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National College Savings Program

How to Enroll in Your Benefits – 2018

North Carolina’s National College Savings Program was established by the State of North Carolina to enable residents of any state to invest funds to pay for higher education expenses. Parents, grandparents, relatives, friends can open an account for a person of any age, even a newborn. You can even open an account for yourself. You can contribute the amount of money that works best for you. Monthly contributions can be set up through payroll deductions. Occasional contributions are also welcome.

You can select from a variety of investment options that cover a range of strategies, from conservative to aggressive. North Carolina taxpayers may qualify for a tax deduction for the contributions to the 529 plan. Your earnings grow tax-free. There are NO federal taxes or, for N.C. residents, state taxes on your earnings.

The beneficiary can use the funds for virtually any college anywhere. The beneficiary can also use the funds for expenses that include tuition, fees, room, board, books, and supplies and equipment required for enrollment.

For more information, please visit the College Foundation of North Carolina or call toll free at 600-3453.

Members Can Sample Their Doctor Employer Or Pharmacist To Find Out Of Flu Shots Will Deed Given And To Fire An Appointment

Nc state employees retirement health insurance. Ad Compare 50 Global Health Insurance Plans for Expats living abroad. Pat Quinn signed Thursday ending a major benefit that Illinois had promised to employees. The 8020 Plan is a Preferred Provider Organization PPO plan administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Blue Cross NC.

– Free Quote – Fast Secure – 5 Star Service – Top Providers. Ad Compare Top Expat Health Insurance In Indonesia. If you are retiring under TSERS and are eligible for State Health Plan retiree group coverage you will be auto-enrolled into a health plan after you have submitted and the Retirement System has processed your online retirement application or have submitted a Form 6E Choosing Your Retirement.

Ad Protect yourself your employees with Islands comprehensive private medical insurance. Members of the Teachers and State Employees Retirement System can find information about the State Health Plan here. Get An Expat Quote Today.

The Plan contracts with a Third Party Administrator currently Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina to provide a provider network and process health care claims. State ends free state retiree health care- More than 80000 retired government employees will have to start paying for health insurance under legislation Gov. A PPO plan offers freedom of choice among in-network providers lower out-of-pocket costs and a strong emphasis on preventive health.

Health Benefits My Nc Retirement

Nc Oshr Retirement

Forgot Your Password For Ebenefits

For members that log in directly to eBenefits you can reset your password yourself and DO NOT need to call the Eligibility and Enrollment Support Center to reset your password.

If you are having issues logging into eBenefits, do not continue to attempt to log in or you will lock your account. Instead you have the option to reset your password. Simply click Reset your account on the log-in page, and then click I cant remember my password.” From there, you will be prompted to a screen that will ask you to enter your username, so a passcode can be sent to the email address you have in eBenefits.

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Health Care Obligations For Nc Retirees Before Supreme Court

RALEIGH, N.C. North Carolinas highest court weighed Monday whether the legislatures decision 10 years ago to begin charging some retired state government workers and teachers a premium for health insurance violated an agreement the state made with these workers.

The courts didnt immediately rule following oral arguments in the case, which could affect hundreds of thousands of retirees and cost the state over $100 million in premium refunds, as well as expenses to cover additional retiree benefits.

Retired employees sued the State Health Plan in 2012, saying the state was contractually obligated to offer them premium-free benefits through a plan in which they paid 20 percent of their co-insurance. The plaintiffs included retired Chief Justice Beverly Lake Jr., who died in September 2019.

The legislature and ultimately the State Health Plan initiated the premium requirement in 2011 for workers and retirees with the most generous plans to close spending shortfalls.

A trial court judge in 2017 sided with the retirees who sued, saying the plan and the state substantially impaired contracts with more than 220,000 retirees or their estates within the class that could benefit financially. But the state Court of Appeals overturned the trial court decision in March 2019, saying no such obligation exists.

The legal class impacted by the case would include almost all retirees eligible for health coverage as of September 2016.

/30 Ppo Plan For Medicare Retirees Overview

NC OSHR: State Health Plan

The 70/30 PPO Plan is a Preferred Provider Organization plan administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina .

A PPO plan offers:

  • freedom of choice among in-network providers and lower out-of-pocket costs
  • strong emphasis on preventive health
  • preventive services and medications covered at 100% on this plan
  • ability to lower your copay by selecting and visiting the Primary Care Provider listed on your ID card or another provider in the same practice

For Medicare retirees, the 70/30 PPO Plan serves as secondary coverage to Medicare.

The State Health Plans Clear Pricing Project helps members control health care costs and protects the Plans financial future. Learn how you can save money in 2021 by visiting a CPP provider!

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When You Plan To Retire And Are Not Yet 65

You are encouraged to talk with your Health Benefits Representative or Human Resources department ahead of time to plan the proper steps. Retiring members who are eligible for coverage under 65 will be automatically enrolled in the health plan they were enrolled in as an active employee along with any covered dependents, regardless of contribution status.

First Plaintiffs Victory1 For Lake Et Al V State Health Plan Et Al

Gary and his team have taken a giant step forward on behalf of the plaintiffs. In 2016, Judge Edwin Wilson, Jr. ruled that the retirement health benefits are contractual and that the state of North Carolina breached their contract when the class members began to be charged premiums for standard health insurance in 2011.

In other words, the Court determined that the state owes them the back premiums retirees were forced to pay.1 Estimates are that North Carolina could be on the hook for over $100 million. Moreover, if the decision is affirmed, retiree premiums would be paid going forward, per the terms of the contract.

As expected, the state has appealed Judge Wilsons ruling for the plaintiffs.

Gary Jackson and a team of lawyers filed this lawsuit prior to Gary joining the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin. As part of the legal team currently representing these clients, Gary said, We filed this lawsuit in April, 2012, and it is now before the North Carolina Court of Appeals for the second time. Many retirees have died since we started the case, but we are determined to keep fighting for these folks for as long as it takes.

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Consolidated Judicial Retirement System

If you are Justice, Judge, District Attorney, Clerk of Superior Court, Capital Defender, Juvenile Defender, Appellate Defender, Public Defender, Indigent Defense Services Executive Director, or the Director of the Administrative Office of the Courts, you are a member of the Consolidated Judicial Retirement System of North Carolina. The employees contribution under this system is six percent of his/her salary.

Once you attain certain age and service requirements and you retire, you are eligible to apply for monthly retirement benefits. You will be eligible to receive a reduced benefit at age 50 with five years of creditable service. You may retire with an unreduced benefit at age 65 with at least five years of creditable service or after age 50 with 24 years of creditable service.

For more information on the Consolidated Judicial Retirement System , including the CJRS retirement handbook and other resources, go to the My NC Retirement website.

Teachers & State Employees Retirement Program

Open Enrollment 2020: Non-Medicare Retiree Information

This program is sponsored by the State of North Carolina and governed by the Department of the State Treasurer.

TSERS is as a defined benefit plan and the benefit you receive at retirement is based on a formula. This formula considers your years and months of creditable service, your age, and your average final compensation, which is the average of your salary during your four highest paid consecutive years. Neither the investment experience of the plan assets nor the amount contributed by you and the University, on your behalf, directly determines the amount of the guaranteed benefit you will receive at retirement.

All permanent SHRA or EHRA full-time employees who work 30 or more hours per week will have the option to choose between TSERS or the Optional Retirement Program .

Contribution Amount & Participation

You are required to contribute 6% of your salary on a pre-tax basis -no more, no less. The plan is also funded by University contributions those this money goes into the general pension fund. Contributions begin on day one of eligibility and retroactive contributions are deducted in one lump sum.


Retirement benefits in TSERS are fully vested after you complete five years of membership service. If you leave State employment before completing five years of creditable service, you may:

Death & Survivor Benefits

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North Carolina Prepaid Legal Services

The North Carolina Prepaid Legal Services Corporation was created by the North Carolina State Bar to provide for the prepayment of legal services on a low-cost basis. A few of the benefits include office interviews, will and trust preparation, real estate services, and domestic relation issues. If you have questions or need further information contact a prepaid legal representative at 757-0783.

When You Plan To Retire And Are 65 Or Older

It is recommended to talk with your HBR or Human Resources department ahead of your retirement to plan your steps and submit your retirement paperwork at least 120 days prior to your planned retirement date.

Medicare Primary members have several options for health plan coverage. These options include the following plans:

  • Humana Group Medicare Advantage Base Plan
  • Humana Group Medicare Advantage Enhanced Plan
  • 70/30 Plan

In order for a retiree to be eligible for the Humana Group Medicare Advantage Plans, the retiree must be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B.

To enroll in Medicare, please contact the Social Security Administration at or

If you are eligible for State Health Plan benefits under the State Retirement Systems, then you will be auto-enrolled into either the Humana Group Medicare Advantage Base Plan or the 70/30 PPO Plan. The plan will be dependent upon when your retirement paperwork is processed and approved by the State Retirement Systems. Please see the table below.

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North Carolina Teaching Salaries And Benefits

Planning for the future and managing health concerns are major sources of stress for many Americans. In fact, according to a poll conducted by Aetna, picking the right health insurance for your family is ranked the second-hardest major life decision out of a number of issues, while retirement planning ranked first.

These worrisome decisions are made simpler for North Carolinas teachers, who gain both health insurance options and retirement planning services as part of their employee benefits packages. By offering its teachers comprehensive benefits, North Carolina better positions its educators for future success.

Learn more about becoming a teacher. Contact schools offering teacher education/certification programs in North Carolina.

Teacher Salaries in North Carolina by Education

As teachers further their educations and gain experience in the field, they receive pay increases that reflect their dedication and hard work. Salaries may vary between school districts, but the following are some examples of the salaries you can expect in North Carolina:


Voluntary Group Term Life Insurance

Retirement Monitor

This coverage pays a benefit to your beneficiary if you die while covered under the policy. This is strictly a term life insurance policy that provides a benefit if you die. There is no accumulated cash value. Your monthly premium is based on your age and the coverage amount you elect from $20,000 to $500,000.

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State Slashes Retirement Health Benefits For New Hires

Beginning the first of the year, any new employee hired by the State of North Carolina will no longer be eligible for health care coverage once they retire.

We already have trouble recruiting good, quality candidatesand it is limiting the people who might apply and serve in those positions. There are those who might be willing to work for modest pay, with the promise of having good benefits medical benefits after retirement have a big impact, said Suzanne Beasley, a lobbyist at State Employees Association North Carolina

As part of the 2017 state budget, legislators implemented the change to offset future anticipated health care costs for covered employees. The new policy doesnt affect current state employees and it will not affect any pensions.

Dr. Catherine Gentry, superintendent of Thomasville City Schools, said the new policy will have an impact on recruiting and hiring qualified teachers because it gives the school system less leverage.

It has been a huge blow to all state employees. Many are choosing not to come to public education because they can do better in the private sector.”

Gentry said the loss of these benefits is another step backward after longevity pay and step increases, based on continued certifications and additional degrees, were taken away from teachers in 2012.

The economy also has an impact on the ability to recruit educators which makes retirement benefits more important.

Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment

This coverage pays a benefit if you suffer a loss as the result of a covered accident while you are insured under the plan. It also pays a benefit if you suffer certain dismemberment injuries while covered. You select the amount of coverage you want up to $500,000. The coverage is effective 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It includes accidents on or off the job.

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State Health Plan Enrollment Process For Eligible Retiring Employees

If you are retiring under TSERS and are eligible for State Health Plan retiree group coverage, you will be auto-enrolled into a health plan after you have submitted, and the Retirement System has processed, your online retirement application or have submitted a Form 6E, Choosing Your Retirement Payment Option. Many of your health coverage options are limited if you wait too close to your retirement date to submit your retirement paperwork.

State Health Plan retiree group coverage begins on the first day of the month after your effective date of retirement.

  • If under 65 , you will be automatically enrolled in the health plan you were enrolled in as an active employee along with any covered dependents.
  • If you did not have coverage in the State Health Plan as an active employee, you will be automatically enrolled in the Traditional 70/30 Plan retiree-only coverage.
  • You can change your auto-enrollment plan or coverage up to 30 days after your coverage effective date.

NOTE: If you do not take action within the specified time period to change coverage, you will remain, unless you drop coverage, in the assigned auto-enrolled retiree group health plan and pay the applicable premiums until the next State Health Plan Open Enrollment . You do not need a qualifying event or to be within the open enrollment period to drop coverage for yourself and/or your covered dependents.

All of the conditions described below are based upon current law .

Formulary Exclusion Exception Process

2018 Open Enrollment: UHC Medicare Advantage Plan Testimonial – Linda

A formulary exclusion exception process is available for Plan members who, per their provider, have a medical necessity to remain on an excluded, or non-covered, medication. If a member is approved for the excluded drug, that drug will be placed into Tier 3 or Tier 6.

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New Nc State Employees Teachers Won’t Get Retiree Health Benefits If They Start In 2021

  • Dawn Baumgartner VaughanThe News & Observer

RALEIGH New North Carolina state employees and teachers who start their jobs Jan. 1 or after won’t get health benefits when they retire decades later.

Here are answers to common questions about what this means for the thousands of new state employees being hired in 2021:

Question: Why is this happening now?

Answer: The change was part of the 2017 state budget. State lawmakers decided to drop the coverage, with Republican senators saying it would control costs.

Q: Who’s in charge of the state health plan?

A: The state treasurer’s office.

Q: How is the treasurer involved?

A: The treasurer’s office is simply carrying out state law. State Treasurer Dale Folwell, a Republican who just won reelection, said that his office was told about the change in the 2017 budget he didn’t have a choice in the law, just applied it.

“When this became codified we have worked to get this put into our IT system,” Folwell said in a phone interview in mid-December.

Q: Does this save the state money?

A: “Ultimately over 30 years from now it will,” Folwell said. “… Whatever the state may save as a result of this is going to pay out in terms of the rising health care costs the state is incurring on pensions and health care.”

Q: What about current state employees? Are they affected?

Q: Can you be more specific about the change?

Q: Does this affect my pension?

A: No.

Q: What about my pension, though?

Q: What do state worker groups say about this?

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