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Best 55+ Community In Georgia

Erickson Senior Living: How much does a retirement community cost?

Sun City Peachtree – Griffin, Georgia

This incredible Del Webb community near Atlanta has over 3,300 homes to ensure that you get whatever suits your retirement lifestyle. It’s spread across 1,700 acres of rolling hills and lush pine forests. Located just 35 miles south of Atlanta in Griffin, you are able to easily access a mixture of small-town charm and the convenience of living near a big city.

Sun City Peachtree is a superb place if you’re looking for a retirement community that’s tucked away from the traffic and the congestion of a big city, yet conveniently located where you can easily access all the amenities that such a big city has on offer. As such, you’ll never lack world-class amenities to complement the active social lifestyle just to ensure that you live your golden life to the fullest.

How To Know If You Can Afford A Retirement Community

Nov 22, 2017 | Retirement, Milestone Ages & Life Events

Theres a lot to consider if youre thinking about moving into a retirement community. While they offer an abundance of resources that you cant replicate at home, retirement communities typically dont come cheap. One of your top priorities should be deciding whether you can afford a retirement community lifestyle.

Its important to review both your current and future finances carefully, to properly evaluate the costs of retirement community living, relative to the benefits you might gain.

Best 55+ Community In Mississippi

Pickwick Pines Resort – Luka, Mississippi

Situated in Tishomingo County, the Pickwick Pines Resort is an amazing senior community where seniors can enjoy plenty of activities, especially in the nearby Tennessee River and Pickwick Lake. Whether you want to enjoy fishing, boating, hunting, or other water sport activities, Pickwick Pines Resort is a gorgeous place to enjoy your golden years.

You can enjoy other incredible activities that will keep you both physically and socially active. Whether you’re looking forward to playing some tennis games or want to stroll as you enjoy the scenic landscape, Pickwick Pines Resort is a great place to enjoy your retirement in Mississippi.

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How Much Do They Cost

CCRCs charge an entrance fee and a monthly fee. The monthly fee will go up as you need more care. Before you sign a contract, think about asking a lawyer or financial adviser to review it and help you understand it.

Most people use long-term care insurance, savings, or sell their houses to pay for living in a CCRC.

What Does It Cost

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Cost-wise, whats the better choice? Aging in place at home? Or moving to a senior living community? Youll need to crunch the numbers for your own particular situation, because the cost of living varies all across the country. But a careful review of expenses, a clear understanding of what you do and dont get in your home vs. a retirement community thats where you begin. And in the end, if youre like most people who consider a move to an independent living community, youll discover that the costs of community life can compare favorably to the costs of aging in place at home.

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Factors That Affect How Much Independent Living Costs

Type of independent living community. A stand-alone independent living community, for example, might offer fewer features and amenities but be more affordable. Many independent living communities are priced similarly to a typical apartment in the area. An independent living community located on the campus of a continuing care community, however, will likely come with more services and amenities, which may result in a higher price tag.

Location. The location of an independent living community has a big impact on its cost, as cost of living varies widely in different areas of the country. Major metropolitan areas typically have multiple senior living options but a higher cost of living. That translates to higher monthly fees. Cost of independent living will be higher in the more desirable neighborhoods. Size matters, too. Square footage of your independent living floor plan will influence the monthly fee.

Services and Amenities Included in Independent Living. The financial, physical, and emotional costs of caring for your lawn, keeping up with home maintenance, and cooking every meal can add up. Whats important to remember is that the services provided by an independent living community come at a cost that is actually a bargain when you consider what it could cost to purchase services separately. Lawn care, upkeep, housekeepingthese costs can add up quickly.

Average Monthly Cost Of Retirement Home

When deciding on the right retirement home for a loved one, most families have many questions.

They may start to think about accessible accommodation, access to social activities, age-related health concerns, and their budget and finances.

For individuals and families considering retirement homes, the average monthly cost of a retirement home can significantly affect their decision.

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Interested In Learning More About Eddy Senior Living

Contrary to popular belief, senior living is actually more affordable than most families realize. If youre interested in learning more about the senior living options and various pricing models available at Eddy Senior Living, we encourage you to contact us online, or call us at to speak with a Senior Living Specialist.

How To Pay You Have Options

How Much Will a Retirement Home Cost in Arizona? | 55+ Communities

Are you excited about the possibility of living in a community with vacation-style accommodations, quality dining and a fun-filled social calendar, but you arent sure how you can pay for it?

If so, weve got you covered.

There are several programs and third-party vendors who can help alleviate some of the stress of paying for senior living. For eligible seniors, these programs can provide assistance to help offset certain costs.

Explore Your Options Paying For Senior Living

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Best 55+ Community In Utah

SunRiver at St. George – St. George, Utah

Located in the outskirts of St. George, one of Utah’s fastest-growing areas, SunRiver is a perfect 55+ community that is surrounded by scenic mountain views, which makes it a great place for residents looking to make friends in retirement. The community’s 18-hole golf course, gorgeous swimming pools, state-of-the-art fitness center, walking trails, and outdoor sports courts make it a quite fabulous place.

The area is known for mild temperatures, as well as natural beauty, which makes it highly popular with active seniors looking for a vibrant community.

Atria West 86 Is A Famously Luxurious Retirement Community In The Heart Of New York City

Located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Atria West 86 has a rooftop terrace that overlooks the Hudson River, a penthouse fitness center, a library, and a hair salon. Other amenities include 24-hour concierge, chef-prepared meals, car service, event programs, and housekeeping.

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Best 55+ Community In Oklahoma

Vintage – Edmond, Oklahoma

Vintage Gardens is a low-maintenance senior community in Edmond, Oklahoma. It has 200 attached homes with two or three bedrooms, as well as two or three-car garages. The fact that Edmond is part of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area makes it so convenient for residents to run quick and routine errands just three miles away.

If you love outdoor activities, Lake Hefner – an idyllic lake surrounded by several trails that are popular with boaters and anglers – is just ten miles away.

Willow Valley Communities Costs Explained

The Best And Worst States For Retirement, Ranked

If youre wondering what Willow Valley Communities average costs are, were here to answer your questions. Transparency is important to us, so you can find all our pricing information on our Fees and Services page, in addition to the comprehensive explanation below.

Willow Valley Communities residents pay a one-time entrance fee for their residence and a monthly service fee.

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Determining Senior Living Costs

Making sense of the costs that bubble up as we answer the moving to a senior living community vs. staying at home question can be overwhelming, but reviewing our financial resources is a great place to start.

If you or someone you know wants to learn more about Atria, discover the location nearest you.

Assisted Living Retirement Communities

Assisted living highly focuses on assistance in living and the retired person may choose to live I think their own homes, apartment, condos, and single-family settings. So many senior citizens may depend on others help as living assistance.

Luckily this type of living provides a moderate level of care to make sure they can live with assistance. This includes meal preparation, getting dressed, taking medication, and transportation as part of assistance for basic and vital needs. When seniors also have another type of disease, they can get treatment for such as diabetes, dental complications, and many more.

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Best 55+ Community In Texas

Sun City Texas – Georgetown, Texas

For two decades, Sun City Texas has remained one of the biggest and most popular 55+ communities in the Lone Star State. With over 9,900 single-family and attached homes, you can choose from over 50-floor plans that range from 940 to 3,150 square feet. This means that there are several options for all types of budgets.

With 12 tennis courts, a 9-mile walking trail, a fishing lake, six bocce ball courts, gardening plots, a dog park, and several parks, this community can be a great place for outdoor lovers. Imagine a retirement community with an 18-hole golf course, as well as four outdoor pools if you want to get some Vitamin D from the sun.

Best 55+ Community In New Jersey

Erickson Senior Living: Why Choose A Continuing Care Retirement Community?

Holiday City at Berkeley – Toms River, New Jersey

For over four decades, Holiday City at Berkeley has been a perfect home for many retirees who have flocked New Jersey in search of an active but a low-maintenance lifestyle. With over 10,000 homes, this community is so versatile that it will suit just any type of buyer.

Set within Toms River in Ocean County, you’ll never lack stunning beaches, cultural attractions, and amazing dining experience. Some of the popular attractions in the area include Bey Lea Golf Course, Cattus Island County Park, and so much more.

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Comparing Costs Of Retirement Community Living

Theres no set rule for how much you might pay to live in a retirement community. The cost can depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Which amenities are included
  • The type of housing being provided
  • Where the retirement community is located geographically
  • Whether youre required to pay entrance fees, monthly fees, or both
  • What those fees cover, in terms of housing, utilities, and other services

Generally, the more amenities and services offered, the more you may expect to pay for retirement living in a senior community. Living in a highly desirable area where senior housing options are limited could also push up the final price tag.

Best 55+ Community In Alabama

âNational Village – Opelika, Alabama

Located right at the world-class Grand National Golf Course on the outskirts of Auburn University, the National Village is an award-winning retirement community. It offers virtually everything you’ll ever need in a retirement home and also for the way you want to live. From a championship golf course, gorgeous homes to a beautiful resort, miles of scenic nature trails, and style pools, The National Village is undoubtedly an extraordinary place to live and retire.

The best part of choosing the National Village as your retirement revolves around the fact that this place fully understands that there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all living. This is why it offers a wide selection of floor plans and elevations and remains a timeless neighborhood to spend your retirement years.

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What Else Affects Retirement Community Costs

Location and residence style are also a factors in costs associated with senior living communities. High-rise 55+ apartment buildings in metropolitan areas are often more expensive than communities in a rural setting. As with all real estate, the larger the square footage, the more expensive the residence will be. As examples, in 2021, entrance fees for Willow Valley Communities studio apartment start at $99,600, while our townhomes entrance fees begin at $425,000, all including Type-A Lifecare.

Best 55+ Community In Missouri

Beehive Retirement Community

Heritage of Hawk Ridge – St. Louis, Missouri

Located in the proximity of Highway 40, Heritage of Hawk Ridge is a thriving and growing senior community that offers about 515 homes in a gated community. The kind of lifestyle that you’ll experience in this idyllic community is energetic yet tranquil. From its world-class amenities, state-of-the-art fitness equipment to an amazing outdoor pool, and a 9-hole par-3 golf course, you’ll be in for a wonderful treat in your golden years.

Most homes in this senior community are single-family homes that will perfectly suit your senior lifestyle. This is a great place to foster an incredible atmosphere among residents who share interests in a wide range of activities.

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Retirement Villages Or Sheltered Housing: What Is The Difference

At a basic level, retirement villages and sheltered housing are similar. Both offer housing designed for older people who want to continue living independently. But there can be significant differences between these housing options.

Retirement villages offer premium facilities in an attractive environment and, as a consequence, are usually more expensive than other options. They are generally aimed at people who want to enjoy an independent lifestyle they may not be suited to people who require a higher level of support or supervision. Although some developments do provide access to additional care and support at an extra cost so its worth investigating all the options within retirement villages.

Sheltered housing is often operated by local authorities, housing associations or charities, while retirement village properties must be bought or rented privately.

Best 55+ Community In Ohio

Ridgefield – North Ridgeville, Ohio

With ranch-style homes for sale, Ridgefield is a great senior community home if you want a quiet and ranch-style retirement area. Whilst staying here, you enjoy proximity to downtown Cleveland where you can access some of the state’s best sports, outdoor recreation, and cultural events.

Located in North Ridgeville, Ohio, Ridgefield has been offering retirement homes for seniors since 1998, you can get a good retirement home that suits your lifestyle.

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Covenant Living At The Samarkand In Santa Barbara California Offers Beachfront Amenities Because Of Its Location

Covenant Living at the Samarkand is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains, offering retired residents jaw-dropping views and beachfront activities. Some of the community’s amenities include a wood shop, a fitness center, and an outdoor pool. Samarkand also has a thrift shop, a cafe, and a spa. Residents can also choose between fine dining and casual eateries.

Comparing Retirement Communities In Virginia

Tennessee retirement community enrollment increases as retirees flock to state

Richfield Living offers a full continuum of care similar to a continuing care retirement community however we follow a rental model so there is no expensive buy-in to move here and youre not locked into a permanent contract. This gives you more financial flexibility for the future. And as a not-for-profit community, you have peace of mind that the investment you make to live here comes right back, not into shareholders pockets. Our profits go toward improving the care, programs and services our residents receive and we are committed to being a good steward of each residents investment.

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Living In A Senior Community Vs Aging In Place

If youre on the fence about the costs of moving to an independent living community, it can be helpful to compare it to what youre spending where you live now. For example, heres how a sampling of average annual spending breaks down for people aged 55 to 64, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2020:

  • $21,379 for housing
  • $5,684 for healthcare
  • $3,521 for entertainment

Altogether, it adds up to $57,180 for the year. If you could move to a retirement community and pay the monthly median fee of $2,522 for housing, utilities, food, transportation, and healthcare, then youd come out ahead by nearly $30,000. Again, you have to look closely at what youre getting in exchange for what youre paying.

As you compare retirement communities, ask detailed questions. For example, what amenities are included? Does housing include all of your utilities? What level of healthcare is provided? Are meals, housekeeping, and laundry service paid for as part of the monthly fee? Then compare all this to your current budget and what you think you might spend going forward. For example, what if you needed a housekeeper every week or multiple times a week if taking care of your home became more difficult? The more you dig into the numbers, the easier it may be to .

What If Youre Not Married

Most retirement community contracts are written assuming dual occupants are married, but thats not always the case. Living with your partner in a retirement community is possible, but requires additional planning and contract negotiations to determine each individuals share of the entrance fee and monthly fees, plus what happens when the first partner dies.

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Most Secure: Laguna Woods Village Ca

Laguna Woods Village is the safest retirement community in the United States. Located in Orange County, California, its gated with 24-hour security. Residents can feel confident that their safety is always a top priority.

In addition to the tight security, Laguna Woods Village offers a wealth of amenities, including two golf courses, seven clubhouses, and over 250 social and cultural activities.

The prices range from the low $200,000s to mid $1Ms and many residents agree that its a great investment not only are you investing in a lifestyle, but youre also investing in amazing real estate.

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