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How Do I Get Health Insurance When I Retire

What is International Health Insurance?

When you retire, you have multiple options for health insurance:

  • Medicare: When you turn 65, you are eligible for Medicare, an insurance program operated by the federal government.
  • COBRA: When you leave your job, you have the option of extending your employer-offered health benefits through the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act . With COBRA, you can continue your coverage for 18 to 36 months.
  • Health Insurance Marketplace: You can purchase private insurance under the Affordable Care Act on
  • Short-term coverage: Private insurance companies often sell short-term coverage, which is a form of temporary insurance you can use to bridge the gap until other coverage goes into effect.

Stay Healthy While Traveling As A Retiree

The concept of traveling or living abroad as a retiree intrigues and inspires many people, but the reality is, long before the plane takes off, traveling abroad at any age, requires research and planning. Most destinations are safe, often as safe as your home. However, there are challenges with each destination and it is best to be prepared. If you plan on traveling abroad while retired you need to ask yourself the following questions:

Seniors: International Insurance Advice

Many retirees dream of enjoying their retirement as an expatriate, immersing themselves in a new language, culture and way life. Living out your golden years in another country can be exciting, thrilling and nerve-wracking- all at the same time. As the number of older expatriates is increasing so are some concerns like healthcare and insurance. Health insurance for aging expatriates can difficult to understand and find. Some important questions you should consider before retiring are as follows:

  • Will my policy end when I reach a certain age?
  • Will I be covered if I return back to my country of citizenship?

As you begin to research the many expatriate plans out there, you will notice that a big eligibility factor with most of them is age. Unfortunately, age is a huge underwriting factor with most health insurance plans for aging expatriates. As we get older, we age out of eligibility for a lot of health plans that are available.

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For some plans, the age for eligibility completely ends at 65 years. Other plans offer senior coverage if youve had their plan for a specified length of time (this is usually 10 years of continuous coverage. Most plans that offer senior coverage have limited benefits and reduced maximum policy limits. Because of this, its wise to have an annually renewable international health plan in place early.

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Be sure to get travel tips before you move browse our articles and country guides.

Emergency health care: What you need to know

Access to high-quality, reliable health care is an important priority for people travelling internationally, especially if theyre moving or living overseas with family. Find out how Aetna Internationals CARE team offers support and peace of mind for members while theyre away from home.

Group International Health Insurance Programs

Outwit And Outlast: Keeping Your Business Agile, Relevant And Ready ...

Worldwide employer-sponsored group health insurance for mission groups.

With an international health plan from IMG, you have medical coverage worldwide. Our plans give you the freedom to choose your own health care provider wherever you are in the world.To view IMG’s exclusive provider list, visit the Find A Doctor page in the myIMG member area.

To qualify as an expatriate health plan, substantially all of the primary enrollees must be qualified expatriates. A qualified expatriate is a primary insured meeting all of the following:

Qualified Expatriates in the U.S.:

The individuals skills, qualification, job duties, or expertise is of a type that has caused the employer to assign him to the U.S. for a specific temporary purpose or assignment tied to employment and

In connection with such transfer or assignment, the plan sponsor reasonably determines that the individual will require access to health insurance in multiple countries, and is offered other multi-national benefits on a periodic basis

Qualified Expatriates Outside of the U.S.:

The individual is working outside the U.S. for a period of at least 180 days in a consecutive 12-month period that overlaps with the plan year.For purposes of the definition, U.S. includes the 50 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

Expatriate Health Plans are Minimum Essential Coverage

Employers are Still Subject to §6055/§6056 Reporting and Cadillac Tax on Certain Expatriates

Effective Date

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Three Tips To Save On Medicare

Additional tips for saving on Medicare coverage include:

  • See if you qualify for Extra Help. This program helps those with limited income and resources pay Medicare prescription drug program costs. These may include premiums, deductibles and coinsurance. Social Security Administration estimates that Extra Help can save about $5,000 per year on Part D prescription drug costs.
  • Enroll in a Medicare savings program. Medicare has four savings programs run by the individual states. Such programs help cut the cost of Medicare premiums and other costs. Call your state Medicaid program to find out if youre eligible.
  • See if you are eligible for Medicaid. If your income is low enough, you might qualify for this coverage. Call your state Medicaid program to see if you are eligible for the low-income program.

There are many other ways to save. For example, enrolling in a Medicare Advantage program may offer additional benefits that can save you money depending on your care needs. Shopping around and comparing these plans can get you the best deal.

Also, remember that enrolling on time for certain programs — such as Medicare Parts A, B and D — might help you avoid higher costs in the future in the form of late-enrollment penalties.

Best Health Insurance For Retirement Abroad

The Cigna Global Medical Plan is a great option for retirees for a couple of reasons. First, there are no age limitations. You can apply at any age and retain the policy for life. Other plans will cancel their plan once you reach a certain age or restrict benefits after age 75. With Cigna Global, you are able to maintain the same level of coverage for your life or until you cancel the plan. Additionally, Cignas Global Medical Plan is a modular plan allowing you to choose benefits and coverage areas which will help keep costs down. Use the links below to review coverage and request a custom quote.

  • The flexibility to tailor a plan to suit your individual needs
  • Access to Cigna Globals trusted network of hospitals and doctors
  • The convenience and confidence of 24/7/365 customer service

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And Those Planning Retirement

Already retired?

Are you already retired? Did you lose your group insurance benefits when you retired? If youre a senior, the odds are that if youre not on some type of medication right now, you will be in the coming years. On a fixed income, its hard to manage unexpected medical expenses. We have affordable, guaranteed medical plans that let you manage your expenses and get coverage without having to go through a medical exam.

How much health coverage do you need?

The type of health coverage you need really depends on your circumstances and state of health. At Blue Cross, we have experienced, highly trained agents who can help you decide what kind of coverage is best for you and the type of plan that fits your budget. and speak to one of our qualified agents.

Health insurance for seniors

Health insurance for seniors is more important than ever before. With cuts to our provincial health care program becoming more common, it is hard to rely on government programs if you are on a fixed income. With a health insurance plan, you benefit from knowing that you are covered for any unexpected and routine medical expenses. You also know how much money to set aside every month to cover those expenses.

Health insurance is just as important as planning your final arrangements. If you plan for unexpected expenses now, it can make all the difference for your family later. With a health insurance plan from Blue Cross, you can protect your health, your family and your finances

About Cignas International Health Insurance Plans

International Health Insurance for Retiring, Working and Moving Abroad.

Whatever your health insurance needs, our International Medical Plans can be tailored to meet them, while always offering a global support network of hospitals and medical professionals.

Whole health is a new way to think about care that allows Cigna to look at the full picture. To widen its scope, to acknowledge the full spectrum of factors that make up who you are and how you feel at any given time. So that, ultimately, we can help people live their lives in full the good, the bad and every moment in between, knowing that you are supported in every aspect of your world.

All our plans offer:
  • Medical care essentials, including hospitals stays and treatments
  • Flexible plans tailored to your needs and budget
  • Priority access to support from Cigna doctors and nurses
  • Whole health care support through a range of tools, product and solutions
  • Digital portal to securely store important documents

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How To Purchase An International Health Insurance Plan

You can purchase international health insurance online:

  • Through the website of the insurance company directly.
  • Through health insurance comparison websites, such as Insubuy or International Insurance. These websites allow you to compare different insurance plans side by side and choose which one suits your needs best.

After purchasing health insurance, save the insurance certificate, any ID number or insurance card you receive. Also, save the emergency phone numbers and email information in case you need to contact them.

A New Better Health Insurance Product For Expatriates And Retirees

For around 20 years, we offered the international and lifelong EXPAT RETIRED international health insurance for retirees and expatriates abroad. Then it was time for a change. With EXPAT INFINITY as the successor to EXPAT RETIRED, we not only provided an “upgrade” in the insured benefits, but also developed a much fairer and more contemporary international health insurance.

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Everyone Needs A Little Certainty Sometimes

International health insurance is designed to give you peace of mind whether youre living in another country or travel overseas often. We offer cover for both emergency and routine healthcare giving you the security you need wherever life takes you. Gain flexibility in your choice of doctor or treatment facilities and the ability to receive treatment anywhere within your region of cover.

If you choose international insurance with AXA – Global Healthcare, you can be sure of:

  • Medical cover thats designed for life, from mental health support¹ to emergency surgery
  • International specialist and expert care when and where you need it with our Virtual Doctor service¹.
  • Quick payouts Over 80% of eligible claims2 are paid within 48 hours, as long as we have all the information we need.

Six reasons why it pays to choose us:

1. Second opinion service

When you just arent quite sure, you can have an independent second opinion from world-leading experts. Included in all our plans.

2. Evacuation and repatriation as standard

If you cant get the help you need locally, our team will arrange evacuation and repatriation for you.

3. Virtual doctor service

You can speak to an experienced doctor by video consultation or by phone1, from anywhere in the world – day or night.

4. Mental health support

A dedicated platform for mental health support¹. Connect with fully qualified psychologists from anywhere in the world.

5. Experienced personal support 24/7
6. We aim to pay you back quickly

Do I Have Coverage In All Schengen Countries


Yes, if you buy a Schengen travel insurance plan for senior citizens, you will be covered in all the Schengen countries. Included in the Schengen Area are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

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Are You Moving To One Of The Following Regions

China – Dubai – Egypt – France, Benelux and Monaco – Latin America – Lebanon – Singapore – Switzerland – United Kingdom

If your answer is yes, you will need a specialised plan compliant with the local regulations and healthcare systems of the region/country you are moving to. Sounds complex right? But don’t you worry, we can help you find the coverage you need. Click on the link below to check our specialised plans.

Ability To Add Cancel For Any Reason Coverage

Typical travel insurance policies have lists of reasons allowed for trip cancellation claims that include common problems such as illness, injury and severe weather. For an extra level of flexibility, some plans offer a cancel for any reason upgrade.

Buying this upgrade will allow you to receive partial reimbursement if you cancel for a reason not listed in the base policy. For example, if you find out that your granddaughters birthday is going to be during your trip, you could make a cancel for any reason insurance claim.

This upgrade adds an average of 50% to travel insurance costs. We included only plans that have an option to add this benefit.

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How Much Does Schengen Travel Insurance For Seniors Cost

The cost of travel insurance is usually higher for the elderly, simply because there is a higher chance of making a claim. However, if you purchase from a reputable company, the difference in price between the policy of a senior citizen and someone younger is not massive or there may not be a difference at all for certain plans.

Other factors which contribute to the price of a travel insurance policy are:

  • The duration of the trip. A Schengen insurance policy for a one-month trip will be more expensive than one for a one-week trip since plans are usually calculated by day.
  • The amount of coverage you want. An insurance policy that covers only the basic minimum of 30,000 will cost less than a policy with more extended coverage, such as 100,000.

All in all, the price of a travel insurance policy for the Schengen Area is not high. You can expect to pay around 30 to 50 for a one-week trip, but of course, it depends on the specific plan.

Company Travel Insurance For Employees

UOB launches gig employment programme for retired employees

In addition to covering medical expenses, business travel insurance for employees should include all or some of the following benefits:

Trip Protection This will cover any trip cancellations or interruptions and is imperative for employees who may be attending a meeting or conference that could change. Additionally, it will provide funds for booking a trip home and back to the destination if a family emergency occurs for the employee.

Baggage and Document Protection This will cover any lost or stolen baggage or travel documents. It will also provide funds for personal essentials needed if baggage is lost and for new travel documents.

Life and Body Insurance Unfortunately it is necessary to think of the worst-case scenario when supplying travel insurance for your employees. This coverage will ensure funds cover the transportation of a body from the travel destination back home. This travel insurance will also pay an indemnity up to the covered amount for loss of functioning limbs or life while on the trip.

Our plans also include repatriation, medical evacuation, liability, and more. We can customize a plan to meet your specific needs.

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Making A Health Insurance Claim

Any good company will have a 24/7 helpline which you can call in case of an emergency. They also have established procedures on how you can make a claim if you need to usually online. Make sure you learn how you can make a claim before you purchase the insurance plan by asking directly or reading brochures.

You will need proof you received medical attention or treatment, such as prescriptions, a hospital bill, pharmacy receipts, etc. so make sure you save them.

How Does Schengen Travel Insurance For Senior Citizens Work

When you buy a Schengen travel insurance plan, the insurance company agrees to cover any of your medical expenses which happen while you are travelling. So, if you get into an accident or become ill and need medical attention, you simply inform the hospital of your travel health insurance, and they can sort out the payment with the insurance company. You should usually have an Insurance Certificate to give to them as proof of insurance.

In some cases, if the hospital cannot send the bill to the insurance company directly, you have to pay the costs yourself, and then send the bill to the travel insurance company and then they reimburse you.

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Whats The Most Important Insurance Coverage For Senior Travelers

Seniors should put priority on the medical coverage within a travel insurance policyspecifically travel medical insurance and emergency medical evacuation coverage. This is especially important if youre traveling outside the U.S., where Medicare will work only in very limited situations.

Look for high maximum limits for these two coverage types. For example, you can find plans that offer $500,000 for medical expenses and $1 million for emergency medical evacuation.

What Is Excluded From Health Insurance Coverage

International retiree health insurance: how to find the best one

Most types of health insurance exclude some types of coverage or expect you to pay some of the cost of your care.

Items that are and are not covered vary greatly among employer-based and individual health insurance plans. However, since the passage of the federal Affordable Care Act — often known as Obamacare — virtually all standard health insurance plans must cover a set of 10 categories of services.

These services – – known as “essential health benefits” — include things such as:

  • Physician services
  • Hearing aids and exams for fitting them
  • Routine foot care

Medicare Advantage plans may cover some of those items. Otherwise, you will have to find separate coverage or pay for those services yourself.

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