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Is Your Present House Aged

Erickson Senior Living: Moving to a retirement community (ESL update)

Considerations for ease of movement and general conveniences when aged should be an essential thing to be considered when deciding whether to move or not. And when you finally decide to relocate, you must be conscious of this factor when deciding where to move to or when to move.

Retiring early will give you ample time to try different locations before you choose one and will ensure you still have the needed energy when packing in, sorting your belongings, and handling the other stresses associated with relocation. You can even rent a particular location and spend some time there before you decide if itll be a convenient place when you are aged or not.

Guide To A Successful Retirement

If you plan for retirement very earlier enough, you would gain it in future. Retirement is not something you wake up some years to the time, plan within two to three years and assume everything is alright. The earlier you start the better for you. Consider most of the points raised here as they are applicable to you. With this guide, you would be able to enjoy your retirement to the fullest. Highlighted below are important pieces of advice towards a successful retirement:

Checklist For Seniors Moving Into A Retirement Home

Youve lived in your home for most of your life and its now time to settle down elsewhere. Moving to a retirement home is beneficial to most seniors as it can make their daily life safer and easier. Moving to a retirement home is no easy task, heres the only checklist you need as a senior whos taking a new direction in life.

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Make Your Move Manageable With Expert Movers For Seniors

Moving your elderly parents isnt simple, but it is a lot easier on everyone when you use a reliable team of move experts who are trained to handle the task at hand. Thats why its important to vet the moving companies you plan to work with and ensure theyre the right fit for you and your elderly parents.

The Suddath® team prides itself in helping you streamline the moving process with a team of professional movers and move coordinators who have experience with moving seniors to their new homes successfully. As a full-service professional moving company, you can count on the expertise and experience of our team to make your move smooth.

Find out more about the helpful resources and complete moving services we have to offer and reach out for a free moving estimate to start your successful move.

Whats My Main Goal In Moving

30+ Catchy Moving To Retirement Home Real Estate Slogans List, Taglines ...

You may just be thinking of a place with nicer weather, quick and easy access to entertainment, or to just change from your regular. All of the reasons mentioned are all relevant to decide to pick a new place as a home however, you have to conduct some serious research to ensure your pursuit is a perfect match for your expectations.

For instance, you might want to move to a place with a warmer climate to escape yourself and your household members from the cold winters you have adapted to and avoid being made to stay indoors for months. If the climate of the destination area is very harsh, you could end up swapping unbearable cold weather for very harsh summer weather, which may not be what you really needed.

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Miscellaneous And Personal Items

Determining what personal items to bring can be challenging since you could have an attachment to a wide range of items. Again, try and pack only what is most important, and you can add later if there is room.

  • Pictures and photos:Pictures and family photos bring comfort and connection.
  • Calendar and address book:Unless you are tech-savvy enough to have a smartphone, a calendar is essential for keeping track of appointments. Many older adults have a small address book with their contacts, friends, and family members phone numbers.
  • Phone:If a smartphone isnt an option, purchase a simple cell phone even if there is a phone in the room. Cell phones are portable and you will be glad you have one.
  • Bedding:Extra sheets, pillowcases, and a couple of bedspreads- one for summer and a thicker one for winter
  • Toiletries:Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, brush, nail care items, soap, towels, washcloths, shampoo, and toilet paper, etc. Amazon can be a convenient way to order essentials and have them delivered to your door if you dont drive.
  • Plants:If you enjoy plants, you may not be able to bring several, but one or two can be comforting. You can always add more later if you choose.
  • Hearing aids and mobility equipment:Dont forget your hearing aids, dentures, and a walker or cane if you use these.

Tips For A Successful Transition To Assisted Living

Moving to assisted living is an exciting decision! Seniors are sure to get the help they need, make new friends and create a new home. To help the transition process, you can support your loved one with these tips:

  • Get one new item to make a new memory: Having one or two new things can make the new room or apartment feel special.
  • Make note of new emergency contact info: Make sure you have all the new contact info for any urgent questions or emergencies.
  • Plan end of life care: It may be time to start planning for end-of-life care, including advanced directives and wills. Start this conversation slowly to avoid overwhelming your loved one.
  • Visit often at first: As your loved one gets settled in, be sure to visit often! The most urgent needs come up within the first month or two. Be 100% certain that your loved one is comfortable and has everything he/she needs.

Moving to assisted living is a new chapter in your loved ones life. You can make it a pleasant and non-stressful transition by planning ahead and using this checklist for success. Happy housewarming!

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Do You Have Everything On Our Moving To Assisted Living Checklist

Finding the right care and services is only the first step in transitioning to assisted living. Packing up can take more time and energy than you might expect. Use our moving to assisted living checklist to keep you on track.

Are you ready to move to assisted living this year? Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

Packing Checklist For Moving Into A Senior Living Community

Moving To Assisted Living Checklist-2021 Edition

Moving can be a difficult transition, no matter your age or circumstance. But seniors may find moving especially hard when they want to hold onto belongings and keepsakes that hold memories of their lives. Patience and planning will go a long way to making these difficult decisions a little easier for everyone. Moving into a senior living facility often means that your loved one will have to live on a smaller scale and narrow down what they need to bring. Here is your moving to assisted living checklist:

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Two: Selecting Furniture To Bring

If your assisted living home is unfurnished or partially furnished, its time to evaluate the furniture you want to bring with you. This will often include a mattress, box spring, and bed frame. It may also include living room furniture like armchairs or couches, a nightstand for your bedroom, and a dresser for your clothing.

In some cases, you may be able to bring along pieces of furniture that hold special meaning for you. For example, you may be allowed or encouraged to use your own bedspreads and curtains. It is often advised that you do not bring rugs, as these can present tripping hazards.

Learn More On Retirement Planning And Saving

Your chance of achieving your set retirement goals becomes very high when you are fully aware of all the possibilities that are open to you. Therefore, you must endeavor to learn more about the different ways of investing and saving more in smartest ways ever. This can be achieved by reading books on investments, finance magazines, attend classes, and join forum/discussion groups on best ways to invest towards retirement.

Also, familiarize yourself with various rules and procedures of opening and managing a retirement account and what affect your specific age range have on it. Additionally, you can also seek professional advice from retirement planning specialist to help you determine the best option for your case since online resources, classes, discussion groups, and books alone may not be enough to offer the needed suggestions or approaches.

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Evaluate What Youve Already Saved

At this age of your precious working life, its time to know how much precisely you have saved towards your retirement if youre yet to do that already. You must know the current balance in the savings accounts for your retirement and other savings, investments, likely pension payments, properties and likely Social Insurance payments, and compare them to your targeted retirement savings so you can determine whether youre on course to achieving your goal. And if you are not on track to meeting your target, then its time to adjust in your savings efforts.

Delay Selling The Home


One way to reduce the emotional trauma of moving is to hold off on selling the family home. Moving is hard enough without asking your parents to live in a house that a realtor is showing to prospective buyers. If they have the assets to finance a move in the short runor if you can lend them the deposit or entrance feethe best plan of action is usually to move first and sell later.

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Be Sensitive Yet Practical

For many, moving to a retirement home means a significant downsizing and parting with or finding new homes for cherished belongings. Our Allentown team recommends asking for a floor plan with measurements from the retirement home staff and plan ahead to decide which possessions will be making the move. Find a way to identify the sentimental or heirloom items that must be left behind, and consider gifting them to family members or close friends so they may continue to be enjoyed.

Possible Reasons For Relocation When Retired

People relocate after retirement for many reasons, like the need for a smaller apartment, moving closer to family/friends, moving to a low-tax state, relocating to an aged-friendly home, or moving for a better healthcare necessity, etc.

In the US, nearly 70% of retirees either planned to relocate or have relocated according to various researches conducted. However, whether youre relocating to an intrinsic family home, a beautiful beach house in a neighboring city or buying a beautiful farmhouse in a far-away community, you must plan well and think deeply before deciding whats best for you. Therefore, when deciding whether to relocate or not, the following questions will guide you in deciding whats best for you:

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Buying House Before Retirement How Visible

Buying a retirement house before retiring is possible, but you must decide if itll be of significant benefit in the long run. You must consider the likely total cost of owning a second house while still working. Some people buy a retirement home early enough to spend their time-off or vacation there and eventually moved-in, full-time. They believe this helps them to enhance their interest and connections in that area which helps to reduce stress when you finally moved in.

Always Aim To Save More

How to Become a Florida Resident- Checklist for New Florida Residents

You must decide and plan to spend less during your retirement rather than spending more than you are already doing now so that you can be able to save more. Its even advisable to strive towards saving more than what you will need in retirement.

To achieve this, you must make specific changes to your lifestyle like reducing your daily expenses as much as possible, review your budget so as to remove or reduce spending on certain things you can live without, etc. Though it may be a little challenging to do away with certain things you enjoy doing, but it will help you to boost your savings and to easily achieve your retirement goal.

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Packing For The Move To An Assisted Living Community

When preparing to move your loved one to an assisted living or memory care community, you have been faced with a variety of decisions and options to review and choose from. Now that you have selected a new home, your family will be faced with yet more choices to make what to pack for their new home and what to leave behind. Moving can be a difficult transition, no matter your age or circumstance. But seniors may find moving especially hard when they want to hold onto belongings and keepsakes that hold memories of their lives. Patience and planning will go a long way to making these difficult decisions a little easier for everyone.

The Ultimate Moving Checklist

To help you break tasks into manageable steps so you can get to the best part of moving: enjoying the many benefits of retirement living weve created this handy seniors moving . It includes:

  • Two months before moving: Learn key tasks to do well in advance, such as booking a reputable moving company.
  • One month before moving: Aside from packing, nows the time to donate unwanted items, organize essential documents, and notify people and institutions about your move.
  • Two weeks before moving: Remember to confirm movers and continue packing.
  • Moving day: Pack last minute essentials, walk through your old home with moves, and arrive at your new home.

Rest assured, within weeks of having moved, most seniors say that they wish they had done it sooner. They end up loving the renewed simplicity of their lives in a retirement community. They make new friends with fellow residents and with the caring staff.

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Tips For Keeping Track Of Personal Effects At The Nursing Home

Keep in mind that this is not an all-inclusive list. Bring the basics and see how your loved one fares for the first couple of weeks. Maybe they will need more clothes or an extra lamp on their nightstand so they can read more comfortably. Perhaps you will realize that theyre no longer interested in a particular activity, so you can take those supplies away to free up valuable space for another pastime theyll actually enjoy.

This is a challenging time for both you and your loved one, and a nursing home room is never going to be comparable to their long-time home in the community. Treat the move as an opportunity to create a new home for them: a comfortable, safe environment filled with happy memories and fun activities. This should a place where your loved one can thrive and receive the higher level of care they need.

Bonus: Along With A Well

The 30 Best Towns to Move to for Retirement

Moving into your retirement home can be a bit stressful. When moving out, you might want to consider a few tips to help you settle in quickly and comfortably.

  • Before moving into your new place, pay a visit to your primary care physician. Be up to date with your medical records and speak to your doctor about your move. They will let you know if there is anything you need to pay special attention to or documents that the retirement home will require to take better care of you. Make sure to transfer all the documents to your new physician at the retirement home once you move in.
  • Get along with your fellow residents. Know who you will live with or who is staying next door. If you have any questions about the new place, you can ask them and start building a conversation over lunch or dinner to understand the environment better and for you to live comfortably. Participate in events and activities organized by the community, share your hobbies with fellow residents, and learn a new hobby with them.
  • Try to unpack as soon as you move in and organize things around you. It will make you feel at home as you look at things that belong to you, that is filled with memories, and hold a special place in your heart. Here is another chance to ask your roommate or your neighbor to help you organize your things A great way to make friends in the community and feel at home.
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    Make The New Location Feel Like Home

    Familiar possessions and arrangements can be comforting during times of transition. Give your loved ones new space personal touches to make it feel like home.

    • Organize thoughtfully. If the photos on the living room wall have been in the same order for as long as you can remember, replicate the display in the new home. Arrange trinkets in the same order, and bring accents such as throw pillows, even if you have to purchase new furniture. If the kitchen is smaller, put pots and pans where you know your loved one will be able to find them.
    • Understand the new layout. Be sure of the new locations dimensions ahead of time so you know exactly what will fit where. You dont want to have to make tough decisions once you arrive. If your loved one likes design projects, encourage them to plan out the home in advance for a smoother transition.
    • Enjoy new opportunities. Perhaps this is the time for a new TV or that brightly colored accent wall your loved one has always wanted. Some positive updates can make a new space exciting.

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