Retirement Homes For Horses In Florida


What Are Equestrian Retirement Communities

Florida, USA A Retirement Home for Horses

Equestrian retirement communities provide living accommodations near to home but usually in an area or in a community where there are equestrian amenities. For those that love horses and the type of lifestyle they offer, this is an important consideration. The amount and type of care provided at these locations differs significantly from one to the next. The good news is that there are numerous options available today giving individuals the ability to choose the location that is right for their unique needs.

In short, an equestrian retirement community is one that combines the lifestyles and features of a true equestrian community from the stables to the open space with the services of a retirement community. This unique blend of services can be a powerful choice when it comes to creating a long life filled with the things you love.

Retirement Horse Boarding In Ocala Florida

Crowe’s Nest Farm provides retirement horse boarding in Ocala that is perfect for horses that have finished their show, racing or pleasure careers. The serene atmosphere provides the environment where they can now relax, while receiving the appropriate feed and hay for their age and condition. Supplements and medications are given as prescribed to help our residents remain comfortable and content.

Retired horses enjoy our grassy paddocks and pastures with lots of shade at Crowe’s Nest Farm. Stalls are available for owners who prefer their retirees be inside during undesirable weather conditions. We do our best to accommodate every horse, providing a level of comfort with a care plan suited to their individual needs.

Lets Break Down Horse Retirement Costs

As you can see with Farm A, it is The Basics. The basic plan for Farm A is Pasture Retirement for $300 per month. Horses on this plan will get all their nutrition from the pasture and grain and baled hay supplements in the winter months. This plan does not offer individualized attention per horse. They are checked on once a day and groomed and bathed as needed.

Farm A offers a second plan for $350-$400 per month. These horses get more individualized attention and have a dedicated stable for nights and harsh weather. For this horse retirement boarding plan, horses are brought into the barn for regular feedings and feed supplements. Blanketing, fly masking, leg wrapping, and other various medical duties are covered. However, on this plan Farm A covers only the first $50 of feed per month and you will get billed with the extra.

Farm B offers much of the same type of care as Farm A. With Farm B you get to choose your boarding style, Pasture Retirement or Stall Retirement. Pasture Retirement for your horse for $400 per month means your horse is in the pastures 24 hours a day with 4-10 other horses. Blanketing and fly masking are provided as needed. These horses get fed twice a day with customizable feeding options and hay in the winter. Worming up to 4x per year, annual dental and annual vaccines as well as regular trimmings. Supplements and medications must be purchased by the horse owner, you, but are administered as part of the plan.

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Equestrian Communities For Retirement

Equestrian communities for retirees and active adults of all ages offer horse lovers complete facilities for riding, racing, stabling and showing their prized thoroughbreds in a variety of rural settings.

Whether youre searching for the perfect retirement community in the mountains or closer to the coast, youll discover ideal homes for horses and their owners throughout the South. In fact, the farmlands and pastures in the midlands areas of those states are where youll find some of the nations finest equestrian breeding and training facilities.

Where Can I Find Equestrian Retirement Communities

Retirement Home For Horses at Mill Creek Farm (Alachua ...

Equestrian retirement communities are a newer type of place to call home. They are growing in popularity, though. Many seniors today want a higher quality place to live, one that allows them to do the things they love doing on a daily basis. And, for those who want privacy, beautiful, natural areas around them, and a way to get some help with retirement needs, these locations tend to work very well. This could be the ideal place to call home for your future. Take a careful look at horse communities in your area they are in virtually every state today. You can use our search feature to find an equestrian retirement community near you today.

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What Would You Like To See In The Horse Retirement Farm You Choose

A retiring horse may need attention and special care. Knowing that your horse is in the hands of a professional or at least experienced horseman will tell you they know what they are doing. Most, if not all, horse retirement farms are run by former or current horse owners.

Are you wanting to keep your horse nearby so you can visit frequently or are you okay with your horse being transported to another state? If the farm is nearby, most horse retirement farmers will encourage you to drive out to visit and look around before making your decisions as well as while your horse is staying there. Walking around the farm may help you feel more comfortable retiring your horse there. Additionally, being in person with the owners/operators gives you the opportunity to ask detailed questions about horse care and the attention that your horse will receive while retired on their farm.

Why Choose Assisted Living At A Westminster Community

We know that home extends beyond four walls its a sense of community. Residents enjoy access to a host of great campus amenities and health services, just one more benefit of Assisted Living in an active-living community.

Most important, we’ll there to take care of your loved ones today and in the future. Our communities are part of the family of Westminster Communities of Florida, a fiscally sound, faith-based, not-for-profit organization serving more than 7,000 residents in 22 communities throughout Florida. With an investment-grade, A- from Fitch Ratings, and a commitment to good stewardship since 1954, a Westminster community can be a sound partner for your retirement for many years to come.

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Equine Retirement Done Right

Little Tree Horse Retirement is a specialized equine retirement facility that provides a comfortable environment for retired horses. We were established in 1997 based on the philosophy of providing high-quality care to retired horses in a pastoral setting. We know that horses are herd animals, and as such, find their security and comfort in that setting. We maintain an environment which will foster their natural instincts and allow these retired horses to live their lives in comfort.

For many of our retired horses living in a herd is a new experience. This is the first time they are truly allowed to be horses, enjoying the benefits of continuous companionship and the group security horses embrace. Our retired horses thrive in this natural setting with large expanses of pasture, intermixed with numerous ponds and wooded areas. Horses are fed and monitored daily and provided with run-in sheds for protection from weather, and stalls for any individuals who may need to be separated for special needs.

Florida Has A Retirement Home For Horses Admission: Two Carrots


Being put out to pasture isn’t a bad thing for horses near Gainesville.

After being rescued by the SPCA or retired from government service patrolling with police or in state parks, these elderly horses are sent to the Retirement Home for Horses at Mill Creek Farm in the small town of Alachua north of Gainesville where they’re able to spend their golden years grazing on grass.

Once the horses arrive, the staff makes sure they never have to be worked or ridden for the rest of their lives. In exchange for all their years of service — or in some unfortunate cases abuse and neglect — these horses receive weekly grooming, tons of carrots and, of course, lots of love.

Peter and Mary Gregory fulfilled a lifelong dream in 1983 when they purchased 140 acres back in 1983. The farm has since expanded to 335 acres, allowing the Gregory family to save hundreds of horses.

It’ll only cost you two carrots if you’d like to visit the 130 horses at the farm when it’s open to the public every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

For more information, visit

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How Do I Adjust My Horse For Retirement Life

Most farms will offer programs to enroll your horse into their farm. For example: what if your horse has been stabled rather than pasture fed, yet you are considering a pasture retirement. Your retirement farm will have methods of handling this. They might approach it like this: having the horse slowly tapered off hay/grain and allowing them to slowly adapt to pasture life in their own time. By having access to hay or grain at the same time as pasture they will learn on their own. Most horse retirement farms will allow each horse to acclimate at its own speed.

In the end the decision is yours. Which program you choose to enroll your retiring horse in is your call. Ask the horse retirement farmer any questions you may have. Write your questions out on paper a few days prior to meeting with the horse retirement farm. They will be able to answer all your questions and walk you through the process of retiring your horse at their farm. Choosing the right farm can be a hard decision, but by the time you select a farm you will have peace of mind knowing its the right call.

Military Horses Retire At Alachua Horse Retirement Home

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Two retired US military horses have now found a home at Mill Creek Farm Retirement Home for Horses.

Making this happen was a lifelong dream fulfilled for Mary Gregory and her late husband Peter.

When we met we found we both loved animals and we said if we ever made the money we would like to start a place to save animals, said Mary Gregory, Co-Founder of the Retirement Home for Horses.

So they did just that. Since 1984, the farm has been making a difference in animals lives.

Now, retired military horses Ahab and Traveler get to feel that same love.

They came from Fort Carson in Colorado from the army color guard out there, said Paul Gregory, President of the non-profit sanctuary, and Marys son.

Traveler even has a US military tattoo that will stick with him forever.

Paul Gregory said both horses developed issues with arthritis in their legs.

Many of the horses they take in were neglected in the past.

They come through our gates skin and bone usually and scared stiff of people, said Mary Gregory.

But with the resources they have at Mill Creek Farm, theyre able to turn things around for so many animals.

After a little bit of time, you see them all of a sudden get this new strength and vitality and glow about them and its just wonderful to watch them prosper, said Paul Gregory.

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Horse Races And Shows

Retirement communities for horse lovers are frequently located in areas with horse-racing tracks and horse-show arenas. Many of these competitive events are part of annual festivals celebrating the equestrian lifestyle, while other facilities feature a weekly schedule of activities during the spring, summer and fall months. And dont forget the polo matches and steeplechase events that are often highlights of the local social calendar in the South. In Western states, rodeo events are popular gatherings for horse lovers and other competition spectators.

Luxury Love & Pampering

15 Best Things to Do in Alachua (FL)

Didnt invest in your horses 401k? Weve got you covered.

We provide quality boarding for horses of all ages. Think of it less of a retirement home and more of a luxury resort. We have beautiful large lush pastures with large sheds where they can live together in relaxation. All horses are fed individually twice a day and given all the time they need to eat up which is especially important for our senior horses. In case of cold weather, all horses are blanketed or brought into the barn. As with all horses, all medical and special nutritional needs are met. We also are big on carrot treats!

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Now That We Know What Horse Retirement Costs Why Should You Choose Farm A Farm B Or Farm C

If your primary focus was about cost, this would be an easy decision. But most of you love your horses and want to make sure it will be cared for and loved. Your horse may be getting worn out or you may just want to put it into retirement so it can enjoy its final years, just getting to be a horse. Either way, you want to make the best decision.

What Amenities Are Found At Equestrian Retirement Communities

The biggest component of an equestrian retirement community is, of course, the horses and the stables. Many of these communities will offer available land for trails for the horses. And, they may provide covered areas as well. The equestrian facilities can range from just one horse to numerous animals. In terms of the care provided, this depends on various factors. Individuals may be able to choose from housekeeping, personal care, and hygiene care. In addition to this, you may find that these services may include care for the home itself as well as the landscaping. For those providing medical assistance, there are numerous options to consider here, too. The range of care provided ranges widely.

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Welcome To The Family

Little Tree Horse Retirement is located on 936 acres and is owned and operated by Corey Lieberman and Equine Veterinarian Alison LaCarrubba, DVM. Like many of our retirees, we are both transplants from the east coast. We moved to Missouri in 1997 from New York, and have called the Midwest our home ever since.

There Is Something About The Outside Of A Horse That Is Good For The Inside Of A Man

Retirement Home for Horses – WUFT’s Greater Good

~ Winston Churchill


We would love to learn more about your horse and what you would like for him in his retirement! We know how important your long-time friend is to you, and we promise to give him the best of care at our horse retirement farm. Even though you won’t be able to see him every day, we send out pictures and a monthly update of how everyone is doing. That way your friend can still be a part of your life.


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Mill Creek Farm Interactive Google Map

Take I-75 to Exit 399.

Travel west on US 441 to County Road 235A . Turn right at red light onto 235A. Travel about 3 miles to the farm sign. The sign is on your right, just beyond the I-75 overpass. Turn right, follow the driveway and park under the trees near the picnic tables.

Since you probably came to this web page because you are a horse lover, you will enjoy this article about

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Mill Creek Retirement Home For Horses

In 1984, Peter and Mary Gregory created the Retirement Home For Horses, Inc., a nonprofit sanctuary for old, abused, and abandoned horses in Alachua, Florida. RHH at Mill Creek provides lifetime care to elderly horses seized by law enforcement agencies, rescued by the SPCA or humane societies, as well as horses retired from government service such as police patrol or state and federal parks.

There are not enough Thank Yous to express our gratitude to RHH at Millcreek for giving our senior horses a safe, beautiful and loving place to live out their years. Many of our rescue horses are discarded senior horses. Once we bring them back to good health, they are adoptable, but as companion only horses. Adopters seeking companion only horses are few and far between. Thanks to the blessing of RHH, our Senior horses now have an opportunity to literally live in greener pastures for the balance of their lives.

We’re Here For You With Assisted Living In Tallahassee Florida

Retirement Home For Horses at Mill Creek Farm (Alachua ...

We can help your family, friends or loved ones maintain an engaging lifestyle with the peace of mind of 24/7 support, with Assisted Living at Westminster Oaks, our beautiful active living Continuing Care Retirement Community set amid Tallahassee’s rolling hills.

Assisted Living at Westminster Oaks offers maintenance-free living, delicious and nutritious meals, and services like housekeeping and transportation. Rest assured that you or your loved ones will have assistance with daily living activities like medication management, in a secure and home-like environment. Through Westminster Communities of Floridas Person-Centered Care philosophy, we offer a customized approach to providing support while maintaining dignity and individuality.

Our private studio and one-bedroom apartment residences are beautifully appointed with open floor plans with a kitchenette and bathroom. We offer a wide variety of social and life-enriching opportunities and activities each and every day.

As residents of our Continuing Care Retirement Community, you or your loved ones will also enjoy the assurance of a full range of supportive services and healthcare options, all on one campus.

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