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Where Do I Find More Detail About My Plan And What Services It Covers

Understanding the Retired Employees Health Program (REHP)

Additional information about our plans, rules and specific covered services can be found in our Medical Plan Document and Dental Booklet. As always, if you are having any issues finding information or have specific questions about your benefits, please feel free to contact Benefits at 802-828-6700 or email us at .

NOTE: Retired State Employees should contact the Retirement office at 828-2305 for details regarding the dental plan, as it is not the same as the plan for active employees.

As An Active Employee Do I Need To Enroll In Medicare Part B When I Turn 65

When you turn 65, you will receive information from Social Security informing you of your automatic enrollment in Medicare Part A. You will also be asked if you wish to enroll in Part B. Active employees who are enrolled in medical benefits can defer enrollment in Medicare Part B until they retire, Your State of Vermont employee medical plan will continue to be your primary coverage for all medical services. If a dependent on your active employee medical plan is turning 65, they can also defer enrollment in Medicare Part B until you retire. The exception is domestic partners, who must enroll in Medicare Part B when they become eligible at age 65. Once you retire or terminate employment with the state, you and your dependents must apply for Medicare Part B immediately, if you are already eligilbe , or when you become eligible. Forms can be obtained from Social Security and if needed, the Employee Benefits can complete the sections certifying your employee coverage. All forms can be sent to

How Do I Find Out What Plan I Am In Or Who Is Covered Under My Plan

Your plan enrollment information can be viewed through your employee self-service portal in VTHR . You can go to Main Menu, Self Service, Benefits Summary. Once there you will be able to see the current plan you are enrolled in or, by adjusting the view date, you can see benefits as of a specific time. If you would like to see who is enrolled on your plan, just click the Medical or Dental hyperlink and you should be able to view your dependents. As always, please feel free to contact Benefits should you have additional questions at 802-828-6700 or email us at .

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Cancer Heart Attack And Stroke Insurance

Cancer, heart attack and stroke can happen to anyone, even those living a healthy lifestyle. These conditions may not be preventable, but Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke Insurance can protect you from some of the costs. This Insurance pays lump sum benefits directly to you, or someone you designate, to use any way you choose – regardless of any other insurance coverage you have, including Medicare.

Faculty Staff & Technical Services Premiums

Certified Employee Benefit Specialist® (CEBS) U.S.
Faculty/Staff Premiums
Family $8.96

Additionally, brand new hires to the University will have benefit elections pro-rated based upon their hire date. If you are a current employee experiencing a job change, or an IRS qualifying life event that causes your existing coverage to change in the middle of a pay period, the regular per pay benefit deductions will occur for the full pay period in which benefit elections or changes were made.

Payroll contributions are deducted based on the year of payroll issuance. For example, the first January bi-weekly payroll will be for hours worked in the prior year, but the deductions will be taken at the new rate since the paycheck is processed in the new year.

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What Is An Annual Open Enrollment Period

An annual Open Enrollment period is a time when you can switch medical plans and/or add dependents to your plan without a qualifying event . You may cancel coverage or remove a dependent from your medical plan any time during the year.The State of Vermonts annual Open Enrollment period begins Nov 1st of each year and ends Nov 30th with changes becoming effective on Jan. 1st of the new plan year.

Dental And Vision Insurance

Another area to be aware of is your dental and vision coverage. It is recommended that you have everything taken care of while still in active service. Some districts do allow retirees to remain in the plans they were enrolled in while actively employed at cost, including dental and vision insurance plans. However, an increasing number of districts are not permitting retirees to maintain the additional coverage for dental and vision needs.

PASR offers extremely competitive dental and vision insurance plans to its members. In fact, many retirees have discovered that PASRs plans are the best value with the best coverage. For more on our dental and vision coverage, as well as the many other benefits offered to PASR state members, please consult our Member Benefits.

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How Do I Add A Domestic Partner To My Plan

The State of Vermont offers coverage to Domestic Partners of employees. In order to be eligible to enroll a Domestic Partner, you must certify that the following criteria applies to you and your Domestic Partnership:

  • You are each others sole domestic partner and have been in an exclusive and enduring domestic relationship, while sharing a residence, for not less than six consecutive months prior to the submission of this application.
  • You are both eighteen years of age or older.
  • Neither one of you is married to anyone.
  • You are not related by blood closer than would bar marriage under Vermont State law.
  • You are both competent to enter into a legally binding contract.
  • You have agreed between yourselves to be responsible for each others welfare.
  • Note: Outside of the Open Enrollment month of November, there must be a qualifying event within the past 60 days in order to add a domestic partner to coverage Employees must complete the Domestic Partner Affidavit, along with the Medical/Dental enrollment form, and send them to

    Want Health Insurance For Life Dental And Vision Too Become A State Lawmaker Or A Judge

    GEHA’s 2023 Dental Benefits

    Members of the state House of Representatives and Senate become eligible for lifetime health care benefits for themselves and their spouses after a decade of service in the House, and eight years in the Senate. Dan Gleiter,

    How would you like Cadillac health care benefits for you and your spouse in retirement for as little as $75 a month? Become a state legislator. You can get them for a little less than $150 a month as a judge.

    As Pennsylvanians struggle to pay for health care in work and retirement, they are also paying for this little-known luxury perk for a state representative or judge who has been in office at least 10 years, or senator who has served at least 8 years.

    At a cost of about 1 percent of their final salaries, lawmakers and judges are eligible to receive lifetime health and prescription benefits for themselves, their spouses and their children up to age 26. They also will enjoy dental and vision insurance. Many also will get long-term care insurance as part of their post-employment benefit package.

    It’s a retirement health benefits package that most private sector workers can only dream about.

    Most private sector workers today are stuck paying for the full cost of health insurance upon retirement, according to a 2017 Kaiser Family Foundation report.

    So employer-provided retirement health benefits are increasingly becoming one of the perks reserved for elected officials and other public servants, with taxpayers footing the bill.

    Cost concerns

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    Davis Vision By Metlife

    With PASRs Davis Vision by MetLife program, you will quickly and clearly see the benefits to being a part of the group. By joining other PASR members, you have the availability of comprehensive vision benefits with competitive group rates. With the low cost to be a part of this program, participation easily pays for itself whether it be on the exam, glasses, contacts, the unconditional breakage warranty, or even the discounted laser vision correction. Coverage is available for you, your partner, and your dependents.

    For details on the coverage available to PASR members, please download the dental and vision benefit summary.

    When Will My Benefits Start

    When Benefits Start

    Medical Dental
    New employees:There is a 30-day waiting period for coverage , unless you had coverage that terminated no more than 3 days before your date of hire, or if you have coverage that will terminate before the 31st day. New employees have up to 60 days from their date of hire to elect benefits. NOTE: Due to the COVID emergency, the customary 30-day waiting period for new employees is suspended until further notice.After 60 days: You must have a qualifying event to be eligible for enrollment. Without a qualifying event, you must wait until the next Open Enrollment month .

    Prescription drug coverage will be effective on the same date as your medical coverage effective date.

    Single coverage for the employee will begin automatically six months after your date of hire. You may add dependents to the dental plan during your initial enrollment and their coverage will begin at the same time.

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    What Would Be The Additional Cost For Adding A Domestic Partner To My Plan

    Along with the additional premium associated with adding an individual to your plan, adding a Domestic Partner also has tax implications. The Domestic Partner tax is known as an imputed income tax. The imputed income tax is calculated by adding your share and the states share of the domestic partner’s premium to your gross income. Payroll then calculates your tax contribution for federal, state, social security, etc., using the higher imputed gross income rate. Once calculated, the state share amount is removed from your gross earnings resulting in less take home pay. Because there are many factors involved in this calculation such as rate of pay, tax withholdings, etc, the Benefits Unit is unable to provide a figure on the additional imputed income tax fee. However, employees can consult with their tax preparer to get a better idea of the overall impact.

    Dental Plans And Benefits

    Delta Dental Insurance Plans ~ news word

    Explore the dental plans and benefits available to PEBB subscribers and dependents.

    Find the dental plan for you

    Before you select a plan or provider, compare dental plans to find out what services are covered, which providers are in-network, and your costs for care.

    Keep in mind:

    • DeltaCare and Willamette Dental Group are managed-care plans.You must choose a primary dental provider within their networks. If you do not choose a primary dental provider, one will be chosen for you. These plans will not pay claims if you see a provider outside of their network.
    • Check with your dental provider to see if they are in the plan’s network and group number.Make sure you correctly identify your dental plan’s network and group number. You can call the dentist, the dental plan’s customer service, or use the dental plan’s online directory. Carefully review the selection you make before submitting your enrollment form.
    • Retirees: You must enroll in medical to enroll in dental.

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    Long Term Care Insurance

    PARSE endorses some of the most highly rated and stable Long Term Care Insurance companies. You choose an individualized plan to meet your needs: coverage includes care in your own home, care in an assisted living facility or care in a nursing home. Many of the companies offer premium discounts just for being a member of PARSE

    How Do I Enroll In Benefits If I Didn’t Elect Coverage Within 60 Days Of My Hire Date

    Outside of the November Open Enrollment period, in order to enroll in benefits if you did not elect when you first started you must provide proof of a qualifying event. Examples include: having a baby, getting married, or losing health coverage . Employees have up to 60 days from the date of the qualifying event to enroll in benefits and must contact the Employee Benefits Unit at with the following information:

    • Employee ID number
    • Date of qualifying event
    • Attach a document certifying the qualifying event , such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, proof of loss of coverage

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    How Do I Enroll As A New Employee

    All new employees have up to 60 days from their date of hire to enroll, and must contact the Employee Benefits Unit at with the following information:

    • Employee ID number
    • If seeking a waiver of the 30-day waiting period, attach documentation to your email that confirms the termination date of your current/previous coverage

    How Do My Benefits Differ As A Retired State Employee

    Good Day PA Retirement Special PASR

    Differences in Benefits as a Retired State Employee

    Medical Dental
    Retired state employees have access to the same two plan options available to active state employees. The plans co-pays, deductibles and, out of pocket maximums are also the same as active employees. The main difference occurs when an individual or dependent becomes eligible for Medicare. Eligibility for Medicare will adjust the premium payment contribution for retired employees. Non Medicare participants follow the same plan as active employees. For more information on individuals who are Medicare eligible and on our retirement benefits please click the link below. The dental benefit for retired state employees differs from the plan for active state employees, although the plan administrator is the same. For more information regarding the retiree dental plan please contact the retirement office at 802-828-2305.

    Retiree Health Premium Chart2023 Medicare Formulary

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    United Concordia Dental Insurance

    Did you know the health of your mouth can affect your whole body? PASR offers access to the premier United Concordia Dental insurance you need to stay healthy at affordable members-only rates. The price of a single service without dental insurance makes this plan easily pay for itself!

    For details on the coverage available to PASR members, please download the dental and vision benefit summary.

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