Retired Military Dental Insurance Plans


Military Dental Insurance Plans

Dental Insurance For Retired Military Personnel

Are you an active duty member of the U.S. military or a retiree who has served? First, thank you for your service. We appreciate the sacrifices you and your family have made for our country. We owe you a debt of gratitude.

Here in the southeast Minnesota area, our service members, retirees, and their family members are an integral part of our communities. And Main Street Dental Clinics is proud to provide dental care to our military families. But we understand that many of you have questions about your available dental coverage. So, weve put together this overview to help answer some of your questions about military dental insurance and retired military dental insurance.

There Is No Time Like The Present To Enroll

Maintaining dental health is important to your overall health. With VADIP enrollment is evergreen so you can enroll at any time. MetLifes VADIP is a dental plan for Veterans, created to make dental care more accessible to more Veterans in the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

More coverage

When it comes to dental insurance, its good to be able to use it when you urgently need it. Thats why we have no waiting periods on major procedures .1

We offer orthodontia coverage under the high plan for dependent children up to age 19 only.

High plan option: up to $3,500 annual Plan Maximum.

More dentists

With over 500,000 participating dentist locations, we have one of the nations largest dental provider networks. This is good news for you as it means more dentists to choose from.

Best Affordable Coverage: Delta Dental

Delta Dental

  • Coverage Limit: $1,000 to $1,500
  • States Available: 50

DeltaCare USA is an affordable plan making its provider Delta Dental our choice for the best affordable coverage. Copays are just $20 for up to two cleanings per year, and theres no charge for exams and X-rays.

  • HMO option with no deductibles or annual maximums

  • Copays by procedure

  • Only one plan with no waiting period on everything

  • Premiums must be paid for the year upfront

  • Doesnt cover some procedures like implants

Delta Dental is one of the largest dental providers in the country, serving more than 80 million people and maintaining a network of more than 152,000 dentists. By focusing exclusively on dental insurance, Delta Dental can offer lower prices than many competitors. A variety of plans is available for both individuals and companies.

Delta Dental offers only one policy with no waiting periods, but with a low monthly premium, it is incredibly affordable. This HMO plan, named DeltaCare USA, works with a copay structure instead of the coinsurance rates associated with PPO plans. Copays are listed by procedure and are fairly reasonable youll pay only $20 out of pocket for cleanings, with exams and X-rays free of charge, while fillings cost $25 to $120, and root canals are $240 to $400. There are no deductibles or annual maximums.

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Here Are Your 2022 Military Fedvip Dental And Vision Rates

Military retirees and their families as well as active-duty and guard or reserve military dependents can now see options and prices for 2022 insurance coverage through the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program .

FEDVIP is the system through which military retirees purchase dental coverage. Active-duty families as well as guard and reservists and their families enrolled in Tricare Reserve Select can use it to purchase vision coverage.

Open season is the time each year when you can make changes to your FEDVIP coverage for the following year. The rest of the year, you can make changes only if you have a Qualifying Life Event such as moving to a new area or changing your number of dependents.

This years open season will run from Nov. 8 through Dec.13, 2021.

The average FEDVIP dental insurance premiums will increase by 0.81%, and the average vision plan premiums will increase by 0.95% for 2022.

Like last year, this year there will be at least 12 dental and five vision insurance options available, depending on your location.

The FEDVIP website contains pricing information as well as details of covered procedures and a comparison tool which allows you to research the costs and coverage of all the different plans. You can also see the different levels of coverage available for your location and choose what fits your situation.

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Open Season For Fedvip Military And Retiree Health Insurance Coming Soon

Coronado Dentist Welcomes Patients with Military Dental Insurance

Every year from mid-November to mid-December all federal health insurance plans offer an open enrollment, also known as open season. This open season gives Americans enrolled in these insurance plans a chance to make changes to their annual contracted coverage.

This year’s open season will run from Nov. 14 Dec. 13, 2022.

During open season military retirees, active duty family members and those enrolled in Tricare Reserve Select may purchase or make changes to their dental and vision insurance, with the Federal Employee Vision Insurance Program .

FEDVIP allows military retirees to purchase dental coverage and active-duty families and those enrolled in Tricare Reserve Select to purchase vision coverage.

Tricare also offers an open season during the same time frame, where those covered by the military’s insurance plan are eligible to change their coverage.

Outside of open season, you can only make health insurance changes only if you experience a Qualifying Life Event such as moving to a new area or changing your number of dependents.

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Dental Benefits For Survivors

If your sponsor died while serving on active duty, you may qualify for the TRICARE Dental Program Survivor Benefit Plan.

  • We pay 100% of your monthly premium.
  • You pay your cost shares for covered services.

If you were using the TRICARE Dental Program when your sponsor died, youre automatically transferred to the Survivor Benefit Plan. If not, you can enroll at any time. > > Go to Enrollment

After three years, surviving spouses lose eligibility for the TRICARE Dental Program. Surviving spouses then become eligible for FEDVIP dental plans. Surviving children can remain enrolled in TRICARE Dental Plan until they lose TRICARE eligibility for other reasons.

Previous Dental And Vision Plan Changes From 2021

On August 11, 2020, the Office of Personnel Management announced that they have expanded the list of insurance carriers in Federal Employees Dental and Vision Program .

  • Dental Carriers increase from 10 to 12
  • Vision Carriers increase from 4 to 5

The number of dental carriers available will increase from 10 to 12, and the number of vision carriers will increase from 4 to 5 in the coming year. All vision carriers are offered nationwide, while five of the dental carriers will be offered on a regional basis only.

The new national dental carrier is UnitedHealthcare Dental PPO. The new regional dental carriers are Dominion Dental EPO, and HealthPartners. The new national vision carrier is MetLife Vision.

The competitive application process allowed OPM to strengthen the FEDVIP program through increased focus on wellness and education. OPM improved quality assurance, financial reporting processes, and enhanced fraud waste and abuse requirements, OPM said in a news release.

Even before these improvements, results of a 2019 survey of federal benefits indicated solid levels of satisfaction among FEDVIP enrollees. Those survey results are meaningful given that a total of 6.9 million federal employees, members of the military, retirees, and family members are currently covered under the dental and vision insurance programs.

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Do We Really Need Retired Military Dental Insurance

At some point during the transition, almost every veteran asks that question. If youre paying hundreds of dollars per year for coverage , then the expense of the insurance premiums can approach the actual cost of the dental care. This is by design refer back to the section above on the finances of dental insurance.

How badly do you need dental insurance? Whats the worst that could happen?

First, check your sleep-at-night comfort factor. If dental insurance makes you feel happier about taking care of your family, then its worth more to you than merely the cost of the labor & materials. If you have a large family or busy accident-prone teens then the reassurance of having dental insurance may be well worth the cost. However, that comfort factor comes at a cost, and until you reach financial independence then you have to be willing to work the additional months to earn the money to pay for it.

Next, check your health. If youre already dealing with chronic medical issues then they may affect your dental health as well. You may be genetically susceptible to gum disease or tooth decay, or blood-pressure medication may affect your oral health, or a straightforward cleaning could affect your heart. Living with diabetes may impact your gums. If you smoke or chew tobacco then maybe itll help you to compare the cost of dental care to the money you spend on nicotine and on cancer treatment.

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What Are Some Of The Costs

Introducing FEDVIP Dental and Vision for Military Retirees and Families

TDP costs include cost shares and monthly premiums. The premium amounts differ for single plans and family plans, and the military sponsors status determines the amount. Currently, the monthly premium for a single active-duty dependent plan is $11.39, and the family plan premium is $29.62. Reserve member premiums are higher.

Your cost-share is your out-of-pocket expense and varies depending on the type of dental service you receive. There are set contract year maximums and lifetime maximums that apply to certain services.

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Enrolling In Fedvip During Open Season

If youre about to retire or are newly retired, you can enroll in the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program during the federal benefits Open Season from November 14, 2022 through December 12, 2022 for coverage starting January 1, 2023.

Go to or view our 2022 Plan Fact Sheet for more information on your enrollment options.

What Is The Best Dental Insurance For Retired Military

The TRICARE dental program is available to retired military, and it hashas some benefits,benefits, like an allowance for braces, no waiting period and no annual deductible. However, it may not be the bestthe best for everyone. Some people find that dental discount plans or even private insurance are a better option for them.

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About Your Pdsp Benefits Or Claims

Contact Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada:

  • 1-888-757-7427 Toll-Free in North America
  • 613-247-5100 National Capital Region.
  • Monday to Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

If you have recently submitted a claim, SunServe, Sun Lifes interactive telephone system, can provide the status of your claim. SunServe is available during the following hours:

  • Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight Eastern Standard Time and,
  • Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

If you have Internet access, you may also visit the PDSP Member Services website.

How To Choose The Best Fedvip Dental Plan

From the Tricare Advisor: Check out the retiree dental program ...

Dental benefits differ widely, and many of the plans brochures use technical terminology thats hard to understand such as gingival , alveolar , and amalgam restorations .

Moreover, some plans use schedules of allowances so you dont know if the full charge will be paid . Since the plans limit coverage to the items listed in the schedule of allowances, your problem may not be covered at all, though the schedules are so broad this is a rare problem. Worst of all, no plans offer a catastrophic dental benefit that would cover you if, for example, you developed a chronic jaw infection and required dental procedures costing thousands of dollars more than the plan benefit covers.

If you arent sure that a plan adequately accounts for your familys dental needs, or to be sure you get the network discount, you should talk to your dentist. For example, all dental plans now at least partially cover the cost of dental implants, a very expensive procedure. But exactly which parts are covered, which options are best, which of these parts or options requires plan approval, and how likely your case is to get plan approval, varies from plan to plan. The best way to find out which dental plan will cover your implant at the lowest cost to you is to ask your dentist or dental surgeon what his or her patients experiences have been.

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Dental And Vision Programs Rules In Common

  • Not All participants have access to both Programs
  • You have a maximum of 90 days from your termination date due to retirement or 90 days from your COBRA end date due to retirement to elect the Program.
  • You had to have a negotiated EBF dental or vision plan on the date of your retirement to access the program.
  • Your employer had to sign a separate Retiree Memorandum of Agreement for either/both program during the course of your employment to be eligible for participation.
  • Participants with access to both programs and elect both programs must start both programs in the same month.
  • If you are eligible and elect a Retiree Program, monthly premiums must be paid through the Recurring Payment Program.
  • Coverage is offered in three tiers: Retiree Retiree +1 and Family.
  • A minimum of 12 months participation is required for the enrollee and any eligible dependents.

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Maximum Reimbursement For Dental Services

Except for orthodontic services, there is a reimbursement limit of $1,700 per calendar year per covered person for all eligible dental services. If you, your eligible spouse or common-law partner and/or children join the DCP on or after July 1 of any given year, the maximum reimbursement amount per person, excluding orthodontic services, is $850 for that year.

Orthodontic services are subject to a separate lifetime limit of $2,500 for each covered person for all eligible orthodontic services.

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Plans Offered Through The Fedvip Program

For most retirees, the two hardest parts about the switch from the TRDP to the FEDVIP program will be the new open season model and choosing between the many FEDVIP options.

Depending on your zip code, you may have more than a dozen plans to choose from. Each plan has a different premium and has different coverages, deductibles, co-pays, and plan maximums. Importantly for those transitioning from the TRDP to the FEDVIP plan, some FEDVIP plans have a waiting period for orthodontia, though some plans are making exceptions for those moving directly from the TRDP.

The Tricare Dental Program

Dental Insurance For Retired Military Personnel

Service members who are not on active duty and their families, plus families of those who are on active duty, can sign up for TDP cover. Active duty service members receive separate cover under the ADDP.

Fixed-rate premiums apply, as laid out in the table below.

Sponsor’s military status



These monthly payments are fixed for a year at a time. The figures above are for the 2017-18 year but are subject to change on May 1 annually.

TDP insurance used to be administered by Metlife but United Concordia recently took over the contract.

Enrollees,Enrollees, whose policies began before May 1, 2017, will continue to receive cover from Metlife dental military insurance until May 1, 2018. After that date, all policy administration will switch to United Concordia.

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Dental Coverage For Tricare Retirees

Sponsored: Dominion Dental Services is proud to be one of the FEDVIP dental carriers available to you. We are the only Dental HMO plan offered through FEDVIP and are available to residents of DC, DE, MD, PA and VA. to compare plans, view rates, search for a dentist and access additional resources.

With a wide selection of 10 different FEDVIP dental plans to choose from, below are some factors to consider when making the best choice.

  • Look to see if the plan has any waiting periods that may be a barrier to receiving immediate care.
  • Check to see if your dentist participates in the plans network. If you have long-term loyalty with your dentist, you will want to confirm that your dentist is in the network.
  • Sponsored: To enroll in one of Dominions dental plans, visit the BENEFEDS website during Open Season. Open Season runs from November 12, 2018 through December 10, 2018 EST.

    Heres Everything You Need To Know About The New Dental Coverage For Military Retirees

    Whats this thing called FEDVIP?

    The Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program, or FEDVIP, is a voluntary program that provides supplemental dental and vision benefits to federal civilian employees, retirees, and their families. FEDVIP allows those eligible to buy dental and vision insurance on a group basis with competitive premiums and no pre-existing condition limitations.

    There are no government contributions toward premiums. FEDVIP offers 15 dental plans, including some that are specific to certain areas, but at least 10 dental plan choices are available to any potential enrollee. There are eight vision plan choices available to all. Some of the plans offer both high and standard options.

    Why is this change being made?

    It was mandated by Congress in the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act to offer eligible beneficiaries the opportunity to purchase dental and vision insurance currently available to federal employees under FEDVIP, according to the report accompanying the law.

    When is the deadline to enroll in FEDVIP?

    The FEDVIP open enrollment period is Nov. 12 to Dec. 10. The coverage is effective beginning Jan. 1, 2019.

    There will be a process for enrollment for service members who retire after Dec. 10, but specific information was not yet available.

    How do I enroll in FEDVIP?

    Visit You can compare different plans available and rates based on your ZIP code. Youll be able to enroll starting Nov. 12.


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