Places To Retire In Central America


Punta Del Este Uruguay

Costa Rica: Central Americas Retirement Gem
  • Cost of living for one person: $1,088

Another remarkable seaside getaway for Americans hoping to retire on a budget is Punta del Este located in southern Uruguay. The resort-like nature of the city makes it a highly sought-after location for recent retirees still hoping to live a glamorous lifestyle. From world-class dining to one-of-a-kind boutiques, there is a little something for everyone.

With beaches as far as the eye can see, few people will want to pass up this steal. The cost of living for one person is nearly half of what it would cost in the United States. For active retirees, the city offers countless opportunities for water and land activities.

Is Food Expensive In Central America

With restaurants and cheap eats, Central America can be complicated when it comes to the issue of the economy, as with most prices.

Despite Belize having the cheapest cheap eats in the whole region, it has by far the most expensive hotel rates.

If you look at the cost of food or groceries in each country, youd never be able to gauge the fact that Nicaragua is an extremely poor country where apartments sell for pennies.

There is little to no consistency like there is in some countries in South America, so each country needs its own dedicated level of research by those looking to travel to each country.

In general, it is safe to say that food is cheap in Central America. It is cheaper than North America and a lot cheaper than Europe.

Best Places To Retire

While there are many considerations to make when choosing an expat destination, one of the most important ones is how easy it will be to live there once youve arrived.

The new International Living Quality of Life Survey rates some of the best countries for retirees using a scoring system that measures a variety of factors that play a major role in determining the quality of life.

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Health Insurance While Retiring Abroad

Healthcare can make or break your retirement years. Poor accessibility to the right private hospitals can cause you and your spouse a lot of trouble when retiring in a foreign country. That is why it is recommended that expats secure international health insurance that covers pre-existing conditions when moving abroad.

Check out our video below for an overview of what international health insurance covers.

For further information on purchasing health insurance plans in foreign countries, contact our team at Pacific Prime for a free consultation session and a price-comparison quote today.

San Pedro Sula Honduras

Cuenca, Ecuador Might Be One Of The Best Places In The World To Retire

San Pedro Sula, Honduras is the second biggest city in the country with a population of 719,063 residents calling the city home. Like many other cities in Honduras, San Pedro Sula is experiencing a big problem with organized crime This has led to a murder rate of 112.09 per 100,000 people. Part of the problem has stemmed from damage to the banana production decreases and the damage that was done in a hurricane that hit the area. The economy has experienced an extreme difficulty which is another factor in addition to the high rate of murders committed in the city. This is a place that you wouldnt want to call home if you value your continued good health and well-being. One of the biggest problems in San Pedro Sula is organized gang warfare and violence.

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Are You Hoping To Spend Your Golden Years Abroad In The Best Countries To Retire In

We hope this list of the best countries to retire abroad has helped you better understand your options. If you have any more questions, we have answers.

At Greenback Expat Tax Services, we help Americans living abroad file their expat taxesaccurately and on time. Just contact us, and well be happy to help you in any way we can. We can even prepare and file your expat taxes for years to come.

Whether you need tax advice to prepare for a move abroad, to buy property or even retire, Greenback can help. Consults upfront can help avoid costly mistakes and stress later.

Mexico: Accessible Affordable And Familiar Why Go Farther

Mexico offers lots of options and opportunity for the expat. This is a big, extraordinarily diverse country that offers two long coasts, mountains, and colonial cities not to mention Mayan ruins, jungle, rain forest, rivers, and lakes.

Mexico is the most accessible country in the region from the United States and Canada. Being in North America, this country is home to many American franchises, from McDonalds to Pet Depot and Walmart to Starbucks. Almost anything you buy in the States is also available in Mexico.

Mexico is the #1 overseas destination for North Americans, with more than a million expats calling it home. Mexico is home to the biggest established population of American expats in the world. Ajijic and Chapala are two of the worlds biggest established communities of North American retirees overseas .

And all these expats are enjoying a low cost of living at todays exchange rates, while new arrivals are getting some good property bargains.

Because of its close relationship and proximity to the United States, Mexico is, perhaps, your best choice if you seek an adventure overseas with all the comforts of home.

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International Health Insurance In Latin America

Regardless of where you choose to retire in Latin America, your best bet is to secure international health insurance to cover medical treatment. Not only will this cover treatment in your country of choice, but globally as well. Be sure to include coverage for the US if youre a US citizen or travel there regularly.

Its also important to make sure that your plan includes emergency evacuation in case you need to travel for medical treatment. As a leading health insurance broker, Pacific Prime Latin America can help you find the best retiree health insurance plan in Mexico or globally along with family health insurance in Mexico and so much more. Contact us for impartial advice and a free plan comparison today.

Coronado & Nearby Pacific Beaches

Best Towns and Cities to Retire in Mexico and Central America

Playa Coronado was one of the first Pacific Coast beaches to develop a large expat community. Only about an hour from Panama City, over the Bridge of the Americas, it is close enough to visit the city to attend an occasional event. Coronado is a gated community at the beach with an international school and plenty of nearby shopping and dining. Nothing near the scale of Panama City, but enough to keep one satisfied. There is golfing and a nice beach to walk, swim, or go surfing.

Prices in Coronado are not low unless you compare them to Malibu, California, or Hawaii. A nice home can easily be half a million dollars or more. There are condos you can pick up for a decent price, in the $300k range, in the nearby beach area called Gorgona, just steps away but not quite as developed yet. There are several other beach areas expanding out from Coronado. They tend to get a little less costly as you move away from Coronado and the beach. Beachfront will cost you, but a few blocks inland you might find a deal. There are several large condo developments popping up along this Pacific stretch of coastline. The Coronado area is the most expensive beach area in Panama. More affordable options are San Carlos, Santa Clara, Chame, and Playa Blanca.

Coronado, and the surrounding beaches, have the second largest expat community in Panama , so you wont have a problem with speaking English here.

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The Best Places To Live In Belize As An Expat: Ambergris Caye And Caye Caulker

Belize is an interesting location for expats as its the only Central American country with English as the official language. Its been growing in popularity for years with tourists, snowbirds and permanent residents. The top destinations are the islands just off the coast. There youll enjoy all the things you dream about from a tropical Carribean island.

Ambergis Caye is the most popular expat destination in Belize. Located in the Carribean just off the mainland, its known for its beaches and water sports. The Blue Hole and Belize Barrier Reef are right nearby. Meaning that if youre a scuba diver this is one of the best location in all of the Americas.

As an island it can be more expensive, in terms of cost of living, so bear that in mind. Its more popular with wealthy retirees than families. The main town of San Pedro has a population of 16,000+ so there is a at least some community – for social life and entertainment.

Caye Caulker is small limestone & coral island off the coast of Belize. Its your prototypical Carribean island. At only about one mile wide by five miles long you might get island some fever. Its heavily dependant on tourism, so when the coronavirus runs its course, and you can get down, there should be some deals on long term rentals & properties for sale.

Best Places For Expats To Retire In Latin America

With its affordable cost of living and pleasant weather, Latin America attracts travelers and expats from all walks of life. The region often comes to mind when would-be retirees ponder where to spend their time once their working life is over. With so much to see and do, its also a great place for those who are able to achieve financial independence and retire early.

Retiring abroad allows many expats to enjoy a better quality of life, despite spending less. In this Pacific Prime Latin America article, we explore the best places to retire in Latin America as an expat.

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We Can Assist You With Business Formation And Property Purchases

If you are keen to move overseas and considering where to retire In Latin America, Biz Latin Hub can assist you in the event you plan on starting a business or want to buy property in a major city where we operate. We have offices in 15 countries around Latin America, including all six that were included in the top 10 global retirement destinations.

We are a professional services provider offering integrated packages of back-office solutionss to corporations and investors entering the region for the first time, or already doing business there, and we help people entering the region for the first time to overcome the linguisitc and cultural barriers they encounter when making investments.

Our portfolio includes accounting & taxation, company formation, due diligence, legal services, and hiring & PEO, and we can assist with property purchases in Bogota, Cartagena, Mexico City, Montevideo, Panama City, San Jose , and Quito.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can assist you doing business and getting set up in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Key services offered by Biz Latin HubSafest Cities in South America. Retiring in Costa Rica

According To International Living Magazine 6 Of The 10 Best Places To Retire This Year Are In The Region Why Is Latin America The Best Place To Retire

Good Places to Retire in Central America

LatinAmerican Post | Yolanda González Madrid

Planning a retirement entails doing a series of studies to determine which should be the best place to retire and settle after working life. Certainly, the possibilities are endless and, in addition, everything will also depend on the preferences of each one. Given this, and like every year, International Living magazine published the Annual Global Retirement Index 2022, where 6 Latin American countries stand out in the top-10.

It is worth mentioning that this study takes into consideration factors such as the ease of obtaining residence, the health system, the climate, the cost of living, among others. In addition, International Living relied on the insights and experiences provided by its network of contributors to develop the list, which is largely aimed at Americans and Canadians but also serves as a pointer to other regions of the world. What are they and why do the countries of Latin America stand out?

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The Cost Of Living In Popular Retirement Areas

Whether you rent or buy, a place to live in Latin America is probably going to cost you a whole lot less than it would in a prime area of your own country, especially if youve cashed out your current house and are getting ready to retire. Apart from real estate though, whats it really cost to live in these places? What are the monthly expenses going to be like?

Answering that question is not as simple, but there are a few publications out there that provide a rundown each year. The best-known is International Living, which keeps a close tab on housing prices, residency perks, and other factors important to retirees. Online only Live and Invest Overseas is their main competitor. ExpatExchange is a another good resource, with message boards for different countries. If youre watching the budget, the book A Better Life for Half the Price is the best resource to read at leisure.

If you want to just get a quick overview of prices and how they compare to where you live now, the site is a terrific resource. It shows costs for common expenditures and gives a sense of average real estate prices and salaries in that location. It will show you, for example, that average rents in Buenos Aires are 91.88% lower than rents in New York City! You can see that the average three-bedroom apartment or house rental in Boquete, Panama is $1,080 and the cost per square foot to buy is around $67. These are crowdsourced estimates of course, but will give you a general idea.

Cost Of Living In Central America

Latin Culture Last Updated · Aug 26th, 2022 · Layer Culture

What is the true cost of living in Central America?

After reading about people relocating to Costa Rica maybe Central America is the subcontinent youve always wanted to visit?

Better than that, maybe Central America is a place youve decided to move to permanently! Why not?

The cost of living in some of these countries is extremely cheap, and even just a year abroad here would convince you of its viability.

  • Cost of living in Central America
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    Cost To Retire In Central America

    Central America has lots to offer for retirees looking to relocate for their retirement.

    It gives retirees the opportunity to explore regions of great cultural diversity, both Spanish-inspired and indigenous.

    The whole subcontinent has some incredible examples of geology, biodiversity, and general greenery.

    However, it is still very important to consider the cost of living, cultural variations, immigration laws, and lifestyle when considering retirement.

    Even more so than a travelpreneur or a young family. There are thousands of expats in Central America who are retired, all the more reason to give it a shot.

    Research shows that Panama, Costa Rica, and Mexico are in the top three of Investopedias top five countries in the world to retire to.

    The cost is one of the major factors behind people choosing here, but dont retire here without accepting assimilation to the culture.

    Colonia Del Sacramento Uruguay

    10 Best Places To Live In Panama | Move To Panama

    The city of Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay offers gorgeous scenery and a slower pace. It is one of the best places to retire in South America, and it is close to Punta del Este. It is one of the best South American cities to live in because it is a UNESCO heritage site and only has around 26,000 people. They are known for their excellent fresh produce, wines and local cheeses.

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    Living In Central America

    Where can you find the best cenotes, the best biodiversity, the best coffee, and even the best turtles in the world?

    Why, its Central America, of course! There are plenty of reasons why people decide to become expats and retire here, so lets answer some questions you might have about living in Central America.

    Residence Permits Can Lead To Citizenships

    The dream of retirement can be waiting for you in a foreign country. It happens to thousands of expats every month who move abroad.

    In some countries, you can become a citizen within weeks or months. What are the top expat retirement destinations?

    Many nomads head for countries with low cost of living and great weather, such as Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Panama.

    Others find that their dream is within reach in a western European country. In Malta, Spain, Portugal, and Greece residency permits can lead to citizenships within a few years or months.

    Its always advisable to consider all of your current financial obligations before deciding on this nature.

    The costs for living in many of these countries may not be cheap, but if youve already chosen to retire abroad, then it is the perfect time for long-term planning.

    Even if you plan on retiring in one country, its best to have an expat strategy that will allow you to live in multiple countries once your income declines later in life.

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    Retirement In Latin America: An Overview

    Many people decide to retire in peaceful Lake Chapala, Mexico.

    Retiring Abroad to an exotic location with a pleasant climate and friendly locals is a dream for many soon-to-be retirees. But to make this happen requires loads of commitment, research, tenacity, and patience. To help you with your research of suitable retirement destinations, I have compiled a list of attractive countries around the world that might be suitable for retirees from North America, in terms of climate, quality of life, affordability, and safety. Not all countries I have listed are equally affordable, livable, or safe, but they all have their own unique qualifications that make them attractive, and they all merit the attention of anyone interested in retiring overseas. I have selected several countries from each continent that I consider attractive destinations for North Americans. This first part of the series covers the Americas

    To narrow down the number of destinations, I have used visa considerations as the primary criteria. All countries on my list have visa provisions that allow foreigners and/or American citizens to settle in their country without special requirements such as business investment or family ties that would exclude the majority of interested retirees. I have also excluded countries that may be pleasant, affordable, and stable, but have very cold and/or damp winters, which many retirees would rather avoid.

    Mexico and Central America


    Costa Rica



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