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Retirement Communities: Financial Tips

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost? Compare Costs of Care
  • Retirement homes across the country offer special discounts for accommodations for a couple or second person living in the same home. This should be taken into account when planning for the retirement of other family members and can be an excellent way to cut costs
  • Find costs you can manage based on your specific needs and desired location
  • Each combination of location, payments and services results in a different monthly cost
  • Personal support and health-care services are generally available for an additional fee
  • Ask the retirement community you are interested in for their rates
  • The most common types of retirement communities allow residents to continue living independent and active lifestyles. With the least amount of extra care provided by retirement residence staff, the costs of independent living communities and active adult living communities are generally lower priced
  • The costs at retirement communities that provide intensive attention to residents, such as Alzheimer’s care and long-term care facilities, are slightly higher

The cost of individual retirement home units varies considerably depending on the size of the unit as well as the amenities and features you require. To get all the details, speak to the individual retirement communities and home care services that you’re considering. You’ll find some of the best profiled here on Comfort Life.

How Income Is Calculated

When reviewing your application, we consider your “net income” on line 236 of your most recent income tax notice of assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency minus any:

  • taxes payable line 435 on your notice of assessment
  • Universal Child Care Benefit payments
  • payments from a Registered Disability Savings Plan
  • death benefit payments from the Canada Pension Plan or Quebec Pension Plan
  • lump-sum income you used to pay for:
  • your accommodation at a long-term care home
  • an assistive device from the Assistive Devices Program
  • income payable for a period when you were not receiving a long-term-care rate reduction, including:
  • employment income
  • split pension income from your spouse or common-law partner
  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan, Registered Retirement Income Fund or Life Income Fund,
  • Old Age Security/Guaranteed Income Supplement/Guaranteed Annual Income System lump-sum income
  • any other income that you no longer receive
  • If you do not have a notice of assessment you may still be eligible.

    During our review, we also consider:

    • government benefits you are eligible for, even if you have not applied for them
    • other non-taxable income
    • income from private sources

    Find The Right Retirement Home

    There is a lot to consider in the cost of retirement living. Its not only about what youll pay today, but what your future care needs may cost you. And with so many great retirement homes to choose from, its easy to become overwhelmed. Supporting Seniors is a trusted guide for seniors and their families looking for the right retirement home here in Ottawa. Our priority is to help you find the retirement home that best matches your care needs, preferences and budget. Well help you avoid much unnecessary stress by clearly laying out your options so that you can plan, budget and anticipate what the years to come will look like for different retirement homes. Contact us to start your search today.

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    Paying For A Retirement Home

    For anyone moving into a retirement home, you need to know the full costs associated with each home or residence before you move in and you need to be aware of potential changes to those costs such as lease or rental increases or changes to your income or investments.

    Paying for a retirement home may be easier than you think when you consider that the monthly rate covers many living expenses including everything from home repairs to property taxes to heat and hydro.

    Basic ability to pay begins with Government of Canada benefits, Old Age Security and Canada Pension Plan and any relevant supplements that apply to you. Beyond that there are a variety of source of income you can tap into. Many people are fortunate to have a workplace pension that covers additional costs of living. If you have investments or other income, those also can help you pay rent or other fees associated with retirement care.

    We provide an overview of . For more information about subsidies, tax credits and support for seniors in Alberta visit the Canada Revenue Agency. The website of Alberta Health Services covers a wide variety of topics including standards, an overview of the system and much more information.

    In the spotlight:

    Common Issues With Using Medicaid For Assisted Living

    The Cost of Aging at Home is Priceless  Epic Safety Inc.

    After you have done your preliminary research and found some assisted living facilities that accept Medicaid, you may run into some bumps along the road. Its important for you to know what they are so you can plan your solutions ahead of time.

    Unfortunately, a lot of people encounter issues getting qualified for their states HCBS waiver.

    Some Common Hurdles:

    • HCBS waivers may require a higher level of medical need than that for which your senior qualifies.
    • HCBS waivers often have limited spots, and you may find yourself on a waiting list even if you qualify from a medical or financial standpoint.

    Potential Solutions:

    • See if your state offers non-Medicaid programs for assisted living or independent living.
    • Plan two or three of the other funding options listed above.
    • Work with a geriatric care manager who knows the resources in your area.

    Medicaid is a complicated system, but it does provide useful services for long-term care.

    Now that you have all the basic information, you should be able to build a solid plan to get the best care possible for your loved one. Be sure to utilize the many resources available to you! is a leading online destination for caregivers seeking information and support as they care for aging parents, spouses, and other loved ones. We offer thousands of original articles, helpful tools, advice from more than 50 leading experts, a community of caregivers, and a comprehensive directory of caregiving services.

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    What Is A Retirement Community

    Retirement communities are designed to meet your loved ones needs as they move into the next phase of their life. Communities give residents a sense of purpose and freedom, allowing them to release responsibility while staff attends to cooking, housekeeping, laundry, and other maintenance. Understanding the three main types of communities will help you choose a living situation that best fits your loved ones needs.

    Housing Needs During Retirement

    Your housing needs may change over the course of your retirement. For example, you may need more help doing jobs around the house or you may need nursing care as you age.

    There are many types of housing options available to you. You can stay in your own home and have in-home assistance, or you may live in a retirement home with meals and care provided.

    The cost of housing depends on what level of service and care you need. The more services and care, the more expensive it will be.

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    The Unexpected Financial Benefits Of Moving To A Retirement Community

    As people grow older, they tend to begin to need in-home care. It might start out with just a few hours of help with chores each week. Over time, many seniors also need transportation services, meals, and even help with dressing and other daily chores. Heres what that estimates it can cost:

    • Homemaker services: $48,048 per year
    • Home Health Aide: $50,336 per year
    • Adult Day Health Care: $18,720 per year

    Compared with the average cost of senior independent living $48,000 per year for Assisted Living aging in place could turn out to be financially difficult. Moving to a retirement community could in fact turn out to be unexpectedly good for the finances.

    The other factor to consider is that moving to a retirement community is often an opportunity to downsize, which means less space to need to maintain and keep clean, and also less risk for falls and other health concerns. Many people as they age actually end up preferring a one or two bedroom apartment with no steps and everything they need close together.

    Questions To Consider As You Tour Communities

    Cost of central PA nursing home care higher than average

    Many people are surprised by what they can actually afford when they look closely at retirement living. For some, at first, the advertised costs can seem shocking, but the same can be said for many things, when we hold expectations from years ago.

    There are also factors that can help free up resources. For one thing, as you get older, theres less need to save for the future, and it becomes to begin dipping into your retirement nest egg, as long as that is done carefully and wisely. There are conservative, solid ways of investing any leftover equity from your home to give yourself residual income. Some retirement homes can recommend financial planners who will help you optimize your investments.

    Getting to the bottom line takes research. It also requires asking the right questions. When you break things down, the same as you would any major real estate purchase, the possibilities become clearer. Of course, we recommend that you talk to a financial advisor, but here is a broad look at important issues.

    Determine what you need and what parts of your life are less than satisfactory. to get the big picture. Make sure to include all your monthly costs as well as yearly costs, like property tax, broken down into monthly chunks.

    There are three essential topics to consider when investigating senior care:

    1. Basic accommodation services and care

    Questions to ask:

    Q. What’s included in the accommodation charges?

    Q. What is included in the dining and meal plan and how flexible is it?

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    Statement If You Involuntarily Do Not Live With Your Partner

    If you and your spouse or common-law partner do not live together for reasons beyond your control, you’ll need to complete this Involuntary Separation Statement to maximize your pension benefits.

    To qualify:

    • you must be over 65
    • your spouse or common-law partner must be:
    • over 65
    • living in your community or in a long-term care home, including if they live in the same semi-private room as you
    • eligible for the Old Age Security pension and/or Guaranteed Income Supplement

    So Many Great Retirement Homes In Ottawa

    From the large and luxurious to the small, unique boutique, theres a style and size to suit everyones taste. So, what impact on cost does the retirement building itself have? Consider these factors: amenities, age and renovations.

    These days, retirement homes offer a variety of amenities desirable features like indoor heated saltwater pools, demonstration kitchens, movie theatres, heated underground parking, gyms, and even rooftop patios. Of course, not all homes have indoor pools or rooftop patios. The most common amenities include hair salons, lounges, libraries and private dining rooms.

    Retirement homes provide some smart technology systems . Some newer homes even have keyless suites and enhanced security systems. But older homes get renovated over time, both in the common areas and in the personal suites. In this case, the renovated suites will become a little more expensive than the older, unrenovated ones. While all of these factors contribute to a residences cost, the square footage of your suite is more significant.

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    Plan For Unexpected Expenses In Retirement

    Unexpected events can have a big impact on your retirement savings.

    It’s possible that you could face:

    • having to retire earlier than expected because of personal, professional, or health reasons
    • major unplanned expenses such as home or car repairs
    • health emergencies, or a need for additional care, for yourself or a loved one
    • having to move or make changes to your home because of a change in your health or the health of a loved one

    To help plan for unexpected events, set up a bank account or another type of investment or savings tool to use as an emergency fund. Have a percentage of your income automatically deposited into the account. The fund should be enough for you to live on for 3 to 6 months.

    Additional Senior Housing Costs

    What Does Home Care Cost in Comparison to Assisted Living?

    When evaluating senior housing options, be sure to ask about:

    • Pricing models. Most assisted living communities have a base rate for the room and a tiered pricing add-on that varies based on the level of care required. The more care that is required, the higher the care add-on price. Other residences may be all-inclusive, a la carte, or charge on a fee-for-service basis.
    • Additional fees. The base rate for senior housing typically covers room and board, meals, housekeeping, activities and 24-hour onsite support. Additional charges may include entrance fees, deposits, and fees for other services such as transportation, laundry, pets and cable.
    • Lease length. Most assisted living residences charge on a month-to-month basis, but some may require a more long-term arrangement.

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    How Much Do Active Adult Communities Cost

    While the real estate itself is generally more expensive than the CCRCs entry fee, the overall monthly fee is considerably less. Depending on the neighborhood it could be as low as $100/mo to as much as $1,000/mo. Keep in mind with this wide range in prices come with a wide range of amenities.

    The popular Del Webb communities average around $500 a month and include yard maintenance, a full time activity director, staffed gated security and sometimes water, cable, as well as other amenities like tennis, yoga or golf.

    Keep in mind that these communities allow you to own the real estate. Ownership will be enhanced based on the land values in the area. Popular areas will obviously maintain their values longer than rural ones.

    Types Of Retirement Living In Quebec

    Quebec is a beautiful province filled with friendly people with strong cultural roots. If youre looking to retire in Quebec then you are probably wondering about the cost of , , and communities. are popular in Quebec, as many seniors are opting to remain in their home for as long as possible. Each retirement option offers different levels of care and services, which has a huge affect on the overall cost.

    Its important to understand your needs, level of care, and the types of amenities and services included in the cost of the retirement living option you are considering. Once you know this information, try our advanced search to help you narrow down your choices.

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    Other Costs To Include In Your Budget

    In addition to rent and its included services and amenities, other paid services to consider when planning your budget include:

    • Meals: A number of residences offer apartments with fully equipped kitchens, so that you can continue preparing your own meals if you would like. If you choose this option, there shouldnt be any significant change to your grocery expenses while living in a residence. Most residences also offer the option of eating in the dining room if you would prefer not to cook. In this case, you will have to plan for additional fees, however you can probably expect your grocery expenses to be lower. At Le Groupe Maurice, meals are not included in the base rent, as most units come with a fully equipped kitchen which allows you to cook for yourself. If you would prefer to enjoy our excellent chef-prepared cuisine, various meal packages are available, ranging from à la carte options to monthly packages that include 1 or 2 daily meals. You can choose whichever option you prefer.
    • Optional services: Residential life brings many advantages, including the fact of having access to additional services if needed: such as meals, housekeeping, management of your medication, support services and medical assistance, etc. The list of services offered varies greatly from one residence to another, so dont hesitate to ask for the price list.

    For more information about our optional services, .

    In Conclusion To How Much Do Retirement Communities Cost

    WE SPEND 2500/MONTH! What is the cost of living per month for a couple living in Dublin?

    Instead of leaving you with an it depends youre likely looking at spending over $200,000 for an active adult community or an entry fee into CCRC. On top of that its a sliding scale for for your monthly fees. Heres a run down of the states with the highest median and the lowest median cost to help you answer the question How Much Do Retirement Communities Cost.

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    An Overview Of Assisted Living Costs

    How does assisted living work, financially? Many assisted living communities have a community move-in fee. It can be paid up front or prorated monthly. It usually runs between $1,000 and $5,000.

    What should you look for in a contract? Pricing is usually broken down into rent and services. Rent pays for your apartment, the cost of which will vary depending on size and location. Services typically include three meals a day, housekeeping, transportation, activities and some level of personal assistance.

    Beth Burnham Mace, chief economist at the National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industry , notes that depending on the community, care services may have an additional fee, on top of base costs. Sometimes called tiered or à la carte pricing, the amount you pay depends on the level of help you need with ADLs and the amount of time it takes to deliver those services, said Mace. For example, a resident may need 15 minutes of help with medication management, 15 minutes of help with dressing and 30 minutes of help with meals each day. Thats one hour of care per day at the communitys stated rate. Someone needing three hours of care would pay more.

    Some assisted living communities provide memory care for their residents with Alzheimers disease or other forms of dementia. Its important you find out about any additional fees associated with memory care.

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