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Risks And Withdrawal Strategies

Pension Funds | Treasury tells us when can you withdraw

As you approach retirement, youll likely need to shift your focus. Where once the primary goal was saving and investing for retirement, it now becomes turning those savings and investments into income. It also means paying special attention to the unique risks youll face as a retiree. This can include outliving your savings, inflation outpacing your investments, and the volatility of the market.

There are ways to mitigate these risks by building certainty into your plan. Learn more about using annuities and other guaranteed sources of income. Read more about retirement risks.

Some Next Steps To Think About Before Cashing Out Retirement

  • Create a realistic retirement budget to estimate essential living expenses and discretionary spending Knowing what your retirement lifestyle will cost can help you better prepare to pay for it.
  • Consider covering essential living expenses with guaranteed income2As part of your retirement income plan, you may want to cover your essential expenses with guaranteed lifetime income that does not have to come from regular portfolio withdrawals.
  • Calculate how much you can safely withdraw from your portfolioOnce you have a retirement income plan, you should have a better sense of the role that portfolio withdrawals will play in generating regular income.

Taking Money From Roth Accounts

If you have a Roth IRA, you can take out money, tax free, any time after age 59 1/2. Theres no RMD for Roth IRAs. You could keep the money in there indefinitely. However, taking money from a Roth IRA does not count toward your RMD for a traditional IRA.

The Roth 401 and Roth 403 accounts are a little different. As long as youre working, there is no RMD for either of these accounts. However, when you retire or when you reach that magic age of 70 1/2, your RMD will kick in for your Roth 401 and Roth 403 accounts . The good news is that with some of these employer-based plans, you might be able to roll over the funds into a Roth IRA to avoid the RMD. Talk with your financial advisor for the details and to do the paperwork.

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These Financial Strategies Can Produce More Income With Less Risk

A Tea Reader: Living Life One Cup at a Time

When you retire, you will need to generate enough income to maintain your lifestyle without exposing your assets to too much risk. There are a few ways retirees earn income like 401 or 403 retirement savings accounts, social security payments, a key source of cash, and some retirees are fortunate to have a defined-benefit pension, an increasingly rare type of plan that pays out like clockwork.

Here are 10 other ways to obtain reliable income while keeping risk in check when you retire.

Can I Withdraw All My Pension At 55

How Much You Should Have Saved in Your Retirement Account, by Age ...

It is usually possible to withdraw all your pension when you turn 55 , but there are downsides to consider:

  • Youll lose out on future pension growth potential
  • Youll have to pay income tax on 75% of your pension income, which could be significantly higher than if you took it out in smaller amounts over several years
  • Once your pension is converted to cash, it will start losing value against the rate of inflation

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Tips On 401 Withdrawals

  • Talk with a financial advisor about your needs and how you can best meet them. Finding a qualified financial advisor doesnt have to be hard. SmartAssets free tool matches you with up to three financial advisors who serve your area, and you can interview your advisor matches at no cost to decide which one is right for you. If youre ready to find an advisor who can help you achieve your financial goals, get started now.
  • If youre considering withdrawing money from your 401 early, think about a personal loan instead. SmartAsset has a personal loan calculator to help you figure out payment methods.

Process To Withdraw A Portion From Pension Fund To Be Completed In 2022

File image of R100 notes


National Treasury has called on those who are eager to withdraw a portion of their retirement savings for their Pension Funds to be patient while the process to change the law to allow for it unfolds.

It says the process to change the law will be completed next year. Currently, the Pension Fund Act allows workers to have access to their Pension Fund money only when they retire, resign from their job or when they are retrenched.

Consultations about changing the law to allow access to money during emergencies and extraordinary circumstances have begun.

National Treasury says an update will be given during or before the next Medium Term Budget Policy Statement in parliament in October. And, only thereafter will the process to amend the law begin.

In the meantime, government is calling on hard-pressed workers to stop contacting their Pension Funds until the process is finalised next year.

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How Can I Withdraw Money From My Ira Without Penalty

  • Wait until age 59 1/2. Once you turn 59 1/2, you can withdraw any amount from your IRA without paying the 10% penalty.
  • Use the distribution for qualified medical expenses.
  • If youre unemployed for at least 12 weeks, use the withdrawal to pay for health insurance premiums.

Pay for eligible college expenses, including tuition, fees, books, supplies, and equipment. Room and board expenses can be eligible if the student attending college is at least a half-time student.

  • Use the withdrawal as a down payment on a home. You must be a first-time buyer or have not owned a home for the previous two years. $10,000 is the lifetime limit per individual .
  • New parents can withdraw up to $5,000 without a penalty following the birth or adoption of a child.
  • If you develop a disability and cannot work, you can spend your IRA without a penalty.
  • Military reserve members called to active duty can avoid the penalty.
  • 72 distributions are IRS-approved withdrawals before age 59 1/2.
  • Beneficiaries that inherit a traditional IRA are penalty-free.

How To Withdraw Money From Retirement Accounts

How much retirement money you’ll have if you put $100 into your 401(k) weekly

Shawn Plummer

CEO, The Annuity Expert

When it comes time to start withdrawing money from your retirement accounts, its essential to know the rules. There are many different options available to retirees when it comes to withdrawing money, and each has its own rules and regulations. In this guide, we will discuss the most common methods for withdrawing money from retirement accounts and the pros and cons of each.

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Strategy 1 Fixed Percentage Or 4% Rule

Systematic withdrawals offer the flexibility to control and change the amount and frequency of your income. However, that flexibility should come with caution in managing the amount you withdraw so as not to risk outliving your assets.

One common rule of thumb is that a retiree with a 30-year time horizon can plan to withdraw a fixed amount somewhere around 4% from a portfolio each year and minimize the chances of running out of money. That means if you have $1 million in savings, you could withdraw $40,000 to live on each year after adjusting for inflation. However, there are a number of weaknesses to this strategy:

  • A period of historically low interest rates make traditional income-producing investments like bonds less likely to generate the income that many retirees expected.
  • If inflation erodes the purchasing power of your money over time, it may require you to withdraw larger amounts of money.
  • If you are invested in stocks and the principal value of the assets decline, you may have less of a portfolio to withdraw from.
  • Your income needs are not likely to be as consistent as your withdrawal plan, and you may need more income in some years and less than others.

Systematic withdrawals can certainly make sense if you need income for a limited period, say while you are working part-time or waiting to receive other income such as Social Security. Or perhaps, you were waiting to make a decision about a lifetime income investment.

In Kind Withdrawals Qualify As Rmds

Dont want to sell your assets? Its easier to take withdrawals in cash, but that doesnt mean you have to or should. So-called in-kind distributions are taken out in the form of stocks or bonds, and they may make more sense for people who want to keep assets for various reasons. Youll simply move the assets from your IRA into a taxable account. These in-kind withdrawals will be assigned a fair market value on the date they are moved.

An in-kind withdrawal may be easier and less expensive than triggering fees by selling the securities in the IRA and buying them back in a brokerage account.

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Making The Numbers Add Up

Put simply, to cash out all or part of a 401 retirement fund without being subject to penalties, you must reach the age of 59½, pass away, become disabled, or undergo some sort of financial hardship . Whatever the circumstance though, if you choose to withdraw funds early, you should prepare yourself for the possibility of funds becoming subject to income tax, and early distributions being subjected to additional fees or penalties. Be aware as well: Any funds in a 401 plan are protected in the event of bankruptcy, and creditors cannot seize them. Once removed, your money will no longer receive these protections, which may expose you to hidden expenses at a later date.

Convert To An Ira To Keep Contributing


You cannot contribute to a 401 after you leave your job, so if you want to continue adding money to your retirement funds, youll need to roll over your account into an IRA. Previously, you could contribute to a Roth IRA indefinitely but could not contribute to a traditional IRA after age 70½. However, under the new Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act, you can now contribute to a traditional IRA for as long as you like.

Keep in mind that you can only contribute earned income, not gross income, to either type of IRA, so this strategy will only work if you have not retired completely and still earn taxable compensation, such as wages, salaries, commissions, tips, bonuses, or net income from self-employment, as the IRS puts it. You cant contribute money earned from either investments or your Social Security check, though certain types of alimony payments may qualify.

To execute a rollover of your 401, you can ask your plan administrator to distribute your savings directly to a new or existing IRA. Alternatively, you can elect to take the distribution yourself. However, in this case, you must deposit the funds into your IRA within 60 days to avoid paying taxes on the income.

Traditional 401 accounts can be rolled over into either a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA, whereas designated Roth 401 accounts must be rolled over into a Roth IRA.

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Can I Borrow From My 401k If I No Longer Work For The Company

401k Plan Loans An Overview. There are opportunity costs. If you quit working or change employers, the loan must be paid back. If you cant repay the loan, it is considered defaulted, and you will be taxed on the outstanding balance, including an early withdrawal penalty if you are not at least age 59 ½.

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Savings Accounts And Cds

When it comes to generating income, theres nothing safer or more reliable than FDIC-insured bank accounts and certificates of deposit . While this strategy won’t produce much income when CDs and savings accounts pay 2% or even less, it can be a fine option when interest rates rise to more attractive levels.

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Challenges At The Start

Most people who are not already saving believe they do not have enough money to meet day-to-day expenses, let alone have any leftover to save. However, paying yourself should be every bit as much of a priority as paying other people. Of course, it is unwise to default on loans or allow bills to go past due, but if you dont take care of yourself, who will?

There will be months when you come up short and have little to save. You will also find that your investment choices may be limited. It is important not to become discouraged, but to save as much as you can, as often as you can.

Where Is The Safest Place To Put Your Retirement Money

3 Ways to Invest Your Retirement Money | CA Rachana Ranade

An annuity with a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit is the safest place to put your IRA and 401 money because annuities guarantee to pay a retirement income for life, even after the retirement account has run out of money.

Use our Annuity Income Calculator to see how much your retirement savings will provide through your lifetime.

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Federal Insurance For Private Pensions

If your company runs into financial problems, you’re likely to still get your pension.

Rmds Smaller For Some Married Couples

If you have a significantly younger spouse who is expected to inherit your IRA, you may be able to reduce your required distributions, thereby trimming taxes and making your retirement funds last longer.

Remember that RMDs are calculated using factors that include your life expectancy as determined by the IRS. But if youve named a spouse as the sole beneficiary of your IRA and he or she is at least 10 years younger than you, then your RMD is computed using a joint-life expectancy table. That will reduce the amount you need to distribute in any given year.

For example, a single retiree who turns age 72 in the current year and who would have to take their first RMD by April 1 of the following year would have a life expectancy of 27.4 more years in the eyes of the IRS. So if that persons IRA was worth $200,000, their first RMD would be $7,299.27 .

But lets say this person designates their 56-year-old married partner to be the sole beneficiary of that retirement account. In that case, their joint life expectancy would be 31.9 years. So the first RMD would be trimmed to $6,269.59. The IRS provides a table for this situation in its Publication 590-B.

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Withdrawal Strategies: How To Withdraw Retirement Funds

Creating a retirement income plan can help you define your withdrawal strategy or when and how often you will pull money from your retirement investment accounts. There are many ways in which to start drawing down your retirement savings, but each should be managed carefully to make sure you don’t outlive your money.

Knowing how to withdraw money from retirement accounts doesn’t necessarily entail sticking to a steady, fixed distribution throughout retirement. There are different strategies that may work depending on your immediate income needs, your tolerance for risk, and your age. If you use a portion of savings to purchase a fixed annuity that creates regular, reliable income to pay for everyday expenses, you can have a more flexible approach to how your remaining savings are withdrawn. Please note that guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuer.

Know How To Take Distributions

Three Reasons to think about Retirement at a Young Age

If you have several retirement accounts because of frequent job changes and youre approaching retirement, you now have the task of figuring out how to withdraw the money.

Will you have to tap all of your accounts? Probably not.

If you own a handful of traditional IRAs, you can withdraw from each of them. But the more efficient move may be to add the assets from all your accounts and take one withdrawal from a single IRA.

Consolidating IRAs into a single account can simplify paperwork, make it easier to compute future withdrawals and gain greater control over your asset allocation, Slott says.

However, you cant make withdrawals from an IRA to meet your RMD requirements for a 403, 401 or another plan.

Its vital to note that 401 plans cant be pooled to compute a single RMD, says George Jones, managing editor Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting. To streamline those, roll them into an IRA.

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