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Retirement Homes Have Many Advantages

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The key to senior living is to LIVE! In your golden years, you can live a healthy, comfortable, and pleasurable life. In our definition of senior living, a community is a place where you can live life to the maximum extent of your abilities. Live an active lifestyle and value social interaction. The realization of your passions will make the Golden Years of Retirement Senior Living truly shine and bloom.

Peace is something that retirement requires. Retirement is a time when one deserves to relax and enjoy life after a period of personal and financial duties. After living life at the pace set by the world, retirement is a time when one can enjoy life at their own pace. Because most elderly individuals prefer a tranquil and laid-back lifestyle, senior living houses have become increasingly popular.

What Types Of Retirement Homes Near Me Are There

A retirement home is usually a multi-resident housing facility. It is usually apartment-style. These retirement homes might be for rent, just like an apartment, or they might be purchased as a condo unit. These units might house an individual or couples.

A retirement home includes more central common areas than a normal apartment building. These are areas for serving meals, social gatherings, and recreation activities.

A retirement home might be one building or part of a retirement community. A retirement community is made up of multiple buildings in a development complex or campus.

Retirement homes and retirement communities fall into a housing category called age-restricted communities. The Fair Housing Act and Housing for Older Persons Act allow these designations and they are completely legal if the development abides by the guidelines and exceptions.

An age-restricted retirement home stipulates a minimum age of 55 years of age for at least one of the residents, in a 55+ Community. 62 Plus Communities are more restrictive and require all residents to be at least 62 years of age. Neither category of age-restricted housing allows minors less than 18 years of age to be a permanent resident.

An average retirement home should provide 2-3 healthy meals per day. A luxury retirement home will provide better choices of meals, using a better selection of ingredients for the discerning palate.

Comparing Costs Of Retirement Homes Vs Other Senior Living Options:

Medicare does not pay for room and board so do not expect it to cover your retirement living costs. It only pays for medical services.

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Assisted Living With A Customized Care

As you embark on life post-retirement, your seniors require extra care that verifies all the touch-points in their elder life. Keeping this in mind, Athulya provides your seniors with customized care that is unique and personalized for your senior. It also allows your seniors to be fully in control of their time and decisions. With extensive facilities of medical care round the clock, Advanced technology for monitoring, healthy & nutritious food options, entertainment, wellness programs, and mindfulness activities – Athulya also lets you choose the rental ownership that is comfortable and best suited for your luxury retirement homes. Thus enabling you to decide the duration you want to stay with us.

Athulya Assisted living also enables better networking with senior residents in the facility, preventing your elders from the stiffness of loneliness that consumes their mental health. Hence helping them live together and letting them feel in a senior living community. Your needs and the sensitivities of your seniors are our utmost priority, as a consequence, the entire dwelling is stitched together, best matched for their age and its challenges. Health being a primary concern, We have adopted a Greenway of Living, giving our residents healthy nutritious vegetarian food based on a customized diet plan suited for them. And by that, we try to build sound health in your seniors and improve their standard of healthy living.

Old Age Homes In Mumbai Top 24 Best Senior Citizen Charitable Ngo Luxury Free Paid Senior Citizen Assisted Living Retirement Bedridden Catholic Parsi Medical Care Mentally Challenged Poor Nursing Old Age Homes In Bandra Andheri Byculla And Navi Mumbai In Mumbai And Suburbs With Contact Details Address And Telephone Numbers Homes To Visit Volunteer Give Donation To And For Good Jobs

Transcon Fortune 500, Mulund West, Mumbai

List of top 24 best old age homes in Mumbai !

BHN Health Care, Rishab Tower 701/ 801 Near Azad Nagar Metro Station Opp: Swadesh Restaurant, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053, India. Phone: +91 99208 33386

In their oldage Home, you can live with total freedom in a secure environment that takes care of all your needs. The Campuses and the homes are all designed to make your life more comfortable with special care for needs which come with advancing age. Medical help is available 24/7. They understand that the most important issue after retirement is how to spend time in an enjoyable, productive and meaningful way.

Therefore, they have created ample opportunities and facilities to pursue your old passions, sports or hobbies that got ignored over the years. At Oldage Home they offer a hassle-free life to celebrate your golden years. Also, they offer the option for a stay overnight, for a few days or a few weeks or months. Overnight care will allow you to take an extended break or vacation while your loved one stays in a supervised, safe environment.

Little Sisters of the poor, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093. Phone: 022 2836 4187

Aaimata care foundation, Row house bungalow no 38 rsc-1code, 98, Sector 8, Kandivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400067, India. Phone: +91 84548 72670

Sahabhaav, Pump House, Nirman Vihar, Rajmata Jijabai Marg, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093, India. Phone: +91 77770 79797


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On Site Facilities And Amenities

  • Spa and Salon Stylist Stations, Manicure & Pedicure Stations, Massage Rooms
  • Health Care Clinic
  • Mini Bank / Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Guest House with 24 Guest Rooms
  • Three Dining Areas Atrium, Executive, Waterside
  • Multi-Deity Temple
  • 108 One Bedroom Fully Furnished Residences
  • Swimming Pool with equipment room, showers and gazebo
  • Miniature Golf Course and gazebo
  • Three Walking Trails Paved Parikrama Path around temple, Paved Walking Trail around Main Building, Paved Nature Trail along Property Line


Luxurious Retirement Home In Mumbai

One of its kind, This luxurious Retirement home in Mumbai is an ideal retirement paradise. A dream home of many senior citizen where they get to Live Life King Size.

This Luxurious Retirement Home is a specialized category, where an individual will be provided a personal cottage with a lawn and many other luxurious amenities

An International concept adopted by the son of Mr & Mrs Rajput, Mr. Shailendra Rajput who hails from the hospitality background and believes in serving with humanity and compassion, wants to change the concept of retirement home and make it a holiday home for the senior citizens and for their children.

In the world, where till date parents thought of living with their childrens in the old age, can look forward for a change and have an independent life, and even the children who are busy with the gen-next lifestyle will surely look forward for those weekends to be with their parents to experience the luxury the parents live everyday I have mentioned some benefits of luxurious Retirement home in Mumbai.

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Why Choose Caregivers Instead Of Old Age At Home

When our parents grow old they tend to become weaker and forgetful. At this elderly age, they require special care and attention, and in some cases nursing too. Taking care of our elderly parents ourselves may sound very loving and caring, but, it sometimes becomes very difficult. In some cases taking care of yourselves may not even be possible as your parents may need special nursing.Earlier, old age homes were the only possible solution to such a situation. However, nowadays in-house care has become more popular and convenient. There are many benefits of an in-house caregiver over old age homes, some of which are listed below.

  • Safe and comfortable: Old age homes in Mumbai nowadays are very well maintained and fully equipped. However, the comfort of a home cant be matched. Furthermore, elderly people feel safer at home compared to any other place. Elderly people generally have weaker eyesight, for them, home is a familiar place and thus, it is not very difficult for them to move around at home. Relocating them to an old age home may be stressful and uncomfortable for them.
  • Freedom: Old age homes follow certain rules and regulations to maintain the schedule and avoid confusion. However, elderly people dont like to give up their freedom and abide by the rules. On the other hand, in-home care gives them the freedom and independence they need.

Silverglades Melia First Citizen

65 Crores Sky Villa Duplex Penthouse in Mumbai, India

Silverglades First Citizen is a 17.5 acre community, Delhi NCRs First Premium Senior Living Community.

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It is located at sector 35, Sohna South Of Gurgaon, and is quiet, safe and easily accessible. It is an enviable blend of luxury and suburban lifestyle and is available in 1 and 2 bedroom configurations.

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Beyond60 Where Life Begins At 60

Beyond60 has an independent exclusive Senior Care Building Premises with A & B Wings containing 24 Rooms having independent lift / elevators.

All the rooms are fully furnished, having French windows, self-contained, equipped with hydraulic beds, pantry area, chest of drawers, bedside cabinets, study tables and sitting arrangements, coaches & sofas.

Helping Your Senior Family Member Bond With A Caregiver

  • Explain How A Caregiver Can Help

    It is important for your loved one to agree to homecare and be open to receive care and treatment. Otherwise, it can be tough for the caregiver to provide the best service. Talk to your loved one and tell them how a caregiver will help speed up recovery and take care of basic needs.

  • Be Patient And Understand Your Family Members Concern

    It is natural for your senior loved one to be apprehensive about being looked after by an outsider. Hear them out to understand what the concern or fear is. Explain that you will make sure all the requests and requirements are taken care of and followed accordingly.

  • In order for the caregiver to provide the right care and treatment, share all health-related information, from the past as well as present medical files. Update the caregiver about any cases of allergy or wrong treatment or diagnosis that may have happened in the past. If your family member has an issue with something specific, or if you had hired a caregiver in the past but it did not work out, discuss it to help the caregiver provide solutions for the same.

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    Dignity Lifestyle : A Dream Destination That Finally Makes Your Retirement Phase Just Wonderful


    You and the entire team of Dignity Lifestyle Trust has helped me tremendously to bounce back from bumps in the road as well as disappointments and episodes in my life history. This is a great quality that you have developed within me day by day. You and the entire team of Dignity Lifestyle Trust have helped me to cultivate more of this as days go by. There is so much positivity that you have generated within me and hidden talents that are helping me enjoy my life every second, every minute and every hour. I always remember this truth


    I am Roshan Doctor, Rehber’s sister living in Toronto. I wanted to write this email specifically to thank you for giving Rehber the opportunity to use his skills in the reception duties as well as taking prospective clients around the premises. This was always his forte when he was younger and in the business world. He does have the gift of the gab and presents himself very well to outsiders.

    He was a very reputed marketing genius and he is loved by everybody who meets him. You assigning him these duties has made a tremendous change to his normal sedentary lifestyle and will help him psychologically to move forward. Thank you very much !


    There is no hesitation to record that I shall be indebted lifelong towards you and your organisation towards keeping my mother in good health for all these years. This is also for the challenging times when Dignity provided dementia care for both of my parents together.

    Little Sisters Of The Poor

    Godrej Nest, Kandivali â By Godrej Properties

    Nice place for senior citizens who are left there by their own kids. Feels very bad to look at those old faces who are not happy there. If you visit please do not ask them about their family as it might make them emotional.The foundation takes very good care of the senior citizens. I do not know the process to admit and never wanna look at it. It’s very cruel of someone to leave their parents here.The place is huge and they have basic amenities but they require much more. So please donate handsomely as it only helps them.Overall a feel good place but our heart goes out for those parents.

    Would give 10 star rating. An ideal example of community service. It’s an orphanage for old aged people who have no one to look after. It’s atmosphere is like home. Various activities for aged people depending on their interest. Annual fun n fair, visits by different people and groups. The way they treat old people in bed is amazing, taking care of them, cleaning their toilet, giving them bath. No words to express. Absolutely neat and clean. Regular prayers. Individual attention to each member. Can go on and on. I have been visiting the place for last 30 years. It’s lovely spending time with the aged people.

    Help others: to send review or send us your review to . Negative and positive review will be used for rating. Make a difference.

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    Coupled With Our Dedicated Staff And Experienced Clinical Team Our Residence Delivers

    • Better clinical outcomes and ability to manage a variety of chronic medical conditions
    • Higher staff to resident ratios depend upon the requirement.
    • Increased personal interaction and emotional well-being, leading to a better quality of life
    • Ability to age in place residents can stay at Swarnavihar Retirement Homes as their care needs evolve
    • Exceptional dementia and memory care with continual caregiver training in current best practices
    • A strong clinical team consisting of General Physicians, Psychiatrist, Physiotherapists, Registered Nurses, Certified Lab Technicians, and Supportive staff.
    • An Activity In charge who plans activities and entertainment that provide social interaction and cognitive stimulation.
    • A comfortable residential environment with large private rooms, double sharing rooms and lots of natural light.

    Top Three Benefits Of Luxurious Retirement Home In Mumbai

    1. Social connections

    • Living in a retirement community offer endless opportunities to develop close friendships and social connections. This becomes increasingly valuable as we get older and face a variety of life events that could trigger isolation and loneliness. At senior living communities you will be able to make friends, enjoy special occasion together and share a meal.

    The end of home maintenance and repair

    • Freedom from home repair and maintenance which make more attractive during the senior years. The basic idea of fixing unanticipated & usually costly , problems that happen in a home which bring a lots of stress.

    Ensured safety and proper nutrition

    • There are many resident who used to stay alone and and used to not eat properly. At Holiday Retirement now they are living with us in our Luxurious Retirement Home in Mumbai. Resident dont need to worry about preparation of Senior Citizens Home meal or not even shopping for grocery. Another advantage the food is yummy and delicious & chef prepared.
    • If you want to contact for Luxurious Retirement Home in Mumbai then please click here
    • Om Shanti Nagar, Chandansar Road, Virar East
    • +91 9323033112 / +91 9820938292

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    Armed Forces/veterans Retirement Homes

    Theres something special in a person who is willing to risk their life in service to their country. A career of serving in the armed forces demonstrates a dedication which the U.S. government and American people strive to repay.

    In 1991, Congress combined the U.S. Naval Home and U.S. Soldiers and Armed Services Home together into the Armed Forces Retirement Home . In 2002, the two facilities were renamed again to include their specific locations, Gulfport, Mississippi and Washington, .

    These two federally run facilities are restricted to only honorably discharged veterans. Married couples may become residents, but both must qualify individually. A spouse, widow, or widower of a service member is not entitled to a residence here unless that individual was a service member and qualifies themselves. There are privately run, independent veterans retirement homes that will allow spouses, widows, and/or widowers who are not veterans themselves.

    The AFRH homes provide for an independent lifestyle with safety, comfort, and personal enrichment.

    Provided by AFRH:

    • Wellness center offers onsite medical, dentistry, optometric and podiatric services
    • Recreation facility provides a gym, swimming pool, computer room and even movie theater
    • Private parking available includes RV parking
    • Transportation is offered to hospitals, military commissaries, exchanges and shopping

    Dr Niranjan Wagh’s Home For The Aged Reviews

    45 CRORE, 4BHK Luxurious Duplex Penthouse, Andheri West, Mumbai

    My sister at present is under the care of Dr Wagh’s Nursing Home at Jogeshwari since 2 years and she has been given the best treatment and also taken care of any health issues. The Nursing Home treats not only my sister but also other old age members with great hospitality. Since my father was also kept at this Nursing Home in the year 1996 and there were no complaints at that time also i.e. nearly after more than 24 years also. I don’t have any shortcomings in their hospitality given to my sister.

    My mother has been here for more than 7 years. She is receiving the best of care. They take care of her health as well as her ageing problems very professionally. Simultaneously they treat her as a family member which soothes her mentally. I thank Dr Wagh and Mrs. Wagh for their services

    Help others: to send review or send us your review to . Negative and positive review will be used for rating. Make a difference.

    Since 1972

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