Jobs For Military Officers After Retirement


Private Investigator : $59k

Officer speaks with U.S. Army second lieutenant Caron Nazario following Va. traffic stop

Eager for an independent investigative role after you retire? Police officers often become PIs after leaving the force. Common tasks include conducting background checks, providing surveillance services, and finding missing people. PIs typically work alone and can control their caseload, but since they lack the authority to compel testimony or detain witnesses, they need to be both patient and creative. Most states require PIs to be licensed.

# 1: Human Resources Manager

As an Army officer, you are in charge of people. The Army is one large Human Resources operation because there are so many individuals to manage. Many companies will consider a retired Army officer before others just because of their ability to manage people. The median salary for Human Resource Managers is around $57,000.

What Are Jobs For Retired Military Officers

Jobs for retired military officers are occupations that individuals can transition into after returning from the armed forces. The type of position you obtain varies depending on your specific skill set and interests, but military officers often pursue careers in law enforcement, corporations and engineering. Transferable skills that retired military officials may use in their new roles include:

  • Communication

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Event Planner/ Event Coordinator

If you love weddings, birthdays, parties, and other such functions, maybe its time you became an event planner? There is so much joy and satisfaction in making an event successful. Furthermore, you get to enjoy being your own boss.

Alternatively, you can subcontract your services to a well-established company.

This is a flexible low-stress job after retirement because functions and parties are mostly held in the evening and during the weekends. You also get to have fun interacting and participating in the events.

An event planner startup will earn you about $8-$15 per hour and around $150 per day, once you have learned the ropes.

Look out for event planning jobs on Glassdoor.

Best Jobs For Retired Military Personnel

army officer honored during retirement ceremony defense logistics scaled Defense Logistics …” alt=”Army officer honored during retirement ceremony > Defense Logistics …”>

With over a quarter of a million ex-servicemen exchanging their uniforms and boots for civil duties every year in the United States alone, it is certain that retired military personnel often embrace the opportunity to seek other types of employment.

Veterans naturally make the best employees. They are trained for challenging assignments while also displaying values like problem-solving skills, hard work, leadership, and motivation.

Many employers prefer to hire vets because of their special training. However, transitioning from the military to the civilian setting may be quite challenging for some officers.

Perhaps what gives vets the greatest edge over other sets of workers is the multidisciplinary nature of the military. Theres hardly any sector that is not well represented in the military. And since only the best go on to serve they naturally replicate excellence when given challenges to solve in civilian terrains.

With many soldiers working till they are 62, many soldiers may never contemplate taking up any kind of employment after retirement. However, active service years soon gives way to boring days and nights, and the thought of a form of employment crosses the mind.

There are many jobs/sectors where veterans can work in. So well look at the some of them below:

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Public Safety Officer: $47k

Educational institutions and community organizations frequently rely on public safety officers to patrol assigned areas, provide crowd or traffic control, answer questions from the public, and act as first responders in emergencies. Just like cops, public safety officers need good communication and conflict resolution skills to do their jobs. The goal is to maintain security.

Finding Fulfilling Civilian Work After Leaving The Military

Northeastern understands that for U.S. veterans, finding a job as a civilian can be one of the greatest challenges youll face after service. So for veterans coming directly from the military without any prior civilian work experiencedont worry. More than half of these top occupations do not report requiring prior work experience and the ones that do require less than five years experience in a related profession. From an educational perspective, however, many of these high-growth careers typically require a bachelors degree.

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Why Do Many Police Officers Pursue Second Careers

Most people who become police officers begin their careers while fairly young, typically in their early 20s. And since it generally takes 20 or 25 years of service to retire as a cop and receive a full pension, many officers retire at a relatively young age and look around for new opportunities.

Plus, the financial stability that comes with a police pension gives many retired officers the freedom to try out new career paths. A cop’s pension is usually 50 to 70 percent of his or her peak earnings in some cases, retired officers also receive Social Security benefits. So a second career for a retired police officer doesn’t necessarily have to come with a high salary. That allows many ex-cops to explore new areas of interest.

Fantastic Jobs For Retired Police Officers Who Want Second Careers

Jobs for retired military medics

Leaving active duty law enforcement doesn’t have to mean leaving the work world entirely. That’s because jobs for retired police officers are abundantly available. Whether you are drawn to roles in security and investigations or would prefer to explore a completely new field, the skills and experience you gained during your years on the force can be leveraged into all kinds of rewarding opportunities.

It’s common for police officers to retire while they are reasonably young, which gives them a unique chance to dedicate several years to a new career. Many former cops go on to satisfying positions in law, aviation, healthcare, education, communications, and a host of other sectors. So if you’re thinking, “I’d like to keep working, but I don’t want to be a police officer anymore,” relax. Plenty of other career paths are open to you.

This article outlines more than a dozen potential jobs for ex-officers who would like to continue in some sort of law enforcement or security capacity. It also describes a wide variety of options for former cops who are looking to strike out in a whole new direction. Here’s the reality: For a retired police officer, job opportunities abound. So read on to discover what your future could hold!

The earnings below represent median salaries and are based on 2021 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics . All figures are rounded to the nearest thousand.

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Defence Pensioners And Disbursement Agencies

There are more than 26 lakhs Armed Forces pensioners/family pensioners and approximately 55,000 pensioners are added every year. The pension is disbursed across the country through 21 Public Sector Banks, 03 Private Sector Banks viz HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and Axis Bank, 308 Treasuries , 64 Defence Pension Disbursing offices , 01 Post Office, 05 Pay Accounts Offices scattered all over India. For the Armed Forces Pensioners residing in Nepal disbursement of pension is done through 03 Pension Paying Offices .

Despite Their Unparalleled Work For The Nation Armed Forces Personnel Face An Early Retirement From Service Business Schools Can Play A Crucial Role By Bringing Them Back Under Productive Employment For A Management Career

The pride and satisfaction of being armed force personnel serving the nation are unparalleled. Having a tag of a Defense Service Officer under one’s belt is indeed a lifetime achievement. However, armed forces personnel face an early retirement from service compared to their civil counterparts.

However, they are still productive and can put their experiential management skill and system knowledge to contribute to the growth of an organization.

To solve this problem, business schools can play a vital role in providing a smooth transaction of a retired armed force officer from his military life to the corporate life of the civil world.

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# 1: Government Program Manager

Here is another after Army career that makes good sense. A lot of companies and corporations have Government contracts, and since you worked with the Government via the United States Army for years, you will be a natural for developing programs to fill Government contracts. The median salary for a position like this is approximately $71,000.

Final Thoughts

As a retired Army Officer, you have an advantage over the civilian career seekers. Most companies and corporations will look harder at a person with your training, experience and leadership abilities. There are a lot of jobs out there you are qualified for.

Are there any other jobs for retired Army Officers you can think of? Do you have any questions? You can post any, and all in the comment section below. I hope this post helps inspire you in your post Army career job search.

Corporate Security Manager: $99k

Retirement of Chief Warrant Officer 4 (CW4) James Farrell Milby, United ...

This is one of the most common jobs for retired law enforcement professionals. Corporate security managers are in charge of safeguarding both people and property. They evaluate and mitigate risks, oversee and manage guards, and develop and enforce security policies. They also ensure that all staff are prepared to deal with emergencies such as fires or bomb threats.

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Clay County Armed Security Guard For Emergency Response Earn $3000/wk

Experience of 1 year as a security officer strongly preferredSkills Required. Must be able to provide, upon job offer, a DD214 discharge document with

  • 10/01/2021 to 09/30/2022. 76% or greater – After completing initial training in Washington, D.C., a Foreign Service Officer usually is assigned to two

    $57,649 – $112,606 a year

  • Should You Get Your Bachelors Degree

    Many military-friendly universities have support staff for veterans with program selection and tuition assistance. Northeastern University staff is available to help active duty servicemembers and veterans with career selection through its sponsorship with Patriots Path. Support services include career assessment, career transition workshops, and marketing and networking opportunities. Additional resources to help transition military students to civilian life are also available through the institutions Dolce Center for the Advancement of Veterans and Servicemembers .

    If youre worried about funding your education, there are many resources for veterans. The Post-9/11 GI Bill® and other VA educational benefits, as well as institution-specific military benefits, can be used to pay for educational expenses related to your bachelors degree completion. Student eligibility and programs vary, but financial assistance may also include a textbook stipend and housing allowance. Northeastern Universitys Student Financial Services office can show you how to use your educational benefits so you can complete your degree without taking on debt.

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    What Are The Best Courses For Retired Military Officers

    If you have done project management in service, then the PMP certification will give you a good mechanism to execute, whether inside or outside.

    If you thought MS Excel was used to make nominal rolls and department leave planners , then acquire at least an intermediate level of skills in it the world outside loves and thrives on it.

    If you are super comfortable with numbers and mental math, you will just ace it, with the Excel skills thrown in .

    Doing an analytics course will be great add-on, if you are excited by the last bit. If you are into SQL, Python etc, brushing up will hone up in demand skills.

    Cloud certifications also can help, if you can have an intelligent discussion comparing Azure with AWS.

    If you are not already dreading the thought of adult education, and also want to spend some big amounts to get three letters against your name, then first read Beyond the MBA Hype by Sameer Kamat.

    The book and my interactions with Sameer have been a major factor in my second innings.

    Still if the desire persists, think of what you would do and how you would feel if you spent that money, did an MBA, and did not manage a placement for a year.

    If you are willing to take that risk without impacting financial or mental health, then go for it.

    If you are hanging midway, then do a resettlement course at MDI or one of the IIMs.

    Remember, a one-year MBA allows back to work in half the time as a 2-year MBA, but with no internship opportunities.

    Senior Military Officer Testimonials

    Military Careers Shortchanged: Why The Star Act is Needed Now

    “Orion provided me with all the tools needed to be successful. At the hiring conference, I interviewed with four construction companies, had two follow-up interviews, and subsequently accepted an offer as a Project Engineer with an organization that I can see myself growing with for a long second career.”-U.S. Army, O-5, Air Defense, Project Engineer, Commercial Construction

    “Orion is an untapped resource for retiring O-5s and O-6s who do not wish to work as a government employee or work for the defense industry upon retirement. I was very impressed with Orion’s process and would certainly have not found my new career had it not been for Orion’s Distinguished Candidate Conference.”-U.S. Navy, O-5, SWO, Cost Estimating Engineer, Chemicals/Glass

    “Field grade officers should not discount using Orion Talent due to their seniority or time in service. When transitioning, you need as much assistance and advice as you can get. After applying for nearly 75 jobs via the internet, using all the techniques the job search books teach you and speaking with networking contacts throughout, my only two interviews were through Orion.”-U.S. Marine Corps, O-5, Infantry Officer, Project Manager, Manufacturing

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    What Transferable Skills Do Police Officers Possess

    A police department addresses crime and provides a feeling of security for residents in its jurisdiction. Fortunately, the qualities that make a good police officerâsuch as empathy, compassion, and integrityâcan serve you equally well in a wide range of civilian occupations. Indeed, many of the skills you deploy in police work can be assets in other fields.

    Here are some of the transferable skills that police officers have:

    Emergency Management Director: $77k

    Being a police officer means being able to make tough decisions in chaotic and stressful situations, such as terrorist attacks or natural disasters. That type of experience is fantastic preparation for a career as an emergency management director. In this role, you develop disaster response plans, assess the extent of any damages, and coordinate recovery efforts.

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    Course Details To Get Retired Army Personnel Into A Management Career

    The number of B-schools in India has increased and many are designing courses for ex-army personnel which match the industry requirements and an ex-serviceman’s aptitude and needs.

    The duration of such a course is usually six months. The intake ranges from candidates with 10-13 years of experience in the forces to those with more than 25 years on the job.

    For those who wish to set up their own business, a management course is a good option to learn entrepreneurial skills in less time.

    The topics covered in the course include Corporate Finance, Business Analytics, Economics, Strategy, Operations and Project Management, Marketing, Organizational Behaviour, Human Resources, Communication, Sales and Marketing, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, Finance, and Retail.

    Directorate resettlement, department of Ex-serviceman , empanels B-schools for imparting training and providing assistance for the corporate placements. General targeted institutions are top government institutions like IIMA, IIMB, IIMC, etc. or top rated B-schools like MDI Gurgaon etc.

    Though a number of institutes are sufficiently empanelled but the choice for selecting an institute lies with the officers.

    Institutes always try to upgrade themselves by benchmarking the group of above indicators selected strategically.

    High School Teacher: $62k

    Retired Chief Warrant Officer to be keynote speaker at WDCâs Veterans ...

    Are you passionate about helping young people find their way in the world? The leadership, communication, and conflict resolution skills you developed during your years in law enforcement can be valuable assets in a high school classroom. You probably also have a good understanding of the poverty and addiction issues that can get in the way of some students’ success. Many states have fast-track certification processes for prospective teachers who already have bachelor’s degrees.

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    The 10 Best Jobs For Ex

    Hundreds of thousands of troops leave the service every year in search of a post-military career that fits their life goals, whatever they may be.

    But a lot of veterans leave the military after their first enlistment and aren’t quite sure what their long-term career goals might be. It’s a sentiment echoed by many post-9/11 vets, a full 50% of whom feel unprepared for civilian life, according to the Pew Research Center.

    Even if veterans don’t know what career or industry fits them best, they can still look to industries that fit veterans. Navy Federal Credit Union and Hire Heroes USA compiled a list of the best careers for veterans, based on polling vets about what they liked best about their jobs, including compensation, location or working at purpose-driven organizations.

    Any veteran unsure about where they belong might want to choose one of these fields.

    Retired Armed Force Personnel Need A Second Career

    Short service commission officers retire after 10 years of services, premature retirement officers after 20-23 years of services, and full tenure officers after 30-35 years of service.

    Like any other individual, after an early retirement/superannuation from service, armed force personnel need to look for a career option to socially and financially support their own self and their family.

    After a full term in the armed forces, officers look for resettlement in the civilian society as an important contributor, mostly through social initiative or new entrepreneurial ventures.

    Due to the vast difference in the skill set required and the nature of the job performed in the military and corporate world, armed force personnel require a transformation of knowledge and new skills for successfully building a career in the corporate world.

    A business school can play a major role in this transformation.

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