Is Life Insurance Good For Retirement Planning


Taxes During Retirement Will Be Lower

What is the Best LIRP – Life Insurance Retirement Plan?

You may be able to decrease the amount you withdraw from your retirement accounts if you use the cash value from your life insurance policy to help supplement your retirement income. During retirement, withdrawals from these accounts are usually taxed as regular earnings. Taking money both from your retirement accounts and your life insurance policy might help you stay in a lower tax bracket.

Tax Advantage But At A Cost

There are also tax advantages to using some of your cash value to fund retirement specifically, according to Buerger.

If a person has $50,000 coming out of their IRA or 401 each year along with another $25,000 in Social Security, the whole $75,000 is considered taxable income. If that $50,000 were coming out of life insurance, then the taxable income would only be $25,000. Not only would the $50,000 not be taxed, it is likely that the person would be in a lower tax bracket meaning the tax on the Social Security income could also be lower, he says.

But many advisors dont recommend using life insurance to fund retirement for one big reason: Its a very costly way to invest, says Jeff Vistica, a financial advisor in Carlsbad, California.

The insurance costs, marketing and commission costs, premium taxes, subaccount costs quickly add up and will eat away at your returns, he says. Vistica estimates that these expenses cost about 3% per year.

The high costs associated with life insurance plans create a drag on performance, Buerger says. Typically, we see something closer to 4-6% effective annualized growth rate of life insurance cash value, whereas long-run market performance can be higher, he adds.

Convert Your Whole Life Policy Into Life Annuity

You need to convert your whole life policy into life annuity. You can do that by using the cash value to buy life annuity. When you convert your whole life policy into life annuity, you will not have to pay a lot of tax. Before you do this, you need to consult with your insurance company if doing this is possible.

Invest in your familys prosperous future by using life insurance in your retirement planning.

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Lirps Grow Too Slowly

Its easy to listen to someone saying that a LIRP will only get 5% annually, and think that youll never be able to retire. And at the same time the financial advisor that is critical of a LIRP is likely to show mutual fund rates of returns that are almost double that of a LIRP.

However, five consecutive years of 10% returns can be easily wiped out by one -40% return. And to make matters worse, you have now lost 6 years.

If you compare two initial investments of $100,000 over the course of 20 years, one of which earns 5% annually every year, and the other that earns 10% annually, you get an obvious result. Everybody wants the 10% return.

However, if your 10% return investment column has just one bad year in which you take a 50% loss, you come out about even in year 20. And if you have more than one year that is bad, you will come out ahead with the 5% return.

Keep in mind this is only comparing rate of return, we havent even talked about how much of the money you get to keep , or how easy it is to access your money.

So there is still some advantages to the LIRP that arent being discussed in this context, particularly for those who use the policys cash value to fund other ventures, such as investing in real estate.

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How to Use Life Insurance for Retirement Planning?

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Life Insurance Retirement Plans: Are They A Good Choice For You

Retirement its that glorious time in your life where the only worry you should have is why your grandchildren havent called yet this week. Though it is a life-changing occasion and naturally stressful, it should be an easy transition from work life to retirement life, as you have been planning for this moment for what should be the past 40 years. There is an abundance of tools available for you to help plan for your retirement, such as IRAs, 401s and the like. But have you thought of using life insurance as a tool to plan for retirement?

Working in estate planning, Ive found that many people believe that retirement accounts and life insurance are two separate tools used for planning two separate events, retirement and death. This is not the case. Life insurance can be a valuable tool for retirement planning if your situation allows for it.

How Life Insurance Retirement Plans Work

Who Can Benefit From Using LIRPs?

This technique is not suited for everyone and does not replace your 401s or IRAs. If you are at a point in your life that you do not need life insurance, you may want to consider a Roth. Also, consider maxing out your 401s and IRAs prior to funding a LIRP, as employers often will match your contribution to a certain limit, which is essentially free money for you. If you have already maxed out your other tax-advantaged retirement savings plans, LIRPs can be a good alternative to obtain a tax-free income stream in retirement.

Case Study


Do I qualify?

Long Term Care Provided By A Lirp

A LIRP also provides extra protection against the rising costs related to long-term care. Many life insurance retirement plans offer an accelerated death benefits feature, which provides a payout if youre diagnosed as terminally ill. You also have the ability to add chronic illness or long-term care riders for additional protection.

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Life Insurance Investment Tax

Is life insurance tax-free? Yes, well the death benefit is. However, you may be taxed on the interest that is earned far and above the premiums that are paid. This would not be considered tax free income. But again, the tax-free death benefit is paid to the beneficiary.

When it comes to a 529 plan, distributions are used for qualified education expenses and are tax-free. However, if you withdraw more than the Qualified Education Expenses it is considered a non-qualified distribution and can result in being taxed.

Another tax benefit plan could be for a 7-year pay whole life insurance for children. This is when you overfund policy and the interest earned pays for the premiums and compounds yearly.

Using Life Insurance For Tax Efficiency In Retirement

Planning for Retirement with Life Insurance

Because of our graduated tax system, the more you earn in a given year, the larger the percentage of your additional earnings you will have to send to the IRS. When you withdraw from your traditional 401 or IRA in retirement, youâll owe income tax. Letâs say you have higher-than-expected costs in a given year in retirement â say you have an expense you didnât anticipate â and you have to withdraw more from your retirement accounts to cover them. The larger withdrawals may put you into a higher tax bracket. And when that happens, youâll have to withdraw more money to cover the increased tax liability.

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For that reason, itâs helpful to have a mix of taxable and non-taxable sources that you can pull from in retirement. With permanent life insurance, you can withdraw the basis that you pay into the policy tax-free. After that, you can borrow against your cash value without owing any tax as long as the policy stays in place. That means in any given year, if you need to withdraw more than you expected, you can use your life insurance cash value to avoid crossing into a higher tax bracket.

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Funding A Business Using A Life Insurance Retirement Plan

Many Americans are choosing to work for themselves, rather than someone else, and beginning their own business has been a goal for years. The flexible LIRP gives its policyholders the ability to fund their own business ventures without having to approach their bank, as well as other financial endeavors.

How To Use Life Insurance For Retirement

Its understandable if your life insurance policy is not top of mind for you on a daily basis. But did you know that, aside from paying your beneficiaries money upon your death, there are other benefits worth exploring? As you look ahead to retirement, its worth exploring how your policy can be utilized as a source of income in retirement to help maintain your lifestyle.

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Should You Think Of Life Insurance As An Investment

What about a Life Insurance investment? For your family yes! However, many are skeptical about life insurance is this the best way to ensure that my loved ones are taken care of in the future?

Are one million dollars enough?

Below, well explain some of the reasons why life insurance is money well spent. Not only does life insurance take care of what is yours the house, cars, etc. but it also helps your family out for many years to come.

In fact, it can help pay for your grandchildrens education!

When deciding on life insurance, there is one primary choice. Are you going to go with whole life insurance or term life insurance? Its imperative to know the difference between the two before deciding.

Is Life Insurance A Good Investment

Permanent Life Insurance Example

How to Use Life Insurance in Your Retirement Planning ...

What if the same woman described above had bought permanent life insurance instead? For a whole life insurance policy from the same insurance company, she could expect to pay $9,370 annually. So how much cash value would she build up for that extra cost?

  • After five years, the policys guaranteed cash value is $19,880, and she will have paid $46,850 in premiums.
  • After 10 years, the policys guaranteed cash value is $65,630, and she will have paid $93,700 in premiums.
  • After 20 years, the policys guaranteed cash value is $181,630, and she will have paid $187,400 in premiums.

But after 20 years, if she had bought term for $480 a year and invested the $8,890 difference, at an average annual return of 8%, she would have $421,064 before taxes.

“Sure,” you say, “but the permanent life insurance policy guarantees its return. I’m not guaranteed an 8% return in the market.” That’s true. But even if the woman described above had put the extra $8,890 a year in a savings account with 1% interest, she would have $196,425 after 20 years, which is still more than the permanent policy’s guaranteed cash value of $181,630.

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Use The Cash Value To Supplement Retirement

Many financial experts recommend the â4% rule,â withdrawing no more than 4% of your savings in each year of your retirement. When you own a cash value life insurance policy, youâll have access to your policyâs cash value in addition to your retirement accounts.

This allows you to be strategic about your retirement spending. For example, after a down year in the stock market, you can withdraw money from your policyâs cash value instead of drawing down from your IRA, which will replenish your IRA savings.

What Are Life Insurance Retirement Plans

The phrase “life insurance retirement plan” is generally used to refer to permanent life insurance products like whole life, universal life, and variable life insurance due to the cash value component.

But it’s important to understand that permanent life insurance is insurance not a substitute for retirement plans. “At the end of day, life insurance is risk management premature death, loss of income due to illness, or disability,” Silvia Tergas, a financial planner with Prudential, told Insider.

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What Is Term Life Insurance

This life insurance is usually more affordable. However, it will only cover youre for a predetermined amount of time .

Although term life insurance is useful for those on a budget, interest does not accumulate as it does on a whole life policy. Furthermore, the 20 year term life insurance policy is the most popular term policy unless of course, you need a special risk life insurance policy.

Life insurance after DUI will affect your rating class within the first year of most carriers.

When Your Assets Will Be Subject To An Estate Tax

Life Insurance Retirement Plan – What is a Life Insurance Retirement Plan

People with particularly high net worths can benefit from permanent life insurance. If your heirs will have to pay an estate tax on your assets when you die, a permanent life insurance policy can help offset some of those costs.

In 2022, any assets above $12.06 million are subject to an estate tax. However, the death benefit of a life insurance policy is tax-free, as long as it pays out to a beneficiary, rather than your estate. So, for example, if your estate is worth $13 million and $940,000 of that is subject to an estate tax, you might take out a permanent life insurance policy worth $1 million so that money goes directly to your heirs â tax-free â when you die.

A permanent life insurance policy might also benefit your heirs if your estate consists largely of fixed or long-term assets, such as real estate. Your heirs will need to pay federal taxes on your estate within nine months of your death, which could be difficult if your assets arenât liquid. A life insurance policy with a death benefit large enough to cover the taxes your family will owe can ease that financial burden.

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In A Perfect World You Would Obtain Life Insurance In An Amount Equal To What You Want To Leave Your Heirs

Why dont more people use permanent life insurance in their planning?

Its not an affordable option for most Americans. With a national median income of roughly $56,000, there are basic necessities that rightly stand in line before permanent life insurance. As I said earlier, term insurance is the way to go for most people as its very inexpensive and people need to insure their family income. Unfortunately, prices skyrocket for older people making it unaffordable to keep when you are more likely to have a claim.

For those people that can afford permanent life insurance, many are short-sighted and dont understand the value of this legacy asset. Its a confusing vehicle and sometimes poorly presented.
The most common scenario:

People save what they can to prepare for retirement and then when they get there they design a spending plan around living off the interest from their savings.

Unfortunately, that means they never get to spend and enjoy all the money they saved up for retirement.

I THINK THAT REALLY STINKS! It stinks that the money you saved when you were younger still cant be spent in retirement for fear of outliving it or to leave as a legacy.

  • Sixty three year old widow
  • Inherits $400,000 401k/IRA from her husband and she is conflicted
  • She could use the income, but would like to leave it to her children.
  • Her children wanted her to spend their parents hard earned savings, but she was determined to live without touching that money.

How it works:

The Premium Will Always Stay The Same

Unlike term life insurance, which must be renewed after a set amount of time at a higher rate, the monthly premium does not go up once you take out your whole life insurance policy. That’s one reason it can be advantageous to take out a whole life insurance policy when you’re younger and healthier and insurance rates are lower.

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Life Insurance Retirement Plans Explained

A life insurance retirement plan is a permanent, or cash value life insurance policy that is funded over time, in order to build up a substantial amount of cash value by the time you retire. You can use any type of cash value policy to do this, but some types of coverage have historically grown faster than others although the policyholder might have had to take on some market risk to get there. LIRPs are designed to provide retirement savers with a supplemental source of income on top of their IRA and retirement plan distributions, after they stop working.

LIRPs do not offer some of the tax advantages that IRAs and qualified plans can provide, such as pre-tax or deductible contributions. But they can also provide a few benefits that IRAs and qualified plans cannot match. For example, there is no age requirement for distributions from a LIRP. IRAs and qualified plans will penalize you for any distributions taken before age 59 ½, unless a qualified exception applies. Furthermore, LIRPs can often guarantee the investors principal and interest, unless the investor is contributing to a variable universal life insurance policy.

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