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Why Are They Popular Pets

Storytime – Bengal and Abyssinian Cat Rescue ð?¾ð?¾

Their most unique feature, of course, is their elegant coat. Most people think of spots when they think of a Bengal, but they also don marble and rosette coat types. Rosetting is what causes some individuals to have spots which look more like doughnuts than dots in other words, the rosetting is comprised of spots with two colors . Marbling is a form of horizontal striping, a fascinating variety of swishes and swirls on the side and back of the body. Swirls that look like cinnamon buns are actually a default if you’re showing a cat, but they are still gorgeous. Here is a breakdown of the specific coat pattern types:

  • Arrowhead rosette: triangular spots pointed distally fades toward the tail
  • Doughnut rosette: outlined spots with a darker interior compared to the full coat color
  • Pawprint rosette: c-shaped or dappled spots, punctuated with half open and dark outlines
  • random patterning and swirls patterning continues to change within the first few years of life

How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Bengal Cat

Adopting is more budget-friendly than buying. Bengal cats may cost $75 to $100 to adopt, whereas buying from a breeder could have you pulling out thousands out of your pocket .

Like a rescue, retired breeding cats need a loving home too. If you would consider adopting a rescue, then a retired breeder may be for you, because both cats of different circumstances can both become loving, grateful companions.

The Joys And Hazards Of Living With A Pet Bengal Cat

Theophanes is a New-England-based blogger, traveler, writer, photographer, sculptor, and lover of cats.

An adult Bengal with the well-known and popular rosette coat patterning.

Although there are a lot of Bengal cat enthusiasts and reputable breeder websites, organization sites like The International Cat Association or The Cat Fanciers’ Association, few describe what living with a Bengal is really like. In this article, I hope to educate readers on the breed’s personality, instinctive behavior, reproduction and breeding, sociability with children and dogs, health issues, and more. Most importantly, I’ll share my story about what it’s like to live with Bengals as pets. Whether you recently acquired a kitten or you are simply a cat breed fancier, discover what a charming handful of a house cat these sprightly balls of fur can be.

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Reservation Deposit & Payment


To reserve your kitten, a deposit of $300 is required. This amount will be deducted from the price of your new bengal kitten. We always allow 24 hours to those interested to make the deposit payment. However, after the 24 hours has past, the kitten will be offered to another interested family. Deposits are not refundable and in some cases they are transferable to another kitten or a different litter.


We accept the following payment methods:



Please note that the remaining balance on the price of your Bengal kitten or cat must be paid 5 days prior to his/her departure.

Bora Bora Kona And Taha’a


San Diego, CAAge: 7, 6 and 6

Bora Bora, Kona, and Tahaa are a beautiful Bengal family who lost their Daddy due to an unexpected illness . They are currently residing with a relative and are safe and well cared for. The relative is 90 years old and will be moving in a few months, so we want to do our very best to find them the best and most loving home, together.

Bora Bora is the Mother to Kona and Tahaa and she is 7 years old. Kona and Tahaa are 6-year-old brothers, and they all love each other dearly.

Rarely do we find a family who is capable and Bengal-experienced, who could adopt three cats at once but this is what we are hoping for.

Bora Bora is a snuggly, sweet and loving 7-year-old female Sepia Bengal. She was very devoted to her human Dad and was with him to the very end. She really misses him, and is taking so much comfort from her beloved boys. She has a lovely disposition, shes not overly high energy. Shes a real joy to be around and is not demanding or loud.

Kona is a gorgeous Brown-rosetted 6-year-old boy. He is charming, confident, easygoing, and wants to be wherever the humans are. He loves his cat trees, cat wheel, and he is super affectionate towards everyone he meets.

Tahaa is a stunning Blue Bengal who is 6 years old and the LIFE OF THE PARTY. He will literally smother you in kisses just try to stop him! Tahaa is affectionate, humorous and loving. He loves his Mom Bora Bora, and he loves his brother Kona. He is such an amazing guy!

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Bonding With The Children And Other Pets

If there are kids in your place, or an animal or two, make sure to isolate your adoptee cat in a room before socializing it to the others. It can be overwhelming for them to be met with other animals and squealing children.

During feeding time, set up a screen between the Bengal and the pets, so they can each have a hint that theres a new member in the house. This adjustment will take time.

Dont let the kids handle the cat in the first few days.

Instead, instruct the young ones to watch as you play with the Bengal, and while it is engrossed with the activity, have your partner or friend bring in the other cat/dog. Your helper will play with the other pet while you play with the Bengal.

Keep this session going, and one of two things will happen: A. The animals will start to engage in the play together B. They will show signs of distrust/dislike, and thats a cue for you to try again next day.

The transition period will take time, but the result will be so much rewarding!

They Have An Affinity For Water

Like their ancestors, they adore the water. Almost every Bengal will have some sort of overriding obsession with water. They often drink by dipping their paw into the water bowl and licking it off rather than just drinking straight from the dish like the average house cat. They’ve also been known to play in water whenever they can, splashing water out of their bowl, interrupting their humans while they’re showering or bathing, and displaying an almost painful delight at playing with running fountains and faucets. People with fish should also beware that some enjoy pawing around the tank and catching goldfish.

People with fish should be aware that some Bengals enjoy pawing around the tank and catching goldfish.

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Bengal Cats And Kittens

We are a small in-house cattery, specializing in the bengal cats and kittens. We are located in the beautiful Texas hill country, just north of San Antonio and south of Austin in the beautiful New Braunfels Hill Country. Bengal cats are a cross between the Asian Leopard cat, a true Jungle cat and a domestic cat. They are beautiful and exotic looking as well as intelligent. We breed Bengal to Bengal, SBT, Stud Book Tradition. This is The International Cat Association TICAs definition for a purebred cat that has three previous generations of the same breed to same breed mating pedigree.

Bengal male cats are muscular and usually weigh between 12 to 18 lbs. Female Bengal cats range of weight from 7 to 12 lbs. Coat patterns of the Bengals can vary from spots to rosettes, which can come in a pattern known as arrowheads, doughnuts, clusters or paw prints. These are the brown spotted variety with gold or green eyes. Bengals can have many variations from Marbles, an exciting swirls patterns of one or more colors and the Seal Point Lynx Snows that are a milk cream coat with spotting/rosettes and beautiful blue eyes.

We have sold our Bengal Kittens in Austin, San Antonio, San Marcos, Laredo, El Paso to Houston, much of the state of Texas. We also have shipped our bengal kittens to all over the United States.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy And Cataracts

Bengal Kittens for Sale!

Both progressive retinal atrophy or PRA and cataracts are two hereditary eye conditions commonly seen in the breed. Retinal atrophy refers to a photoreceptor disorderthe wasting of the photoreceptors of the eyesand leads to premature blindness. Responsible breeders should test their Bengals for PRA before breeding.

Cataracts are also a common issue cataracts occur when the lens of the eye becomes increasingly cloudy over time.

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Kittens For Breeding Programs

Our conscious intention in breeding is to improve the breed. To that end, we tend to hold back our outstanding kittens to evaluate their potential, giving us better opportunity to only use & sell our best Bengal kittens for breeding. Look for the Upcoming Breeder label to identify these cutting edge kittens. Occasionally they are made available as slightly older pets. Simply because we offer a particular kitten as a future breeder does not mean we will offer that kitten to anyone who intends to breed. Our kittens represent years of hard work and we wish to place them where they can contribute significantly to the breeding program and with breeders who are stable and committed to improving the breed. Contact us if you have interest in acquiring a RainForest Bengal. We only sell breeder kittens to members of The International Bengal Cat Society and to those who have a TICA registered cattery.

Loverboy Leo And Gigi

Denver, COAge: 8

Original Bio

Loverboy Leo and Gigi are a bonded pair. They are eight years old and they came from two different breeders in Colorado, 7 months apart from each other. The photo here is of Gigi we cant post both of their photos here unfortunately.

Orem, UTAge: 12

Atty is a 12 year old female Bengal who was adopted by her family when she was six years old. Unfortunately, Atty did not enjoy living with the other cats in the home. Her owner knew that Atty wasnt happy, and she really wanted to give her a chance to live a loving and happy life away from the stress that she was currently living in.

Because of her age, her owner knew it might take a little while to find her the right home and she was willing to be patient. We had a lot of very young cats at the time, in our program. We worried that potential adopters would be more attracted to the 3 year olds and 5 year olds, but we pledged to do our very best for sweet Atty!

One day we received an inquiry from a very loving young woman. She was interested in adopting our bonded pair Aulani and Nermal. She worked for a Vet clinic and we could absolutely see what a wonderful adopter she would be. We reached out to her and let her know we would love to find a match for her Aulani and Nermal would not be the right fit though they were used to living in a very large home versus a small apartment.

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Meet My Female: Sophra

I got Sophra as soon as she was weaned, but even before I brought her home, she started to show her true colors. She was out running around the breeder’s house getting some exercise when we suddenly heard a horrible thump. There was Sophra, a little kitten at the bottom of the stairs. She fell off the banister and hit the hardwood floor with her nose, not her feet. It broke. Since then, her nose has always been dented.

Right after I brought her home, she started manipulating me. She would only eat if I was standing there watching her, and since I didn’t want her to starve, I caved for this cunning game of hers.

When she grew older, I started to believe my house had a poltergeist. Random objects would disappear never to be seen againchildren’s plush toys, bottles, hair ties, cough drops, hard candy, elastics, yarnand anything that was light enough to lug off. Occasionally, I’d find them stashed in bizarre places.

My pet sitter once had a nasty surprise when she was staying over to take care of the animals. She pulled up the covers on the bed only to find that Sophra had plucked a pincushion dry and spread pins and sewing needles all throughout the blankets and sheets.

Why Does A Breeder Retire Their Cats


A breeder will retire their cats for various reasons. Ideally, the retiree is an adult and will have been a positive contribution to the breeding program. Every breeder has their own set of standards as far as how long they will allow their adult tribe to work as breeding animals before deciding to retire. Sassy Koonzs goal is that healthy, productive adults will work until the maximum age of 5 years old.

There are many factors that will lead to the retirement of a cat. Lets Explore A Few:

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Do Bengals Make Bad Pets

Once I was foolhardy enough to babysit for a small Bengal cattery. I brought the cats to my home and let them run around one room. The litter consisted of two tomcats who had to be separated from each other , four adult females, and two six-month-old kittens. These were cattery-raised cats that did not know the comforts of a home They were wild!

When Do Breeding Cats Retire

Queens, or non-spayed female cats, are retired from breeding at about 5 years old to preserve their health and wellbeing. As they get older, more complications and risk come with the pregnancy and delivery of a new litter.

Female cats must be 18 to 24 months old to be able to nurse, and other factors are considered aside from age. They should be healthy and are in good condition to breed.

As for tomcats, male cats, they can breed for as long as they can thats why veterinarians strongly recommend to neuter cats thar are only meant for companionship. They are sexually active by the time they reach 6 months old.

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How Much Do Bengal Cats Cost

Bengals are expensive and might be one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world. According to the Bengal Cat Club, their value depends on their generation rating. Recall the “foundational” generation ratings. A female kitten from an F1 generation can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 USD. An F1 male, in contrast, sells for $1,500 because they are born sterile. F2 and F3 generations can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 USD.

Coat color and patterning, of course, also factor into their value. The snow Bengal is considered to have the rarest coat type, and spotted types are also high in popularity.

Professional Bengal Cat Breeder

BIG CAT (Tiger) vs BIG BIRD!

Bengal cats and kittens of incomparable beauty in all colors, renowned around the world.


Breeding Bengal cats submitted to a complete testing process to ensure their good health and the good health of their kittens.


Bengal kittens made with love that will seduce you with their charming personality and endearing behavior.

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What Is The Origin Of The Breed

Bengals originated from crossbreeding or mixing domestic cats with the wild Asian leopard cat or Prionailurus bengalensis . The purpose of this breeding was to obtain a cat with the disposition of a domesticated cat but with the wild and crazy markings of the Asian leopard cat.

Not to be mislabeled as the “Bengali cat” or misleadingly named the Bengal “tiger” cat , the domesticated Bengal is a hardy cross of both wild and domestic species. These hybrids were bred across numerous generations. The result was a stunningly beautiful, fiercely intelligent, and often quirky cat that could be kept in the household as a pet. Now Bengals are a recognized breed and can be shown at cat shows and sold legally across all 50 American states.

Some common traits of the breed like personality and patterning may carry over into half Bengal-tabby cat or kitten mixes, Bengal-Siamese mixes, Bengal-British Shorthair mixes, and other common domestic blends.

Adapted from Trait rating is from 1-5 1 being lowest, and 5 being the highest probability.

Eye Color And Coat Color Pairings

The breed is noted for its “mascara” and striking eye coloranything from a deep copper-gold to a startling minty green, to brilliant yellow and ice blue . Brown Bengals often have gold or green eyes, or a hybridization of the two lynx points have blue eyes, and mink, with slightly darker cream to tan fur, have blue eyes as well. Sepia types again have green or gold eyes or a combination of these eye colors their fur is slightly lighter than your standard brown coloration.

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Why I Love My Cats

Still, I adore the two. I raised them from kittens, and they keep me on my toes. Sophra can usually be seen darting full speed through the house with hard candy dangling from her mouth. We haven’t had candy dishes out for more than a year, likely two. When Sophra gets bored of the candy, she likes to jump up on the furniture in the wee morning hours and push everything she can off like a little bulldozer. It doesn’t matter if its paperwork or knickknacks, she’ll still watch it fall with amazement. So, what do you think? Too much personality for you?

Should You Adopt A Retired Breeder Cat


Owners have the option to buy a kitten, rescue a stray, or adopt one. Given that you are reading this, you are either considering on getting one or just generally curious, but before you invest on it, the first step is to read and research to know if a retired breeder cat is the right cat for you!

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