive handwriting style with a loving message of your choice. Our Personalised Glass Octogan Award is the perfect retirement gift for a work colleague, featuring a classic award-style design and an engraved message of your description. For a more practical gift, our stylish Satin Silver and Gold Finish Pen is elegantly contained within an elegant black box. The box is decorated with a silver plaque that can be engraved with your well-wishes.

A Personalized Memory Box

Retirement Gifts for Women or Men Retirement 2021 Retired Poem ...

Want to make your gift feel truly personal? Why not get a custom gift box and fill it with some of their favorite things? Sure, a bottle of their favorite booze is always welcome, getting saucy the first night of retirement is almost a must. However, you could fill this engraved box with their favorite treats, cards from everyone in the office, or really anything! The possibilities are endless, making this a super unique retirement gift ideas for coworker!

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Inspiring Travel Books For Retirement

Is he already planning his new adventures for retirement? Here are two inspiring travel books to keep him going. Both come in hardcover, perfect for gift-giving.

National Geographic does a fabulous job of capturing those wow images thatll make him drool in their Destinations of a Lifetime compilation. And The Bucket List by Kath Stathers is packed with photos and information on 1000 adventures, big and small. Wildlife encounters, extreme sports, culture, legacy and food trip ideas.

Bonus: Portable Gas Grill

This portable gas grill is the perfect gift for someone who has been in an office for most of their life. Now they get to enjoy their time in the sun with the smell of something delicious wafting in the breeze. The spring and the summer will be that much sweeter with this ultimate portable, user-friendly grill.

At only 12 pounds, this premier cooking tool is also uber-convenient to pack up and carry from location-to-location for tailgates, backyard cookouts, and much more. Separate push-to-ignite heat controls on each side throw out 10,000 BTUs of char-tastic heat our mouths are watering already!

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Elegant Water Bottle For Health Enthusiasts

If you happen to know that your coworker really enjoys working out, then the Soma 17 water bottle could be a great gift idea for them. The stylish cap and minimalist design will bring an element of class to their workout. You can even buy a few of them as a gift idea for office staff. Hydration for everyone!

Help Them See Through All That Fog

19 TERRIFIC Retirement Gift Ideas

If you and your coworkers use your computers and phones a lot, then it’s likely that their screens are dirty. Those smudges can become extremely annoying. This makes the Dust Cloud Screen Cleaner such a good gift. It’s simple, effective, and serves a purpose whether they’re in the office with their computer or relaxing at home with their cell phone.

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Set Of Gardening Equipment

Gardening is a new hobby for many retirees. Relaxing, exercising, and unwinding the mind while producing something beautiful is the ultimate kind of relaxation. The perfect retirement gift for someone who has a large yard but never had the time or inclination to take care of it themselves. Six metal gardening tools, gardening gloves, and a garden tote bag are included in this 7-piece garden toolset.

Funny Warning Sign Retirement Gifts For Men

This is as close to a plaque as youll find here for small and funny retirement gifts for male coworkers, and isnt it awesome?! Its made of tin with baked-in color and pre-drilled holes, so its perfect for both indoors and outdoors. He can add this Warning sign to his man cave, garage or fence to celebrate his freedom and bring in some laughs from his buddies.

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Give Them Comfort While They Work Tirelessly

Still looking for useful gifts? Consider this gift idea for a coworker. A hammock footrest that can be easily installed beneath a desk. For the employee or boss who works long hours, this rest can provide considerable comfort. It also makes excellent going away gifts for coworkers as they can utilize the footrest wherever they go. They’ll think of you whenever they sit back.

Unique Oil Painting Of A Picture

Retirement Mug Retirement Gifts for Women Coworker Leaving

A classic retirement gift for a coworker is to give a photo, which can be a portrait or a group photo of all the colleagues. Giving a picture is a unique memory for the retiree to look back at their career. But theres even a more unique way to create this memory. You can now create an Oil Painting of every picture, which gives this memory extra emotional touch. This handmade oil painting is a unique and touching gift youll give to a colleague whos special to you. Place your order here on Paint Your Life.

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Tongue And Cheek Funny Gift For Boss

Following with cheap gift ideas, you may want to consider this Like and Dislike Automatic Stamp maker for the boss or employee who has a great sense of humor. Not only will it bring a bit of fun in their life, but it’s actually pretty useful, too. Offer this funny office gift to your coworker and have a ball.

National Geographic 50 States 5000 Ideas

Check Latest Price

National Geographic has created the perfect retirement travel companion book. The 50 States, 5,000 Ideas book is lavishly illustrated with photography and descriptions showcasing the best places to go upon your coworkers retirement.

Along the way they will discover not only where to go, but also when to go, what to do, and what to see. These are the little tips and insights that make travel around the USA so fun and glorious.

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Adjustable Mini Foot Rest For Desk

Who doesnt want a hammock for their feet? This adjustable mini foot rest for underneath your desk is a creative and unique gift for a coworker who is about to burn the midnight oil at a new job.

It is easy to install. Simply hook the canvas foot rest to either side of the desk with the two included metallic clips. The length of the rope is adjustable from 200 mm to 450 mm.

Digital Wifi Picture Frame

Retirement and Farewell Gift Ideas

A digital picture frame is such a perfect retirement gift for anyone that loves to be reminded of great memories in life. With this digital picture frame, the retiree can share their digital photos and videos directly from social media, their camera, and phone onto this frame. And the coolest part is: friends and family can share their photos with this frame from anywhere in the world.

Its a great gift for staying connected with kids and grandkids who live far away or are traveling. The picture frame is easy to set-up, it has 8GB internal memory, supports USB stick, SDHC, and SDXC cards. And video and photo sharing work via email or via the Pix-Star app on a smartphone. You can choose between the 10-inch or 15-inch digital picture frame for your coworker.

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A Great Recipe Subscription

NYT Cooking subscription

Your foodie co-worker probably has a few reliable cookbooks that they love, so trying to select the singular book that will suit their tastes can be tricky guesswork. A safer option is a subscription to NYT Cooking. It features more than 19,000 recipes tested and curated by Times experts, along with videos and clear instructions to help even novice cooks successfully whip up delightful offerings. The service also allows the recipient to organize their favorites in a digital recipe box.

Personalized Celebrity Video With Cameo

Looking for a retirement gift that is truly one-of-a-kind? Then look at the folks at Cameo, who manage a huge network of celebrities to deliver video messages to your soon-to-be-retired colleague. Book their favorite celebrity on Cameo and add in work nicknames, funny work stories, good wishes, and anything else you want them to shout out. It is really cool to have someone they love from The Office or Real Housewives send them off in style. They also work with beloved athletes for sports fans!

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Become The Colorful Synthetic Jellyfish

Whether your coworker enjoys fish or just soothing tanks, this awesome hypnotic jellyfish aquarium will look fantastic on their desk or at home. They provide soothing movements to ease the troubled mind. It’s also a pretty interesting talking point for passersby. Tired of a certain color? Choose another and delight once more!

Virtual Retirement Happy Hour

Retirement Gifts for Coworker Coffee Mug, Funny Retired Gag Gift ...

Cap off a long and successful career with a round of drinks, virtually! A virtual retirement happy hour can be a great time to share stories, socialize, and celebrate your coworkers next big step. The happy hour experts at Priority Experiences will deliver mini cocktail kits to all of your attendees homes. Plus, a master mixologist will host your group as you learn how to make some of the most delicious cocktails out there. Finish off with some fun trivia and a Q& A session, and you will find your group smiling from this virtual retirement gift.

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Work Pro Gardening Tool Set

WORKPRO Garden Tools Set

After putting in years of work, chances are your retiree doesnt even know where their old gardening tools are. This starter kit is the perfect gift to get them going again, since it includes seven tools including a trowel, transplanter, and a pruner. Plus, it comes in a durable, polyester storage bag they can throw over their shoulders when theyre ready to head outside.

Lavender Scented Candles For Women

These Lavender Scented Candles smell like a dream and are a wonderful gift for a departing female coworker.

The message on the candle reads, A Wise Woman Once Said, Im Outta Here, and She Lived Happily Ever After. That is sure to bring a smile to the recipients face!

The candle itself holds 9 ounces of lavender infused, 100 percent soy wax. It will burn for hours. The candle not only smells amazing, but it serves as adorable decor for a bedroom, bathroom or any room in the house. Once the candle is burned, the glass container is reusable.

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A Delightful Distraction Anywhere You Go

Slow workdays can sometimes be the worst. You can’t fall asleep, but there’s nothing else to do to be productive. Save your coworker from similar suffering by procuring them a 3D VR headset. With their phone alone, they can be transported into new worlds. There will never be a boring day at the office or at home again with this cool gift.

Cat Lovers Rejoice Amid Phone Charging

Retirement Gifts For Men Women, Retired Funny Tumblers Mug Gift For Boss Dad Coworkers Husband

This cool present is an excellent gift for employees who have an appreciation for the feline species. The decorative phone charger will keep their phone juiced up all while looking adorable. Built for those on the go, what makes this funny gift for coworkers so cool is that it’s portable. So, if their running around and their phone is about to die, you’ve provided them with means of rescue.

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Retro Bluetooth Speaker Retirement Gifts For Men

If your male coworker loves music, here are some fun and thoughtful retirement gift ideas hell appreciate. First, a pretty cool retro bluetooth speaker with radio. Or, a retro bluetooth record player, complete with radio, CD player and even a cassette player! A perfect tribute to the past and the present. Pair it with an awesome oldies record.

Golf Caddie Gadget Retirement Gifts For Male Coworkers

Is he a golf addict? Its pretty easy to find thoughtful golf-related retirement gift ideas for men. Apparently, the Arccos Caddie is the gadget to own. Its a fully-automatic performance tracking system. Attach a sensor to each club, connect them to the app, and get pro advice to better your game.

Give him a place to practice his shot by adding in a golf membership.

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Gifts Celebrating Their Value & Accomplishments

Retirement is a proud moment. After decades of hard work and dedication, theyd like to be cherished. So give a heartfelt thank-you by taking them on a nostalgia trip.

  • Create a nice slideshow or a photo book to reminisce about their best moments.
  • A tribute video from their peers
  • Have them record a training video where they share tips & tricks for new hires. This way, their legacy will continue for years to come.
  • A replica or a souvenir of a project they worked on
  • A jar of farewell messages
  • Their favorite tool they regularly used
  • A plaque or a trophy to highlight their years of service

A point to note here: most of the gift ideas outlined here are gender-neutral. You can easily give them to a man, woman, or a person of any other gender.

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Computer Lovers Commemorative Coffee Mugs Retirement Gift for Women 2020 ⢠Coworker Leaving Gifts ...

This cheap gift for coworkers is a trophy to celebrate the freedom from the computer workload. No longer will they be chained to a desk endlessly typing away. Now, instead, whenever they take a sip from these unique CTRL, ALT, DEL coffee mugs, they can gloat over their freedom. Not bad at all for a retirement gift idea for a coworker.

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Funny Boss Lady Glass


Who doesnt love a good joke coupled with a much-needed drink at the end of the day? A going away gift like this glass with a funny and loving message can cure the worst workday. This is the perfect farewell gift for a female boss who understands humor!

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Send your office buddy off in style, so they realize how valued they are for all their effort.

With these going-away ideas of gifts for bosses and coworkers leaving work, youll surely find something that makes them feel appreciated for all the work theyve done.

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