Retirement Gifts For Wine Lovers


For The Wine Sipper Who Likes To Snack: Maker Wine And Gourmet Snack Pack

Unique and Fun Holiday MUST HAVE Gifts For Wine Lovers

What’s better than the perfect pour of wine? A gourmet snack to go with it. The Wine and Gourmet Snack Pack from Maker is a beautifully packaged gift for a wine lover who likes to drink one serving at a time and pair it with a tasty snack like sourdough crackers, green olives and dried apricots. Each of the six cans of premium wines are one-third of a regular size bottle with zero sugar and less than five grams of carbs.

For The Wine Lover Who Might Get A Headache: Drop It Wine Drops

Here’s another stocking stuffer idea for the wine lover in your life: If they’e prone to headaches, they will be very thankful for this thoughtful little gift. These wine drops promise to reduce sulfites and tannins in all types of wine. So, does it actually work? We tested the wine drops and found they did indeed reduce sulfites, and our tested did not experience any headaches after using them.

A Wine Set As Cool As He Is

Still searching for unique retirement gift ideas for men? Look no further than thisengraved wine tumbler gift set! Not only will every retiree appreciate the subtle humor of having them finally aged to perfection, but they will love the blackout tumbler gift set. Perfect for keeping their wine or cocktails chilled for hours, the stainless tumblers are simply unbeatable! Speaking of which, theyre super tough too. That means that he can easily enjoy them by his pool, on a picnic, or even on a long fishing trip without having to worry about them being broke. Talk about a great retirement gift!

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What Do You Get A Man For His Retirement

Retirement gift ideas for men need to focus on their hobbies and interests. After all, they are going to have much more time to enjoy their interests now. Awards and plaques are great when it is from a manager or team member, but if you know them more intimately make sure you get a retirement gift for him that is unique to what he enjoys in life, and he will be forever grateful!

For The Wine Lover Ready To Take Their Passion To The Next Level: Own A Napa Vineyard

Retirement wine glass retired wine glass Funny wine quotes

Is the wine enthusiast in your life like, really enthusiastic about wine? If so, you can actually gift them their very own vineyard in Napa with this unique Groupon gift. The one year package includes hands-on lessons on how to prune and harvest grapes, invitations to annual parties and vineyard owners can even tend to their own vines. While away, they will have access to a live webcam view to watch their precious grapes grow.

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The California Wine Mixer Box

There is no better feeling than raising a glass to retirement. The California Wine Mixer lets them raise 8. This gift will transport them to a tour of the sun-drenched coasts and golden vineyards of California. The 8-bottle wine box flight is perfect for those new to wine and looking to discover new varietals, or wine lovers looking to sample Californias best.

In Good Taste Wines has found eight gems and bottled them by the glass, highlighting the low-key, bold, and glamorous tastes of the Golden State. Grab your surfboard and sunscreen. Its time to go West.

For The Organized Wine Lover: A Wine Rack

Any wine drinker who also likes to stay organized will love a wine rack to stack and store their favorite bottles. The Bariboo wine rack is the best one we tested. The modern, wave-style wine rack can easily fit on a kitchen countertop or next to a cabinet, and can be placed vertically or horizontally. The rack holds 12 bottles, but another one can actually be stacked on top or next to it to double your storage capacity.

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Moleskine Passion Wine Journal

For those who like to savour every aroma, a wine journal becomes an archive of every bottle that has stirred the senses. Think of it as a diary somewhere to record the grape, year, place and what it was paired with. A wine journal is a great gift for those who like to jot down tasting notes, are building their own collection, or associate memories with the drink they had at the time.

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You Can Never Go Wrong With Wine Decor

Three Best Holiday Gifts For A Wine Lover

People who love wine enjoy decorating their home with anything to do with wine whether its whimsical DIY wine cork trinkets, wine bottles filled with string lights, or signs like this one! Designed to look like a wine barrel, this lovely sign is the perfect gift for a wine lover because its customizable, elegant, and shows off their love for wine. It comes in two different color schemes too, the green one as shown and a white version with red elements. The green version kind of represents white wines such as Chardonnay while the red is more for Merlot fans.

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Retirement Gift Box Set

The Retirement Gift Box Set is like getting a spa in a box. The spa element of the gift box includes a tranquil lavender soy wax candle, lavender natural castile soap, peppermint-shea lip balm, relaxing rose petal bath bomb, uplifting orange bath bomb, an engraved wooden heart with a customized inspirational message, a heartfelt greeting card, and an optional add-on like a gold necklace or other items. Plus the jewelry portion of this luxury gift box comes with more than a dozen other incredible additions. DearAvaGifts ensures that everything featured in the box is of premium quality.

Rose Wine Retirement Gift

Housed within a high-quality wooden gift box and created to offer amazing flavour from the first sip down to the last, the single bottle of Pinot Grigio Rose Wine included within this gift set makes a magnificent addition to any retirement party or celebration its sent to. A one-of-a-kind gift that is absolutely certain to stand out from the crowd no matter how many presents there may be every inch of this uniquely delicious Rose Wine Retirement Gift Box makes a statement unlike any other. Easy to personalise with a message from you as well if desired, this gorgeous gift box is the perfect way to surprise anyone retiring from a long-time career, whether its your boss to your brother.

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Bad Advice From Wine Notebook

Whether you are a wine connoisseur, love having a glass after a long day, or youre the person that stocks up on box wine whenever its on sale this wine stain notebook is perfect for you. For all the times weve heard bad advice, no advice can compete with that from a bottle of wine. Unfortunately, even after a couple of glasses, were still treading in dangerous advice territory.

A New Way To Drink Wine

Retirement Wine Lover Can Wine All Want Throw Pillow

Novelty wine glasses are fun gifts for wine drinkers, sure, but what about unique glasses like these? Youve probably never seen any wine glasses like them! With built-in straws and convenient little feet to stand on, you can sip wine in a more fun and different way than ever before. Anyone who drinks wine would love to try them out! Theyre great for entertaining friends and family, too, as theyve probably never tried them before. These cute little sippers are like the adult version of cups with bendy straws!

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For The Wine Lover Who Enjoys The Outdoors: A Wine Carrier Picnic Set

Whats better than a picnic on a beautiful day? A boozy picnic! This wine carrier picnic set holds two bottles of wine, and comes with all the accessories for a perfect picnic including a bamboo cheese board, wine bottle opener, bottle stopper, two cups and napkins. Just pack the durable canvas tote with wine and cheese for the perfect picnic at a park with a friend or loved one.

A Gift For The Legend

In your life, this guy is an absolute legend. So it is only fitting that his end of work gift tells him that! This custom whiskey gift box tells him 3x that he is the most legendary and mythic man you know! Make this the most memorable gift at his retirement party by including a few miniature bottles of his favorite liquor so the two of you can have a toast toward his last day of work using both of his new rocks glasses!

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On The Go Wine Chiller

Chardonnay preferred temperatures on the chilly side, while Chianti liked a cellar climate. So your bottles are safe and secure in the cushioned interior of this sleek stainless steel, insulated wine cooler, so you can safely tote your vino from the wine fridge to the backyard, to the park, and even into the wilderness. Snug in its carrying case, this picnic essential keeps a standard bottle cool for up to 12 hours.

For The Wine Lover Ready To Make Their Own Vino: Make Your Own Wine Kit

Top 3 Christmas Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

If you’re looking for a unique wine gift, a wine making kit might be the way to go. The Pinot Grigio Wine Making Kit from Uncommon Goods is an all-inclusive kit with all the ingredients and equipment needed to make a gallon of crisp, dry, Italian Pinot Grigio with a fruity taste and light floral fragrance. Cabernet, Chardonnay and Merlot kits are also available. The difficulty level is intermediate, so just make sure the wine lover you’re buying for is willing to put a little time and effort into making their own wine.

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Whiskey Decanter Set For The Refined Gentleman

A is not only gorgeous, but also very practical. Decanters are an attractive centerpiece for any bar and they keep liquor fresher than a regular corked or capped bottle. The refined retiree can display his best scotch in the personalized decanter and pour his friends a drink with the 4 matching rocks glasses that are all engraved with his initial and name. Personalized decanter sets like this one are handsome retirement gift ideas for men who are veterans of military or law enforcement, lawyers, doctors, or first responders. Your retired dad will love getting this decanter set as a retirement gift.

Do You Give A Gift To Someone Who Is Retiring

Yes! Retirement is a monumental occasion in a persons life and it should be reciprocated and acknowledged with a gift, small or large, to show that not only are you going to miss working with them but that you appreciate their time and cant wait for their life to take the next step. Whether you give them a plaque, a bottle of booze, a custom gift, or something else, every retiree will appreciate something that makes their transition to retirement all the easier and more joyful.

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Personalized Wine Glasses Set

Wine glasses are always appreciated gifts for people who regularly drink wine, but that doesnt mean they have to boring. Whether youre giving a holiday, housewarming, or promotion gift, the wine lover you know will appreciate a gorgeous personalized box set of stemless wine glasses. Giving a personalized gift shows that you really care about the recipient as you put extra thought into the gift instead of just grabbing a set of wine glasses from the nearest department store. They will love having large stemless glasses for their red wines because it will allow the wine to breathe and aerate better than in most standard glasses. Plus, theyre gorgeous because of the elegant engraving! They will want to show off this lovely set to everyone you know.

Explore The Outdoors Kit

Retirement Tumbler

Help them set out on an adventure with this retirement gift box packed with the explorers essentials that include a Nomad packable backpack, stainless steel water bottle, survival LED headlamp, and a pack of organic trail mix. Wish them the best and gift them something they can take out on the open road and explore some of natures beauty. The Explore Kit features four quality items expertly curated from the team at Bespoke Post. Send your retiree on a trip to enjoy the next chapter of their adventure!

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The Sweet Taste Of Retirement

Retirement gifts for men shouldnt be something that just looks classy, they need to be items that he will also love using as well. Nothing captures the qualities of a perfect retirement gift for a whiskey-loving man better than this Glencairn gift set. Perfect for nosing and tasting his whiskey, he can become the aficionado he has always seen himself as. Plus, if his friends are retired too, this is an ideal way to have a tasting party. Now, how could he have more fun than drinking and talking about whiskey with the guys he has been friends with for years?

Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Adults

Stocking stuffers arent just for the little kids. So when adult family members are visiting for the Christmas holiday, dont forget to fill their stockings, too. When you’re on the hunt for the best adult stocking stuffer ideas, err on the side of small and light lightweight and lighthearted, that is.

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An Insulated Travel Tote To Take On Picnics

West Elm

For the person who shows up to every event with a bottle of wine in tow, this insulated travel tote will make their job much easier, keeping wine at the perfect temperature during transit. The stately bag is made from a waxed cotton canvas and has leatherette straps. Plus, it comes in two sizes, allowing you to easily carry two or three bottles at a time.

Edible Wine Gift Basket

She Makes The Perfect Gift For Wine Lovers!

Sometimes, the best gifts for wine lovers are simply wine, but why not step it up a notch and get them a whole gift basket full of delicious snacks to enjoy too? This gorgeous, opulent gift basket is rather impressive. It comes with a Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and an assortment of sweet treats and savory bites. Such an extravagant wine gift basket is best to celebrate the holidays, a promotion, or retirement.

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Bottle Labels For Wine

The Retirement Gift Wine Labels come with a 6-pack of black and gold wine bottle sticker labels that are just absolutely perfect for a retirement party! These decorative items feature a printed glitter image and are durable and waterproof to withstand chilled wine. They will last as long as any wine your retiree friend has and theyll add extra glitz and glam to every occasion. The glossy, high quality paper gives the printed image pop!

Wine Is A Precious Long

You cant go wrong gifting wine when you want to give something thoughtful, precious, and grandiose. There are incredibly prestigious options for white, sparkling, and red wine that will undoubtedly lead to elegant and princely evenings.

If the retiree enjoys aged wine, find an incredibly delicious aged wine that they can allow to continue to age and open for another special occasion, such as their retirement anniversary.

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Wine Folly Guide To Wine Book

Red or white? Cabernet or Merlot or Pinot Noir? Light or bold? What to pair with food? Drinking great wine isnt hard, but finding great wine does require a deeper understanding of the fundamentals. Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine will help you understand it all in a unique infographic wine book. This book combines sleek, modern information design with data visualization and gives readers practical answers to their wine questions.

A Wine Guide Pretty Enough To Be A Coffee Table Book

Retirement wine cup


If youre wondering whether this book is any good, Wine Folly won a James Beard awarda huge honor in the culinary world. The hardcover guide is attractive enough to use as decor on a coffee table, but its also an amazing educational resource on all things wine, including types of grapes and wines, wine labeling and classification, food pairings and much more.

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Virtual Retirement Happy Hour

Cap off a long and successful career with a round of drinks, virtually! A virtual retirement happy hour can be a great time to share stories, socialize, and celebrate your coworkers next big step. The happy hour experts at Priority Experiences will deliver mini cocktail kits to all of your attendees homes. Plus, a master mixologist will host your group as you learn how to make some of the most delicious cocktails out there. Finish off with some fun trivia and a Q& A session, and you will find your group smiling from this virtual retirement gift.

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