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The Income Replacement Rate In Action

Your Retirement Calculation

Suppose youre single and your preretirement salary is $100,000 a year before taxes. Based on the graph Income Replacement Rate by Source, as a starting point you should plan to replace around 74%, or $74,000, of that income. Lets assume you expect $26,000 of annual Social Security benefits, which means youll need about $48,000 of gross income from other sources.

To find out how much you might need to have saved for retirement, you can work backward from the $48,000 figure. If youre comfortable with a 4% initial withdrawal rate on your assets, then you should aim for a $1.2 million nest egg. Youll want to bump that up for inflation, especially if youre a long way from retirement.

Another way to look at it is to focus on accumulating an amount equal to a multiple of your preretirement income. In this case, the $1.2 million target is based on a $100,000 salary times 12. We recommend that most people consider a target between 7½ and 14 times their ending salary, Young says. This target will vary based on your income and marital status.

Theres no right number that works for everyone, and your situation can change over time. As you approach retirement, it will be important to assess your spending needs more carefully. But for someone several years from retirement, the income replacement ratewhich is based on estimated spendingcan be a helpful guide.

Important Information

All investments involve risk, including possible loss of principal.


Impact Of Inflation On Retirement Savings

Inflation is the general increase in prices and a fall in the purchasing power of money over time. The average inflation rate in the United States for the past 30 years has been around 2.6% per year, which means that the purchasing power of one dollar now is not only less than one dollar 30 years ago but less than 50 cents! Inflation is one of the reasons why people tend to underestimate how much they need to save for retirement.

Although inflation does have an impact on retirement savings, it is unpredictable and mostly out of a person’s control. As a result, people generally do not center their retirement planning or investments around inflation and instead focus mainly on achieving as large and steady a total return on investment as possible. For people interested in mitigating inflation, there are investments in the U.S. that are specifically designed to counter inflation called Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities and similar investments in other countries that go by different names. Also, gold and other commodities are traditionally favored as protection against inflation, as are dividend-paying stocks as opposed to short-term bonds.

Our Retirement Calculator can help by considering inflation in several calculations. Please visit the Inflation Calculator for more information about inflation or to do calculations involving inflation.

These Portfolio Options May Fit Your Investing Style


Each portfolio option is a collection of funds designed to pursue a specific investment objective. The balance of funds within the portfolio is managed to make sure it stays aligned with that objective regardless of market conditions.


Each of our funds has a specific objective and is managed to keep it on track. Choose the portfolio objective that best fits your needs.


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Why Have You Set The Default Life Expectancy Of The Calculator To 95 Years

For starters, people are living longer. Even though the average life expectancy in Canada is 82 years, many people live past this. It’s better to have more money tucked away for retirement than to run out of savings. Extra savings can always be passed down to your beneficiaries. You can change the default life expectancy if you think you’ll live a longer or shorter life.

How To Calculate Cpp

The 10 Best Retirement Calculators
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  • How to Calculate CPP
  • No matter what stage of life you are in, its always a good idea to look towards your future.

    Thats why its important to make sure that you are regularly contributing towards your pension plan throughout your working life.

    Different countries have different pension plans. In Canada, you will be using the CPP, or the Canada Pension Plan.

    But what exactly is the Canada Pension Plan? And how can you calculate yours?

    Well take a closer look at the inner workings of the CPP and give you some methods so that you can accurately calculate your pension plan.

    Heres What Well Cover:

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    How To Calculate Your Cpp Post

    Once youre receiving your CPP retirement pension, any further CPP contributions that you make wont affect the amount of your regular pension but they arent wasted, because they will earn you CPP Post-Retirement Benefits .

    PRBs will be added to your monthly CPP pension, even if youre already receiving the maximum CPP retirement amount. The PRB payments will continue for the rest of your life. They are indexed to the cost of living, the same as the regular CPP retirement pension.

    Anticipated Housing Costs In Retirement

    Once you retire, you might spend less on housing than you currently do, depending on your situation. If you buy a home at age 30 with a 30-year mortgage and pay the agreed amount every month for the entire term, you will pay off your home at age 60. With that, you can go into retirement mortgage-free.

    Youll still have to pay property taxes and other costs of homeownership, such as upkeep, but the overall monthly cost will be much lower. Another thing to consider is if you plan on moving to an older adult community or if youll eventually need to live in an assisted living facility.

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    How Does A Retirement Calculator Help In Planning Your Retirement

    Scripboxs Retirement Calculator helps in understanding how much one would need to ensure an adequate amount for effective retirement planning. However, the retirement calculator online requires specific details to calculate the retirement corpus.

    Basic details such as present age, retirement age, and life expectancy are required to project the expenses and the duration of investments.

    The calculator also requires monthly expenses such as utility bills, house rent, driver/maid/ cook salaries, maintenance, fuel, leisure, medicines, etc. It determines the future value of these expenses. Using the inflation rate, the calculator estimates the future value of the costs.

    Personal details such as marital status, dependents, city of residence, habits are also captured in estimating the retirement corpus. These details help in understanding the family status and design the plan accordingly.

    Current investments are also assessed to understand how much more needs to be invested to attain financial independence during retirement.

    Based on the above details, the retirement calculator online determines the retirement corpus. Scripboxs Retirement Calculator India doesnt end here it also advises a suitable plan to make investments to achieve the corpus over the years.

    Getting Retirement Planning Help


    If retirement planning seems overwhelming for you, you dont have to do it alone.

    Check out the Empire Life Retirement and Savings Tool. Its simple, its fast, and its easy. Share the results with your advisor and get the conversation started. If you dont have an advisor, we can connect you with an advisor.

    1 Source: Life expectancy in North America 2018

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    How To Get Retirement Ready

  • Open a retirement account. If you have access to a GRSP, you should at the very least contribute the amount of money your employer is willing to match. You should also open a RRSP if you don’t already have one. A RRSP is one of the most popular ways to save for retirement in Canada and it comes with nice tax benefits. Learn more about RRSPs and GRSPs.

  • Avoid paying high fees. Fees are like savings termites they’ll chew right through your savings. When you invest with Wealthsimple, we charge a 0.5% management fees when you invest up to $100,000 and 0.4% when you deposit more than $100,000. That’s significantly less than the 2% fees paid by traditional mutual fund investors in Canada.

  • Make smart moves. Begin saving for retirement as early as you can and take advantage of the power of compounding. Create a budget that includes retirement savings, learn how investing works, discover smart retirement strategies and understand what it takes to retire early.

  • How Do You Make Investing A Part Of Your Financial Plan

    Working with a financial advisor is one way to get started with investing. An advisor can help you decide where to put your money. For example, if you have a 401 through your employer, setting aside a certain amount of your income each pay period can help make investing frictionless.

    An advisor can also help you decide which type of investments are most appropriate for you based on your age, the number of years until you retire, your goals and your risk tolerance.

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    A More Aggressive Formula

    Another, more aggressive formula holds that you should save 25% of your gross salary each year, starting in your 20s. The 25% savings figure may sound daunting. But don’t forget that it includes not only 401 holdings and matching contributions from your employer, but also other types of retirement savings.

    If you follow this formula, it should allow you to accumulate your full annual salary by age 30. Continuing at the same average savings rate should yield the following:

    • Age 35two times annual salary
    • Age 40three times annual salary
    • Age 45four times annual salary
    • Age 50five times annual salary
    • Age 55six times annual salary
    • Age 60seven times annual salary
    • Age 65eight times annual salary

    Whether or not you try to follow the 15% or the 25% savings guideline, chances are your actual ability to save will be affected by life events such as the job loss many experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    How Much Money Do You Need To Retire

    The Best Retirement Calculators Online

    A common guideline is that you should aim to replace 70% of your annual pre-retirement income. This is what the calculator uses as a default. You can replace your pre-retirement income using a combination of savings, investments, Social Security and any other income sources . The Social Security Administration website has a number of calculators to help you estimate your benefits.

    It’s important to consider how your expenses will change in retirement. Some, like health care and travel, are likely to increase. But many recurring expenditures could go down: You no longer need to dedicate a portion of your income to saving for retirement. You may have paid off your mortgage and other loans. And your taxes are likely to be lower payroll taxes, which are taken out of each paycheck, will be eliminated completely.

    Be sure to adjust based on your retirement plans. If you know you wont have a mortgage, for instance, maybe you plan to replace only 60%. If you want to travel every year, you might aim to replace 100% or even 110% of pre-retirement income.

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    Working While Receiving The Cpp Retirement Pension

    Youll qualify for the CPP Post-retirement benefit if you work while receiving your CPP retirement pension while under age 70 and decide to keep making contributions.

    Each year you contribute to the CPP will result in an additional post retirement benefit and increase your retirement income. We will automatically pay you this benefit the following year. Youll receive it for the rest of your life.

    You can choose to stop your post-retirement contributions when you reach age 65. Your contributions will stop when you reach age 70, even if youre still working. We will contact you if we need more information for you to qualify.

    Contributions after age 65

    If you work after you turn 65 and don’t yet receive the CPP retirement pension, periods of low earnings before age 65 will be automatically replaced with periods of higher earnings after age 65. This will increase your pension amount.

    At What Age Do You Plan To Retire

    While the most common age for retirement is 65, there are plenty of people who stop working before, as well as after. Often, this decision hinges on a persons ability to keep up with the physical and mental demands of their job. Some people may feel the need to work to save more money or delay having to rely on their savings for income. More and more people continue to work in some capacity to feel fulfilled, preserve a sense of purpose and identity and to keep active mentally and even physically. Work is becoming an integral part of the first phase of what we still call retirement.

    Its not necessarily possible to make an accurate prediction of when youll retire life circumstances can change in an instant but its a good idea to have a goal in mind. If youre unsure, stick with 65. If you reach age 65, are still able to work, and want to, then youll be even better off. Planning conservatively is always a good option when it comes to personal finances and retirement.

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    How Much Money Does The Average Person Have In Savings

    The average value of retirement savings in the U.S. was $255,200 in 2019. But people with a lot in savings can skew averages. You might get a more accurate sense of what the typical person has in savings by examining the median value, which was $65,000 in 2019.

    The older a person is, the more likely they are to have more savings for retirement. Among baby boomers, the median savings amount is $144,000, compared to a median of $23,000 for millennials.

    Retirement Savings Confidence By Age

    How to Calculate Retirement Fund

    Anxious that you aren’t saving enough for retirement? You’re not alone. A 2020 survey by Charles Schwab of currently employed 401 plan participants found that saving enough for retirement continues to be a leading source of significant financial stress for all generations. Participants in the survey anticipate that the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic will have an impact on their retirement savings.

    Overall, only 37% of survey respondents think they are “very likely” to achieve their retirement savings goals. Almost half believe they are “somewhat likely” to do so, and 14% said it is “not likely” at all. Gen X has the least confidencejust 32% feel it is “very likely” they will reach their goalscompared to 39% of baby boomers and 42% of millennials.

    In the early and middle years of your career, you have time to recover from any losses in your retirement accounts. That’s a good time to take some of the risks that allow you to earn more with your investments.

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    How Does The Calculator Estimate My Retirement Benefits Payment

    Our simplified estimate is based on two main data points: your age and average earnings. Your retirement benefit is based on how much youve earned over your lifetime at jobs for which you paid Social Security taxes. Your monthly retirement benefit is based on your highest 35 years of salary history. You can get your earnings history from the Social Security Administration .

    Your Social Security benefit also depends on how old you are when you take it. You can start collecting at age 62, the minimum retirement age, but youll get a bigger monthly payment if you wait until full retirement age, which is 66 but is gradually moving to 67 for people born in 1960 or after. If you can wait until 70 to start collecting, youll receive your maximum monthly benefit.

    A single person born in 1960 who has averaged a $50,000 salary, for example, would get $1,332 a month by retiring at 62 the earliest to start collecting. The same person would get $1,911 by waiting until age 67, full retirement age. And he or she would get $2,370, the maximum benefit on those earnings, by waiting until age 70. Payments dont increase if you wait to collect past 70.

    Other factors affecting the size of your benefit include whether youve worked for state or local government for more than 10 years your Social Security payment may be decreased if you paid into the civil service retirement program, for example.

    How Do I Know How Much Cpp I’ll Get When I Retire

    The amount of CPP you receive in retirement depends on how long you’ve contributed and how much money you’ve contributed. We’ve included the average CPP payment for 2018 as the default value in the calculator. To make it more accurate you can calculate your exact CPP payment and add it to the retirement calculator.

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    Impact Of Receiving A Cpp Disability Pension

    Receiving a CPP disability pension affects the calculation of a CPP retirement pension in two different ways.

    First, any period of time when you were in receipt of a disability pension is excluded from your contributory period. For example, if you received a CPP disability pension for 10 years and applied for a retirement pension at age 65, your number of contributory months would be 444 and your general dropout would be 76 months

    Second, if your disability pension continues right up to age 65, your adjusted pensionable earnings is based on the average Years Maximum Pensionable Earnings for the year that your disability began, instead of the year that you turn age 65. Your APE is then escalated from that value by any increase in the consumer price index up to age 65.

    Basing Your Needs On Current Income

    The Best Retirement Calculators Online

    Using your current income isn’t helpful for people who are in the early stages of their careers. You’re likely earning an entry- or mid-level income in your field if you’re in your twenties or thirties. Your income might drop for a while if you make a career change. All this will affect your savings formula.

    It becomes hard to project the amount you’ll need during your senior years if you’re unsure what your pre-retirement income is going to be over the years.

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