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If Youre Over 50 And Looking For Work Part

What Skills Do Employers of Chemical Engineers Look For?

This is what to know about part-time jobs for older workers.

Your company wont always take care of you. So youve got to take care of yourself. That sobering advice, from syndicated career advice columnist Jim Pawlak, is hitting home with an increasing number of men and women who were raised to believe that doing a job well translates into a lifetime of comfort but instead find that job security is rare. Unsurprisingly, jobs for older peopleworkers over 50are especially being sought out.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 40% of adults age 55 and older are either working or looking for work as of March 2019. And a report from United Income said that 20% of adults over age 65 are either working or looking for work as of February 2019, compared with 10% in 1985.

The good news is that older workers may have fewer financial obligations than younger colleagues. With children are out of college, and homes possibly paid for, older candidates have some flexibility in the jobs to consider.

For these men and women in search of the best jobs for seniors over 60 and for workers in their 50s, part-time jobs may be an answer, although it will probably mean taking a more junior position, because, as Pawlak notes, there are no part-time positions in management.

Executive & Career Coaching

Nobody knows more about navigating the rat race and winning it than an experienced corporate executive. If youve built an impressive resume over the course of your career, you could parlay that achievement into a second career as a mentor and coach for the corner-office crowd. You can either sell your services as an independent contractor or receive training and certification from a popular coaching service like ActionCOACH, which has locations in 26 countries .

Again, this doesnt have to be full-time work. Executive coaches charge from $150 to $500 an hour, depending on experience, so you can make plenty of retirement spending money without sacrificing your tee times . Career coaching is a particularly good second career choice for retirees with solid experience in human resources or executive headhunting. It can even be a career option for retired psychologists who can help unemployed execs find their true calling.

But what if youre sick and tired of office politics and wearing a pantsuit to work? Our next second career idea for retirees might be right up your alley.

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Heres What You Need To Know:

  • Employers are open to hiring retirees. A lot of retired engineers mistakenly believe companies only want to hire Millennials. However, many employers need the technical expertise, professional judgment, and in-depth knowledge that comes from years of experience. Moreover, some companies continue a decades-long work relationship past retirement because they want to retain company knowledge before its irretrievably lost.
  • You dont have to work full-time or onsite. This is especially important if youre looking for a better work-life balance. As a consultant, independent contractor, freelancer, or other type of contingent worker, there are both short- and long-term engineering projects that allow you to choose your own hours. And while some companies may need you onsite occasionally, most use enterprise collaboration software that allow you to work remotely
  • You must keep your technical skills relevant. As an independent contractor, you wont have the luxury of relying on an employer to pay for professional development. Read professional publications to stay abreast of all important developments in your field, and be prepared to invest in training and courses to advance your skills. This can make the difference between not getting any projects at all and being a sought-after consultant.

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Best Careers For Early Retirement

  • Investment banking/high finance The finance people get paid much better than engineers and they work crazy hours, too. They know the value of investing and this gives them the option to retire early. Investment banking is a great career if you want to go hard and burn out early.
  • Police officers and firefighters I think police officers and firefighters can get their pension pretty quickly so retiring at 50 is a good possibility.
  • Entrepreneurs If you strike gold with a popular product, you can easily retire early. Most entrepreneurs probably would continue to work, though. Real entrepreneurs never stop working completely.
  • Oil industry, seaman Great pay, but a lot of travel and long hours.
  • Military, teachers, federal jobs, and other careers that offer early retirement. Most of these jobs offer early retirement at 55 if you put in the time.
  • Law Good pay, but long grueling hours. Probably need to spend a lot of money to keep up appearance. Thats another advantage of being an engineer. We can wear casual clothes and drive beaters. Nobody cares what engineers wear.
  • Airline pilots Good pay and career may not last long. See Johns comment below.
  • ??? help me out!

Drive For Uber Or Lyft Retired Aerospace Engineer Occupation Job Title Long Sleeve ...

Do you like driving? You can make your hours driving for ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft. There are a few requirements like having a driver’s license and meeting the minimum age requirement in your chosen area. This job can be an excellent interim step towards full retirement.

They will review your background, including your driving record, for safety purposes. You will need a four-door car, preferably not a 20-year-old model, have insurance and registration. If you don’t have a suitable vehicle, you may rent one from these companies.

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A Lot Of Time Commitment

At many companies, engineers are expected to work 60-70 hours/week with no overtime pay. This is fine when youre young and single because you want to get ahead. I spent a lot of time at work when I first started and I didnt mind at all. If you work late, the company usually provides dinner and snacks, so it was very convenient for a single guy. Once you have a family, then you really dont want to spend a lot of time at the office anymore.

Although, these days its pretty easy to work from home. So thats what many engineers do. Actually, I dont think working from home is a good solution either. Then the company expects you to be available 24/7. Its not good for the family.

When a product is nearing the deadline, then the managers will pressure for more output. If you refuse to work late, then you can be sure it will show up in your next annual review. This kind of time commitment is a better fit for young engineers. I cant work like that anymore.

Floral Arranger Or Designer

If you like working with floral arrangements and have experience handling floral designs, this can be an excellent job for a retiree. Everyone seems happy when giving or receiving flowers and can make a dreary day feel like sunshine. I have always admired those who arrange flowers in beautiful designs.

Becoming a florist became a dream job for Dr. Susan Garetz when she retired from medicine as an ear, nose, and throat specialist in 2016. Long before she retired, she joined a garden club and enjoyed making floral arrangements as her hobby, turning into her second act, studying how to do Japanese floral designing.

Floral arrangers earn $14.92 per hour or $31,033 annually.

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Whether You Need The Money Or Just Want To Stay Active Theres A Great Job For You

by Stacy Rapacon, AARP, March 5, 2020

Working in retirement might seem like an oxymoron, but todays retirees and near-retirees are redefining what it means to transition into the next phase of life. In fact, the majority of American workers plan to continue working in retirement, with 41 percent going part time and 14 percent full time, according to the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies. Research cited by AARPs Public Policy Institute shows that workers 65 and older are twice as likely to work part time as workers ages 25 to 64.

Their reasons for working in retirement vary: Most of those polled by Transamerica who expect to work in retirement say its because they want the additional income. Others report needing to work because they couldnt otherwise afford retirement. Many also point to health advantages, wanting to stay active and keep their brains sharp . And some actually enjoy working and see their jobs as giving them a sense of purpose and a way of maintaining social connections .

Take a look at our list of the top 25 part-time jobs for retirees.

Negotiate A Pullback With Your Current Employer

Career options after Chemical Engineering | Reality Check

Who says you need to change careers entirely? One option is to negotiate a new arrangement with your employer. That could mean switching to part-time work hours, telecommuting to work from home , or simply reducing your responsibilities.

Throw out the rulebook and decide what you really want in your job. After all, youre already familiar with it, so youre in a good position to pick and choose the parts you like and the parts youd rather delegate to someone else.

After decades of constantly striving for more responsibility and more pay, pulling back feels alien for most of us. Start with these tips to negotiate your benefits and salary, and be prepared to take a lower salary if you do reduce your responsibilities.

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Kindergarten And Early School Teachers

  • Average percentage of people who believe they will keep working past 65: 16.9%
  • Annual average wage: $57,110
  • Estimated 401 savings: $358,727

About 61% of early educators plan to retire by age 62. Its the occupation with the fifth-highest percentage of employees who plan to retire early and the third-highest percentage of employees who plan to retire by age 65 compared to the other occupations included in this list. Overall, kindergarten and other early school teachers are the fifth-most confident that they will be financially able to retire compared to people employed in the other occupations included in this list.

  • Average percentage of people who believe they will keep working past 65: 37.9%
  • Annual average wage: $66,990
  • Estimated 401 savings: $420,787

Employers of those working in insurance sales make an average hourly 401 contribution of $2.47 tied with one other job for the fifth-highest average hourly contribution.

  • Average percentage of people who believe they will keep working past 65: 27.8%
  • Annual average wage: $82,770
  • Estimated 401 savings: $519,907

Although more than half of psychologists plan to work past age 62, less than a third plan to continue to work past age 65.

Rent Out Your Motorhome

If you own an RV, either a travel trailer or the motorized variety, you can make pretty good money by renting it out. There are at least two companies providing a service similar to that of Turo , but for RVs. You can list with either one, and theyll pair you up with renters who are looking to rent a motorhome just like yours. If your RV is nice enough, its not uncommon to earn upwards of $200/day renting it out. You may make enough money to fund your own RV lifestyle. Check out Outdoorsy today to find out how to list your RV!

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Best Jobs For Older People

Posted: Up to 20% cash back · Some of the best jobs for seniors over 60 and workers in their 50s may not be what youre expecting right off the bat, but its important to cast a wide net and keep an open mind. Dave Harrison recommends a few strategies when seeking out jobs for older people: Examine all potential job opportunities, full-time and part-time.

Engineer Support Jobs In Richmond Hill On Retired Aerospace Engineer Occupation Job Title Premium T ...


  • Responsive employer Hiring multiple candidates
  • As a Junior DevOps Engineer you will focus on creating solutions using tools and automation to improve operations.
  • Two-year contract in industry.
  • Toronto, ONFixed term contract
  • As a Junior DevOps Engineer you will focus on creating solutions using tools and automation to improve operations.
  • Two-year contract in industry.
  • Skilled and enthusiastic engineer who can provide operational support for workplace and end user machines.
  • Experience in Ticketing System, ServiceNow, etc.
  • Canonical – JobsRemote in Toronto, ON
  • Ownership of results: Ensure that each support case owned by you is handled according to our Service Level Agreement with the highest possible customer
  • Hybrid remote in Etobicoke, ON$38.76 an hourFull-time
  • The Enterprise Applications team consists of highly skilled and specialized technical staff to that are key to contributing to and delivering on the digital
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    Become A House Sitter Or Watcher

    When people take vacations or travel for work, they will consider hiring a house sitter. Owners worried about burglaries seek security and peace of mind. Professional house-sitters may water plants, collect mail, take out the trash, and do pet care. They can earn $25-$45+ per hour, depending on the location and length of stay.

    It is essential to the owner to trust someone temporarily residing in your home, taking care of beloved pets or plants. They will want a background check. You can register with organizations such as or, where reviews and verification are helpful for prospective customers. When pet sitting is the primary function, you can hire a pet sitter .

    A house or property watcher is different than a house sitter. The Person may monitor the home a few times during the week, and they look for disturbances and leaks and check the house’s temperature to avoid burst pipes or boiler problems. This job can be seasonal when areas are primarily for summer or winter homes.

    Jobs For Seniors Citizens & Retirees In Demand In 2021

    Posted: Aug 02, 2018 · The best jobs for retirees are out there. The trick is finding them. This guide will show you: 110 great jobs for seniors with good money, part-time hours, or low-responsibility. Jobs for retirees with flexible hours or high pay. Jobs for senior citizens who want to work from home or volunteer. Job search tips for seniors to help get you hired

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    The Best Part Time Jobs For Retired Engineers In 2020review

    So, you have now retired or are about to retire from your engineering career and you want to find the best part-time jobs for retired engineers to choose from.

    • This best part-time jobs for retired engineers in 2020 review will help you to make a wise and worthwhile decision about your retirement career. You will see that retiring is not the end but actually a beginning.
    • You have three choices, 1) to carry on with your engineering career for your part-time job. 2) to pick one of the general jobs that kind of suits any retiree. 3) to reinvent yourself completely and go with something totally different that you actually really enjoy doing.
    • We think the third route is the most exciting and this is what our website focuses on.

    Jobs For Retired Engineers

    Youth who quit civil engineering job to start farming – Youth in Agriculture |part 1|

    Do engineers really retire?

    Not really. While some engineers may officially leave a job after attaining a certain age, the job hardly leaves them. Also, being a professional discipline, engineers hardly have a fixed retirement age.

    An engineer is also one never to be found idle. So after retirement, it is not unusual for engineers to still look for employment.

    Engineering is one of the professions which can be practiced well into old age. Thats why its never difficult for engineers to want to keep on working, albeit in the background or at a slower pace.

    Engineering is a vast field with vast disciplines. While the most popular types are chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and electrical engineering, other types of engineering like aeronautical engineering and computer engineering are more modern. Engineering as a field is intertwined, so no field is independent of the others.

    That allows the engineer to work in lots of different fields. Interestingly, engineers are trained in multiple skills. So in an engineer, you have many things rolled into one.

    Engineers have a wide range of disciplines that could be impacted by their skills and experience and also have an even more comprehensive range of services that could be rendered after their active service years.

    Some jobs require the services of retired engineers who would serve in a supervisory role. Others are rather needed to guide and mentor upcoming engineers.

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    Retirement Jobs For Engineers

    With years of professional experience in engineering, you have the ability to share your knowledge with others and assume a leadership role for young professionals. Retirement jobs for engineers include a variety of opportunities to lead, teach and expand on your industry skills. By taking the time to research the different job opportunities that align with your income needs and previous professional experiences, you can narrow your job search to a few key areas. In this article, we define what we mean by retirement jobs for engineers and provide 22 examples of jobs for retired engineers with relative job information.

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    Managers Of Medicine And Health Occupations

    • Average percentage of people who believe they will keep working past 65: 33.8%
    • Annual average wage: $111,680
    • Estimated 401 savings: $701,501

    Those who work at the manager level in the medical and health fields earn nearly $112,00 a year. With that salary, the average person with this job can retire with over $700,000 in 401 savings by age 62.

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