How To Calculate For Retirement Plan


Basing Your Needs On Current Income

How to Calculate Pension Expense for a Defined-Benefit Plan

Using your current income isn’t helpful for people who are in the early stages of their careers. You’re likely earning an entry- or mid-level income in your field if you’re in your twenties or thirties. Your income might drop for a while if you make a career change. All this will affect your savings formula.

It becomes hard to project the amount you’ll need during your senior years if you’re unsure what your pre-retirement income is going to be over the years.

Using This Retirement Calculator

  • First, enter your current age, income, savings balance and how much you save toward retirement each month. Thats enough to get a snapshot of where you stand. The calculator assumes increases in salary and inflation.

  • Want to customize your results? Expanding the Optional settings lets you add what you expect to receive from Social Security, adjust your spending level in retirement, change your expected retirement age and more.

  • Hover over or tap on the color bars in your results panel to get further insight into where you stand.

  • You can adjust your inputs to see how various actions, like saving more or planning to retire later, might affect your retirement picture.

How Much Money Does The Average Person Need To Retire

When thinking about how much you need to retire, it’s important to remember the 80% rule. The 80% rule states that you’ll need to replace 80% of your pre-retirement income. So, if you were making $100,000 pre-retirement, you need to be able to have about $80,000 coming in annually during retirement.

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What Percentage Of My Income Should I Put Into My Retirement Savings

It is suggested that you put at least 15% of your pre-tax income into your retirement savings account or 401. The percentage you set aside for retirement can change due to your particular circumstances, including how much you’ll need during retirement and how much you can afford to set aside each month. You can always use a retirement calculator to help estimate how much you’ll need in addition to Social Security.

Focus On Spending Not Income

Retirement Calculators: To Trust or Not to Trust?

It’s wise to base your retirement projections on your level of spending, not on your income.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics saw a 5.4% increase in income and a 7.8% increase in expenditures in their 2019 consumer report, before the financial effects of the 2020 pandemic. Transportation expenditures saw the largest percentage increase with a 10.1% rise. Spending on entertainment dropped by 4.2%, and spending on personal insurance and pensions fell by 1.8%.

Your spending in retirement will most likely not be the same as your spending today. You may not have a mortgage payment at that point in time. Your children may be grown and living on their own, so you’ll no longer have to support them. Costs related to your work, such as childcare, business attire, and commuting costs, will also go away.

But you’ll incur other costs that you may not have to support today. Out-of-pocket prescription and medical costs might become a bigger concern. You may also want to outsource home-related tasks that you currently do yourself, such as cleaning gutters, raking leaves, or shoveling snow. You may choose to travel more, or use your retirement to explore hobbies that you couldn’t pursue during your working years.

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How Much Money Do You Need To Retire

A common guideline is that you should aim to replace 70% of your annual pre-retirement income. This is what the calculator uses as a default. You can replace your pre-retirement income using a combination of savings, investments, Social Security and any other income sources . The Social Security Administration website has a number of calculators to help you estimate your benefits.

It’s important to consider how your expenses will change in retirement. Some, like health care and travel, are likely to increase. But many recurring expenditures could go down: You no longer need to dedicate a portion of your income to saving for retirement. You may have paid off your mortgage and other loans. And your taxes are likely to be lower payroll taxes, which are taken out of each paycheck, will be eliminated completely.

Be sure to adjust based on your retirement plans. If you know you wont have a mortgage, for instance, maybe you plan to replace only 60%. If you want to travel every year, you might aim to replace 100% or even 110% of pre-retirement income.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Retirement Calculator

An accurate pension planner is an essential tool to help you plan for a hassle-free retirement with ease. Since this retirement calculator tool is available online and is free for use, you can get your retirement plan chalked out in a few minutes. Invest your money around this retirement plan to make your way to a happy retirement.

There are many advantages to using the IndiaFirst Life retirement calculator online, such as:


The retirement fund calculator helps in planning your retirement finances. Whether you intend to travel the world during your retirement years or resettle in a quieter neighbourhood, you will need a certain amount of money to fulfil your dreams. The IndiaFirst Life pension planner is the handy tool you need to understand how much money you would need to live your best life even after your professional income ceases.


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. You already know how much you earn today, how much it would take to live comfortably post-retirement, and how much you have invested in creating a peaceful life for yourself and your loved ones in the future. The IndiaFirst Life retirement corpus calculator puts all of these stray details together, applies the pension calculation formula, and gives you a clear picture of the whole investment-return scenario.



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Income And Percent Of Income To Save

Deciding what percentage of your annual income to save for retirement is one of the big decisions you need to make when planning. If youre just starting out on your retirement planning journey, saving any amount is a great way to begin. Just keep in mind that youll need to keep increasing your contributions as you grow older.

So how much is enough? Financial services giant Fidelity suggests you should be saving at least 15% of your pre-tax salary for retirement. Many financial advisors recommend a similar rate for retirement planning purposes.

But even then, the 15% rule of thumb assumes that you begin saving early. It also assumes youd be comfortable replacing 55% to 80% of your pre-retirement income. If you start later or expect youll need to replace more than those percentages, you may want to contribute a greater percentage of your income.

How Does Growws Retirement Calculator Help You

How to Calculate Pension Expense for a Defined-Contribution Plan such as a 401k

A retirement calculator in India is beneficial for several reasons such as:

  • It helps you calculate how much you need to save each month to retire with a large sum at the end of ones professional career.
  • A retirement benefits calculator also helps you determine the precise investment opportunities which you must take advantage of.
  • Compare the various retirement options and plans that most competent financial organisations provide. Nowadays, even listed entities have their own retirement planning sections.
  • A retirement savings calculator helps you identify the various retirement planning strategies which exist and helps you review and compare them too.
  • If you have any high-value plans post-retirement, our calculator will help you save accordingly for such exigencies and planned spending sessions.
  • Lastly, an online retirement calculator is useful when you are short on time and you need to take decisions on such important aspects as future investment options.

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How Do You Plan For Inflation In Retirement

There are several ways you can plan for inflation in retirement. Maximizing your Social Security benefits is one of the best ways to plan for inflation since inflation adjustments are automatically worked into your payments. You can also shift more of your investments to assets that perform well in inflationary environments, such as TIPS, real estate, and blue-chip stocks.

How Do I Know How Much Cpp I’ll Get When I Retire

The amount of CPP you receive in retirement depends on how long you’ve contributed and how much money you’ve contributed. We’ve included the average CPP payment for 2018 as the default value in the calculator. To make it more accurate you can calculate your exact CPP payment and add it to the retirement calculator.

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Where To Invest Money In The Distribution Stage

In the distribution stage, the funds of the retirement corpus must be invested conservatively. This is necessary because in this stage the family is dependent on income generated by the accumulated retirement corpus.

Over and above this, the priority is also to keep the corpus amount intact as as much as possible. Distribution stage can further be subdivided into sub-stages:

  • Stage 1: This represents the first 10 years of retirement. Here the retired person is expected to be more active. Hence, risk profile is higher. In this stage the person can maintain partial exposure to equity.
  • Stage 2: This represents a stage where the person has already lived first 10 years of retired life. In this stage the person is expected to becomes less active. The risk profile of the person is low in this stage. I feel, in this stage equity exposure shall be almost zero.

Investment diversification must also be maintained in the distribution stage. The retirement corpus must be spread evenly in multiple income generating source. Ideally, income should flow-in from multiple sources instead of one or two options. Here we will see a list of few proven investment options suitable for post-retirement phase:

Suggested Reading: Ive written a detailed blog post on how one can use retirement savings for income generation. Ill suggest my senior citizen friends to give a glance to this blog post. Im sure you will find it useful.

Note: Getting Your Financial Data Into A Spreadsheet

how to calculate retirement date in Excel

Most of the spreadsheets below dont need your actual bank statements or live financial data to forecast your retirement ballpark figures should work.

However, if you do want to run scenarios based on your real financial numbers, this post explains how to get your bank data into a spreadsheet.

Or you can sign up for a free trial of Tiller for the fastest, easiest, and most accurate way to keep your finances and savings updated in a spreadsheet. Each day Tiller automatically imports your account balances, savings, and spending directly into Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. Learn more here.

Note: Vanguard provides an easy tool if you simply want to calculate your retirement expenses.

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Stay On Top Of Estate Planning

Estate planning is another key step in a well-rounded retirement plan, and each aspect requires the expertise of different professionals, such as lawyers and accountants, in that specific field. Life insurance is also an important part of an estate plan and the retirement planning process. Having both a proper estate plan and life insurance coverage ensures that your assets are distributed in a manner of your choosing and that your loved ones will not experience financial hardship following your death. A carefully outlined plan also aids in avoiding an expensive and often lengthy probate process.

Tax planning is another crucial part of the estate planning process. If an individual wishes to leave assets to family members or a charity, the tax implications of either gifting or passing them through the estate process must be compared.

A common retirement plan investment approach is based on producing returns that meet yearly inflation-adjusted living expenses while preserving the value of the portfolio. The portfolio is then transferred to the beneficiaries of the deceased. You should consult a tax advisor to determine the correct plan for the individual.

Later on in life, how you would like your money disbursed will be of the utmost importance in terms of cost and taxes, Hebner adds. Working with a fee-only estate planning attorney can assist in preparing and maintaining this aspect of your overall financial plan.

Cherish Your Valuable Pension

All three individuals with pensions above are millionaires due to their long-term dedication and pensions. Even if you were only receiving a $15,000 a year pension, its still worth more than $500,000 a year using a 2.55% divisor and 90% payout probability.

Given the median net worth in America is around $100,000, we can conclude that anybody with a pension is considered very well off. Less than 20% of Americans have pensions in the new decade.

Theres one key variable that I havent discussed, and thats a pension owners lifespan. Unfortunately, the foreign service officer with a pension worth $2,833,333 cant sell his pension to anybody for that amount. Nor does the pension keep paying out after death. Although, in some cases, a pension can keep paying out to a surviving spouse. The reality is ones pension value fades as the owner inches closer towards the end.

Therefore, it behooves every pension owner to live as long and healthy of a life as possible to maintain the value of his/her pension. The same logic goes for anybody with passive income, including social security. The richer you are, the healthier you should try to be!

The value of your pension is subjective. You could even multiply your annual pension amount by the average P/E multiple of the S& P 500 to come up with its value. There are many variables and variable amounts to consider.

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Calculating Your Own Rmds

So how do you calculate your RMD for a given year? By dividing the value of each retirement account at the end of the previous year by the distribution period based on what your age will be in the year you take the RMD.

Using the table above, you can see how the updated distribution periods could theoretically impact your RMDs in years past, compared with in 2022 and beyond. You can use it to calculate how much your RMD would have been or will be at any given age from 72 to 90, based on the value of one of your retirement accounts at the end of the previous year.

Heres a very simple hypothetical example. Say your IRA was worth $500,000 at the end of 2021 and youre turning 72 in 2022. The IRS distribution period for 72-year-olds is 27.4 years. So, if you divide $500,000 by 27.4 years, you get $18,248. Thats what your RMD for 2022 would be. Let’s compare this to what it would have been if you took your first RMD from your $500,000 IRA in 2021. Dividing by 25.6 would result in an RMD of $19,531 $1,283 more than if took your first RMD in 2022.

And, just to be clear, even if you started taking RMDs well before 2021, starting this year your future RMDs will be calculated using the updated schedule, and your RMDs will be lower than they would have been under the previous system.

Results Are Shown At 1 July

Financial Planning : How to Calculate Retirement Income
  • Your projected total super balance is shown at 1 July after you reach the age indicated on the chart.
  • Your projected income results are shown for the financial year beginning on 1 July after you reach the age indicated on the chart. For example the super balance shown for age 65 is the balance at 1 July after your 65th birthday.
  • The projection assumes that you and your partner will retire on the 1 July after reaching the selected retirement age.

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Faqs On Cleartax Retirement Planning Calculator

More Calculators

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Why To Start Early

Suppose there are three friends Ram, Raj and Rahim. Each of them are 25 years of age. These three friends decided that they would like to retire at the age of 60 with a healthy retirement corpus.

  • Ram Starts: a SIP of Rs.5000 per month in an equity mutual fund immediately after making this decision. His mutual funds yielded a return of 12% p.a. over next 35 years. By the time Ram was 60 years of age, his SIP built a retirement corpus of Rs.3.24 Crore for him.
  • Raj Starts: a SIP of Rs.5000 per month in an equity fund when he reached 30 years of age . By the time Raj was 60 years of age, his SIP built a retirement corpus of Rs.1.76 Crore for him. Because of 5 years delayed start, Rajs corpus is only 50% of Rams.
  • Rahim Starts: a SIP of Rs.5000 per month when he reached 35 years of age . By the time Rahim was 60 years of age, the size of his corpus was only 95 lakhs. Though Rahim has also stayed invested for as long as 25 years, but because his start was 10 years delayed than Ram, Rahims corpus is only 20% of Rams.

The lesson to learn from this example is that, as soon as one realised the need of investing, one must start. Idea shall be to give our money a long-time to stay invested. The longer will it say invested, bigger it will become eventually.

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