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The Simple Way To Save For Retirement

Is this really how much money you need to retire?

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Some Tips For Retiring At 55

Here are our top tips for saving enough to retire at 55 Lily goes into more detail about each of these in the video above:

  • Get started as early as possible.
  • Set targets and invest regularly.
  • Ease yourself into retirement bit by bit.
  • Make sure youre with the right provider.
  • We all want a comfortable and fulfilling retirement. If you want to retire as early as 55, youll need to plan not just your journey to retirement but also your spending once youre there.

    Your pension will need to be well managed and given the opportunity to grow, so it pays to do your research and avoid settling for whatever workplace pension you get handed. Get started early, invest as much as you can, set clear goals and you too could retire at 55 with enough money saved to truly enjoy your best years.

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    How Much Do I Need To Retire Early At Age 60 At 55 What About Age 50

    Early retirement might seem like a dream. But its one that you can achieve if you plan early and set goals as if your life depends on it. In fact, it does. So, ask yourself: how much do I need to retire early? At age 60? At 55? 50?

    Get ready to retire early. You life of leisure awaits.

    Examining different possible scenarios can give you a better idea of what youd need to retire early. And with a retirement calculator, you can see where you stand if you keep the course youre on. But more importantly, you can see areas for improvement and watch your projected outcome change for the better.

    Early retirement means different things to different people. For some, its a matter of shaving off a few years. But for others, it can mean leaving the workforce a decade or more before than the majority of the country. If the idea intrigues you, here are a few possible ways that it can happen. Peruse these examples to get an idea of what it takes or, better yet, use an award winning retirement calculator to figure out how you can retire early.

    Lets take a look at what happened to a few couples who asked themselves, how much do I need to retire at age 65, 60, or 55.

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    How Much Retirement Income Will I Need

    A popular way to estimate this figure is the 70 per cent rule, which states you will need 70 per cent of your working income to maintain the lifestyle you want in retirement. So if you retire on a salary of £50,000 you would be looking at achieving an income of around £35,000.

    For some people 70 per cent may be generous and they would be comfortable living on less. Conversely, others may struggle.

    How Much Income Will You Receive If You Retire At 55

    How Much Money You Need To Save To Retire Early In Every U ...

    To find out how much income youll receive if you retire at 55, you will need to create a retirement income plan.

    A retirement income plan is simply your income + capital combined to fund your retirement expenses.

    This is wherecash flow modelling comes in, it creates a forecast of your finances. It starts by working out how much you spend each year and then overlays this with the income you will receive. Once your income and expenses have been built in, the final step is to add your capital.

    Yourcash flow report will show you one of two outcomes, either you have enough money to retire at 55, or you dont.

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    Start Early As In Right Now

    Saving like a maniac is great but it’s got to happen early. You wont accomplish a heck of a lot if at 47 you decide you’re ready to retire in three years. Retiring at 50 will require your savings to simmer for a very long time in an investment account, experiencing the magical power of compounding year in and year out. Well look at some specific numbers further down this page, but fiddle around with a compounding calculator like this one to get a sense of what time can do to money. Assuming a hypothetical, though historically reasonable 7% annual rate of return on an investment, a 25 year-old who manages to put $20,000 away every year will end up with almost $1.38 million by age 50. Put in that same $20,000 beginning at age 35, and shell only end up with $531,000 by 50. In fact, in order for that 35 year-old to end up with the identical $1.38 million by 50, shed have to put away more than $50,000 a year to catch up to the early bird who started at 25.

    So Should You Retire At 55

    Remember it depends on what your own lifestyle, goals, values, and expenses are! The 4% rule is ultimately just a tool to give a rough idea of what your investment returns should look like.

    Before you retire at 55, or any age, check out the free retirement planning workbook. I also recommend talking with a fee-based, fiduciary financial planner who can help you assess your specific financial picture.

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    Multiples Of Your Annual Income

    Fidelity recommends saving a certain percentage of your salary based on your age and income. It recommends this strategy because your age has a huge impact on the amount you need to save for retirement.

    You start off at a smaller percentage when youre younger so by the time you reach retirement age, compound interest will have done its work, helping you achieve a comfortable retirement.

    The brokerage suggests you start by saving at least 15% of your gross salary when youre 25 and investing heavily in more aggressive assets like stocks. By the time youre 30, you should have saved at least 50% of your salary. Of course, you could be more aggressive with your 401 savings goals.

    Retirement Goals By Age

    Heres a table that shows an estimate of how much of your annual income you should budget for retirement by age.

    The Benchmarks For Those Closer To Retirement

    How Much Money Do You Need To Retire?

    The range gets wider as you get older, so we also provide more detailed estimates for people approaching retirement. This helps someone find a realistic target based on income and marital status, which affect Social Security benefits.

    A Closer Look at Savings Benchmarks Later in Your Career

    Savings Benchmarks Later in Your Career

    11x 14x

    Assumptions: See Savings Benchmarks by AgeAs a Multiple of Income above. Dual income means that one spouse generates 75% of the income that the other spouse earns.

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    How Much You’d Need Invested To Retire At 55

    According to Fry’s calculations, an investor who leaves work at age 55 would need $3.45 million in a taxable investment account on the day they retire if they want an annual post-tax income of $100,000.

    If the investor reduced their target annual income to $65,000, they would need only $2.2 million invested on the day they retire. If you plan to live on even less or expect to reduce your spending as you age, you’d likely need a smaller lump sum to start.

    Further, those who plan to start withdrawing money from their retirement accounts beginning at age 59-and-a-half less than five years after leaving work would need an even smaller lump sum in the taxable account.

    Fry recommended investing 70% of the lump sum in stocks and 30% in bonds, which is considered a “growth” asset allocation because of the age of the investor. However, he noted that it’s important the retiree update their financial plan yearly, or whenever they experience a significant life change.

    “Investors tend to be their own worst enemy when experiencing investment losses,” Fry said. “If you don’t have the time, interest, discipline, and expertise, it’s better to work with a fee-only certified financial planner that can tailor your investments to track to your financial plan.”

    The future of Social Security is uncertain, however, and some financial planners recommend their clients implement a saving and investing strategy to afford retirement without it.

    Set Your Retirement Goals

    How much you need to save depends on how you want to spend your retirement. Think about:

    • your travel plans
    • your age when you retire
    • if you’ll work after you retire
    • if you’ll have children or grandchildren to support
    • where you want to live
    • whether youll have debt to pay, such as a mortgage or a loan

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    Paying For Health Care

    Medicare coverage doesn’t start until age 65. If you want to retire at age 55, you’ll need a source of health insurance that will provide for you until you reach age 65.

    The Affordable Care Act guarantees access to health insurance, even with pre-existing conditions. You can’t be charged a higher rate for any health issues, but premiums are based on age. If you’re between the ages of 55 and 65, it can cost as much as $1,000 per month.

    If you’ve had a healthcare plan and have been able to keep it, you might be able to keep your monthly payments down.

    Some employers may allow you to keep your health insurance with them, but they might ask you to pay some or all of the premiums they have been paying.

    The Kaiser Family Foundation has a calculator to view average healthcare premiums in your state. Depending on your income, you may be able to apply for subsidies. A single 55-year-old with an annual income of $60,000 can purchase a Silver plan through the Marketplace for $360 per month.

    How Much Do You Need To Retire Comfortably In Australia

    How Much Do I Need to Retire at 55

    Calculate how much money you might have, how long it will last and how much youll need in retirement, with our retirement calculators

    Working out how much is enough for retirement depends on many factors, such as your lifestyle, plans for the future, and the number of years youll spend retired. Additionally, estimating how much youll have when you plan to retire depends on factors such as your current salary, super balance and assets. With so many factors, its easy to see why you might need a retirement calculator to get an idea of your retirement savings needs.

    By using our helpful retirement calculators, you can get an indication of whether theres a shortfall between how much you are estimated to have and how much youll need in retirement, and put a plan in place to address the situation.

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    How To Retire At 55 Without Running Out Of Money

    To avoid running out of money after retiring at 55, you will need to consider going into an annuity or drawdown.


    The only way to retire at 55 and guarantee that you wont run out of money is to purchase a pension annuity. That way, youre certain that the income will never stop. However, pension annuities provide a pitiful income, and you will need a very large pension pot to do this. The alternative is to use a drawdown pension


    A drawdown pension allows you to access your money more flexibly. You choose when to take it and how much you take. Youre in control, but if you spend too much too soon, you risk running out of money.

    Regular reviews of your pension with an independent financial adviser can help eliminate that risk and ensure you stay on track.

    Speak to one of our independent financial advisers today to see how we can help you make the right financial decision for your retirement goals.

    Annuity vs Drawdown?

    An annuity is a guaranteed income for life. The amount is usually fixed, though you can purchase one that rises with inflation.

    The main advantage of using your pension to purchase an annuity is that you will receive a pension income for as long as you live.

    A drawdown pension is very different. Your pension pot remains invested, and you draw on it as needed.

    The main advantage of a drawdown pension is that you have complete flexibility over how much you withdraw. You can withdraw as little or as much as you like when you like.

    What Are Your Retirement Lifestyle Expectations

    Ultimately, how much money you’ll need for your own retirement is very personal, and will depend on your own situation, wants, needs and lifestyle expectations. It may help to factor in your day-to-day spending habits, your recreational activities and hobbies and whether youll be entering retirement debt-free. The following figures are a guide taken from the ASFA retirement standard.4

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    Will I Prefer An Annuity Or Drawdown

    An annuity is a guaranteed income for life. The amount is usually fixed, though you can have one that rises to help beat inflation. The advantage is that it can never run out, no matter how long you live. The disadvantages are that your annual income may not be very much, you may have to live a long time to get full value from it, and you can’t vary your income. You also can’t leave an annuity to someone else .

    A drawdown scheme is very different. Your pension pot remains invested in the stock market, and you draw on it as needed. The advantages are that you can take varying amounts, and if there is money left when you die, you can leave it to your dependants. The disadvantages are that the pension pot depends on stock market performance, so can lose value steeply at times – and running out of money is a real risk.

    B How Much Government Benefit Do You Expect To Receive

    How Much Money Do I Need To Retire?

    If you have lived and worked in Canada before retirement, you can expect to receive Old Age Security and Canada Pension Plan benefits.

    The amount you receive will generally depend on how long you have lived in Canada , how much you have contributed to the plan, and for how long .

    The maximum monthly OAS payable in 2021 is $635.26 for a total of $7,623.12 per year, while the maximum CPP was $1,203.75 for a total of $14,445 per year .

    Most people will get less than the maximum amount. For example, the average monthly CPP benefit paid as of June 2021 was $714.21 .

    For individuals who immigrated to Canada in their adult years , the total government pension they will be eligible for will be significantly reduced.

    Using the 2021 maximum government pension amounts as an example, total payouts from this source to a single senior was:

    $7,623.12 + $14,445 = $22,068.12 per year

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    Can I Legally Retire At 55

    You may legally retire at 55, because retirement is a number not an age. Keep in mind, retirement accounts may have penalties for early withdrawals. You may not receive full social security benefits unless youve worked for 35 years.

    Retirement just means that youre able to support yourself financially without a job. Retirement age is often used for collecting social security benefits. Technically, you can retire at 30 or 40 years old if you have enough set aside.

    What you need to consider is how much money you have saved and where the money is parked.

    You can withdraw your money at any time from a taxable brokerage account. However, a 10% withdrawal penalty is applied to 401k withdrawals before age 65 and IRA withdrawals before age 59.5.

    Social security defines retirement ages between 66 and 67. Eligibility for benefits starts at age 62, but you could be penalized up to 30% for early withdrawals.

    Can I Retire With 700k

    On average a retired individual will spend £19,000 a year, whilst the average couple in retirement spends £25,000 a year. This means, if you retire at 55, £700k will fund an individual for 36 years and a couple for 28 years.

    So, if youve retired at 55, thatll take you comfortably to the UKs combined average life expectancy of 81.

    Its important to remember that, with inflation, those average spend figures are likely to increase over time. Also, that if you require care in your later years, your spend will grow considerably.

    Great lifestyle financial planning is about moving money around your timeline, so its in the right place when you need it and helps you achieve the lifestyle you want.And remember itsabout factoring in all your assets, not just whats in your pension pot.

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