How To File For Retirement


What You’ll Need To Apply

How to Apply Retirement Application on SSS Online for Voluntary Members

Before you begin your retirement application, gather the following information & documents:

  • your last working day and your effective retirement date
  • you and your beneficiaries’ Social Security numbers, dates of birth, and addresses
  • knowledge of which retirement benefit option you will be choosing More Info…
  • banking information including bank routing number and account number
  • knowledge of tax withholdings you will want to select
  • if you are married and applying online, your spouse’s email address
  • a scanned version of your birth certificate

Cost Of Living Adjustments

The WRS Board and Executive Director are aware that rising prices and inflation are a major difficulty for long-time retirees on a fixed income.

In 2012, the State Legislature passed a law returning the authority to grant pension cost of living adjustments to the Legislature and also requiring 100% funding of the plan before a COLA could be awarded from WRS funds. The Public Employee Pension Plan is moving in the direction of 100% funding through investment earnings and contribution increases. However, it will be many years before the plan meets the requirements to grant a COLA from WRS funds.

The WRS Board has advocated for legislatively funded COLAs and has provided the Legislature with a tool for estimating the cost of COLAs. WRS is not aware of any pending legislation to address this issue.

Benefits provided under the pension plans administered by the Wyoming Retirement System represent one aspect of your retirement assets and should not be expected to replace one hundred percent of your pre-retirement income. Cost-of-living and other benefit increases are not incorporated into your benefit, emphasizing the importance for you to build additional resources for retirement income, such as personal savings. However, members who select the self-funded COLA feature as a benefit option will see a guaranteed increase.

What to Expect Post-Retirement

About The File Format

  • The Retirement Application is in portable document format , which is best accessed using Adobe Acrobat Reader X or later, available for free from the Adobe website.If you have an earlier version of Acrobat Reader, you may still be able to access the document, but if you have any problems, please check your version of Reader and upgrade if necessary.

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Law Enforcement And Public Safety Officers

OPERS provides special retirement coverage for certain law enforcement and public safety officers who are required to participate in the Traditional Pension Plan. If you are a Law Enforcement or Public Safety Officer, please refer to the

Addresses, Social Security numbers and dates of birth for beneficiaries and dependents
Proof of Medicare A and B, if applicable
Direct deposit information, including bank account and routing numbers
Any court orders that may pertain to your retirement
Early Retirement Incentive Plan Agreement
Bureau of Workers Compensation claim number

Before You Make Your Decision

How to file SSS Retirement Benefit Claims Online

There are advantages and disadvantages to taking your benefit before your full retirement age. The advantage is that you collect benefits for a longer period of time. The disadvantage is your benefit will be reduced. Each person’s situation is different. It is important to remember:

  • If you delay your benefits until after full retirement age, you will be eligible for delayed retirement credits that would increase your monthly benefit.
  • That there are other things to consider when making the decision about when to begin receiving your retirement benefits.


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How To File A Claim From Your Retirement Plan

Procedures and timelines lead to receiving benefits

If you have participated in a traditional pension plan, a 401, or other employment-based retirement plan, you will want to know how to file a claim for your benefits.

The steps outlined here describe some of your plan’s obligations and briefly explain the procedures and timelines for filing a claim for retirement benefits.

Before you file, however, be aware of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 , a law that protects your retirement benefits and sets standards for those who administer your retirement plan. Among other things, the law includes requirements for the processing of benefit claims, the timeline for a decision when you file a claim, and your rights when a claim is denied.

You should know that ERISA does not cover some employee benefit plans .

If, however, you are one of the millions of participants and beneficiaries who depend on retirement benefits from a private-sector, employment-based retirement plan, take a few minutes and read on before filing a claim.

Reviewing The Summary Plan Description

Before you apply for retirement benefits, review the SPD to make sure you meet the plan’s requirements and understand the procedures for filing a claim.

Filing A Claim

When a claim is filed, be sure to keep a copy for your records.

Waiting Period

Usually, claims are decided within the 90-day period . If you are entitled to benefits, check your SPD for how and when benefits are paid.

Apply For Retirement Online

Retirement Online is the most efficient way to apply for your retirement. Located in your secure ORBIT account, Retirement Online is available 120 days from your retirement date for members of the Teachers and State Employees Retirement System and Local Governmental Employees Retirement System .

Before you begin, view our Retirement Online Video Guides. This series offers an introduction to the application and prepares you for Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3.

The Retirement Online application delivers a guided experience through the process with integrated videos, on-screen examples and links at critical decision-making points and timely notifications when you reach certain milestones.

If you are thinking about retirement, start preparing now and make sure that you:

  • are able to access your ORBIT account,
  • are using your personal email address as your primary contact in ORBIT,
  • review the Retirement Online process map,
  • talk to your HR staff and let them know your intentions and follow any internal process your employer has in place,
  • attend a Retirement Planning Conference or schedule a one-on-one virtual appointment
  • take the time to create a Custom Benefit Estimate , and

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Sss Retirement Benefit Withdrawal

SSS will pay your monthly pension through an SSS-accredited bank that you chose during your retirement benefit application. Or you may use your UMID card to withdraw your benefits from ATMs of participating banks such as PNB, UnionBank, Security Bank, and AUB.

Thus, you need to open a savings account with an SSS-accredited bank before submitting your retirement benefit application. Banks like PNB offer dedicated bank accounts for SSS pensioners with a low initial deposit and minimum maintaining balance of PHP 100.

Social Security Disability Insurance

How to Apply for Retirement

For SSDI, the document requirements are considerably broader and the application is lengthier. Along with the usual personal data , youll need to provide extensive documentation of your medical history and treatment and file an Adult Disability Report.

The SSDI process also includes an interview, in person or by phone. Youll find detailed information in Social Securitys Adult Disability Starter Kit.

When you can file: There is no minimum age for SSDI but you must have done at least some work in which you acquired Social Security credits.

Where to file:Online, by phone or in person.

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Appealing A Denied Claim

Claims are denied for various reasons. Perhaps you havent been a participant in the plan long enough. Or you may not be old enough to meet the plans age requirements. Or perhaps the plan simply needs more information about your claim. Whatever the reason, the plan must give you at least 60 days to file an appeal .

Use the information in your claim denial notice in preparing your appeal. You should also be aware that the plan must provide claimants, on request and free of charge, copies of all documents, records, and other information relevant to the claim for benefits. Be sure to include all information related to your claim, particularly any additional information or evidence, and get it to the person specified in the denial notice before the end of the 60-day period.

Make Sure You Qualify

To qualify for your Canada Pension Plan retirement pension, you must:

  • be at least 60 years old
  • have made at least one valid contribution to the CPP

Valid contributions can be either from work you did in Canada, or as the result of receiving credits from a former spouse or former common-law partner at the end of the relationship.

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When To Start Receiving Retirement Benefits

A secure comfortable retirement is every worker’s dream. And now because we are living longer healthier lives, we can expect to spend even more time in retirement than our parents and grandparents did. Hi, I am Mike Baksa of the Social Security Administration. As a Social Security representative, I am often asked what is the best age to start receiving retirement benefits? The answer is there really is no one best age for everyone. You can start your Social Security retirement benefits as early as age 62 or as late as age 70. Your monthly benefit amount will be different depending on the age you start receiving it.

If you begin receiving benefits before your full retirement age, you will receive a reduced benefit. You can choose to retire as early as age 62, but doing so will result in lower benefits. On the other hand, starting your benefits after full retirement age may result in larger benefits. With delayed retirement credits you can receive your largest benefit by beginning to receive benefit payments at age 70. If you were born between 1943 and 1954 and are now considering retirement, the reduction for early retirement at age 62 is 25 percent. Then again, delaying benefits until age 70 results in an increase of 32 percent. The increase in full retirement age was the result of the 1983 amendments to the Social Security act by Congress.

Overview Of Options A B And C

How to Check SSS Retirement Status Application Online

Under the Massachusetts Retirement Law , you may choose to retire under one of three benefit options: Option A, B or C. These options differ with regard to the amount paid and whether any benefits will be paid to someone else after your death. In brief:

Approximately 9-11% less than Option A amount Monthly benefit paid to a survivor.

Please note that at the time of your retirement, your spouse must acknowledge his or her awareness and understanding of your option selection.

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How Do Benefits Work And How Can I Qualify

While you work, you pay Social Security taxes. This tax money goes into a trust fund that pays benefits to:

  • Those who are currently retired
  • To people with disabilities
  • To the surviving spouses and children of workers who have died

Each year you work, youll get credits to help you become eligible for benefits when its time for you to retire. Find all the benefits Social Security Administration offers.

There are four main types of benefits that the SSA offers:

Months Before You Retire

Estimate What Your Pension Will Be

Finding out how much you can expect to receive is an important step in retirement planning. There are several ways for you to estimate your pension:

Learn how divorce can affect your pension

Read our Divorce and Your Benefits page for information about Domestic Relations Orders , and to learn how divorce can affect your retirement benefits.

Retirement benefits are considered marital property and can be divided between you and your ex-spouse when the marriage ends. Any division of your benefits must be stated in the form of a DRO a legal document that gives us specific instructions on how your benefits should be divided.

We offer an easy-to-complete online DRO template. The template is not required but recommended. Because the review process is simplified for submissions using our DRO template, we can complete our review faster if you use it. We will also need a certified copy of your divorce decree.

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What Do I Need To Know About Social Security Benefits Before I Retire

While most American workers hope to retire at 65 and start their Social Security benefits at that time, you are able to start as early as age 62 and as late as age 70. Social Security acts as a replacement income in retirement based on a percentage of your total lifetime earnings. Social Security replaces earning based on the highest 35 years that you worked and is then distributed as a percentage of that amount. You have been paying into Social Security throughout your entire working career.

While youve paid into your Social Security throughout your working life, I k

Is There A Special Benefit When Both Spouses Are Members Of The Same Or Different Massachusetts Contributory Retirement Systems


Yesif your effective membership date is before November 1, 2003, and:

  • you and your current spouse were members of a Massachusetts contributory retirement system on November 1, 2003,
  • your spouse will be retired from a Massachusetts contributory retirement system on your date of retirement, and
  • you have at least ten years of creditable service but, will be under age 55 on your date of retirement,

then you will be eligible to retire under a superannuation retirement allowance, irrespective of having attained age 55, using the age factor for age 55.

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Applying For Service Retirement

You must apply for service retirement benefits before your PEERS retirement date. You can file the Service Retirement Application and other required forms with our office, or you can apply online by logging in to Web Member Services. We recommend that you file at least three months before your retirement date. We will acknowledge receipt of your application.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Retiring

As you plan, consider these important questions:

  • At what age do you plan to retire?
  • Can you participate in an employer’s retirement savings plan? This includes 401 plans and traditional pension plans.
  • If you have a spouse or partner, will they retire when you do?
  • Where do you plan to live when you retire? Will you downsize, rent, or own your home?
  • Do you expect to work part-time?
  • Will you have the same medical insurance you had while working? Will your insurance coverage change?
  • Do you want to travel or pursue a costly, new hobby?

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How To Apply And Begin Receiving Your Social Security Benefits

Once you have the necessary documents, the easiest way to file for your benefits is online. You can complete your application from start to finish in a short amount of time. If you dont have access to the internet or would prefer to do it offline, then your local Social Security office will be able to help you.

After youve applied, youll receive a letter in the mail from the Social Security Administration letting you know their decision about your benefits. You can repeal any decision made by the SSA within 60 days of receiving the decision. You can check the status of your application online or by phone.

Filing for Social Security doesnt have to be difficult. The most important part of Social Security is what you do before you file. Know your monthly estimated income, when you plan to retire, and how these benefits will work with your overall retirement plan.

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What Constitutes Creditable Service And Can I Receive Credit For Earlier Teaching And Public Service

Information Sheet

Creditable service is time that you have worked as a teacher, administrator or other Massachusetts public employee, and for which you have paid or transferred retirement contributions to the MTRS. Creditable service also includes certain military service, as described further below. You may be able to purchase credit for prior substitute teaching, teaching in an out-of-state public school, certain nonpublic school teaching, other Massachusetts public service and active military service. Also, if you withdrew your retirement account from the MTRS or any other Massachusetts contributory retirement system, you may receive creditable service if you repay the amount withdrawn plus interest, prior to your date of retirement. The cost of purchasing past service is based on what you would have paid in contributions during that period or what you actually paid and withdrew .

includes the following types of service:

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How To File Sss Retirement Benefit Claims Online

Posted By: sssinquiries_administrat0rSeptember 22, 2020

SSS expanded the coverage of the online retirement claim applications submission option using the My.SSS web portal at the SSS website. For employee-members who are at least 60 to 64 years old and separated from employment, except for underground/surface mineworkers and racehorse jockeys, you can now submit RCAs online. SSS also increased the bank options for the disbursement of retirement benefits.

Members who are at least 65 years old and already submitted their RCAs online effective September 2015, and Overseas Filipino Worker and voluntary members who are at least 60 years old since December 2018 are also qualified for this service.

Here are the requirements to be qualified for Online RCA:

  • Members must be registered at the My.SSS web portal on the SSS website. To create My.SSS Account, click this link.
  • Members must have an enrolled disbursement account with the SSS through the Bank Enrollment Module .
  • 120 monthly contributions before the semester of the month of submission of the claim, for monthly pension. or at least one monthly contribution, for lump sum benefit
  • Members SS number is not canceled
  • Members does not have outstanding Stock Investment, Privatization, Educational or Vocational Technology loan balance
  • Member has no dependent child/children
  • Member is not an underground/surface mineworker or racehorse jockey
  • Member is not a self-employed member below 65 years old

For the following members Who:

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