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Principal Financial Group Announces Dividend

Principal Financial Group purchases Wells Fargoâs retirement business

The firm also recently disclosed a quarterly dividend, which will be paid on Monday, December 19th. Shareholders of record on Thursday, December 1st will be issued a $0.64 dividend. The ex-dividend date of this dividend is Wednesday, November 30th. This represents a $2.56 dividend on an annualized basis and a yield of 2.90%. Principal Financial Groups payout ratio is 12.41%.

Benefits For Your Future

Thinking about enrolling in your employers retirement plan? Employer- sponsored plans are one of the easiest ways to build your retirement savings and offer major advantages.

  • Automated payroll deductions make saving easier.
  • Employer matching contributions help you save more.
  • Pre-tax salary contributions lower your current tax liability.

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans For Employees

Extra savings beyond qualified plan limits

Nonqualified deferred compensation plans are a way for people to save more money. The person who is saving the money can contribute up to 100% of their pay, depending on how the plan is designed. Nonqualified deferred compensation plans are also good for employers because they can make contributions, too.

Mutual funds are a way to make money. They can help people save for retirement. Studies show that 85% of the people who use mutual funds think they are important for saving money and reaching their goals.Talk with your financial professional about whether or not they can help you to add a deferred comp plan to your benefits program.

Help employees close the gap

Some people get a lot of money from their jobs. But they do not save enough for retirement because they can only put in so much each year. Nonqualified deferred comp plans let them save more and get closer to the goal.

Is a nonqualified deferred compensation plan right for your organization?

To provide a nonqualified plan, your business needs to meet some criteria:

  • In a public corporation, the shareholders own the corporation. In a private one, the people running it also own it. In a pass-through entity, all of the profits go to an owner. Sometimes non-governmental tax-exempt companies use this type of entity.
  • The business will have money to pay for everything if something bad happens.
  • People with a retirement gap because they cant contribute to their qualified plans.

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The Pros And Cons Of Principal Life Insurance

Principal Financial Group brings more than 140 years of financial protection experience to its clients. The company has strong financial ratings through the major industry ratings agencies, such as Fitch and S& P Global, with an overall stable outlook, so investors can feel comfortable trusting the company with their money. However, Principal no longer offers individual life insurance policies, so plans are only available through employer-sponsored benefits packages.

We Deliver Tailored Solutions For Your Unique Business

Advanced Corporate Solutions helps design and implement, employee ...

It comes down to expertise. When you work with a retirement-focused company, you get expertise and assistance in managing your plan with holistic data and actionable insights.

Contact your trusted business financial professional, or we can help you find one.

1 Principal® Retirement Security Survey findings, June 2022.

2 One provider is in reference to the plan recordkeeper or if applicable, Pooled Plan Provider. If you delegate to other providers such as a 3, you’ll need to monitor as well.

3 Top 3 defined contribution provider by number of participants, according to the annual PLANSPONSOR Recordkeeping Survey, July 2021.

Insurance products and plan administrative services provided through Principal Life Insurance Company®, a member of the Principal Financial Group®, Des Moines, IA 50392.

The subject matter in this communication is educational only and provided with the understanding that Principal® is not rendering legal, accounting, investment advice or tax advice. You should consult with appropriate counsel or other professionals on all matters pertaining to legal, tax, investment or accounting obligations and requirements.


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Retirement Systems Of Alabama Lowers Holdings In Principal Financial Group Inc

Retirement Systems of Alabama trimmed its holdings in Principal Financial Group, Inc. by 3.2% during the 2nd quarter, according to the company in its most recent Form 13F filing with the SEC. The fund owned 77,904 shares of the companys stock after selling 2,590 shares during the quarter. Retirement Systems of Alabamas holdings in Principal Financial Group were worth $5,203,000 at the end of the most recent reporting period.

Do You Offer Employee Benefits Through Us

Manage your benefits online.

1 Based on number of plans, PLANSPONSOR Recordkeeping Survey, June 2018.

2 As of May 31, 2019.

3 As of May 31, 2018.

4 As of December 31, 2018.

Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal.

Asset allocation and diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. Equity investment options involve greater risk, including heightened volatility, than fixed-income investment options. Fixed-income investments are subject to interest rate risk as interest rates rise their value will decline. International and global investing involves greater risks such as currency fluctuations, political/social instability and differing accounting standards. These risks are magnified in emerging markets.

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Tax Benefits Can Help You Save More

Contributions to a 401 , 403, or 457 plan that come out of your paycheck on a pre-tax basis reduce your taxable income. Potentially, this could push you to a lower tax bracket, too.

In 2022, the yearly contribution limit increased to $20,500,1 but some plans may have a lower limit. Log in to check your plans details.

Feel More Confident With Your Retirement Plan

How retirement accounts are taxed | It’s simpler than it sounds | Principal®

You offer a retirement planor youre thinking about it. Thats a great thing. But it comes with some questions. You may want help with things like plan compliance and participant engagement.

Thats where we come in. Were one of the leaders for 401 and 403 plans focused on helping you follow retirement plan rules and increase participation and savings rateswhile making your plan administration as efficient as possible.1

Talk to your financial professional about your defined contribution plan options or give us a call at 800-952-3343 to discuss how we can help.

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Is A Principal Life Insurance Policy Right For You

Principal life insurance policies may be ideal for companies and organizations that want to provide group life insurance benefits to workers or members. Companies can choose between employer-paid plans and optional employee-purchased coverage, with benefits that may reach $1 million. These plans typically offer options for conversion to an individual plan for workers who are no longer employed with the company.

Christian Worstell is a senior Medicare and health insurance writer with He is also a licensed health insurance agent. Christian is well-known in the insurance industry for the thousands of educational articles hes written, helping Americans better understand their health insurance and Medicare coverage.

Christians work as a Medicare expert has appeared in several top-tier and trade news outlets including Forbes, MarketWatch, WebMD and Yahoo! Finance.

While at HelpAdvisor, Christian has written hundreds of articles that teach Medicare beneficiaries the best practices for navigating Medicare. His articles are read by thousands of older Americans each month. By better understanding their health care coverage, readers may hopefully learn how to limit their out-of-pocket Medicare spending and access quality medical care.

A current resident of Raleigh, Christian is a graduate of Shippensburg University with a bachelors degree in journalism. You can find Christians most recent articles in our blog.

About Principal Financial Group

In 1879, Principal Financial Group opened for business strictly as an insurance company. Today, its offerings include long-term savings solutions for individuals and companies globally, and the company is a leading provider of benefits for small- and medium-sized businesses in the United States. The organization has a diverse leadership team and promotes ethical business practices, creating a stable climate for investing.

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Origin Of Fort Des Moines

Des Moines traces its origins to May 1843, when Captain supervised the construction of a fort on the site where the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers merge. Allen wanted to use the name Fort Raccoon however, the preferred Fort Des Moines. The fort was built to control the and tribes, whom the government had moved to the area from their traditional lands in eastern Iowa. The fort was abandoned in 1846 after the Sauk and Meskwaki were removed from the state and shifted to the Indian Territory.

The Sauk and Meskwaki did not fare well in Des Moines. The illegal whiskey trade, combined with the destruction of traditional lifeways, led to severe problems for their society. One newspaper reported:

“It is a fact that the location of Fort Des Moines among the Sac and Fox Indians for the last two years, had corrupted them more and lowered them deeper in the scale of vice and degradation, than all their intercourse with the whites for the ten years previous”.

After official , the Meskwaki continued to return to Des Moines until around 1857.

Archaeological excavations have shown that many fort-related features survived under what is now and First Street. Soldiers stationed at Fort Des Moines opened the first coal mines in the area, mining coal from the riverbank for the fort’s blacksmith.

Don’t See The Topic You Need Help With

Mutual Funds

Give us a call.

  • Retirement plan participants call 800-547-7754
  • Mutual fund clients call 800-222-5852
  • Everyone else call 800-986-3343

Or send us an email

The subject matter in this communication is provided with the understanding that Principal® is not rendering legal, accounting, investment, or tax advice. You should consult with appropriate counsel or other advisors on all matters pertaining to legal, tax, investment, or accounting obligations and requirements.

The Retirement Wellness Planner information and Retirement Wellness Score are limited only to the inputs and other financial assumptions and is not intended to be a financial plan or investment advice from any company of the Principal Financial Group® or plan sponsor. This calculator only provides education which may be helpful in making personal financial decisions. Responsibility for those decisions is assumed by the participant, not the plan sponsor and not by any member of Principal®. Individual results will vary. Participants should regularly review their savings progress and post-retirement needs.

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Give Your Employees More Retirement Security

It shouldnt hurt to do a good thinglike providing a defined benefit pension plan, nonqualified plan or employee stock ownership plan with your defined contribution plan.

The Principal Total Retirement SuiteSM combines services for multiple retirement plans, so you add to your benefits package, but not necessarily to your workload.

Principal Financial Group Reviews: What People Are Saying

Favorable reviews of Principal Financial Group note that its a trustworthy company with reasonable rates. Satisfied consumers praise its exceptional customer service standards, noting that its representatives are able to successfully answer questions and resolve any issues that arise. However, some customers note delays when requesting hardship withdrawals or rollover distributions.

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Make The Most Of Your Current Deferred Compensation Plan

Improving your existing deferred comp plan could sweeten your benefits package for top talent and give you:

  • Simplified government reporting and disclosure rules
  • Discretionary matching or incentive profit-sharing contribution options
  • Certain tax advantages and financial benefits, depending on plan structure

Principal® can evaluate your existing plans financing approach, plan design, and administrative servicesand give you the opportunity to combine all your retirement plans into one tailored solution with the Principal Total Retirement SuiteSM.

Everything You Need To Know About Your 401 In One Pretty Little Page

Tough Money Questions: Financial planning for multigenerational families

To help you have the income you need once you reach retirement, it’s essential to have access to a pre-tax retirement plan. We are proud to offer our employees access to the Principal Financial Group 401 plan, which has many exciting options for you to choose from for your retirement savings.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t want to participate in our 401 plan, you actively need to change your deferral percentage to 0% by contacting Principal after receiving your first paycheck. If you don’t opt-out, you will automatically be enrolled 30 days after your start date at a deferral rate of 6%. To do this you can either visit their website or call 800-986-3343.

For extra support, check out this 401 Opt Out Guide

Contact Information for Principal Financial Group

1 986-3343

You can also view this Online Account Access Guide for additional support

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Prehistoric Inhabitants Of Early Des Moines

Based on archaeological evidence, the junction of the and has attracted humans for at least 7,000 years. Several prehistoric occupation areas have been identified by archaeologists in . Discovered in December 2010, the is an expansive, 7,000-year-old site found during excavations prior to construction of the new wastewater treatment plant in southeastern Des Moines. It contains well-preserved house deposits and numerous graves. More than 6,000 artifacts were found at this site. State of Iowa archaeologist John Doershuk was assisted by archaeologists at this dig.

At least three Late Prehistoric villages, dating from about AD 1300 to 1700, stood in or near what developed later as downtown Des Moines. In addition, 15 to 18 prehistoric mounds were observed in this area by early settlers. All have been destroyed during development of the city.

Principal Financial Group Profile

Principal Financial Group, Inc provides retirement, asset management, and insurance products and services to businesses, individuals, and institutional clients worldwide. The company operates through Retirement and Income Solutions, Principal Global Investors, Principal International, and U.S. Insurance Solutions segments.

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What Life Insurance Products Does Principal Financial Group Offer

Principal Financial Group delivers retirement and investment solutions to individuals and employers. Its financial solutions may be optimized for growth or help investors protect the assets they already have. The company’s available products and services include IRAs, annuities, trusts and employer-sponsored retirement plans, as well as group life insurance.

Here Are The Next Steps We Can Take Together:

The Principal proves benefits of privatised retirement solutions ...

Answer a few questions to see if this solution fits your needs.

You can share your plan proposal with your team.

Complete your plan purchase and get your login.

Enroll employees and start saving.

We have answers.

What are the tax benefits for starting a new 401 plan?

New SECURE Act legislation offers small business owners tax credits for a portion of the cost of starting a new retirement plan. Find out what this could mean for you.

What is a 401 plan, and how does it compare?

401 plans allow employees to set aside a portion of their pay, typically before taxes. Employers can make contributions to the employees retirement plan if they choose.

Whats involved in managing a 401 plan?

The program automates many of the tasks required, but youll still have a few basic responsibilities as the plan administrator. Heres what you need to know.

Intended for plan sponsor use.

*Whats included: Plan costs are billed quarterly. Custodial and investment fees are charged against participating employees accounts . If the business owner chooses to work with a financial professional and/or TPA, their fees are separate and may be billed to the business owner. Financial professional fees may be deducted from participant accounts.

*Principal: As of Dec. 31, 2019.

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Defined Benefit Employer Pension Plans

Having a pension plan has been a great help for people. It is a reward for being loyal to you. If your plan is active, they have resources that will help you. If it isnt active, then they have resources to help with taking care of this problem.

  • The patent-pending process will help meet your unique needs.

    We have services that can help you with a DB pension plan. This is a type of plan where the company pays for all or most of an employees retirement benefits. They can help you manage this type of plan so that it is best for your company and also your employees.

    Principal® is a company that has expertise in many areas. They are not just an investment company. They have administrative, actuarial, investment management, trust and custody, and pension risk transfer services.

  • Manage the cost of your plan

    Help make your bottom line better.

  • Manage volatility and funded status risk
  • Navigate regulations and the impact on your plan

    We will help you find out what the rules are for your business. Well tell you what to do so that you follow the rules and stay in compliance.

  • Develop a strategy to terminate your plan

    Reduce the amount of volatility and limit the possibility that you will lose money. It is possible to do this with a formal termination strategy.

  • Pension risk transfer reduces your liability.

    We will labor with your company to find a way to fix your pension risk.

Scalable Retirement Plan Options

No matter the size of your practice, weve got a solution that can help. Check out whats available below to see what might work for you.


1 PLANSPONSOR Recordkeeping Survey, July 2020, Defined Contribution, total number of participants. Principal and Wells Fargo IRS combined data. Future market share is subject to change and wont be updated until next release of application data. Also based on total number of, ESOP, and Section 409A NQ plans. PLANSPONSOR Defined Benefit Administration Survey, May 2020. Ranking is based on total number of DB plans.
Simply Retirement by Principal® 401 plan recordkeeping, and administrative services are provided through Decimal, Inc. dba Ubiquity Retirement + Savings . Ubiquity is not affiliated with any plan and investment administrative services provided through Principal Life Insurance Co. or affiliated with any company of the Principal Financial Group®. Principal makes available the investment options for customers to select through Simply Retirement by Principal. All other services are provided by service providers not affiliated with any company of the Principal Financial Group. Refer to related documents and agreements for more details on plan services available.
Darby Affeldt and North Star Resource Group are not affiliated with any member of the Principal Financial Group.

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