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2020 Standard Option Benefits | Kaiser Permanente

Getting you connected with a doctor who suits your individual needs is our top priority. Find a doctor whos right for you by browsing our online doctor profiles, where youll see their education, credentials, specialties, and interest areas. You can choose and change your doctor at any time, for any reason.

See your options at kp.org/searchdoctors.

Section 1: Retiree Health Benefits

Retiree health benefits are an important consideration for older workers making decisions about their retirement. Retiree benefits can be a crucial source of coverage for people retiring before Medicare eligibility. For retirees with Medicare coverage, retiree health benefits can provide an important supplement to Medicare, helping them pay for cost sharing and benefits not otherwise covered by Medicare.

In 2019, we modified the question that we use to ask firms whether or not they provide retiree health benefits specifically, in contrast to prior years, the 2019 and 2020 surveys explicitly stated that firms that had terminated retiree health benefits but still has some retirees getting coverage, or that had current employees who will get retiree health coverage in the future, should answer yes to the question. For this reason, estimates of retiree health benefits from 2019 onwards are not comparable to prior surveys.

This years survey finds that 29% of large firms offering health benefits offer retiree health benefits, similar to the percentage in 2019.

This survey asks retiree health benefits questions only of large firms .


Figure 11.1: Among Large Firms Offering Health Benefits to Active Workers, Percentage of Firms Offering Retiree Health Benefits, 1988-2020

Figure 11.2: Among Large Firms Offering Health Benefits to Active Workers, Percentage of Firms Offering Retiree Health Benefits, by Firm Size, Region, and Industry, 2020

Easing The Transition To Medicare

With 50 years of Medicare experience we have what it takes to help your employees make the transition to Medicare. When members turn 64, we kick off a 13-month information campaign that includes letters, guides, reminder calls, and emails to help them understand their options so you don`t have to spend the time. And it`s already included in your benefits, so you don`t need to opt in or sign up.

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Kaiser Retiree Medical Plan Information

Find valuable tools, resources, and additional information on our Kaiser Permanente medical plans.

The County will continue to offer Kaiser Permanente plans to retirees and their eligible dependents living within the Kaiser Permanente zip code service areas. Kaiser offers non-Medicare and Medicare Integrated Plans as listed below and described in more detail in your Retiree Benefits Guide.

If you would like to determine if your zip code is eligible for enrollment or if you would like a Kaiser Permanente Member handbook, call Employee Benefits and Services Division at 909.387.5787. In some areas of Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, the County is able to offer Kaiser non-Medicare and Medicare plans.

Helpful Information for New Members

If you make the decision to enroll in a Kaiser Medicare or non-Medicare plan, please know that there is a New Member Entry Department that can help you:

  • Find a Kaiser Permanente facility near you
  • Choose your new doctor

Medicare Plans Customer Service: 1.800.443.0815Non-Medicare Plans Customer Service: 1.800.464.4000

View the Evidence of Coverages and Summary of Benefits and Coverage on our Benefits Plan Documents webpage.

Kaiser Permanente HMO

Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage HMO, Group Plans

Kaiser Permanentes Senior Advantage plan combines your Medicare coverage with Kaiser Permanentes 70 years of health care experience, quality, and convenience.

Additional Programs

Kaiser Permanente Nw Plans

Kaiser Permanente Employee Benefits and Perks

Only employees who live in Clark County or Cowlitz County in Washington State, or selected counties in Oregon can enroll in the Kaiser Permanente NW plans. If you do live in one of these counties, you have the option of enrolling either in a Kaiser Permanente NW plan or in the UMP Classic or CDHP plan.

Youre eligible to enroll in a Kaiser Permanente NW plan if youre eligible for PEBB benefits and live in the plans service area.

Use the information on this page for help choosing the plan thats best for you and your family. You can find step-by-step instructions for enrolling in benefits on the Integrated Service Centers website.

Provider networks

A plans network consists of doctors, clinics, hospitals, specialists, and other health care providers. By using providers within your network, your health care costs will be significantly lower than if you use providers outside your network.

To browse each plans network or to find a specific provider, either call the plan directly or use the plans web search tool.


Cost overview

Copayments or coinsurance?

With coinsurance, the costs you pay for services are calculated as a percentage . Insurance pays the remaining percentage of the cost. With copayments, on the other hand, you pay a fixed amount .

Generally, youll pay coinsurance after you visit the doctor when the bill arrives in the mail. Copayments are usually made at the doctors office when you receive the service.


Coverage overview


Vision coverage

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Senior Advantage Mapd Hmo

The Kaiser Senior Advantage Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan HMO is available to all eligible retired LACERA members and their eligible dependents, based on service area availability, who are enrolled in both Medicare Parts A and B.

Combined coverage: If you have Medicare Parts A and B and enroll in the Kaiser Senior Advantage MAPD plan, your non-Medicare eligible family members must enroll in the Kaiser Basic plan. See more about combined coverage on the Parts A and B page.

Features of this plan are:

  • All medical care must be received from a Kaiser physician at a Kaiser facility, except for a life-threatening emergency authorized by Kaiser.
  • No deductibles or annual benefit maximum amounts, except for skilled nursing care and mental health
  • No restrictions on coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • No claim forms
  • Small copayments for office visits
  • Health classes are available to develop healthy lifestyles
  • Medicare Part B premiums reimbursed by the County on a tax-free basis
  • Continued enrollment if you move out of California into another state that has Kaiser plans
  • Silver& Fit® Exercise and Health Aging Program

About Kaiser Permanente Nw

Kaiser Permanente is one of the nations largest health care providers and nonprofit health plans. Our expert and caring medical teams strive to focus on members total health and are dedicated to high-quality, affordable health care services. We work to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve in Clark and Cowlitz counties in Washington and select counties in Oregon.

Our PEBB plan options let you decide whether you prefer a higher monthly premium with lower costs when you receive care, or a lower monthly premium with higher costs when you receive care.

We combine care and coverage which makes us different. Your doctors, hospitals, pharmacy, labs, specialty care providers, virtual care providers, and health plan all work together to help make getting the right care more convenient. Your care meets you and your family where you are, because its centered around you.

No matter which plan you choose:

  • Preventive care, such as health screenings, physical exams, vaccinations, and scheduled phone and video visits, are no additional cost to you.
  • Childrens primary care visits are $0 copay
  • Youll have access to exclusive wellness resources such as healthy lifestyle programs, online wellness tools, personal wellness coaching, and health classes.
  • You can schedule appointments and view lab test results online or through the Kaiser Permanente app.
  • You can skip the trip to the pharmacy and get most prescriptions mailed directly to you with no-cost shipping.

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Do I Live In The Medical Plan’s Service Area

All SEBB Continuation Coverage subscribers are offered a selection of plans based on the county they live in. Use the tables below to find out which plans are offered in the county you live in.

Be sure to you are interested in to ask about provider availability in your county. If you move out of your plan’s service area, you may need to change plans. You must report your new address to the SEBB Program no later than 60 days after your move.

Retirement Benefits Are One Of The Unresolved Issues In Our Contract Negotiations With Kaiser Weve Prepared This Calculator To Help You Estimate The Difference Between Nuhws Proposal Vs Kaisers

Kaiser Permanente, workers reach tentative deal to avoid strike

In 2015, Kaiser unilaterally implemented a two-tiered system in which Southern California therapists & professionals and Northern California Optical staff hired after 2015 receive Kaisers cheaper 401 plan.

Meanwhile, those hired before 2015 get Kaisers defined-benefit pension plan.

Restoring Kaisers pension plan for all NUHW members is a top priority in our contract negotiations.

To help you gauge the impact of the two retirement proposals, NUHW created the following retirement calculator. It estimates the difference in retirement benefits you would earn under the two plans.

The calculator estimates your future benefits those you would earn from today going forward and doesnt calculate benefits youve already earned. These calculations are estimates and should not be taken as definitive.

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