How To Retire At Age 58


You May Need To Make New Friends

Retirement Planning: I’m 58 Years Old With $1.4 Million, Can I Retire?

If you retire in your 50s, you may find that your current friends aren’t around much because they still have full-time jobs. While you have the luxury of catching a matinee or playing a round of golf midweek, those in your social circle who are working nine-to-five don’t.

If you find new friends, they are likely to be older, says Dennis Nolte, a certified financial planner in Oviedo, Florida: Many of my pre-60-year-old retirees, especially those who are active, lament that their new peer group is significantly older than they are and thus have a different set of expectations about diet, sleep schedule, even cultural references.”

Why Is 595 An Important Age

Why is that age so significant? It signifies a turning point of sorts in your lifeon a number of fronts. In particular, the IRS allows you to make withdrawals from your retirement account without incurring a penalty. It is also nearly a decade after you were granted the right to contribute more to your IRA fund.

Tapping Your Nest Egg Early Can Be Costly

If you retire before 59 1/2, you’ll usually pay a 10 percent early withdrawal penalty from most tax-deferred accounts, such as traditional IRAs and 401 plans. There are some options for getting IRA money before 59 1/2, but it’s tricky and can cause major penalties if done incorrectly, says Matt Stephens, founder of AdvicePoint in Wilmington, North Carolina.

And unless you have a Roth IRA, which is funded with after-tax contributions, you’ll owe income taxes on the amount you withdraw from traditional accounts funded with pretax contributions. If, for example, you withdraw $20,000 from an IRA before age 59 1/2 and are in the 15 percent federal tax bracket, you’ll pay $5,000 in taxes and penalties, leaving you with $15,000.

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Housing Expenses Don’t Retire When You Do

Retiring without a mortgage is a common goal for would-be retirees, but it’s a goal that many fail to meet. According to an American Financing survey, 44 percent of retired homeowners between ages 60 and 70 still carry a mortgage.

Even if you have paid off your mortgage, other expenses don’t go away. Home maintenance and increasing property taxes can take up a large chunk of your budget, says Dorsey, the California financial planner. New Jersey, Illinois and New Hampshire have the highest property tax rates, according to Rocket Mortgage Hawaii, Alabama and Colorado have the lowest. As a rule of thumb, homeowners should set aside 1 percent of a home’s purchase price annually to cover repairs and replacement. That’s $3,500 per year on a $350,000 house. Dont forget that many states offer lower property tax rates for those 65 and older.

Start Adjusting Your Expenses And Your Income

Im 58 years old and for the first time ever, retirement seems real to ...

Youre most likely going to need to make significant changes in expenses and income to postpone Social Security payments or preserve investment principal. The gig economy offers plenty of part-time jobs, though they likely pay considerably less than your former salary. Some 54% of employed Americans are now planning to work in retirement, Halloran says, with most citing a desire for a safety net to cover unexpected costs and prepare for market volatility.

More drastic steps could include downsizing your home to clear off a mortgageor even moving to a place with cheaper taxes and lower living expenses. Weston says its important for new retirees to be decisive with these kinds of choices

Because this is happening so suddenly, its really hard to pivot, but youve got to react fairly quickly. You cant just sit around going into deeper debt. Also, its easier to make friends and build community in your 60s than in your 80s, she says.

There are various ways to turn your retirement savings into a retirement paycheck, including annuities. While annuities promise permanent income, they can be highly complex financial instruments that charge high fees, and they should be handled with great care.

Weston prefers single premium immediate annuities because they are relatively simple in structure. A 61-year-old man who bought a $100,000 annuity from a tax-advantaged account, for instance, would get back about $400 a month for life, according to USAAs annuity calculator.

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Extra Income Can Be Hard To Come By

Working in retirement might not be as simple as you think. While 74 percent of workers plan to work for pay in retirement, according to the EBRI study, just 27 percent of actual retirees reported working for pay. Even part-time work can be a challenge. One thing early retirees dont seem to realize is that if they are planning on doing traditional part-time work while retired, those jobs require a commitment to a schedule that sometimes is not very flexible, says Leslie Beck, a certified financial planner in Rutherford, New Jersey. This can cut into other retirement goals such as travel or visiting with family. I have had retirees surprised by the inflexibility of part-time work.

If you figure youll instead fill the income void with Social Security, remember the earliest you can usually claim retirement benefits is age 62. Even then, youll only receive partial benefits. For anyone born in 1960 or later, the full retirement age, when you are entitled to 100 percent of your monthly benefit, is 67. By claiming early at 62, the benefit amount is reduced by 30 percent.

5 questions to ask before retiring early

  • Can I really afford to stop working?
  • Do I need to get a part-time job to make ends meet?
  • How will I get health insurance?
  • What will I do to occupy my time?
  • Are my plans in sync with my spouse/partner’s?

Can You Afford To Retire Early

You’ve got a sense of your ideal retirement age. And you’ve probably made certain plans based on that timeline. But what if you’re forced to retire sooner than you expect?

Early retirement is nothing new, but it’s clear how much the COVID-19 pandemic has affected an aging workforce. Whether due to downsizing, objections to vaccine mandates, concerns about exposure risks, other health issues, or the desire for more leisure time, the retired population grew by 3.5 million over the past two yearscompared to an annual average of 1 million between 2008 and 2019according to the Pew Research Center.1 At the same time, a survey conducted by the National Institute on Retirement Security revealed that more than half of Americans are concerned that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their ability to achieve a secure retirement.2

There’s no need to panic, but those numbers make one thing clear, says Rob Williams, managing director of financial planning, retirement income, and wealth management for the Schwab Center for Financial Research. Flexible and personalized financial planning that addresses how you’d cope if you had to retire early can help you make the best use of all your resources.

Here are six steps to follow. We’ll use as an example a person who’s seeing if they could retire five years early, but the steps remain the same regardless of your individual time frame.

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Will Your Money Last If You Retire Early

As noted already, retirement can be a long time and an early retirement will hopefully be even longer. Retiring early places a triple strain on your funds, because not only does your money have to last long, but youve also had less time to build it up. Every extra year of early retirement means:

  • One year more spending
  • One year less earning
  • One year less compound interest

In short, every year of early retirement will cost you significantly more than an ordinary year of retirement. A financial adviser can help you work out exactly how much more, and whether you can really afford it. For more tips on this, check out our article on how to retire at 55.

Invest In Your Health Today

Retire at 55 – What Happens With Social Security (2019 – Update)

The healthier you are, the more youll enjoy retirement. Sadly, our current medical system is more focused on treating disease than helping people actually be well. But you can choose to invest in your health now so that youre not paying a fortune in medical costs later. Take care of yourself by eating well, staying active, and avoiding stressand continue these habits into retirement.

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The Power Of Compound Interest

Another big unknown factor is how the investments in your pension fund will perform during the saving-up period . We’ve assumed a steady rate of 4 per cent in the calculations below, but it may be higher or lower. You can help your pension along by ensuring it is invested in the best pension fund for you – most workplace pensions start off in the default fund, which may not be ideal.

What You Need To Achieve Financial Independence

Being financially independent usually requires:

  • Paying off your debts
  • Paying off your mortgage
  • Enough income for your daily needs
  • Additional funds so you can enjoy life
  • Sufficient savings for emergencies

This doesnt necessarily demand a huge level of wealth but it does require living within your means. The more modest your intended lifestyle, the less youll need in the way of assets.

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Estimate Your Retirement Expenses

The first step is to determine the annual expenses you expect to incur in a comfortable retirement. This depends quite a lot on your lifestyle and personal needs, as well as where you live. A city dweller who rents will need to anticipate ongoing housing payments, for example, while a homeowner who paid off their mortgage will not. If you would like to travel and have adventures, that should be in the budget, while a homebody may need less cash on hand.

Dont just ballpark this. Instead, go over your bank and credit card statements. If you wanted to maintain your current standard of living based on how much money you spend today, how much retirement income would you need per year? Start there, then adjust based on reasonable expectations.

If youre young, dont forget that your standard of living will probably increase. And dont forget to account for insurance expenses during the seven years before you can enroll in Medicare. Finally, make a reasonable effort to estimate how inflation will affect your projected expenses.

Is Retiring At 60 Too Early


60 may not be too early to retire, but it is too early for Social Security. … Claiming benefits before full retirement age not only reduces your retirement benefits, but it’ll also reduce spousal benefits. If your benefits from your own working record are likely to be roughly equal, this won’t matter much.

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How Much Retirement Income Will I Need

A popular way to estimate this figure is the 70 per cent rule, which states you will need 70 per cent of your working income to maintain the lifestyle you want in retirement. So if you retire on a salary of £50,000 you would be looking at achieving an income of around £35,000.

For some people 70 per cent may be generous and they would be comfortable living on less. Conversely, others may struggle.

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Isnt Your Financial Advisor Helping You With This

This is exactly what a fiduciary financial planner is forto figure this out with you . If youre paying somebody who only manages your money or sells you products, it may be time for a change. Reach out if youd like to talktheres no obligation, and we can just chat. I do not sell anything for a commission, I provide ongoing or one-time advice for clients, and I can work with people in Colorado and other states.

If you dont yet work with a financial advisor, consider the benefits of doing so. You can spend your time and energy on other things, and an experienced professional can help guide you through lifes inevitable changes. Plus, a study from Schwab Modern Wealth showed that having a plan can increase your retirement confidence and help you develop healthy financial behaviors:

  • 56% of people with a written financial plan felt very confident about their goals
  • Only 17% of respondents without a plan felt very confident

There are many ways to work with an advisor, and things may have changed since you last spoke to a financial planner. For example, its easier than ever to work with somebody for one-time financial planning or pay a flat fee for advice. Its understandable if youve had bad experiences in the past, and there are still plenty of advisors out there who are painful to work with, but things are changing.

The Reality Of Quitting Work Can Be Far Different From The Fantasy Here’s What You Need To Know

7 GOOD REASONS to File for Social Security Benefits at Age 62

by John Waggoner, AARP, Updated June 17, 2022

En español | Even if you love your job, there are times when you’d rather be alphabetizing the spice shelf than riding a packed train alongside hundreds of sniffling fellow commuters. And as you sway in the car next to a man who has biked four hours to the station, you might be thinking about early retirement.

Unfortunately, early retirement isn’t for everyone. In fact, it isn’t for most people. Just 11 percent of today’s workers plan to retire before age 60, according to an Employee Benefit Research Institute survey. For many of those who do take the plunge, the reality of early retirement can turn out to be far different than the fantasy. Here are a few things to consider before you decide to retire early.

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Retiring After Age : Ages 66 To 70

For many, the upper 60s is the golden mean of retirement timingyou’re old enough to have built up a nice financial reserve and young enough to enjoy your job-free years. The fact that you’ll get your full Social Security payment at age 66 to 67 can make a huge difference, especially if you’re relatively healthy and likely to have an average or longer-than-average retirement.

Waiting also gives you a few extra years to shore up your tax-advantaged investment accounts. Investors who are at least 50 years of age can make an annual catch-up contribution to their 401 or IRA. For 2021 and 2022, those 50 or older can contribute $7,000 to a traditional IRA or Roth IRA. If you use a 401 to save for retirement, you can defer up to $26,000 of your salary in 2021 after you reach the age of 50.

Also, waiting until you hit 65 means that you are eligible for Medicare, which is typically a fraction of the cost of individual insurance plans for older adults.

Normal retirement agethe age at which you receive full Social Security benefitsgradually increases to 67 for anyone born in 1960 or after.

Get Your Health Insurance In Order

It can be easy to take workplace healthcare coverage for granted after having it for decades. But when you retire, especially when you retire early, it involves a bit more work on your part. If you want to retire at 55, you have another 10 years before you reach the Medicare eligibility age.

Without Medicare, you could be taking a huge risk by going uninsured. You should check whether your employer can cover you into retirement. You may also be covered by your spouses insurance. There are a few possible routes you can take, but its important to have it laid out before you retire. That way you can correctly budget for the costs of healthcare.

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How Much Is The Average Uk Pension

After a lifetime of saving, the average UK pension pot stands at £61,897. With current annuity rates, this would buy you an average retirement income of only around £3,000 extra per year from 67, which added to the full State Pension, makes just over £12,000 a year, just enough for a basic retirement lifestyle.

How To Retire At 70


If you’re still working at 70, you may be the type who never wants to retire. Plenty of people continue working in their golden years, simply because they can, and they prefer to stay active.

If you do want to retire at 70, the good news is that you’ll get the maximum amount of Social Security benefits by waiting until you’re 70 to start payments.

There’s more good news: Like wine, some retirement products get better with age. Annuities and reverse mortgages are two products that are more attractive in your later years, because a reduced time frame works in your favor when calculating costs and interest rates.

From age 70, you’ll also need to keep in mind the minimum distribution limits on your retirement accounts. Many plans require withdrawals by 72 for those who turned 70 1/2 after December 31, 2019. If you miss these, there is a hefty penalty, so make sure you start them on time.

Lastly, although it applies to people of all ages, when you’re in your 70s , you should make sure that all your affairs are in order: If you haven’t done so yet, review all of your accounts and policies for beneficiary designations, create an advanced directive, and take care of estate planning.

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