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The Opm Has Many Digital And Analogue Ways Of Being Contacted Making Sure That They Are As Easy To Contact As You Need

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The Office of Personnel Management is a wing of the US government that controls the civilian service. The agency coordinates healthcare, life insurance and retirement benefits for federal government employees, retirees and their dependents.

The OPM has a multitude of ways it can be contacted if you are having problems.

The Office Of Personnel Management

The Office of Personnel Management acts as the personnel office for retired letter carriers, and is the agency responsible for administering retirement, health and life insurance benefits. Before you call or write to OPM, be sure to have your Civil Service Annuity number ready. OPM can be reached by retirees who have a CSA number by calling or , 7:40 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday , or in the Washington, DC, area. Mail your written inquiries to Office of Personnel Management, Retirement Operations Center, Boyers, PA 16017 .

Retiree Master Contact List

The following list of key contacts, with links to comprehensive guidance, is available for your use. Bookmark this page so you can easily find the contacts you need to manage your annuity and benefits. and place it in your personal retirement file with your important paperwork for easy reference. You may also send the file or make copies for all federal employees and annuitants.

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General Questions About The Office Of Personnel Management

How can I apply for retirement?

To qualify for payments from the Civil Service Retirement System or the Federal Employees Retirement System , you must submit a retirement application. They are available on our website, as follows:

  • Application for Immediate Retirement , Standard Form 2801
  • Application for Immediate Retirement , Standard Form 3107

Has my retirement form/application been received and processed? Whats the status of my application?

When OPM receives your retirement application, the agency will notify you and will provide a civil service claim identification number . You must use that identification number whenever you contact OPM about your annuity. To check the status of your form or application, you may contact the Retirement Office at 767-6738 or . The phone lines are open from 7:30 am to 7:45 pm . It is a busy phone number so we encourage you to call early in the morning or after 5:00 pm when the phone lines are less busy.

How do I apply for benefits?

For information on how to apply for benefits, please visit

Cant find the answer? If you have additional questions or need further assistance, please contact our Abingdon office at 276-628-8158.

Ways You Can Contact The Opm


A help request

On the OPM website there is a section where you can choose a topic and write about your issue. The OPM says it will usually take 3 to 5 business days to send a response.

The link can be found here.

You can call the OPM if you can’t find an answer to your question on or if you can’t sign in to OPM Retirement Services Online.

The phone number is: 1-888-767-6728.

There are only certain hours the OPM can be reached.

  • Monday – Friday: 7.40 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. ET
  • Not open on weekends or federal holidays

Writing a letter

Included in the letter must be:

  • First and last name,

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Contact Opm Retirement Services

Find out how to contact us for support. OPM Retirement Services processes benefits for federal retirees, manages accounts for retirees, survivors, and qualified former spouses, and sends monthly annuity payments to beneficiaries.

Before you contact us, check out these popular help topics to see if you can get an answer to your question.

Claiming Death Benefits Under Federal Employment Programs

To report the death of an annuitant or a survivor beneficiary, call the Office of Personnel Management at 767-6738 or write to: U.S. Office of Personnel Management, Post Office Box 45, Boyers, Pennsylvania, 16017-0045, or access the Services Online site .

Provide the full name of the deceased and date of death, as well as his or her retirement claim number, if known, and Social Security number. OPM will tell you if there are any further benefits payable, and send the necessary claim forms.

If your annuity payments are being deposited directly into a bank account, as almost all are, your survivors should immediately notify the bank of your death. Your survivors should write or telephone the Office of Personnel Management at 767-6738 asking for an application for death benefits.

As soon as OPM learns of a death, it will send an Application for Death BenefitsSF 2800 for CSRS or SF 3104 for FERSto the person who appears to be entitled to either survivor or lump-sum death benefits.

In order for your Thrift Savings Plan account balance to be distributed after your death, form TSP-17, Information Relating to Deceased Participant, must be submitted to the TSP together with a copy of your certified death certificate. The form is available through personnel offices and at

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United States Office Of Personnel Management

United States Office of Personnel Management

Official seal
Preceding agency

The United States Office of Personnel Management is an independent agency of the United States Federal Government that manages the US civilian service. The agency provides federal human resources policy, oversight and support, and tends to healthcare and life insurance and retirement benefits for federal government employees, retirees and their dependents.

OPM is headed by a director, who is nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate. Michael Rigas was appointed acting OPM director on March 18, 2020, succeeding Dale Cabaniss who resigned abruptly. On March 25, 2020, Rigas was concurrently appointed acting deputy director for Management at the Office of Management and Budget. In November 2020, Kiran Ahuja was named a member of the Joe Biden presidential transition Agency Review Team to support transition efforts related to the OPM. On the day of his Inauguration on January 20, 2021, President Joe Biden announced that the chief management officer, Kathleen McGettigan, would be acting director. The current director, Kiran Ahuja, was sworn in on June 24, 2021.

Submit A Help Request

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